Battery (cover by Leo, 66Samus, Trey & Noah)

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Original by Metallica
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Hi there, my name is Leo and run a studio on the westside of Norway where I do music and video stuff for youtube. I also have a band called Frog Leap, where we do my metal covers live.
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22 Mär 2019

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sylvain robert
sylvain robert Vor 38 Minuten
this cover is fucking amazing nice job leo
Gary McDonald
Gary McDonald Vor 9 Stunden
Still better drumming than Lars
Jimmy Simpson
Don't get me wrong I love Leo ,,,but he should have sang this in normal voice for myself to growl didn't make it the music spot on
John Kestner
John Kestner Vor 2 Tage
so much better with a real drummer
PAUL LEE Vor 2 Tage
I think you guys are more Metallica than Metallica.
James Fondren
James Fondren Vor 3 Tage
The vocals sound unnatural and a bit contrived, or forced, or something. Doesn't seem like that is the guys real voice. Still pretty good though. Guitar guy is pretty wizard like!
Invert Scrub
Invert Scrub Vor 3 Tage
The editing here is fucking brilliant.
becky martin
becky martin Vor 3 Tage
Ace of spades by Motorhead,,Rock lobster by the 52's,,Epic by Faith No More,,Cult of Personality by In Living Color
Nui Niuhi
Nui Niuhi Vor Tag
AoS was covered and it is very good.
Peter Hanlon
Peter Hanlon Vor 3 Tage
Love this cover. Can you make available on Spotify too! 🤘
Clyde Skywalker
Clyde Skywalker Vor 4 Tage
i just realize theres no bass ....
Aleksandra Vuga
Aleksandra Vuga Vor 4 Tage
chevy vett
chevy vett Vor 5 Tage
Lol Wow you guys just blew Metallica away
David Carrillo
David Carrillo Vor 5 Tage
Make cover Dragón Force-trough the Fire and flames
Bine 15765
Bine 15765 Vor 5 Tage
Leo ...geiiiiil \m/
Pavel Kordin
Pavel Kordin Vor 5 Tage
More Mettalica!-devils dance
Oneshot Onekill
Oneshot Onekill Vor 5 Tage
metalserzyche73 Vor 6 Tage
Bravi e basta..
Azaza12 Vor 6 Tage
Fucking Solid.
Johnathon Donachie
SOLID performance love it guys!!!
Jeremy Hunt
Jeremy Hunt Vor 7 Tage
Who the fuck is Lars? This drummer is the shit!!!
Nyfree83 Vor 7 Tage
Rammstein next?
Rob  Raynsford
Rob Raynsford Vor 7 Tage
Brian H
Brian H Vor 8 Tage
This is awesome! You guys need to cover bonded by blood by exodus next!!
Юрий Баранов
Михаил Румянцев
Неплохо (на троечку с +), но метлу переплюнуть не удалось, увы. Ни голоса, ни пафаса, ни театральности не хватило
Ville Karppinen
Ville Karppinen Vor 8 Tage
Hey Leo and his 'band'. First of all, I bow and salute you. I've seen Metallica quite few times, first time was May -93 Oulunkylä, Helsinki. It was The Best Gig they playded, that I've seen them playing. This you cover-'pull' was something, that I thought impossible. You fucking trashed METALLICA. YOU MADE THEM LOOK LIKE AMATEURS! And I am talking about all metal history THE BEST SONG musically. This is The BEST-cover of all of those that I've heard before!!! I Salute You!!! Thank You!!!
K C Vor 10 Tage
A great cover ruined by vocals.
Hexx Bombastus
Hexx Bombastus Vor 10 Tage
Leo's a bit too screamy for my tastes, but it's well within artistic license territory, and I'm just being picky.
Tim Henry
Tim Henry Vor 11 Tage
This cat rocked up a matalica song. Fuk.
Tim Schreibung
Tim Schreibung Vor 11 Tage
who wouldn't love to see Leo get up on stage and sing this with Metallica??!!
Uppercase D & the lowercases
I can't imagine someone even going NEAR that "thumbs down"! This sounds better than ANY metal album mix! WOW!
jatii76 Vor 12 Tage
18650 anyone?
Ronald Kain
Ronald Kain Vor 14 Tage
Total props up dude you did James hetfield proud
Ronald Kain
Ronald Kain Vor 12 Tage
Furry Face rules
gckmp Vor 17 Tage
Bordel.... Monstrueux.... Bravo les gars... Fameuse tuerie. Quel niveau. Vous êtes balèzes. Et le coup des piles au moment des "Battery" m'a bien fait rire 🙃 #totalRespect #helloFromBelgium
Jeff Stone
Jeff Stone Vor 18 Tage
Puppet Leo Kicks Arse!
LogicalUpload Vor 18 Tage
Here’s Battery m.de-vid.com/video/video-md3B3I7Nmvw.html
dorian radio youtube
2 10 9
John Carroll
John Carroll Vor 19 Tage
Only Leo could up the heavy in a Metallica tune. And with puppets and funny! Well played!
Online Plus
Online Plus Vor 19 Tage
E. Squatch
E. Squatch Vor 19 Tage
Best cover yet! Could have done without the lugi hock at the beginning though. 😂🤣
Vincent Cabrera
Vincent Cabrera Vor 2 Tage
Its called blegh
Anthony Rizzo
Anthony Rizzo Vor 18 Tage
E. Squatch I actually loved that part lol
ondast Vor 19 Tage
this song is not about batteries :):):)
ondast Vor 19 Tage
its about battery
Patrick R.
Patrick R. Vor 20 Tage
Would love to hear you cover hold your head up from argent.
Shane Rose
Shane Rose Vor 20 Tage
Already the drumming is better
Hubert Buck
Hubert Buck Vor 11 Tage
I was wondering where the "This drummer is better than Lars" comment was...
Scott L
Scott L Vor 21 Tag
Jonathan Huerta
Jonathan Huerta Vor 21 Tag
Geralt of Riffia
Geralt of Riffia Vor 21 Tag
That was some goddamn thight guitar playing. And damn leo. Every song I think. Nah. He cant make this work. Does it again. However. May I formally request more outro's? I need more afrika-esque outros in my life
Niko N
Niko N Vor 19 Tage
I'm going to second the outro request, that's possibly one of the best bits of metal I've ever heard, sometimes jam sessions turn out superior music to everything else.
Skweetis Vor 22 Tage
thank you, i was on a pantera kick and couldn't get off until this pop'd up in my recommends. love this metallica album so much
GeorgeHamberhill Vor 22 Tage
Leo that was fantastic! I hope to find it on google play :)
almost b.t.t.o. almost
Official Venacava Music
Goddamn it man yes!!!!!
wayne leonard
wayne leonard Vor 23 Tage
This version is better than the original 🤘💀🤘
Leeroy C
Leeroy C Vor 19 Tage
It must be hard coming up with something original when you have the IQ of a wet sock.
wayne leonard
wayne leonard Vor 20 Tage
@Leeroy C No your mom did lol hahahaha
Leeroy C
Leeroy C Vor 20 Tage
Ha ha ha ha really? Mum jokes. Did you think of that yourself or did you need help. Thanks for proving my point.
wayne leonard
wayne leonard Vor 20 Tage
@Leeroy C I've never said I was a musician, the only wanker around here is your mom!! oh! and yes it is :)
Leeroy C
Leeroy C Vor 20 Tage
No its not. You are a wanker and not a musician if thinking that.
Aseinou Vor 24 Tage
killed it wow leo u amaze and the guitar i thought i was listening to kurt and cliff all over
Nawshaba Aziz
Nawshaba Aziz Vor 25 Tage
A worthy cover.
Raven King
Raven King Vor 25 Tage
As an auto tec battery is king
Antanas Kapishonas
Antanas Kapishonas Vor 25 Tage
was good ,except this geek dude with a guitar thinks he knows shit. lol
Justin Worley
Justin Worley Vor 25 Tage
I almost passed on listening because I normally HATE Metallica covers. My dad played Metallica through Bose headphones on my mom's stomach when she was pregnant with me so I have been a fan since before I was born. And I have to say, this is the greatest Metallica cover I have ever heard. Thank you for making not just this great cover, but all of them 🙏
Matthew Hill
Matthew Hill Vor 25 Tage
Awesome. Brings back so many teenage memories...
SilentBob731 Vor 25 Tage
Battery is one of my favourite metal songs of all time...and you guys knocked it out of the park. My admiration grows and grows... ;-)
Patrick O'Connor
Patrick O'Connor Vor 26 Tage
you should do a metal cover of A.D.I.D.A.S koRn
Blane Leary
Blane Leary Vor 26 Tage
daniel schooley
daniel schooley Vor 26 Tage
now do mamma said from reload albums :P
Raven PandaCat
Raven PandaCat Vor 27 Tage
Zeljko Dzakic
Zeljko Dzakic Vor 27 Tage
very fine! is this live performed?
Dark Horse
Dark Horse Vor 27 Tage
Wow! I assume Hetfield and Ulrich called to thank you for doing this the way they always wanted to but couldn't. This was seriously better than the original.
Paul Zuegn
Paul Zuegn Vor 27 Tage
Oh and the drummer!!! You are an awesome drummer bro!
Paul Zuegn
Paul Zuegn Vor 27 Tage
WOW WOW that was BRUTAL!!!!
Scorpio Riddick
Scorpio Riddick Vor 27 Tage
Your music is so addictive that I like them all before even watching any of the videos because I'm so hooked, and blasting this cover just my neighbor hooked too.
Deluxe Memory Man
Deluxe Memory Man Vor 27 Tage
Guitar man looks like it's effortless for him.
nibb nibb
nibb nibb Vor 28 Tage
Actually ,,leos voice does this justice . And i am less focus on the stupid gimmic of always having lenses and othe dressing up gimmics. This is actually kinda masterpiece,esc:):): this is what happens when you put extremely skilled and fun loving muscisians in the same room. (Not the same room but yall know what i mean):)
villagofreetube Vor 28 Tage
Better than Papa Het
chad198099 Vor 28 Tage
@frogleapstudios. Brother you should do a cover of blue on black. Awesome song already metal, wanna see what you can do with it
Tavoloco Vor 28 Tage
frode frodo
frode frodo Vor Monat
HALLLLLOOOOO!!!! Utenom denne verden. bedre enn originalen. Hvordan går d ann? jo, d går ann!
William Guzman
William Guzman Vor Monat
JR.40.1978 Daddybear
I love that its 99.999% Metallica and that 00.001% Leo. So awesome that it is dang near identical to the original and yet you still put your own touch into it without being obtrusive. Bravo Leo....Bravo!!!! An amazing job!!!
bunker 11
bunker 11 Vor Monat
Tomppa RMP
Tomppa RMP Vor Monat
I left a negative comment while ago (maybe for some Pantera video) about your stuff where I didn't like the humor aspect in these videos. I was wrong. Your covers kick major ass. Why so serious. Metal is fucking fun. Thank you everybody involved. BTW this sounds more face-hitting and gut-punching than the original. Don't believe me? Go listen the original after this. #ACOYTNGAFA
May Lee
May Lee Vor Monat
This is like a birthday present I didn't know I got until now!!!! \m/..\m/
Trash Bandit
Trash Bandit Vor Monat
Nailed the tone and made it sound very modernized. Excellent work!
Psycho Chicken
Psycho Chicken Vor Monat
THIS is how you do a cover of a song.
Daniel Gagne
Daniel Gagne Vor Monat
THE SOUND! OMG! Fantastic job guys!
Gorotth Vor Monat
Loooove Samus drumming, man. Mental. Awesome
Вот это тема, вот это я люблю, Зачёт
Eric Plourde
Eric Plourde Vor Monat
66Samus, you're a fucking beast
Eric Plourde
Eric Plourde Vor Monat
wow that mash up is epic, thanks guys!
Captain Barrett Coldyron
How about a Twisted Sister cover? Maybe The Kids Are Back or Shoot Em Down.
Valus Ra'lyn
Valus Ra'lyn Vor Monat
my wireless mouse died when the song ended
Jose Tuliao
Jose Tuliao Vor Monat
This sounds clearer than the original "Battery", nicely done man!
Ťørɱȩṇ Vor Monat
Very bold to make a metal cover of Battery!
Stephen Fisher
Stephen Fisher Vor Monat
Josh W.
Josh W. Vor Monat
Holy shit, you guys fucking nailed ! Amazing job!
Awesome person2.o
Wow great cover Leo!!!
Masato K
Masato K Vor Monat
Mmmm back when Metallica was actually Metallica
ZGryphon Vor Monat
Many years ago, my college friends and I used to do periodic "sound checks" with this song. One night the neighbors called the campus police, and one of the guys answered the (barely audible) knock at the door without looking, which meant that none of us realized until the end of the song that there was a bemused-looking cop standing in the open doorway. "Hi. What is that, 150 watts?" he asked, nodding to the stereo. "Nice. Gonna have to ask you to turn it down, though. You're pissing people off all the way to the park." It was a simpler, more innocent time. Today they'd probably send about 20 guys to kick down the doors, smash up the stereo, and haul everyone in the place off to the cooler.
Andrew Vor Monat
Meh, most of this “cover” was just him screaming. Sorry but I was bored, song doesn’t need a cover unless you bring something new to it
Ezequiel Drum
Ezequiel Drum Vor Monat
Lars asks how does the drum guy do that
Janne Ros
Janne Ros Vor Monat
You should've put a bassist also to the video
Omid Zahedi
Omid Zahedi Vor Monat
What an excellent cover! I am thrilled you did not alter this one as it is face-meltingly awesome as it is! I think your voice is outstanding for lending a darker sound to it though. Bravissimo, buddy!!!!!
TheBigox6942 Vor Monat
That was the metal version? lol
Kimi Vor Monat
Leo, why didn't this hit Google Play? I have a subscription there just to hear your tunes, and this is one of my favorites, but it still isn't there.
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