Avengers infinity war Cast Roasting each other || Evans take a swing on RDJ's Face

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Olivia D:
Olivia D: Vor 6 Stunden
2:51 says the one who got his ass kicked by Spiderman in civil war
Tracie Porter
Tracie Porter Vor 21 Stunde
tom holland:h- anthony mackie:ThIs KiD iS a PrObLeM
Lady0fhearts07♥ Vor 21 Stunde
Anthony: He has a handler because he's like 8 Sebastian: And a handkerchief 'coz he's secretly 87 Uncle Sam and Aunt Bucky are so jealous of Tom being whipped all over RDJ hahahaha
923plays Vor Tag
100% in every infinity war roasting video there will be anthony talking about tom
RADO .M Vor Tag
What is the song at the end ?
Cassidty Clement
1:14 Sebastian calls for security becomes Tom Holland entered the room
chrisel cabatic
it looks cute when Anthony and Sebastian roast Tom 😂❤
Kenna Dugger
Kenna Dugger Vor 2 Tage
Sebs laugh at 6:05 is so cute
Adele Eastfield
Adele Eastfield Vor 2 Tage
Fuck Anthony dude. He needs to calm down like wtf
Angelnique Or
Angelnique Or Vor 3 Tage
I love Anthony he’s fucking hilarious “TOMS A LITTLE ASSHOLE”
Yoongi's judgmental face
3:30 tom: tyvm for the drink :) 1.5 seconds later *THIS BITCH EMPTY*
Erik Reyes
Erik Reyes Vor 4 Tage
Falcón (I don’t know his name) is just saying stuff to Tom cause he can’t say anything else to anyone else He is just saying bad stuff to Tom to get fame
PurpleLuvBug 17
PurpleLuvBug 17 Vor 4 Tage
Lucas Lum
Lucas Lum Vor 4 Tage
8:52 she just dropped the plate
Corruption Mind
Corruption Mind Vor 5 Tage
Good job on use the same clips
Natación (SkillsNT)
Awesome vid
Christopher Baierlein
So winter soldier is Shawn Hunter from Boy Meets World?
Meccaroni Vor 6 Tage
Anthony HATES him. I think he tries to play it as a joke but like I feel secondhand hatred
Emily Alberty
Emily Alberty Vor 7 Tage
Omg Anthony and Tom GREAT FRIENDSHIP EVER 😂😂😂
Useless Hands
Useless Hands Vor 7 Tage
"Can you explain who I am, I'm trying to-" Jeremy just instantly: *"You're a bad guy."*
bardlover6 Vor 7 Tage
Anthony and Sebastian are totally wearing Spidey underwear
MatriachGaming Vor 7 Tage
Civil war
Serenity Smith
Serenity Smith Vor 7 Tage
The first one they look like a couple
Syxpe Vor 7 Tage
4:44 oh how I absolutely hate being British
ThatGirlGamer Vor 8 Tage
Omg. That ending with Chris and Robert actually killed me.😂
diandra rizvi
diandra rizvi Vor 8 Tage
Anthony Mackie as J Jonah Jameson CONFIRMED!! Tom Ho.. I mean SPIDER-MAN IS A MENNACE!!!
Sanliss Hultson
Sanliss Hultson Vor 8 Tage
anthony is so mean to Tom!
emily kitts
emily kitts Vor 7 Tage
Sanliss Hultson issa joke omg calm down
rcmanization Vor 8 Tage
aN asshole. not A asshole.
Sahara Samrah
Sahara Samrah Vor 8 Tage
ANTHONY NEEDS TO CALM THE HECK DOWN leave the poor kid alone. It’s funny cuz he’s calling tom childish, while he’s spending his time, making a fool of himself in front of millions of people uhhh
emily kitts
emily kitts Vor 7 Tage
Sahara Samrah issa joke calm tf down
Q The Producer
Q The Producer Vor 9 Tage
RDJ is funny af 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Disney Nerd
Disney Nerd Vor 9 Tage
civil war shouldn't be about Iron man and captain America it should be between the falcon and Spiderman lol
Killerpanda404 Vor 9 Tage
8:52 I died
Water Soluble
Water Soluble Vor 10 Tage
What does being British have to do whith anything?
Trixy Black
Trixy Black Vor 10 Tage
Westfield is my place I love it so much best mall ever
Jumping GamingBeans!
8:18 I laughed so hard
maggie Vor 10 Tage
i’m not sure if anthony is actually joking or not and i’m worried😂😂
Jezebel.A Garcia
Jezebel.A Garcia Vor 11 Tage
1:16 had me dead 😂😭😭😭💀😂😂😂💀
Елена Кузнецова
Mackie & Stan roasting Tom is the most hilarious thing ive ever seen😂😂i can't stop laughing
duane jessup
duane jessup Vor 12 Tage
At 00:47 Chris and his dad decided to dress alike..top row
Bully badass chennal
Steve 😘😘😘
Sufian Abuahmad
Sufian Abuahmad Vor 12 Tage
Comic Scarlett witch can warp reality, movie versions is a garbage rip off
Alex Naidoo
Alex Naidoo Vor 12 Tage
Who's the interviewer over at 5:05
James Umeno
James Umeno Vor 12 Tage
Oh god I forgot sam disliked tom
Kyla Klym
Kyla Klym Vor 12 Tage
“he has a handler because he’s like 8” omg i died
Clara :b
Clara :b Vor 12 Tage
Well guess what, Anna dies in infinity war. I dont feel so good now bye
Mbt5503 Taft
Mbt5503 Taft Vor 13 Tage
Her scream at the end tho!!!!!!
Akaki Vor 13 Tage
could you please tell me the outro music?
anita cabello
anita cabello Vor 13 Tage
Anthony and Sebastian are always together lol
Ruby Garrett
Ruby Garrett Vor 13 Tage
3:23 "Bring Tom his juice box... he gets cranky when he doesn't have his sugar."
Ruby Garrett
Ruby Garrett Vor 13 Tage
0:38 shutcho mouth, Anthony
{CindyThe Føx}
{CindyThe Føx} Vor 14 Tage
Gosh what is wrong with The Falcon! He is on a rampage hating on Spiderman
Rosé Goku Black
Rosé Goku Black Vor 14 Tage
Why are they so rude to Tom?
Katie Manz
Katie Manz Vor 15 Tage
"little foggy on it, but i think it was a little something like raining down hell fire"
abbi taylor
abbi taylor Vor 15 Tage
awww poor tom thought he was getting his juice 😂😩
Naruhi Leijon
Naruhi Leijon Vor 15 Tage
The last one! 😂😂
Azzdbun Vor 15 Tage
Anthony: says something Audience:HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
Azzdbun Vor 15 Tage
I despise Anthony because he hates Spiderman and Tom . Tom is one of my favorite actors
Nilesh Sharma
Nilesh Sharma Vor 16 Tage
Is nobody gonna mention that scream at the end I died hahah
Music_Is Therapy
Music_Is Therapy Vor 17 Tage
That doughnut bit at the end😂
xPeanutBUDDERx Vor 17 Tage
Do they actually hate Tom Holland?
confusedstranger x
confusedstranger x Vor 16 Tage
xPeanutBUDDERx nope. it’s just their sarcasm
Jollyfella Vor 17 Tage
I never ever remember what that black guy with wings and guns is called, both in the movie and as an actor. Makes it weird to hear him roasting another character for being the superior hero.
Connie Multichrosome Swenson
Anthony has the best super suit
GamerGirl DIY
GamerGirl DIY Vor 17 Tage
Dorci Meow
Dorci Meow Vor 17 Tage
2:28 if Tom would hug me like that i’d probably faint
Juan Alonso
Juan Alonso Vor 17 Tage
I wanna punch Anothy in the face just cuz hes so mest up to Tom he says hes so childish well maybe its cuz hes young that dude needs to give him respect
Cherry Slayy
Cherry Slayy Vor 17 Tage
My favorite clip is the last one...bc their faces after she screamed
Sophie Karps
Sophie Karps Vor 17 Tage
Wait why does Anthony hate Tom so much😂
Tom Holland isn't an asshole...Anthony has to stop giving him a hard time, smh.
EnderPlayz Mc
EnderPlayz Mc Vor 18 Tage
He's just a kid in *S P A N D E X*
Funzip668 gold
Funzip668 gold Vor 18 Tage
8:56 their faces are funny
Aysia Morgan
Aysia Morgan Vor 18 Tage
He be hating on Tom Holland😂 dude calm down, you're annoying yapping your mouth about it😏 he's a actor and you are too, congrats I guess 😂 leave Tom Holland alone like, he's amazing in his own ways💯
Emily E B
Emily E B Vor 18 Tage
Lmao poor Tom, he gets roasted because he's the youngest
Aruna Chauhan
Aruna Chauhan Vor 18 Tage
RDJ!! 💘💘💘💘💘
Bianca Alexe
Bianca Alexe Vor 19 Tage
What is the ending song called??????
sandra oliveros
sandra oliveros Vor 19 Tage
He’s just a kid in spandex
Adam Dempsey
Adam Dempsey Vor 19 Tage
i bet they hate tom because spider man beat the both of them in civil war
Joshua Sonza
Joshua Sonza Vor 19 Tage
They really hate Spidey haha
Natalya Beijerling
Natalya Beijerling Vor 19 Tage
I love at 8:40 when rdj and chris are arguing over the donut and scarlet witch is just watching in the background like a sitcom
Izzah Kamal
Izzah Kamal Vor 19 Tage
Anthony and Tom have such a great relationship 😂😂 I'm honestly surprised that Anthony hates Tom so much
Mohammed Pandor
Mohammed Pandor Vor 20 Tage
3:08 yeah true, but spider man can dodge those missiles
Rudy Campos
Rudy Campos Vor 20 Tage
Who is the interviewer at 5:00
Rudy Campos
Rudy Campos Vor 20 Tage
Josue Gil
Josue Gil Vor 20 Tage
Anthony mad Tom got a movie that's why😂
Taylor Dream
Taylor Dream Vor 20 Tage
They need a movie together
Trying Duck
Trying Duck Vor 20 Tage
lol, all these started because Tom stole Mackie's catchphrase 😂
otaku hime
otaku hime Vor 21 Tag
The end was everything. Cap and Tony XD 8:17
Olivia Pederson
Olivia Pederson Vor 21 Tag
Okay, no hate but the interviewer in the beginning, her voice sounded really fake
Teency Weency
Teency Weency Vor 21 Tag
Tom constantly needing sugar is my aesthetic.
Jonny Khodiyev
Jonny Khodiyev Vor 21 Tag
I think Anthony is jelly of Tom, because Tom has everything, the Anthony is just trash
Ricky C
Ricky C Vor 21 Tag
Anthony Mackie & Tom Holland really love each other
Silverianni Negron
Whats the outro song name?
Gabbie Mok
Gabbie Mok Vor 21 Tag
8:49 chris Evans: ''i feel a storm brewing'' *song stops* *wanda screams* *I died*
amir dijkstra
amir dijkstra Vor 21 Tag
Offering senior towel warm occupy deep locate weapon conversation freedom
N I A S I A Vor 21 Tag
Anthony and Tom are the best of friends 💀 haters gonna hate. I love Tom though like what the heckydodaldoo 🤪🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
Walter Ignatius
Walter Ignatius Vor 21 Tag
Who's the interviewer lady in 5:00
Joseph DiNardi
Joseph DiNardi Vor 21 Tag
thelastlodus123 :3
thelastlodus123 :3 Vor 22 Tage
its that fuckin donut😂😂
Annoying Yumeh
Annoying Yumeh Vor 22 Tage
Is that Tom Holland?
Jana Davídková
Jana Davídková Vor 22 Tage
jerk Anthony, Tom holland is NOT still like kid playing in Billy Elliot and he's better person then you
Jana Davídková
Jana Davídková Vor 22 Tage
poor Tom
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