Ariana Grande vs Paparazzi

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Here's a compilation of Ariana Grande dealing with the paparazzi!
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19 Jul 2017



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Kate Vor 6 Stunden
fuck, paparazzi are INTENSE.
Dawson VanSteenhouse
Anyone know the remix at the beginning?
Unicorns 4 Eternity
I love how she's being very kind hearted towards her fans Why would anyone hate such a beautiful person
Zeinab Amer
Zeinab Amer Vor 3 Tage
landmark gaming123
Most of those people trying to get her autograph aren't even fans they just sell it on Ebay
Hehe Wut
Hehe Wut Vor 3 Tage
I go for Ariana
Harinda Deepal
Harinda Deepal Vor 5 Tage
She's so cute and kind unless Justin so mean to fans
Zoey Anne
Zoey Anne Vor 6 Tage
I'm blind after watching this
kiwocolate Vor 8 Tage
2:46 why i love her, i’d probably snap n be like get out of my face but she’s so nice and is like ‘WATCH OUT WATCH OUT’ and idk man i just love her
Sage Dickinson
Sage Dickinson Vor 10 Tage
I would hate to be a celebrity, all those flashing lights would make me blind.
Allaboutariana #bringbackbangs
2:15 when I saw Mac I nearly died 🥺
yasmin santos
yasmin santos Vor 12 Tage
ariana grandeeeeee mil vezes ela
MissLovelyy Vor 13 Tage
We stan a loving Queen 💕
Cass Henry
Cass Henry Vor 14 Tage
I understand if she ignores people sometimes.. but look on this side. She always is in a rush and she always cares about fans
Cassidy Benitez
Cassidy Benitez Vor 16 Tage
She really needs to start bringing sunglasses with her everywhere she goes”
Cassidy Benitez
Cassidy Benitez Vor 16 Tage
“Are you a person or a statue? I have really bad eye sight”
Cassidy Benitez
Cassidy Benitez Vor 16 Tage
“I don’t know what I’m writing because the flashes are kinda bright”
사-D윤 Vor 16 Tage
IvySP Vor 17 Tage
Oh my, I really admire the composure she keeps while dealing with paparazzi, I would be so annoyed and bitchy
tea sis
tea sis Vor 18 Tage
"Nice-watcha watcha watch out"3:23 she looks out for everybody I love her
jerry allotey
jerry allotey Vor 19 Tage
Dang the people taking pictures need to chill light was flashing all over Arianna
Lulu12 Lola
Lulu12 Lola Vor 19 Tage
She's a sweetheart idk y ppl say so much shit about her.. Wen ur not famous u want the whole world to like u. But Wen u u become famous u bad the whole world wel Arianna knows who her fans r she treats them like friends..
Cloud Sipper
Cloud Sipper Vor 20 Tage
I just screamed at my screen so the paparazzi would leave her alone 😂
New hope Club
New hope Club Vor 21 Tag
The saddest part is Mac and Ari were so happy there
lucy worthy
lucy worthy Vor 22 Tage
How can she deal with all those flashing lights? Like id pass out after 3 seconds
Diana Tomescu
Diana Tomescu Vor 24 Tage
She’s so cute with her fans :))❤️
Leanne_ ROBLOX
Leanne_ ROBLOX Vor 26 Tage
She’s so nice when the fan was asking her question there was a lot of people she was like watch out watch out nice to meet you.
Nayomi Ohouo
Nayomi Ohouo Vor 29 Tage
oh my gosh those clicks and those flashes are terrifying also her and Mac 😭 made my heart sing and cry at the same time. they were so sweet together
corrin _ix
corrin _ix Vor 29 Tage
*that intro got me trippin*
Stas Simov
Stas Simov Vor 29 Tage
Я тоже так хочу
Lyn Kamber
Lyn Kamber Vor 29 Tage
Well it wasn’t really Ari vs. paperazi cuz she was Really really nice to them
I would get too overwhelmed jesus, shes so polite thoooo
Calvin Cordova
Calvin Cordova Vor Monat
Paparazii is soooooooooooooooooooooo ugh!
shamna ka
shamna ka Vor Monat
I don't understand why people hate on her. She is so sweet and kind
Sałatka Vor Monat
Now I know why all celeb have glasses and problem with eyes
Katy Biller
Katy Biller Vor Monat
Hahah Ariana said she don’t know what she’s writing 😂 and she has a nice voice 😏
Leïka Migneault
how is she always so kind?? It would drive me crazy and give me so bad anxiety
Watch Me Do
Watch Me Do Vor Monat
Anyone: *spotted with the opposite sex* Anyone: *_are you dating??_*
Watch Me Do
Watch Me Do Vor Monat
This might sound like a stupid question but if a celebrity has epilepsy or is sensitive to camera flashes, what would the paparazzi do?
SeanOnTheMashups Vor 12 Tage
Probably still take countless pictures without knowing what the celebrity is going through because of them. You know them, the paparazzi are a$$holes most of the time, or maybe even all the time.
Emily Dubs
Emily Dubs Vor Monat
! All those flashes tho No wonder she has bad eyesight
Aimê fernandes da silva
Meu Deus ela é uma amor❤
tripti Vor Monat
When will i have this life.
Luka Markovic
Luka Markovic Vor Monat
Now we know why she‘s half blind though
honeyoatss Vor Monat
paparazzi: *so who pays for these kinds of meals?* ari and mac: *stays silent because they secretly didn’t pay* *disclaimer: this is jut a joke, i didn’t really mean it. its for entertainment purposes only. don’t be a narcissist.*
honeyoatss Vor 16 Tage
Cassidy Benitez they do, they get boxes in the mail of samples and stuff so the product gets advertised. some aren’t as rich as others tho.
Cassidy Benitez
Cassidy Benitez Vor 16 Tage
I think it’s so funny that people give celebrities stuff for free cuz like.....they’re rich as heck
Graysen Gardea
Graysen Gardea Vor Monat
Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande Vor Monat
she said she had salmon.. isn’t she vegetarian 😧
Ariana Grande-Arianator forever
Ariana Grande❤❤❤ Excelent videos❤❤❤ Ariana queen❤❤❤
Jaylin Wou
Jaylin Wou Vor Monat
The flashing lights are so bright, i dont know what I’m looking at
Preslee Campbell
I feel bad for her because of all of the paparazzi
ayesha purvis
ayesha purvis Vor Monat
The reason Ariana is so chill w the paparazzi is cus her inner cat is used to roberatzzi 😤😤
JDM Dream Team
JDM Dream Team Vor Monat
Don’t think I’ve ever seen someone be so nice to these vultures. She’s def one of the most beautiful woman on the planet
Felecia Foreman
Felecia Foreman Vor Monat
Here I am with my brother kicking me... 1 like=1 prayer 😒
Madelaine Pijamam
I see Mac , i die in tears
WWE WWE Vor Monat
I don’t like how she covers her face when she has no makeup on its sad.i would love to see Ariana with no makeup cuz she’s barely seen without makeup unless she posts pictures on social media
Roronoa Zoro
Roronoa Zoro Vor Monat
poor ariana
Lyssa A
Lyssa A Vor Monat
She so chill with this most clebs will curse them out
xoxo tfts
xoxo tfts Vor Monat
She's my QUEEN
Jleed989 Vor Monat
She’s being nice to fans because the camera is on her
JAi- PlAY Vor Monat
Ugh the paparazzi is insane
Pia Gartz
Pia Gartz Vor Monat
Ariana ist die Welt aller beste Sängerin
Wolf Warrior 7567
She's so nice omg ❤️❤️❤️
Ariana grande FAN
I love how supportive she is unless she’s in hurry 💖
Nadine Ghadline
Nadine Ghadline Vor Monat
Ariana is such a nice person even when she is in a hurry! Like if u agree!
Roberta Fiorio
Roberta Fiorio Vor Monat
Vanessa Ethel S
Vanessa Ethel S Vor Monat
They shouldn't exist!!!
Judgement Ravi
Judgement Ravi Vor Monat
Arina vs Bibber yeah past yrs even my Selena known 👈
Paul Clifford
Paul Clifford Vor Monat
She is the nicest, prettiest person in the world and she has to deal with all them idiots. That is not right
PastelFly Vor Monat
2:41 *eRrIanNa*
Gabby Garcia
Gabby Garcia Vor Monat
Maeva AG
Maeva AG Vor Monat
I love Ariana soo much
Vanessa Artiga
Vanessa Artiga Vor Monat
2:13 Mac Miller 😣😭😭❤️💔
Vanessa Artiga
Vanessa Artiga Vor Monat
Ariana Grande is my idol ❤️❤️❤️
patrick leung
patrick leung Vor Monat
Ariadna Piana Galvan
Eres única
Majda Majda
Majda Majda Vor Monat
I Love her So So fuCkin much...she's amazing😘
blow my whistle baby
No wonder she has bad eye sight those stupid flashes
Ingvild Vor 2 Monate
she's really nice to the paparazzi
WhereWolfy 121
WhereWolfy 121 Vor 2 Monate
Dang even my eyes are blind after that
earth inhabitant
earth inhabitant Vor 2 Monate
paparazzi: flashflashflash ari ari ari🤩 ariana: oh hey guys! how’s it going nice to meet you💕 me if i was ariana: back the hell away i’m done with y’all get out ma face!! 🤬
Leah&Max’s Life
Leah&Max’s Life Vor 2 Monate
No wonder she can’t see properly 🤦‍♀️
BlondiiFlesh Vor 2 Monate
why stupid famous people ?
BIG Rose
BIG Rose Vor 2 Monate
Por girl omg
Alpha Gotcha
Alpha Gotcha Vor 2 Monate
Gerry Nathan
Gerry Nathan Vor 2 Monate
"you'll put someone's eye out!!" Hermonie
Kathya Rivera
Kathya Rivera Vor 2 Monate
Que coraje que no piedas salir a disfrutar el mundo si que no tengas un paparatzi
LDCSL Vor 2 Monate
Jajaja feliz navidad xd
LDCSL Vor 2 Monate
A la verga por eso esta ciega jajaja pinchis flashes en su cara :c
Lacie Lynch
Lacie Lynch Vor 2 Monate
I love u ariana grende plzzzzzzz reply
mast most
mast most Vor 2 Monate
Ariana is not stupid
Ju Dartuquí
Ju Dartuquí Vor 2 Monate
my baby
Maria Vor 2 Monate
Звёздная жизнь - она такая
André Julio
André Julio Vor 2 Monate
A pressão e forte.o loco em grande.
Rosa Sanchez
Rosa Sanchez Vor 2 Monate
Cuando va a venir Ariana grande a México
Ricardo Ribeiro
Ricardo Ribeiro Vor 2 Monate
This camera filming her is a paparazzi too, i-
Rhiannon James
Rhiannon James Vor 2 Monate
I don’t like her music in particular but she’s so sweet! ❤️
Fall Out Michelle
Fall Out Michelle Vor 2 Monate
why this videos is from “stupidfamous.com” WTF-
Ifwstefan Vor 2 Monate
She's the cutest omg
Deathstar9009 Vor 2 Monate
she's so sweet
Janine M
Janine M Vor 2 Monate
I like the warning in the beginning
usuário usuário
usuário usuário Vor 2 Monate
Gente , tô cega 😂
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