AVENGERS ENDGAME Trailer Breakdown! Super Bowl Spot Easter Eggs You Missed!

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Avengers Endgame Super Bowl Trailer Explained! Thanks to Wix for Sponsoring this Video! Build Your Own Website at: www.wix.com/go/newrockstars
What details did you miss in this Avengers Endgame promo that aired during the Super Bowl? What is Thor and Rocket's mission in Endgame, and will Tony Stark and Nebula build a way to return on their own? What does Cap's group therapy session say about the world after Thanos' snap? Erik Voss breaks down this Endgame trailer -- all 30 seconds of it, which is THOUSANDS of still images to pore over -- to explain the Avengers' possible comeback strategies against Thanos and the time jump that could take place after Infinity War. Which of these shots could be re-edited for the final version of the movie? What detail about Tony Stark suggests his coming full circle to his state in the first Iron Man movie?
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5 Feb 2019

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Colin Woods
Colin Woods Vor 5 Minuten
I have to mention that I have watched/read theories about starks arc reactor being shown through his clothes not on them in the trailers for end game but am I the only person who watched infinity war as no one else seemed to notice. After his fight with Thanos and the snap, when Peter turns to dust stark no longer has his compression top on which was under the arc reactor and the reactor is very much on his chest. Go to 2hrs 10mins 6 secs in the movie to see.
Noah Wattel
Noah Wattel Vor Stunde
I want kang the conqueror to be in the empty spaces XD.
Manuel John Reyes
I think the 2nd "not us" was just Stark agreeing to Cap.
Glen Killough
Glen Killough Vor Stunde
About the trailers first the avengers were falling back but now they are pushing forward
Kuza Vor 3 Stunden
Maybe the sunset shot with the characters walking through avengers hq is different because the empty shot is part of the separate worlds theory and all the “dusted” characters are walking through. And that’s why the camera pans left instead of right and the sun is higher in the sky.
Mickey Johno
Mickey Johno Vor 3 Stunden
Star lord with that leg still makes me laugh.
Torborg Danira
Torborg Danira Vor 4 Stunden
In the empty shot, you can see the sun is setting. Now, in the shot with the surviving avengers, the sun is rising. Now i believe this ties to Loki's statement to Thor, "The Sun will rise and we will try again" the sun has risen and they are going to try their damndest
JP Poole
JP Poole Vor 4 Stunden
I just got a vibe from #4 ,,,.that the figure looks like Stan Lee O__o
Daimz Vor 5 Stunden
The sun rise scene is the 2 realities The one with the avengers is the reality with star lord, t’challa etc dead and the empty room is the reality with banner and capt ameria alive.
big baby josh
big baby josh Vor 5 Stunden
"Not Uszzzz" Ultron Ultron Ultron
XTerra KnightX
XTerra KnightX Vor 6 Stunden
I think gaps are Stark or Pepper because people think Stark is in Space and Pepper is not Rescue that people know of
XTerra KnightX
XTerra KnightX Vor 6 Stunden
Crash Site, Crater
Patrick Stephens
Patrick Stephens Vor 7 Stunden
Deadpool for the time travel 🧐🧐🧐🧐 if he makes a appearance or a reference I will be thankful
peter smith
peter smith Vor 7 Stunden
The sunrise shots....the one with no one in it is later than the one with the avengers in it. The sun is higher in the sky in the empty shot?
Eric Tremblay
Eric Tremblay Vor 9 Stunden
The gap is for wolverin
Zavier Juan Sycip Alabanz
In the shot with out the avengers walking in slowly their is no letter A on the back building for avengers but when the avengers are in the shot their is an A on the back building for avengers
Young OG
Young OG Vor 9 Stunden
Captain marvel
Cupid Odger
Cupid Odger Vor 11 Stunden
I'd like to see xmen or dead pool now that they are back with marvel
Stephen Whalen
Stephen Whalen Vor 13 Stunden
caps taking off his shield to put the infinity gauntlet on 😱
Hippo Blob
Hippo Blob Vor 14 Stunden
“Citi Field is a dark pit of despair, and it’s also pretty sad in this trailer.” I see you Erik Voss
MIKEY_MIKE 123 Vor 14 Stunden
I want tony stark and captain America hold all of the infinity stones and sacrifice themselves and destroy thanks in the process
Yamato Ninico
Yamato Ninico Vor 14 Stunden
what if rocket and Thor were looking for Valkyrie?
Mark Schekk
Mark Schekk Vor 15 Stunden
At 15:23, the two shots of the Avengers hanger, the Avengers symbol is missing on the outside building in the hanger that doesn’t have the Avengers.
Blobfish Gaming
Blobfish Gaming Vor 15 Stunden
Thorsten Kudahl Kristensen
why is there a clear green color on the one without the avengers, and no green on the other? has that something to do with the time stone ? or just nothing at all?
Mr.Lucas Vor 17 Stunden
15:32 there is not an Avengers logo at the background, but when they march forward in the next scene, there is. Coincidence? I dont think so. This is pointing on paralel universe or the time traveling.
safi zakaria
safi zakaria Vor 17 Stunden
15:36 its to late for me to unsee the difference betwin the one with the avenger and the one without them let me tell you that the difference say a lot
Rithish Chandrapal
Rithish Chandrapal Vor 17 Stunden
It will be much easier if they time travel to titan battle and punch in starlord's face.
Greta Olsen
Greta Olsen Vor 19 Stunden
BlindingShot Vor 19 Stunden
You wanna protect the world but you don’t want it to change.... Your all tangled in strings
John Cspine
John Cspine Vor 19 Stunden
After all the analysis online, this is the first one showing Nat’s hair grows..good find!
Emilio Guerra
Emilio Guerra Vor 20 Stunden
Boston Willden
Boston Willden Vor 20 Stunden
Maybe the heros are in reverse because the remaining avengers reverse time?
LC King Carrier
LC King Carrier Vor 20 Stunden
Nathan Bryant
Nathan Bryant Vor 21 Stunde
Also I think Hawkeye/Ronin is looking at the reality stone. good vid though thanks
Nathan Bryant
Nathan Bryant Vor 21 Stunde
The nano tech was surgically implanted before the start of infinity war, pepper and stark discuss it before strange shows up.
Aj Lee
Aj Lee Vor 21 Stunde
I have a funny feeling that endgame will be like Xmen days of future past
lolbob.exe Vor 23 Stunden
I want thanos to team up to defeat ultron and ultron could hack all of Tonys suits as an army
Irvin Ramos
Irvin Ramos Vor Tag
The housing for the nanites was in his chest already in Infinity War, just that the clothes that he wore had a whole so that the nanites covered him over his clothes
Louis Proper
Louis Proper Vor Tag
Avengers don’t have to make crap they should use Deadpool time Machine he can’t die so he didn’t dust
Andrew McLean
The shot with out actors is in the world with all the characters dusted away
Blake Pattemore
In the empty spaces I want Chris Evans from another reality but where he is the Human Torch 🤔 Imagine how brilliant that would be!!!
Sai Charan
Sai Charan Vor Tag
I want Adam Warlock (him)
Zane Thology
Zane Thology Vor Tag
Wht happen to adam warlock
Babs Bojang
Babs Bojang Vor Tag
The best review 🙏🏾💯so far
mursal khan
mursal khan Vor Tag
Am i the only one thinking Hawkeye is looking at some venom Easter egg
Hamad al Bader
I hope they bring the winter soldier back from civil war before stark destroyed his hydra arm
Ade Reyga
Ade Reyga Vor Tag
Maybe Hawkeye saw Thanos or his family turning into dust or something?
Kevin McGuire
just watch the movie when it comes out and all questions will be answered!!
casper betch wat
Red means reality stone
i think the boats surrounding liberty island are actually housing, the people left have created this main hub at the monument, if anyones lost theyll be able to see this monument, and thats where evryone is, like, the baots are probably used as 1. a kind of walkway to the actually island out there, people that own the boats realized theyre needed so they park them there to allow people to get to the island without having to find their own boat (further showing rhat the community has come together in this time of need) basically furthering the idea that the statue of liberty is the 'place to be' during this time, maybe governmebt proframs are all going rhere, creating like a kind of 'mall' where, everything you might need, if youre looking for lost family, thats the universal meetup for the city
Doty Fuzz
Doty Fuzz Vor Tag
when thanos used the time stone the damage inflicted on the war machine suit has gone that's why cap came back to life and banner escaped the rocks
Big Chungus 76
Jameson Robinson
The baseball field is from X-Men
Darnis 025
Darnis 025 Vor Tag
The two clips of the avenger headquarters are different look at the sun
Nicolas Woolsey
Black Widow's hair could be explained by a haircut.
Brandon Guillory
Wouldn't thanos be dead too if not why would he kill him self
Anthony Daniels
The avengers logo on the building isnt present in the 1st shot without the avengers. Just sayin
Noami Rose
Noami Rose Vor Tag
Atom cause everyone forgot he existed and has ben reveled in the ending of Gardian of the galaxy 2
Cecilia Olvera
What if the second saying not us was venom saying it
Dean Valenzuela
17:12 PLEASE LET IT BE MILES MORALES!! PLEAASE HE STILL EXISTS! He probably survived the snap and if he did then he would take the place of Peter.
dachison carrazco
I can’t wait for Avengers endgame! My childhood is almost complete! I still remember buying the original comic back in 1991 thank you Jim Starlin and George Pérez for the OG comic1
Malik Johnson
Aaron Mendes
Aaron Mendes Vor Tag
Scene between 14:10 and 14:14 the Avengers symbol "A" is missing from the jetbridge outside the window without Avengers walking through the terminal - then appears when they are walking
Kid of Steel
Kid of Steel Vor Tag
I thought Ultron sounded like Tony
DimondWolf Da1st
Look at the sun in the parts when they are walking through the room. One is higher then the other, so there is most likely no form of time travel. @newrockstars
neeha saeed
neeha saeed Vor Tag
quick silver and ironman
Angela Vaughn
Richard Anderson
Question were you aware that they mention Dr Strange in Captain America The Winter Soldier?
Cody Mar
Cody Mar Vor Tag
its not a decimation...its a DUSTimation.
Justin Christensen
I would LOVE to see Hypirion appear. That would be an ass kicker!
Allan Garcia
Allan Garcia Vor Tag
I bet the empty spaces are The Hulk, at least the shot in the sunrise, and Banner was just put in to throw us off the way they did with the Infinity Gauntlet in Infinity War
Ram S
Ram S Vor Tag
Ram S
Ram S Vor Tag
OMGGGG! My jaw is dropping with every bit of info you’re giving me. Love all the detailed analysis!!!!! Reverse order of disappearance, colour red and significance, blood spilled, REALITY STONE IS RED. 😱😱😱😱😱 Still watching...
808JOKER Vor Tag
Minutes 9 maybe Stan Lee 1st reveal himself as watcher, far I'm remember watcher is involved in cartoon movies infinity war
Harish Krishnan
Hi Im Eric Voss!!! Such a long time since we saw you buddy! Well good to see you again!
Emily Christovich
7:38 this is so sad. Everybody forgets about Yinsen.
Legenzz Vor Tag
9:55 *l* *e* *t* *t* *u* *c* *e*
progamerfg Dinolover
when you say that they were transport to a diffrent world i said that
Apostolia Vlachou
16:07 the avengers logo is missing from the building outside (on the left)
Max Houlihan
Max Houlihan Vor Tag
3:05 or its red because it reflects the reality stone showing that all these people aren't dead and its a false reality
Amund Austigard
No way, I live in Norway!
Don Wilkerson
My thoughts will come be after I walk of a fart!!!!
Dhel Bantolo
Dhel Bantolo Vor Tag
Capt marvel
Jayden Hampton
not us as in we wont die
Dhel Bantolo
Dhel Bantolo Vor Tag
They might die bec no one there
Natsirt666 Vor Tag
I want Wolverine to be the missing character. He wont be, but i want him to be.
Yousef Alde
Yousef Alde Vor Tag
The mystery character is Captain Marvel
Matt Tomlinson
I'm sorry but it's clear as day it's Tony then thanos then cap. Then at the end it's all there voices dubed together
100'000 Million Subs No Vids
I think the spa e is were Professor Hulk will be
Gabe Hansen
Gabe Hansen Vor 2 Tage
I believe the character in between James Rhodes and Hulk is actually Tony Stark
Josh Wilkinson
Josh Wilkinson Vor 2 Tage
Captain marvel because the end credit scenes
Mazin Kadiri
Mazin Kadiri Vor 2 Tage
I think when they showed Ellis Island with the Statue of Liberty it could’ve been back in time when it was used for immigration
Adrian Kesler
Adrian Kesler Vor 2 Tage
I think that with them bringing back the heroes in endgame that were killed by the snap the empty spaces could possibly be filled with Vision or Bucky because all of those heroes were in wakanda, and the reason the space is empty is because they want us to continue wondering who is going to be brought back in endgame
isaac mou
isaac mou Vor 2 Tage
5:41 captain american said "bananas"
ShadowBringer YT
ShadowBringer YT Vor 2 Tage
You forgot to say the red light maybe is ultron
mystery kid
mystery kid Vor 2 Tage
weavergrad Vor 2 Tage
Wait. Loki knew what was coming and died so he would be overlooked. Ohhhh.
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