Battery (cover by Leo, 66Samus, Trey & Noah)

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Original by Metallica
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Drums: Samus Paulicelli
Bass: Noah Martin
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22 Mär 2019



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Jason McNeely
Jason McNeely Vor 17 Stunden
Metallica would be proud. As all your videos are, this is awesome.
Leonardo Vazquez
Martin Georgiev
When you are a singer you are supposed to sing good... and you do it xD
Angus Scrimm
Angus Scrimm Vor Tag
Was more amazing is original was released back in 1986.... let that sink in a bit.
i headbanged the whole time
eklektice Vor 2 Tage
Love the interlude!
Grzegorz Kozłowski
Not better than original , but equally mother fucking bad ass.
Bart Bart
Bart Bart Vor 2 Tage
You should record whole master of puppets album
Mister X
Mister X Vor 2 Tage
As of 4/19/2019 - Lars has disliked this video 733 times.
Arctic Gorilla
Arctic Gorilla Vor 2 Tage
Honestly, I’m surprised it hasn’t hit iTunes yet.
johnnyd5005 Vor 2 Tage
jorge luis perez gonzalez
Hans Helge Båtvik
RAMONES nxt pls :)
Marty Banks
Marty Banks Vor 3 Tage
I'm a just recent fan! Love the covers and the talent!!!! Id love to hear a cover of Miss Misery by Nazareth.
régis Heretik
régis Heretik Vor 4 Tage
Metallica.... genial band ....and good cover!
Baillie Ferris
Baillie Ferris Vor 4 Tage
Hey guys - this is awesome! Could you do blackened??
Mark Daniels
Mark Daniels Vor 4 Tage
Was ok til the vocals started
Make a metal song more metal, and sounds better how death metal
Sérgio Santos
Sérgio Santos Vor 5 Tage
Great solo!! All good! Thanks
Rattchen Vor 6 Tage
I love the fact that you chose to cover Metallica. Imitation is the highest form of flattery. Thank you, sir. You are excellent in your work. I love all of your covers.
Алексей Обыденных
Wow, more than a half million free virus commercial of VARTA batteries!
Wayne Stinson Jr
Wayne Stinson Jr Vor 6 Tage
I wish this was put on Apple Music
1-800 no one cares
*Duracell wants to know your location.*
Jeremy Bennett
Jeremy Bennett Vor 6 Tage
Can't wait for Vol. 23
Tunc Gaming
Tunc Gaming Vor 7 Tage
Battery, a cover by leo,someone,someone & someone. *Literally death metal*
Paul Baker
Paul Baker Vor 7 Tage
Spot on cover!! Love your channel.
justfunk88 Vor 7 Tage
totally nailed it!
Jesus Galindo
Jesus Galindo Vor 7 Tage
It’s very exciting to me to listen the drum solo on this song, the speed and the strength of the sound makes me feel alive
mad jeeper NH
mad jeeper NH Vor 7 Tage
HELL YEAH!!!!! NAILED IT!!!!!! Nice work, much love brothers!!!
Skweetis Vor 8 Tage
stop distorting your own voice so much (post) if I had any advice
Лев Ильин
Dapster Vor 8 Tage
Hey Leo, why is this not on Spotify like your other covers?
Ronnie Stanley
Ronnie Stanley Vor 8 Tage
This is awesome but, reeks of Coal Chamber for some reason.
Jesus Espino
Jesus Espino Vor 8 Tage
I just played this twice in a row... AWESOME!
dn Vor 9 Tage
Pretty good.
Paulo Henrique Lobato
red eyes
Sean Ham
Sean Ham Vor 9 Tage
Carry on My wayward son/Kansas... full death metal version.
Kai Hanzen
Kai Hanzen Vor 9 Tage
Leo very nice cover of this song :)
sski Vor 9 Tage
Absolutely balls-out the best cover of that song I've ever heard. Nice work guys! \m/(>
Michael Kampff
Michael Kampff Vor 9 Tage
Um... no
Oisin Tremayne
Oisin Tremayne Vor 9 Tage
Delicious cover
Henkick C.O.
Henkick C.O. Vor 10 Tage
Loe as a Metallica fan the cover was great but I noticed that there was no bass Metallica is not Metallica without the bass. Just a little side note I would like to add.
David Cornell
David Cornell Vor 10 Tage
Fede Martinez
Fede Martinez Vor 11 Tage
Cover Duran Duran-wild boys please!!!!!!!
Kevin Stacy
Kevin Stacy Vor 11 Tage
no bass huh? checks out.
cristian fernandez
cristian fernandez Vor 11 Tage
ctm esta huea qudo la raja secos los hueones
Jimmy Nyman
Jimmy Nyman Vor 12 Tage
Battery is SUCH a fun song on drums. might be the best.
Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith Vor 12 Tage
Leo I think they are talking about a different kind of battery=)
/ LoLvro \
/ LoLvro \ Vor 12 Tage
Can u make a tutorial for metal singing
Phillip's Fishing Videos
Dude...You just scared all the critters away from my house. 😃
Filipe Oliveira
Filipe Oliveira Vor 13 Tage
"BattUry"?!?! Hmmmm... I though it was "Battery" :) Nice cover though!
kokanee2010a Vor 14 Tage
I must say this is better production value than any Canadian network ! ha
DeD Vor 14 Tage
yay metallica!!!
renaud19100 Vor 14 Tage
like the ensiferum version x'D
Tayris Vor 14 Tage
Алексей Губанов
Звучание очень близко к оригиналу.
Maddey Barlow
Maddey Barlow Vor 14 Tage
You should cover Stuck by The Aces
Lemmy Winks
Lemmy Winks Vor 14 Tage
Honestly, better than the original. It's so sad that such a legendary band peaked right fucking here. This is as badass as it gets dude. Good on all of you.
Seiichi Tashiro
Seiichi Tashiro Vor 15 Tage
Mike Lisching
Mike Lisching Vor 15 Tage
PAINKILLER - From Judas Priest needs to be covered !!!
NMChe56 Vor 15 Tage
What’s with the pupp...OOOOOOOH!
Rodrigo Robles
Rodrigo Robles Vor 15 Tage
grate job Leo
Iván Ramírez
Iván Ramírez Vor 15 Tage
Andriy Vasylenko for bass guitar in colaborations vids would be great! de-vid.com/show-UCcwbVudVoRXaZVwB5XVnWEQ
Sarah Auglend
Sarah Auglend Vor 15 Tage
Where's the bass?
Antonio Tony
Antonio Tony Vor 15 Tage
Who dislike?!?! Whooooo!?!?!
Jason Wagner
Jason Wagner Vor 15 Tage
He made a metal song sound more metal... #mindblown
Megadeth Holy Wars... The Punishment Due or gojira the gift of guilt or iron maiden hallowed by thy name
Marra Vor 15 Tage
this is weird. on the other hand i enjoy and want to hear more. but... something is so wrong... and badly. fuck it, nice?
Nicholas Osgood
Nicholas Osgood Vor 15 Tage
Can you do I wanna hold your hand by the beetles?
박유민 Vor 16 Tage
I wish Lard play drum like this...
The Scranton Strangler
Why do guitar players have no emotion anymore? You can be technically skilled but it's the feeling that makes it sound better.
Nicolas Martin Arias
Pero estas igual!!!
painkller 713
painkller 713 Vor 16 Tage
good shit 🙏🏼
Bryant Ross
Bryant Ross Vor 16 Tage
Damn impressive
J. S. Roman
J. S. Roman Vor 16 Tage
This is some of the best stuff I've ever seen/heard in my life.
Lost Division
Lost Division Vor 16 Tage
this was by far the most coolest shit you've ever done!!! keep up the good work!!! horns up from Finland!!!
Manicmanuel Vor 16 Tage
Richtig gutes Zeug....
Александр Кажан
bob king
bob king Vor 16 Tage
i like how there was a battery ad before the video, in this case for the first time the cover is better than the original... not knocking the original though...
Deniz Ayanlar
Deniz Ayanlar Vor 16 Tage
Duracell should be your sponsor :)
hajmanek Vor 16 Tage
I love it
Данмл Роут
Крутотень, Hello from Russia!
Zdenek Zoubek
Zdenek Zoubek Vor 16 Tage
Sorry, I know it is difficult to remake one of best metal songs ever, but original sounds much much better in every way, I always like Leo covers, but this one low than average....
Sammy Lazy
Sammy Lazy Vor 16 Tage
sir, please make a cover for this song please "Kill This Love" :) :) :) :) :)
tenaciosloo Bank
tenaciosloo Bank Vor 16 Tage
Love his voice!!!
Alex Smirnov
Alex Smirnov Vor 16 Tage
Tombstoned. Vor 17 Tage
This son is unbeatable! Way fuckin' ahead of its time! Battery!
den higain
den higain Vor 17 Tage
Вокал в самом начале огонь)) На этом можно было и остановиться)
Andreas Johansen
Andreas Johansen Vor 17 Tage
R W Vor 17 Tage
Song dedicated to Elon Musk lol
i have to wait 90 days to change my name
dude, it's battery as in battering something/someone
Jason Voorhees
Jason Voorhees Vor 17 Tage
Where is the bass player
Red Vaas
Red Vaas Vor 17 Tage
All time favourite song by Metallica. Great!
TheMack Vor 17 Tage
Wow, so cool! When 66Samus isn't recording drums for Devin Townsend, he lays down awesome beats to Leo covers! Yeah!
El Rojo
El Rojo Vor 17 Tage
Steve Ringe
Steve Ringe Vor 17 Tage
Badass cover!!
Jay Baker
Jay Baker Vor 17 Tage
Liked it until the end when he did the thing with his finger and lips sound ..... Whatever the hell it was....
Bits of Randomness
Bits of Randomness Vor 17 Tage
That was Fucking Awesome!!! 🤟🤟
rogerio bataglia
rogerio bataglia Vor 17 Tage
Eddie L
Eddie L Vor 17 Tage
Almost better than the Original. Great drumming. Well done.
Squid Tickler
Squid Tickler Vor 18 Tage
Leo, amazing job as always! How about Berlin - Metro.
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