Be Careful Of An Arab's Home

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31 Jul 2020



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I am arab 😌 and i know how it feels to be treated like this :) i love to be nice bc it makes me feel good to see people smile
Antonette Cordero
This is so true..I used to work in Saudi for 10years.. many Arabs are truly kind and generous and beautiful people as well.. I miss Riyadh and most of all the beautiful city of Jeddah
SabineYT #OnBreak
Thank you for representing Muslims and Arab in a good way. The stereotypes have always annoyed me because I’m Muslim and Arab and it’s good to see this kindness to a race online. Thank you!
Benjamin Franklin
"in arabic, it is impossible for you to pay your meals"
Heba( •̀ ω •́ )✧
true!! as an Arab/Muslim whenever we went to have iftar at someone's house we cant go empty handed!! we should give them something too like food / drinks etc
Chris Hansen
“And they cannot kick me out for 3 days”
Amer Ahmed
I am crying as I watched this 😭 video. Thank you so much for showing the truth about Islamic culture and true face of Islam, may Allah reward you with the best of this world and hereafter, this is a dua from the depth of my heart for everyone that made this video possible.
Aseel A
As an Arab from Saudi Arabia i can say this is 10000% true, you’re welcome at anytime
Ishaan Abbireddy
WOW! I never knew that Arabs were this generous. take a bow for their generosity, culture, and you for making people aware of their generosity
Hamod Hamod
I am Muslim and I asked my mom she said it’s true that means everything and daily says is true wallah THANK UOU NAS DAILY
Juha Ni
Imagine being a homeless and just switching your place to stay every 3 days
As An Arab , I say that this video is a masterpiece.
Abdulrahman Elsafi
I'm Arab... I lived in the emarites all my life... And I can't tell u more than that this country is the most generous and beautiful and one of the best counties that u have to visit... And what nas said about it is all true
I remember when I was 5 I feel and hurt my leg since my mom wasn't there I was crying in pain, but luckily a Arab woman came and gave me a bandaged and helped me up Arabs are true angels ❤
Rohan Mathews
I love arabs and Arab culture.. I once visited Muscat and Dubai and I experienced it myself. They are truly remarkable when it comes to hospitality. Love from India..
This burns my heart! Your people are so kind! I wish everyone was like that, ❤️❤️❤️
Sean Barboza
Sean Barboza Vor year
I am a christian and I am gonna wish every Muslim reading this eid mubarak
Qiroah & Nasheed
its not a culture its a Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Salallahu Alayhi Wassallam🤍
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