Basic Training for Riding Horses - how to train the four year old horse | Ingrid Klimke

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In this training DVD, the Olympic champion shares her key ideas for the successful training of horses. Dressage: exercises to improve extension, beat, relaxation, contact between hand and mouth, familiarisation with rider aids, half and full halt, transitions, first signs of suppleness, first competition experience and much more. Pole work (cavaletti): familiarisation, pole work on lunge. Jumping: first jump, with and without lead horse, gymnastic series, first individual jumps.Cross country: safety seat, first jumps, water familiarisation, uphill, downhill.



18 Apr 2011

Ingrid KlimkeDr. Reiner KlimkeTraining of HorsesDressageJumpingCavaletticross Countrymyridingcoachpferdiatrainingyoung horse



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Jill Normal
Jill Normal Vor 4 years
Ingrid ist Klasse und Damon Hill ist sowieso der schönste Hengst, den ich seit langem gesehen hab:-)
hyperfocus2011 Vor 6 years
Well where do we get the DVD?
Michelle Coutois
Michelle Coutois Vor 6 years
Ingrid is a favorite - classy, confident, calm, caring and professional. Such care in her tips, voice and heart. Dressage and Jumpers, I ride them both, horses thrive on variety. She's a wonderful example of a horse woman. Thank you for the video!
codeagent47 Vor 6 years
nice ride!
Connie Grippin
Connie Grippin Vor 7 years
Such generosity and kindness to her horses. Well done!
FSRctlha Vor 7 years
1:15 so true so true. please all "professionals" take this woman as your role model!
Kirstin Uhlenbrock
Kirstin Uhlenbrock Vor 7 years
I love it. She is just as wonderful as her dad
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