Avengers Endgame Theories That Have A Good Chance Of Being True

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These Avengers Theories Are Going to Shake The MCU Universe
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“Avengers: Endgame” may be one of the most anticipated movies ever. It boasts an end to the most popular and successful extended franchise in film history, while also promising a beginning for new stories to come. In it, we will be reunited with our sorrowful heroes as they mourn the heavy losses of half the universe who were victims of what the movie calls “The Decimation”. We will see Captain America and Iron Man reunite after years spent apart, following the fallout of “Captain America: Civil War”. Together, they’ll have to reunite what remains of the Avengers so that they can finally defeat Thanos and save all of those who lost their lives at the end of the last film. Disney and Marvel have kept the movie largely under wraps, but that hasn’t stopped fans from blowing up the internet with dozens of theories about how our heroes will come back together to save the day. Here are 20 “Avengers: Endgame” theories that have a good chance of being true.

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Marcus Bradley
Marcus Bradley Vor 11 Tage
Ultron, Apocalypse, Kang, Galactus, Adam Warlock, Dr. Doom, Helena, depending on how far back they go, many others....there is no villain gap.....
Lauren Jackson
Lauren Jackson Vor 12 Tage
No mention of Adam Warlock hmm?
Marcus Bradley
Marcus Bradley Vor 11 Tage
Also Apocalypse always finds a way back.
Marcus Bradley
Marcus Bradley Vor 11 Tage
He wielded the gauntlet also right? That would be another powerful super villain. Along with Ultron in Visons old body.
G Morgan
G Morgan Vor 12 Tage
I dont know why, but the photo of Daniel Radcliff as Wolverine really messed me up
Comicsluvr Vor 12 Tage
Another possibility: Anyone who read Marvel Secret War will remember when Dr Doom gained the power of Galactus and THEN stole the power of an even more powerful being called The Beyonder. However, even with so much power he still had the mind of Doom. As a result, he could literally alter reality at will. He told Klaw (who was there at the time and a bit loopy) to NOT let him sleep because he was SO powerful that if he dreamed, his dreams might become real. Later, after the heroes had presumably all been killed, Klaw told Doom that they might have survived. Thor, a literal god, might have survived long enough to use technology left over from the Beyonder to heal himself and then resurrect the rest of the heroes (this had been established earlier in the story). As Doom pondered over whether or not this was possible, his very thoughts MADE it happen exactly that way! What if the young Gammora manages to say something to Thanos as they talk that makes him reconsider his position? If the Reality Stone has any power left, his thoughts might change what's happened enough that everyone else comes back to life. I do think that the time-travel part will happen, mainly because Time was the thing that Strange understood best through his control of that stone.
Blckout jinx
Blckout jinx Vor 16 Tage
A lot of this is false and it’s upsetting
Necro Igy
Necro Igy Vor 18 Tage
This guy is an ass
Hoover Vor 18 Tage
Imagine in like 20 years when they do remakes of the mcu
David Baer
David Baer Vor 19 Tage
Im meant to be doing homwork
Ice Tray
Ice Tray Vor 19 Tage
It is 100% not the skrolls. In captain marvel it is revealed that the skrolls are a peaceful race that doesnt want anything to do with war
Casey Bledsoe
Casey Bledsoe Vor 18 Tage
+Ice Tray I'm just saying that there can still be an evil Skrull faction in the MCU.
Ice Tray
Ice Tray Vor 18 Tage
+Casey Bledsoe they clearly explained in the movie that their race is a peaceful race that was disbanded and partially destroyed by the kree. The skrulls were mechant traders and based their civilization on cooperation with other societies. They have tried several times to invade earth but the majority of the time they were non violent, until the warskrulls were created by the skrull warlord. Even then, only the war skrulls and the super skrull were ever violent against earth. Normal skrulls actually coexisted with humans for decades. There is even a skrull mutant that lives in xaviers mansion that warns humans about the warskrulls teaming up with apocalypse. The skrull are sworn enemies of ronan the accuser, who is also an enemyof the avengers, and the skrull have time and time again worked alongside marvel heroes to stop evil
Casey Bledsoe
Casey Bledsoe Vor 18 Tage
That was a small group of Skrulls. They don't represent the entire species.
Hailey Smith
Hailey Smith Vor 19 Tage
Daniel Radcliffe is too short to be Wolverine. That’ll piss me off
Longfellow Deeds22734
You don’t have to read between the lines for the reason why he gave up the timestone for Tony’s life.
Musta maan
Musta maan Vor 20 Tage
Nova might be in it
Casey Bledsoe
Casey Bledsoe Vor 18 Tage
I think so. I think when Thanos destroyed Xandar, Nova took on the power of the Nova Core
Swnsasy _
Swnsasy _ Vor 22 Tage
In not a few short months, you uploaded March 1st and it comes up April 26 Sooo...
Swnsasy _
Swnsasy _ Vor 15 Tage
+johnnyandthepnuemoni I'm with you on that!
Some millenials like this guy don't understand this thing called time... to them it's a social construct
Cedrick Sweowat
Cedrick Sweowat Vor 23 Tage
I thought all the plants burned up I black panther so idk if she would take over the mantle for her brother but that's just me though
Esaveo The Great
Esaveo The Great Vor 23 Tage
Love how he said Dark Phoenix already gonna be hot trash 😂😂😂
Luke G
Luke G Vor 24 Tage
I want to see galactus
Noah Birchem
Noah Birchem Vor 26 Tage
In captain marvel the scrolls are the good guys and she saves them so that theory wouldn’t make sense
Casey Bledsoe
Casey Bledsoe Vor 18 Tage
That was like 20 Skrulls. Not the entire species. Also, why is it so difficult to spell "Skrull"?
Genesis Casanova
Genesis Casanova Vor 26 Tage
Actual chris Evan's isnt done - the directors have said. The character who will most likely die will be Tony.
Ice Tray
Ice Tray Vor 18 Tage
Naw his contract is ending and the directors announced they have no plans of renewing the contracts for future movies. End game with be the end of tony stark, captain america, and thor because all of their contracts are 100% ending after endgame. Thor may have a place in the new "loki" tv series that disney announced, but endgame will be his last movie
BadDabs Vor 27 Tage
In the 11th theory she could be wearing that hair because she wants to remember Scarlet Witch
poprocks idk
poprocks idk Vor 27 Tage
OMG Cap might die?!!!😢😢😰😰😭😭!nooooooooooooo im so sad right now 😭i cant believe this
s.w network
s.w network Vor 27 Tage
Its not Disney
Aaron Woodford
Aaron Woodford Vor 28 Tage
Pepper saves Tony. She says “I’m coming” before losing signal. Rescue
STFUTANK Vor 28 Tage
6:17 Note To Self: Never Play Chess With Dr. Strange He Cheats
Nicolò Arcuti
Nicolò Arcuti Vor 28 Tage
Now that Marvel gets all Fox characters, they MUST do a good Silver Surfer/Galactus and Dr. Doom storyline.
Kevo Vor 28 Tage
Just to be clear. Black panther was a very good movie, however Oscar worthy? Not so much
Ridalia Vor 28 Tage
Most importantly, Captain Marvel need a recast.
PNHassett Vor 29 Tage
All the guys seem to wear wigs because their hair lines keep changing
Richard Smith
Richard Smith Vor 29 Tage
Am I the only one who thinks the shot in the trailer for infinity war with the hulk running with the team that wasn’t in the movie is gonna end up being a scene in end game? Just seems like something marvel would do
treeko 89
treeko 89 Vor Monat
What I think about old man tony is that they go into the future to ask if they ever beat thanos
Steven Figueroa
Steven Figueroa Vor Monat
did he just call New York City "Hong Kong"? 7:00
Utä Vor Monat
You guys know there is comics and you can know story whenever you like...
Darklight Yt
Darklight Yt Vor Monat
5:37 bruh the time stone is the star?!?!? Nani ?? Lol
Darklight Yt
Darklight Yt Vor Monat
Omg for the last time I dont think spider man is after end game It takes place be4
IzJusMe Vor Monat
Of course loki isn't dead
James P
James P Vor Monat
Well this video didn't age well. I like the content but I think Bautista will be back ;)
person8203 Vor Monat
What if the 50% that disappeared are in another dimension and to them it was the others that got dusted. Dun dun derrrr
Casey Bledsoe
Casey Bledsoe Vor 18 Tage
Then why did they react to the fact that they were vanishing?
Peter Nygren
Peter Nygren Vor Monat
No, black widow is an agent, they change their looks to avoid detection, it is just fits her charachter background story!
Bobby Shmurda’s Hat
I unsubbed fcking 5 ads a video
8:40 uhhhh the scrolls are good guys ding dong
Casey Bledsoe
Casey Bledsoe Vor 18 Tage
Skrulls* Also 20 of them don't represent the entire race.
P Dog Gaming
P Dog Gaming Vor Monat
btw small fact just slightly annoying its the Benatar not the Milano
Jonathan Dean
Jonathan Dean Vor Monat
Captain Marvel seemes to have ruined the possibility of a MCU Secret War.
Casey Bledsoe
Casey Bledsoe Vor 18 Tage
Not really
Toppins Vor Monat
Thanos had a 50% chance of snapping himself.
Clever Warrior
Clever Warrior Vor Monat
6:44 "Maybe after she got the call from Fury's WeiRd cOmMunniCatioN DeviCe..." It's a beeper ;(
Kruuze Vor 28 Tage
iT's A bEePeR It's a pager
Dr. Axiom
Dr. Axiom Vor Monat
Mark my words, Captain Marvel is gonna say "not every world has an avengers" when asked where has she been and why has she not helped earth.
Casey Bledsoe
Casey Bledsoe Vor 18 Tage
That's what she said in the short clip that Disney showed share holders.
Squidface Guy
Squidface Guy Vor Monat
jay louis
jay louis Vor Monat
Imagine a propper Dr.Doom film please MARVEL!!!!!!!!
jay louis
jay louis Vor Monat
Should have waited to make this vid lol, it's still great tho
MaximumStudios Vor Monat
I think ultron will be the new villan as it is in the most series
DragonmanYT TTV
DragonmanYT TTV Vor Monat
Well scrolls being villains can’t be true
Casey Bledsoe
Casey Bledsoe Vor 18 Tage
Yeah it can
Delta Charlie
Delta Charlie Vor Monat
There’s to much wrong with your commentary to list. Do you marvel bro?
Mike Hogan
Mike Hogan Vor Monat
Tony never said he was about to die....he said when he drifts off...I think he and Nebula are making a way to cryogenic him some time til something helps them....I think that is Nebula's hand on Tony's arm....as he goes in stasis. He knows it's possible and did see the equipment in Russia where Winter Soldier was kept on ice.
xd blessed
xd blessed Vor Monat
I have a theory, they will go back in time and take Loki’s scepter and then there would be no vision, Scarlett witch, or quicksilver, but this movie will have to have a lot of sacrifices. There would be no Ultron either so age of Ultron and the avengers wouldn’t be split up, Rhody wouldn’t be paralyzed. Ant man wouldn’t be stuck in his house for 2 years and maybe they would be prepared for thanos since the avengers wouldn’t be split up.
Sir James Jenkins
This isnt a good video... the reason Cap. Marvel was gone for so long is she is helping the kree and 2 she clearly told Fury dont call unless its a huge emergency the other Avengers handled the other issues
Ice Tray
Ice Tray Vor 18 Tage
She is enemies with the kree. She was helping the skrulls all that time. The kree is who kidnapped her and used her for evil in the movie
Yosh Splatz
Yosh Splatz Vor Monat
One more month. I just watched Captain Marvel and the post credit scene. I am so excited. Also there should be a solo Hawkeye movie
Geedarious Thomas
They will kick thanks ass
Red Knight
Red Knight Vor Monat
Cough, cough, Spider-Man far from home could just be a prequel, I’m not saying it is but it could, cough.
Red Knight
Red Knight Vor 17 Tage
Casey Bledsoe why not cough
Casey Bledsoe
Casey Bledsoe Vor 18 Tage
That wouldn't work
Kill Monger
Kill Monger Vor Monat
What if Loki is thanos
Adam Piche
Adam Piche Vor Monat
I personally dont think that they should bring every dusted character back because it wouldn’t be satisfying and it would also put everything in infinity war down because everything that happened went stupidly
zack budde
zack budde Vor Monat
I'm okay with them bringing back all of the dusted characters, but it has to be at a steep price. Like, Cap and Iron Man have to die to bring everyone back
scampoli25 Vor Monat
From seeing a few of these prediction videos and re-watching Infinity War with the commentary track I think its pretty safe to assume Quicksilver will return. Especially since he was likely killed in Age of Ultron as a deal with Fox to keep Scarlet Witch and give them Quicksilver for X-Men. Now that Disney owns fox it does seem likely they could bring them back with time travel to help them. It also seems confirmed that the Ancient One from Doctor Strange will be alive and help the Hulk and Banner become one being. I don't want to know any definite leaks about the script until I see the movie but these theory's have made me even more excited about what is to come. One more month
LovinOrigin Vor Monat
Is never anyone faults , is the effect of each persons decision and belief s.
Mr.Jellybean Playz
I want korg back like you can’t have a favorite character and kill him of really
Mr.Jellybean Playz
I want a wedding yes and yes
kirennair1998 Vor Monat
Avengers infinity war is based on the comic book incident but endgame is nothing to do with any comic books as the russo brothers taking the movie in their own direction so they might have some reference from the comic books but definitely not the same storyline
You know that black little girl in captain marvel? You know how she said she wants to make a change, even if that means she has to event something to fly? I bet she is Iron heart. If you don't know who iron heart is, look her up, she is a cool character
Casey Bledsoe
Casey Bledsoe Vor 18 Tage
BEEFY BOI Vor 18 Tage
+Casey Bledsoe actually photons identity is Monica Rambeau while the little girls name is.... oh wait.
Casey Bledsoe
Casey Bledsoe Vor 18 Tage
She becomes Photon and was also the true first female Captain Marvel.
Cole Dibiase
Cole Dibiase Vor Monat
Thsts actually a pretty good theory.
+:D :D yes that
stoweby Vor Monat
uhhhh, several of your points were already addressed by marvel
Index_ Cardz
Index_ Cardz Vor Monat
Skrulls are good guys, geez. And yes I watched captain marvel, it's a good movie
Beaste Meauxde
Beaste Meauxde Vor Monat
What if Loki was a Skrull?!
Beaste Meauxde
Beaste Meauxde Vor Monat
+Dylan Burns ikr lol
Dylan Burns
Dylan Burns Vor Monat
Beaste Meauxde when skrulls die, they revert back to their normal form. Its a cool theory though
D - Man013
D - Man013 Vor Monat
Your a Canadian mutant assassin Harry! 😂lmfao
Jayden Viacava
Jayden Viacava Vor Monat
How can shuri become black panther if all the plants that give u the power of the black panther were burned in the black panther movie
Casey Bledsoe
Casey Bledsoe Vor 18 Tage
+Cole Dibiase oh I agree. I'm sure they aren't 100% gone. I'm just saying the one she grabbed was the one for T'Challa.
Cole Dibiase
Cole Dibiase Vor 18 Tage
+Casey Bledsoe Yes but she obviously planted the seeds somewhere, this is a country full of Stephanie Hawking level minds, if she didn't plant the seeds then Wakanda is dumber then they say.
Casey Bledsoe
Casey Bledsoe Vor 18 Tage
+Cole Dibiase that's how he got his power back, remember?
Cole Dibiase
Cole Dibiase Vor Monat
His mother kept one remember?
666 Monster
666 Monster Vor Monat
Jayden Viacava I was about to comment the same thing when I saw that theory but checked if anyone mentioned it first!
AR T Vor Monat
What does Alfhiem have do with this?
Lauren Jackson
Lauren Jackson Vor 12 Tage
Right? That thought was never finished
Collin Oliva
Collin Oliva Vor Monat
Galactus has to be the best bet for the next big bad. It's no coincidence that the Fox deal goes through right at the end of Phase 3 which is supposed to be a massive turning point for the MCU
Tanxil Hanif
Tanxil Hanif Vor Monat
I didn't understand what was the purpose of hiding the name endgame ? The big fuss the Russo's made that it will spoil everything, it will scare the fans etc .. I don't see anything like that creating fake lies ..
Tanxil Hanif
Tanxil Hanif Vor Monat
+Junior Xeem Vwj that when she said we've have done infinity war now we're gauntlet or sumthing like that ?
Junior Xeem Vwj
Junior Xeem Vwj Vor Monat
The actress of Gamora accidently leaked the name of Avengers 4 so they had to change the name
MIKELIN8 Vor Monat
Dave Bautista did the right thing...he stood up for his director and friend James Gunn. Disney should have never fired him. He's going to make The Suicide Squad very interesting. I thought Tony was on the Benetar, the Guardians' replacement for the Milano. Or was somebody pulling my leg?
Casey Bledsoe
Casey Bledsoe Vor 18 Tage
Welp they rehired him. So I'm sure Dave is staying on.
Jason Coward
Jason Coward Vor Monat
Dude made a ton of pedophailic tweets and hosted some creepy pedophile themed parties. Its fine and dandy Disney discovered them and fired him.
Jacob Chavis
Jacob Chavis Vor Monat
When all these films are done I need something else to do, can I please get a large open world video game where you can be heroes, I understand it would be huge and require a ton of work but like imagine just being Ironman flying around and calling in hulk buster armor etc, the possibilities are endless
Jacob Chavis
Jacob Chavis Vor Monat
Update on my comment after some research there is actually a game along the way, currently in development and hasn’t been announced yet but it is know currently as the avenger project and I can’t wait
Michael Nolan
Michael Nolan Vor Monat
It wasn’t the Milano, it was the Benatar.
Little Sydney
Little Sydney Vor Monat
SUPERGIRL AND CAPTAIN MARVEL ARE RELATED!! (Captain marvels real name is Carol Danvers and Supergirls name is Kara Danvers!!!) DO THIS IN NEXT VID! (I subbed and turned the post non. on) 🤪💖
kristopher mitchell
it is 2022
Reese Botha
Reese Botha Vor Monat
What do you mean a short few months?! It’s next month!!!!
Steven marshall
Steven marshall Vor Monat
Smoking much
Recasting ANYONE is a huge mistake. Let alone DRAX !!! He’s a fan favorite, if he really isn’t going to be in the movie they should have him choose not to come back and stay with his family in the soul realm if they are indeed there....
Ice Tray
Ice Tray Vor 18 Tage
And his family wouldnt be in the soul stone. It only traps the souls of the people in the snap, and his family was killed 15 years before the snap happened
Ice Tray
Ice Tray Vor 18 Tage
Dave batista still has 2 movies in his contract so he will be in endgame and guardians volume 3
Jimmy Jonga
Jimmy Jonga Vor Monat
The best battle wud be thanos vs helana Like if agree
savage keylow
savage keylow Vor Monat
Yhu mean hela kid
Medieval Bat 01
Medieval Bat 01 Vor Monat
who the girl from ark
Jeff S
Jeff S Vor Monat
Dark Pheonix hasn't been released yet....
commander adarax
i think he used the time stone, went to the future and saw the movie hehe
Subbu NR
Subbu NR Vor Monat
In Infinity war thanos said killing nebula would be a waste of PARTS what if nebula uses her parts to help tony create a new suit to save him?? It would be amazing also I love the last 2 theories Professor Hulk and Shuri Black Panther ?? Anybody other than me? like here :-)
Casey Bledsoe
Casey Bledsoe Vor 18 Tage
Shuri as BP would suck. She's a great inventor and scientist, but not much of a fighter without her arm cannons. I'd rather see Okoye as BP.
Cole Dibiase
Cole Dibiase Vor Monat
savage keylow
savage keylow Vor Monat
Processor hulk crossed my mind when i finished watching infinity war
peen Vor Monat
the scrolls can’t be the next enemy bc in captain marvel they seemed good and just wanted a place to live for their kind
Ice Tray
Ice Tray Vor 18 Tage
+M.F and ronan the accuser is the sworn enemy of the skrulls so your point is invalid
Ice Tray
Ice Tray Vor 18 Tage
+M.F peter quill also comes from the same family as thanos. His father is a celestial being (Ego). thanos is an eternal/deviant, which is the offspring of celestials which would technically make starlord cousins with thanos, since they were both created by celestials
Genesis Casanova
Genesis Casanova Vor 26 Tage
Not all of them are evil in the comics - but a selective few with the ability to change appearance are evil. Thanks to the merger we will be getting other marvel heroes with new faces soon.
Donovan O'Farrell
One group of refugee skrulls doesn’t sum up the entire race.
Mike Hogan
Mike Hogan Vor Monat
That was 24 years ago....there are lots of Skrulls....and motivations change.
SpiderRila SG
SpiderRila SG Vor Monat
The skrulls will not be the next villans after Avengers End game. If you watch captain marvel you understand why.
Casey Bledsoe
Casey Bledsoe Vor 18 Tage
You think 20 Skrulls encapsulate the beliefs of the entire species?
Samwell Vor Monat
Peter Parker srsly got married in a spandex XD ma man
Madeleine O'Meara
anyone else JUST seen captain marvel and just sitting there smiling?
Ice Tray
Ice Tray Vor 18 Tage
All the "normal" skrulls are peaceful. They were actually a mechant society that thrived by co-operating with other societies on a peaceful level. It wasnt until after the first kree - skrull war that they showed any signs of non peacefulactions, and even then it wasnt normal skrulls that did any harm. It was a genetically modified version of them called "warskrulls", and the "super skrull". Normal skrulls have lived peacefully alongside humans for decades and have even helped fight against the warskrulls and super skrull. Not saying they were always 100% good, but they are a generally peaceful species
Casey Bledsoe
Casey Bledsoe Vor 18 Tage
+LRK CM3 just because there were good Skrulls that doesn't mean they are all good. Its an entire species. That's like saying that all humans are like Hitler just because there were some Nazis.
LRK CM3 Vor Monat
Well...looks like captain marvel just killed the skrull theory since they went from evil shape shifting invaders to refugees. Big letdown marvel. Big letdown.
don snypa
don snypa Vor Monat
+Omega Oof it's like really flat
Omega Oof
Omega Oof Vor Monat
don snypa wat
Ready_ RPG
Ready_ RPG Vor Monat
Galactus isnt a villain he just eats them cause he has to survive.
Casey Bledsoe
Casey Bledsoe Vor 18 Tage
"A boot has no quarrel with an ant" -Loki
wolfy 975
wolfy 975 Vor Monat
The scrolls are the good guys
Steven marshall
Steven marshall Vor Monat
Rubens Breeden
Rubens Breeden Vor Monat
You called Thanos "The Last Titan"..smh..Its The Mad Titan..
Samwell Vor Monat
Well. He is the last tho
Koma •
Koma • Vor Monat
Id love to see ms marvel step up
leo christy
leo christy Vor Monat
I don’t think Loki is dead because I always felt that if Loki were to die he would turn into a frost giant again
off-dope off-dope
Hahahahahahaha y'all missed the ball w the skrull thing hard
Casey Bledsoe
Casey Bledsoe Vor 18 Tage
Not necessarily
Tony Lester
Tony Lester Vor Monat
Shuri can not become the new Black Panther. ALL of the flowers where destroyed.
heyphx Vor Monat
Hi! ♥ Personally I believe that they're going to bring deadpool into the next movie and possibly introduce mutants, at the end of Deadpool, negasonicteenagewarhead fixes a time travelling device and he proceeds to save Vanessa and kill other versions of Ryan Reynolds. In behind the scenes photos of Chris Evans and RDJ they're wearing wristbands with X's on them... coincedince? i think not!
PLATINUM 1 Vor Monat
Good video bro...😂👍
Tech Driftzx
Tech Driftzx Vor Monat
He could take a sacrifice so then captain marvel becomes the leader? There isnt space for two captains doesnt feel right. What do you guys think?
Steven marshall
Steven marshall Vor Monat
Naaaa! Won’t happen trust me or NOT
Tech Driftzx
Tech Driftzx Vor Monat
maisie turley cheers! I watched captain marvel last night and it maies sense that she becomes the captain of the marvel cinematic universe! I’ve been watching the film over and all sort since saw it! Personally i have never seen any marvel hero in the cinematic universe as powerful as captain marvel! She seems more than powerful enough to destroy thanos! Can’t wait for endgame now, knowing she will be in it. Next month not long
maisie turley
maisie turley Vor Monat
A good theory
alburd1 Vor Monat
Vin as Drax? He's way smaller than Bautista. It will suck if Drax is not played by big Dave..
Allan Garcia
Allan Garcia Vor 18 Tage
He’s just trying to be funny
tony guerrero
tony guerrero Vor Monat
wolfy 975 zfft
Culley Vor Monat
Bautista sure has temper problems
wolfy 975
wolfy 975 Vor Monat
The scrolls are the good guys
Guillermo Andrés Sáenz
Please let #4 be false, let princess loki rest already he should've die on Thor 2, for once give him the Sean Bean treatment.
Brett Van
Brett Van Vor Monat
No, the deaths are very much NOT real.
DouglasGW Vor Monat
#10 is wrong
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