Becky Lynch becoming 'The Man', feuding with Asuka, more | WWE BACKSTAGE | WWE ON FOX

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Becky Lynch joins CM Punk, Paige, and Renee Young on this week's edition of WWE Backstage to discuss her journey so far in WWE, Asuka, and much more.
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Becky Lynch becoming 'The Man', feuding with Asuka, more | WWE BACKSTAGE | WWE ON FOX




22 Jan 2020



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WWE ON FOX Vor Monat
What are your thoughts here?
Mrsushi1011 Vor Monat
@DUKE UPADHYAYA she isnt a man. She is a women .
Dion Mitchell
Dion Mitchell Vor Monat
It's one more debt you have to pay #BeckyUp
whoare you
whoare you Vor Monat
I don't hate Becky, but i think if she lost and won the title a couples time this year here reign would be more special. Its starting to get boring because we all know she will beat Asuka.
Anthony Soley
Anthony Soley Vor Monat
Becky Lynch is talented & beautiful woman in the WWE today.
CliffGotdajuice Gaming CGG
Stop this madness!!! Becky is hella annoying let it go chalk up the L for putting the strap on her and move on
Scott Foor
Scott Foor Vor 10 Tage
U r not the man ! (Ric Flair is the MAN !!!!!)
Villain Vor 26 Tage
Becky Lynch is so overrated.
Steve-o Moreno
Steve-o Moreno Vor Monat
KZ1994able Vor Monat
You can see the political correctness in CM Punk's mannerisms now. Come on Punk speak yr mind. Tell Becky how stupid this "The Man" gimmick is. You're suppose to be the voice of the voiceless.
Darren Thompson
Darren Thompson Vor Monat
fuck the man !....fuck retardness......who cares what a concussion collector has to see about freedom,women,men and the rest of the world......
Nicky Morris
Nicky Morris Vor Monat
Really would have loved a title match between Paige and Lynch in WWE. Or even to have seen them work together as more of a team/stable without the injection of Charlotte. Or if NXT UK had been around earlier to have seen them mix it up with Cross, Niven, Nox, Ray, etc. Here's hoping we could see another medical miracle one day á la Edge & Daniel Bryan that allows her to return to action.
hi Vor Monat
Cm punk becky look great together.
Vince MeekMeehan
I can't understand the words coming out of Becky's mouth, that accent, i can't stand it, quick, I'm going to book a blonde to win the Rumble. Not sure, here's my list 1. Charlotte 2. Ashley Flier 3. Ric Flairs daughter. I can't make up my mind.
yew 2oob
yew 2oob Vor Monat
Wow...I guess I can't say I'm 100% straight...because there is one man I would totally bang.
Big Sean
Big Sean Vor Monat
How win the match is for you becky lynch
Greek Mykonooos
Greek Mykonooos Vor Monat
What a pathetic feminist bitch
Adryan Tv
Adryan Tv Vor Monat
The tweets got me 💀💀💀💀💀💀
H L Vor Monat
I love Becky Lynch
Mrsushi1011 Vor Monat
I think Becky Lynch is a chick with a dick lol
Did Seth Rollins ever come on this show when cm punk was working?
ken ream
ken ream Vor Monat
To answer the question of who wore the green mist the best, I think Paige did. Sorry Paige.
alfredo canchola
2 belt Asuka
yeegirlkat Vor Monat
Two of my favorite wrestlers of all time, aside from Edge, are in one place and it’s incredible. Glad Phil is back and in the same place as Becky in this interview.
Mr. Cheese
Mr. Cheese Vor Monat
Becky Lynch is an overrated bag of shit, Go Woke Go Broke WWE
ROCKETS2965 Vor Monat
Why's Becky look like she joined Right to Censor...
Dion Mitchell
Dion Mitchell Vor Monat
The Man will finish the Job.
Aleena Patrick
Aleena Patrick Vor Monat
Everyone hated Nia because she gave Becky a bloody nose but without Nia Becky would have never had an Iconic moment like she did. See not all botches are bad because it helped solidify her character.
Imhotep Stalker
Imhotep Stalker Vor Monat
Ohhh common Becky how can you be soooo freaking pretty my eyes couldn't move from your face . Rollins is a lucky bastard .
Tyson Gilbert
Tyson Gilbert Vor Monat
The old man de-vid.com/video/video-u3i9yI6C1vI.html Don't touch Nero , Stephanie set it to Gangrape with two horror guys from mlb de-vid.com/video/video-bE47er6qnqg.html
Tyson Gilbert
Tyson Gilbert Vor Monat
:P lol how was this in my school? en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nanosaur Im God subconciously. I did that . The object of the game is to collect the eggs of five dinosaur and flying reptile species and deposit them in time portals to the future in twenty minutes which is a break.
Tyson Gilbert
Tyson Gilbert Vor Monat
That summoner games seems off actually. What was that ? I don't even have that game anymore that game rocked
Tyson Gilbert
Tyson Gilbert Vor Monat
Lol this was fun. I never did win much. It was strange. de-vid.com/video/video-Do3uVKthvy4.html
M U G A N Vor Monat
This bitch has problem with women on wwe women championship. But she nicknamed herself 'The Man' hypocrisy at its peak. She is a overrated bitch.
M U G A N Vor Monat
This bitch has problem with women on wwe women championship. But he nicknamed herself 'The Man' hypocrisy at its peak. She is a overrated bitch.
1ondon Vor Monat
If anyone at WWE creative had half a brain cell they will have Asuka beat Becky clean at Royal Rumble and win the title, have Becky lose her mind over the next few months about not being able to beat Asuka. Just interfere in random women matches beating both opponents up and finally get her rematch at Wrestlemania and finally beat Asuka in the main event in a long brutal fight and have Rhonda run down and beatdown Becky during her celebration and set up their rematch at Summerslam. You have almost a year worth of storyline they can easily just set up that fans will care about but knowing Vince and WWE they will just have Becky squash Asuka at the rumble and neither will have anything for the fans to invest in for months.
JC Britt
JC Britt Vor Monat
God let them put the belt on Asuka! The whole "obsessed" Becky trying to get her belt back from the one she's always had trouble with would make for a good run. Not to mention Asuka deserves it.
Mark S
Mark S Vor Monat
What's sad is it is so predictable. Becky will win then Rhonda will come back, and face Becky at Mania. Would be so much better if they did something opposite of what we are all predicting, and have Asuka win, and face Rhonda. Who besides Vince does not want to see that match?
Steven Zapata López
Becky is the same Trunk than Sakura they don´t work for nothing :v
Phathiswa Ralla
Phathiswa Ralla Vor Monat
TheYU910 Vor Monat
If Paige did not retire, I hope she could make a tag team with Becky, that will be awesome.
Riadh Tlili
Riadh Tlili Vor Monat
Best in the World
Michael Loredo
Michael Loredo Vor Monat
Paige is losing her accent... I wonder if that’s intentional.
X. 21
X. 21 Vor Monat
0:06 punk is the best always 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
جيرارد السكاوزي
X. 21 why he shaking his head 😂😂😂😂😂?
Daniel Santana
Daniel Santana Vor Monat
becky lynch is so pretty
Josiah Huband
Josiah Huband Vor Monat
Punk is an American hero
Anonymous3777 R
Anonymous3777 R Vor Monat
Becky ❤
Goku Black
Goku Black Vor Monat
I'm PRAYING that Asuka beats her.
I love her shot at Punk about being professional & wearing a tie. He also didn't bother to learn who was in the women's royal rumble. You can feel the vibe changing every time he shows-up. His relationships with his co-hosts & bosses are falling-apart already. *This gig will NOT last long for Punk.*
Goku Black
Goku Black Vor Monat
Oh. That was nothing lmao 🤣🤣🤣
@Goku Black - Right outta the gate at the start.
Goku Black
Goku Black Vor Monat
Wait when'd she take the shot?
Maxim Galinskiy
Maxim Galinskiy Vor Monat
Goku Black
Goku Black Vor Monat
I'm sayinggg
Lindsay S
Lindsay S Vor Monat
This is a wonderful interview.
HPanther 7
HPanther 7 Vor Monat
White shirt Black tie Becky looks gorgeous as ever.
Legion 91
Legion 91 Vor Monat
its too cute when Bex says "uhmm"
Bigg Show
Bigg Show Vor Monat
Cm punk best in the world
Tapia Josue
Tapia Josue Vor Monat
its not a real whaaaat????
Nick Pursley
Nick Pursley Vor Monat
I love seeing them like this, i hope fox keeps this going
Tyra Pierce
Tyra Pierce Vor Monat
But auska is phenomenal though LOOK ok I can’t lie
rudemedic Vor Monat
For those unaware of the entrance shenanigans featuring Paige and Becky Lynch (and Paige's Mum) it's at de-vid.com/video/video-93nBkPSV1-k.html
KJSingh97 Vor Monat
Punk needs to be in this show every week
Conald can Exit Stage Down
How many women got wised and dumped that damn little disloyal egoistical maniac ?
Darkside Doshi
Darkside Doshi Vor Monat
Comparing Becky to Hogan or Austin makes me sick
Goku Black
Goku Black Vor Monat
acelister16 Vor Monat
becky looks sexier than ever here
Conald can Exit Stage Down
Egoistical maniac is crap compared those ladies and never would want to meet him !!
Conald can Exit Stage Down
Just shut up your damn pie hole Punky ego boy and let The Man do all of the talking.
Adaji Victoria
Adaji Victoria Vor Monat
I hope you beat Asuka at Royal rumble so you become fearless in women's division cos I noticed the look on your face changed immediately Asuka's name was mentioned
jcr912 Vor Monat
The man punches like a girl.
Vince Buzzurro
Vince Buzzurro Vor Monat
What's absolutely stupid and is obviously an agenda push. Is the fact they are calling a woman the man. That makes as much sense that makes as much sense as calling ric flair the woman 🤦
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