Avengers infinity war Cast Roasting each other || Evans take a swing on RDJ's Face

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Lena with a Box
Lena with a Box Vor 6 Stunden
Most of this video is just gonna be seb and anthony dissing tom
Daltira Vor 10 Stunden
Why does anthony mackie hate him so much. He is so insecure.
Oceana Anngow
Oceana Anngow Vor 21 Stunde
Tom does have a point Spider-Man would have the most fun out of everyone. I mean he's so young and gets excited when he see's Tony
Mrinal Singh
Mrinal Singh Vor Tag
7:44 *But he's an asshole....*
Lilllie B.
Lilllie B. Vor Tag
Say hello to Benjamin?
Bowen Sutton
Bowen Sutton Vor Tag
8:18 Civil War 2?😂 C'mon people!!!
sleepy Vor Tag
Hugh Jackman is British?! WHAT
Conor McGregor
Its so cute because we all know deep inside mackie does care for tom lol
evie stone
evie stone Vor Tag
I do not like how people are talking trash on spiderman tom holland
El Fuego 52
El Fuego 52 Vor Tag
4:41 SIKE
DJ Kat
DJ Kat Vor Tag
Candy Paine
Candy Paine Vor Tag
"Ragnarok and roll"
kourtney scruggs
kourtney scruggs Vor 2 Tage
Lol so Bucky and Sam never got over the whole getting stomped by Petey in Civil War and just continued the beef off set. It's freaking beautiful! Marvel should use this as promotional material. Too bad they're all dead, the three of them.
kourtney scruggs
kourtney scruggs Vor 2 Tage
Elizabeth Olsen: "Scarlet Witch is the best (character) because if she wanted to she could wipe them all out..." Looks like someone has been reading up on themselves😁😂🤣
Enlin Zoo
Enlin Zoo Vor 2 Tage
Anthony and toms relationship is rlly funny lmao
Daniel Shima
Daniel Shima Vor 2 Tage
Anthony isn’t salty, Not for his loss at ant man nor for his “loss” against Spider-Man in the airport He’s just being himself
Grace Clark
Grace Clark Vor 2 Tage
Liz Haskell
Liz Haskell Vor 2 Tage
“Ragnarok and roll”
Fangirling109 Vor 3 Tage
4:19 Tom?????
Raze _
Raze _ Vor 3 Tage
Don't judge tom he's British like me I'm almost identical to him
Corey McCraw
Corey McCraw Vor 3 Tage
Who knew donwny could spit some proper fire
Yeah Ok
Yeah Ok Vor 3 Tage
8:18 i feel like that would be a parody to captain America civil war
Cris Sanchez
Cris Sanchez Vor 3 Tage
is falcon mad at Spidey because birds eat spiders???
Slushy119 Vor 3 Tage
Nobody hates Tom holland more then Anthony
Archimedes Vor 4 Tage
when hawk eye tells loke nobody likes you.
Alysia Cordero
Alysia Cordero Vor 4 Tage
Literally like 90% of this video was just Mackie and sebastian talking crap about Tom lmao
Mercat100 Vor 4 Tage
When Chris and RDJ looked like they were about to murder each other in the donut thing, I pretty much started crying because of them and Scarlett Witch’s actress... (I forgot her name)
Kasper Hauser
Kasper Hauser Vor 5 Tage
Is there already a shipping name for Tom and Benedict?
"well here i am without an umbrella "
Jarid Williams
Jarid Williams Vor 6 Tage
i s t h a t t o m h o l l a n d
Macy Walker
Macy Walker Vor 6 Tage
and here i am without an umbrella
Trinity Daniel
Trinity Daniel Vor 6 Tage
Sebastian’s laugh makes me happy
MidnightCanvas Vor 6 Tage
The runny joke of Anthony and Seb making fun of tom is amazing 😂
Nico Lagyap
Nico Lagyap Vor 7 Tage
4:19 Eggsy and Logan
El Fuego 52
El Fuego 52 Vor Tag
4:41 sike they thought
Brandon C
Brandon C Vor 7 Tage
"and here I am without an umbrella" good RDJ is the best
RezUrAction Gaming
5:07 they just salty cause they both lost to him
slepyjestrab Vor 8 Tage
3:30 - 3:48 what are Ben and Anthony talking about? Ben says, Seriously......something and then afterwards Anthony is like: "Ive talked to Kevin something something and then you will switch"
Tiki The Cat
Tiki The Cat Vor 8 Tage
8:18 just Elizabeth trying to keep it together
Jayden Burc
Jayden Burc Vor 8 Tage
I love how literally all of it is just Seb and Anthony roasting Tom
Kill3r Gamer
Kill3r Gamer Vor 9 Tage
Hugh Jackman isn't in Infinty War.
Tara Jones
Tara Jones Vor 9 Tage
I love how like 99% of this is Anthony and Seb trash talking Tom XD
Zae Edwards
Zae Edwards Vor 9 Tage
freaking mackie and tom
Katie Fly
Katie Fly Vor 10 Tage
“He has the squeaky I”m SpIDeRMAn”
Jairo Taboada
Jairo Taboada Vor 10 Tage
Song? 9:01
Matt Crouch
Matt Crouch Vor 10 Tage
Really need to rename this video to Mackie Rips Holland
Saloni Tayal
Saloni Tayal Vor 10 Tage
anthony: sorry... benedict: oh seriously I've been asked to chaperone this kid .
Annie Mack
Annie Mack Vor 11 Tage
I love Mackie’s and Tom’s fake feud
caio matos
caio matos Vor 11 Tage
Falcun is just salty
Razzrazz90 Vor 11 Tage
It’s like Anthony Mackie is trying to set up a Falcon v Spider-man grudge match movie 😂
Captain Bang Bros
Captain Bang Bros Vor 11 Tage
1:12 "speak for yourself" so lmfao
GriffinHunter15 Vor 11 Tage
4:12 and yet she sat there at let half of the universe die while she cried that she was to weak to beat thanos.😂
Monty Sutter
Monty Sutter Vor 11 Tage
What did Evans even say at 1:37? I heard 'SKA BAND!'
Naomi Vor 11 Tage
This should just be called "Tom Holland being roasted plus a little more"
Tsunayoshi Sawada
Tsunayoshi Sawada Vor 12 Tage
What was that outtro song??
Tsunayoshi Sawada
Tsunayoshi Sawada Vor 12 Tage
8:30 I CANT😂😂
atul kumar
atul kumar Vor 12 Tage
Anthony Mackie's character is the least wanted and liked and yet he's always throwing shade at Tom 🖓🖓🖓
KyuJi SJ 4M
KyuJi SJ 4M Vor 9 Tage
atul kumar Okay and?
Rxj15 Vor 12 Tage
Lmao why is everyone’s legs crossed
numbers Park
numbers Park Vor 12 Tage
Is Anthony Mackie jealous of Tom Holland?
KyuJi SJ 4M
KyuJi SJ 4M Vor 9 Tage
numbers Park No the fuck
Ty Nair
Ty Nair Vor 12 Tage
What's the outro song
1DRSy Vor 12 Tage
I think he loves tom
1DRSy Vor 12 Tage
All he talks about is that kid... like his a kid your a grown ass man fall back
marl Dae
marl Dae Vor 13 Tage
I love Tom Holland😍😍😍😍
EmmaEmu Vor 13 Tage
it's kinda funny how at 4:32 it says "twins" and behind it it shows 2 identical iron mans
Frail Scorpion
Frail Scorpion Vor 13 Tage
Antony talking a lot of shit about spiderman, but chokes on stage due to bunny rabbit after being called his real name
Noah Vor 13 Tage
Does Anthony actually hate Tom or is it just a joke between them
Noah Vor 9 Tage
KyuJi SJ 4M yeah he really pulls it off, nice seeing they don't actually hate each other though
KyuJi SJ 4M
KyuJi SJ 4M Vor 9 Tage
Noah It's a joke they roast each other though anthony is just better at it.
Lordz Kayo
Lordz Kayo Vor 13 Tage
Why are they fucking tom so bad
K Family
K Family Vor 14 Tage
that last one with Chris and Robert: LOL, then i think it was Elizabeth's just like uhhhhh you guys gonna fight?
Rebecca Hamilton
Rebecca Hamilton Vor 15 Tage
Tom is extra af I love him 💛
Anna __
Anna __ Vor 15 Tage
Anthony and Sebastian really like to roast Tom Holland huh?
Aushim Das
Aushim Das Vor 15 Tage
Honestly, I was expecting some funny comments, but I ended up reading about how Anthony hates Tom. How fuckin' dumb can you be? Friends banter and roast each other all the time, if I was do uptight and sophisticated with my friends, I wouldn't have friends at all.
KyuJi SJ 4M
KyuJi SJ 4M Vor 9 Tage
Aushim Das He doesn't fucking hate him it's a joke between them.
kaylovespigs Vor 15 Tage
“ HeY mAn iM SpIdErMaN” 7:12
kaylovespigs Vor 15 Tage
because he’s secretly 87
kaylovespigs Vor 15 Tage
Tom pisses off all of them 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂lol
poopy poopy
poopy poopy Vor 15 Tage
*high voice* HI IM SPIDERMAN!!
Addie Norman
Addie Norman Vor 16 Tage
Aine Jennings
Aine Jennings Vor 16 Tage
Anthony just despises tom Holland
Lily Chaplin
Lily Chaplin Vor 16 Tage
Antony is just jealous of Tom, his jealousy bothers me ahhh. Tom is twlented
KyuJi SJ 4M
KyuJi SJ 4M Vor 9 Tage
Lily Chaplin Jealous of what?
Lily Chaplin
Lily Chaplin Vor 16 Tage
I am sorry but Antony bothers me so much ahhh, everything with him is anoying and he actually is mean ups
life sucks
life sucks Vor 16 Tage
"HE'S AN ASSHOLE" Best running joke ever😂😂😂. Kinda reminds me of my friends, their all dickheads but I love them
Noname 5373
Noname 5373 Vor 16 Tage
1:14 Sebastian tho
Noname 5373
Noname 5373 Vor 16 Tage
Literally 90% Sebastian and Mackie roasting Tom Holland 😂
Leslie Carcana
Leslie Carcana Vor 17 Tage
Is it me or Anthony sounds like Will Smith. Lol
Tanisha M
Tanisha M Vor 17 Tage
i just love how mackie says "asshole"
OncleSamGaming '
OncleSamGaming ' Vor 18 Tage
Anthony and Sebastian are just mad they got their asses handed to them in Civil War.
Stella Woodz
Stella Woodz Vor 18 Tage
Seb's laugh at 6:21 has me dying😂😂😂😂
Summer Yin
Summer Yin Vor 18 Tage
Omg i love how they all take care of tom holland like he's a little kid 😂
Dauntless Ravenclaw
Alternative Title: The Marvel Cast Being the Greatest Humans on Earth
DatShadyGuy Vor 20 Tage
Mackie didn't roast Tom. He straight launched his ass into the sun.
Rebka Abebe
Rebka Abebe Vor 21 Tag
Is it just me or did Anthony Mackie call Benedict Cumberbatch "Benjamin" :/
December Vor 22 Tage
Outro song?
Mika Mackerman
Mika Mackerman Vor 22 Tage
Elizabeth Olsen in the background though. 😥😂
music lover
music lover Vor 22 Tage
Chris and Tom 😍
Hollander Vor 22 Tage
Anthony and Sebastian are obviously joking y’all are so dumb sometimes, they would never make fun of another cast mate and bring them down and be serious about it, they are clearly joking around with Tom.
Carlotisquis Vor 22 Tage
anthony and sebastian seems to rally hate tom omg
zombiematt Vor 23 Tage
I'm gonna be super sad when the cast leaves :'(
No! No! No! Tom Holland actually has a movie Mackie & Sebastian!
Angel R. Miranda
Angel R. Miranda Vor 23 Tage
OMG the donut thing was hilarious. 🤣🤣
Fun with Ameera
Fun with Ameera Vor 24 Tage
Are they jealous of Spiderman
KyuJi SJ 4M
KyuJi SJ 4M Vor 9 Tage
Fun with Ameera What's to be jealous about?
MIDA VALOR Vor 25 Tage
Gosh that lady who plays scarlet witch is annoying. In MEU she's never even gotten to that level of power, and in the MCU the character powers a nulled a ton already. I really doubt she could wipe any of the avengers, let alone Thor or Strange. Her power isn't "limitless" either. Limitless power is galactus, Thanos, the like. Where anywhere have we seen scarelt witch able to ever compare with them? Just because she can do something cool and destroy an infinity stone (which isn't entirely powerful just something she can do) doesn't mean you're the most powerful!
Lorraine C
Lorraine C Vor 10 Tage
MIDA VALOR Dude... All of the actors joke about how their character is the best and the strongest. It’s just a movie
Todd VanKampen
Todd VanKampen Vor 25 Tage
The last one I broke out laughing lol that's me and my friend right there
Tatiana McDonald
Tatiana McDonald Vor 25 Tage
*"Ragnorak n Roll"* 💀😂
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