Beerus Destroys in DEATH BATTLE!

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This God of Destruction will do what he does best and destroy his foe.
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4 Aug 2020



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Benjamin Davis
Benjamin Davis Vor 25 Tage
Please make a Death battle video of Devastator (Transformers) vs Type - S Nova (Freezing).
Mr.X The Knight
Mr.X The Knight Vor Monat
Don't tell me goku beats him
Kicks Innovation
Goku vs Superman Death battle 3! Using (Updated Goku form:Ultra Instinct and Mastered Ultra Instinct)
Desert Sandfly
Desert Sandfly Vor Monat
Reminder: Goku used hakai in the manga against fused zamasu who escaped it by using future mai as a hostage forcing Goku to stop and be distracted.
Adam Luper
Adam Luper Vor Monat
What did that really high res animation of beerus from the beginning come from.
Jay jay
Jay jay Vor Monat
Man beerus fights, beerus' teacher should be involved, whis might be an angel and angels don't fight as it pertains to the code but this isn't dragonball super.
Dooks 777
Dooks 777 Vor Monat
[emnetwiht] •auguste
Petition for sans from undertale to be apart of death battle
KDT Vor Monat
Ben 10 vs steven universe
Andrew_Dorsey Vor Monat
Do baki vs ohma
bebas rule
bebas rule Vor Monat
Wouldve been cool to see beerus vs Odin
Ask to seduce Miss
Why do I feel like berus is gonna lose and the viewers are gonna flip shits.
Izayah Pro
Izayah Pro Vor Monat
Ben or Chad can you guys tell me where you guys got that theme from?
Izayah Pro
Izayah Pro Vor Monat
Question? Does anyone know that guitar theme that plays in the background when Wiz says "Son Goku" @ 0:15 if any of you know what that song is let me know in the comments.
Joelwilldoit Better
Gohan vs super boy
Ask to seduce Miss
Radditz canceled a Kamehameha
Rahsaan Footman
Rahsaan Footman Vor Monat
Gotta admit I don't know a single thing about Sailor Galaxia (Although I assume she's like their Captain Planet). I have no shame in admitting I watched some Sailor Moon as a kid however I wasn't exactly watching for the story.
Deep hug
Deep hug Vor Monat
Why do I feel like berus is gonna lose and the viewers are gonna flip shits.
MrReyes 500
MrReyes 500 Vor Monat
Jehu Nelson
Jehu Nelson Vor Monat
Question: since his told goku and vegeta that beerus has partial mastery of ultra instinct, then shouldn’t UI sign be possible for him?
Leroy Herron
Leroy Herron Vor Monat
i would put my safe bet for Beerus for the win.
Shadowproto17 Vor Monat
Oh beerus is going to lose no if ands or butts
Guts Vor Monat
You might wanna delete this comment.
Deep hug
Deep hug Vor Monat
You better not Boomstick! You touch my cat, someone is going to find that finger in a random can of Beer!
iAlwaysMoist Vor Monat
False beerus can destroy them even if there equal in power even whis stated there is nothing Lord beerus can't destroy
Jake Jones
Jake Jones Vor Monat
Add Gogeta! Canon or not, hes the strongest DBZ character ever
Moises Alvarado
Moises Alvarado Vor Monat
Lord Beerus vs Sailor Galaxia wow this fight will be good
Mr. Mystery 25
Mr. Mystery 25 Vor Monat
Beerus would be folded if he fought Superboy prime or SPACEMAN-X ( DE-vid SEARCH )
That’s Right
That’s Right Vor Monat
Can’t wait to see how death battle wanks this one
soinu foig
soinu foig Vor Monat
"Beerus destroys death battle." Honestly, I saw that happen.
Shake Zula
Shake Zula Vor Monat
I feel this will all be bassd on what sources they're willing to use. For instance, in the manga Beerus uses UI Omen in the GoD Exhibition Match, but isn't shown using UI Omen at all in the anime. There also aren't really any stated power levels or anything like that for Beerus, so they would likely have to go off of feats. I fear greatly for what tomfoolery might occur, given what I just said.
Brian K Fontenot
Katy Lee
Katy Lee Vor Monat
Radditz canceled a Kamehameha
Sabaiba ikari
Sabaiba ikari Vor Monat
By taking the blast not neutralizing it.
JustDragonBall Vor Monat
1:54 Never stated, this is a fake rumor
JustDragonBall Vor Monat
soinu foig Im confused
soinu foig
soinu foig Vor Monat
Oh baby beerus is gonna wreck house i am so sure
Stan Alex
Stan Alex Vor Monat
Damn it I thought he was gonna fight Galactus or something
Adrian the weeb
Adrian the weeb Vor Monat
1:19 No, no he does not
Sonic The hedgehog
@Peter Cai just like all cats.
Peter Cai
Peter Cai Vor Monat
Adrian the weeb my man spends more time eating then destroying
Derek Smith
Derek Smith Vor Monat
sadly think Beerus might lose... there's an easy way of killing a destroyer god, Galaxia doesnt know it but she somehow might figure it out and exploit it
Zafkiel Vor Monat
Beerus is stronger than galaxia in terms of raw power but let's not forget sailor galaxia has death manipulation + immortality, doesn't matter if beerus has hakai if galaxia out speed him in terms of hax
Amoc TheFlock
Amoc TheFlock Vor Monat
You better not Boomstick! You touch my cat, someone is going to find that finger in a random can of Beer!
iiAidenPlays ii
iiAidenPlays ii Vor Monat
LEGION Vor Monat
We've never seen Beerus at his full power
The Comic Platypus
In the manga we pretty much did.
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Vor Monat
Fun fact: Beerus was created after Akira Toriyama's pet cat he had. Edit: should have worded that better. The name is unique so I removed the name part
Lord KillerBee
Lord KillerBee Vor Monat
This should be an epic death battle & how to start up your new season or return.
oner64 Vor Monat
So beerus is way stronger than he was at the battle of gods arc. He stomped a perfected super sayian blue Vegeta with no effort after the Goku black arc. Death battle gonna say he isn't universal when him and Champa were gonna destroy universe 6 and 7 both of which contain a macrocosm as big as 2 and a half universes.
Zuriel Thompson
Zuriel Thompson Vor Monat
Let me guess he is going against darkseid
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Vor Monat
"Stronger than any mortal" Jiren: Hold my beer
MathManCalc Vor Monat
Dear Wiz and Boomstick, if you ever read this, can you tell me which cat is lazier and eats more? Your options are Beerus and Garfield. I suspect if this were ever in a DBX episode, we'll never really find out.
Ahmed Alketbi
Ahmed Alketbi Vor Monat
Oh baby beerus is gonna wreck house i am so sure
victor chacaliaza
En el manga bills es el dios de la destrucción mas fuerte
Sergio Vor Monat
Haven’t seen his full power but I can’t wait to see how much they’ll try to evaluate his strength at full power.
Mourn Vor Monat
Wow, dragon ball super is so awful.
QuezThaDemon Vor Monat
They always get dbz wrong so it’s mad annoying I promise you super man ubiast as possible could not fw goku when have we ever seen Superman fight as fast as dbz characters not fly I’m talking about actually fist fight
TNT Vor Monat
Zamasu was a multiversal threat Zeno from trunks timeline had to wipe the entire multiverse because of him
TNT Vor Monat
@Salty Stick 🤦🏾‍♂️ Ofc it was his time line just because he wipes the multiverse doesn't mean he's erasing time But he still wiped the multiverse nonetheless..
Salty Stick
Salty Stick Vor Monat
Wipe the entire multiverse??? It was just one timeline, a.k.a: Trunks timeline.
Baqer Khalid
Baqer Khalid Vor Monat
Welp we all know beerus is gonna lose cuz dbz always loses in death battle Edit: forgot about Hercule and 18
Baqer Khalid
Baqer Khalid Vor Monat
Ancient- Rain Sorry forgot
Baqer Khalid
Baqer Khalid Vor Monat
cntoon90skid Sorry forgot
Ancient- Rain
Ancient- Rain Vor Monat
@cntoon90skid Andriod 18 also killed Captain Marvel in her battle
cntoon90skid Vor Monat
If DBZ always loses in Death Battle, then how did Vegeta Android 16 and Hercule Satan won their death battle ?
They need to put some respect on Lord Beerus name!!!
D a C
D a C Vor Monat
If anyone buys these t-shirts they are really, really stupid. They're so ugly and plain
Edgar Gonzalez
Edgar Gonzalez Vor Monat
I already know they gonna make Sailor Galaxia win
SuperJYLS Vor Monat
Everything dragonball is trash
Nicholas Bourcier
"Stronger than any mortal" Jiren: Hold my beer
Michael Arren Gervacio
sailor moon vs dragonball ...dream come true for hentai fans
I was really hoping Beerus would face Asura from Asura's Wrath, hope he gets a battle at one point
@Rainbowboy972 Broly would be more thematic I think, and despite how much I absolutly love kratos, Asura would probably curb stomp him
Rainbowboy972 Vor Monat
He'll probably face Broly or Kratos
DJ Stylez410
DJ Stylez410 Vor Monat
From what my wife explained about Galaxia, Beerus is pretty screwed.
Kevin P. N’Guessan
Notorious G.I.O
Notorious G.I.O Vor Monat
I've got a bad feeling about this Death Battles research & Power scaling are Mid at best
sagacious03 Vor Monat
Man, this is an exciting matchup to await....
Reinhard Heydrich
this might be random but jiren (dbs) vs sailor galaxia (sailor moon) would have been a little more intreseting in my opinion then beerus
Stephen Lucas
Stephen Lucas Vor Monat
Beerus looks like a Space Chihuahua if anything.
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu Vor Monat
He’s weaker than Jiren so we know his power so people quit complaining
Super Yoshi Bros
1:54-1:58 Wonder if thats foreshadowing that beerus is gonna lose
Ryan Sharp
Ryan Sharp Vor Monat
I would really like to see Kuja (ffIX) square off against Frieza (DBZ).
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu Vor Monat
even be mad if he lost.
cyberwolfy37 Vor Monat
when are we going to have an asura wrath death battle?
Phil Crownz
Phil Crownz Vor Monat
Is beerus just thanos if he was furry?
maria munoz
maria munoz Vor Monat
We know how this ends with this dc fanboys
cntoon90skid Vor Monat
*DC fanboys* yet DC has lost more than half their battles. Lol
The Chimichanga
The Chimichanga Vor Monat
I really hope they return the "FIGHT" thing they did in most of their other Death Battles.
T O X I C Vor Monat
"Oh you think this puny planet and battle even matters to a destroyer GOD! Whis, get my puddling in a to-go box, before I take away the gravity from me destroying this solar systems sun... magic wont work on a god.. and I dont need to breath either to kill YOU" -Lord Beerus Strongest Hakaioshin
MrThunderTyrant Vor Monat
Shoulda Fought Kratos.
Kingslayer WWE
Kingslayer WWE Vor Monat
Beerus should definitely win his limits haven't been shown yet and he's already one if the most powerful character in Dragonball
Mick a
Mick a Vor Monat
@JH_ dances like beerus said just because the mouse beat him in arm wrestling doesn't make him stronger
JH_ dances
JH_ dances Vor Monat
@Mick a the mouse god. Is stronger. Beerus and him were the last ones standing.
JH_ dances
JH_ dances Vor Monat
@Peter Cai the one he was fighting the mouse dude is stronger then him
Mick a
Mick a Vor Monat
@JH_ dances movies are cannon guy. In the Manga he fought all the gods at once before the tournament of power and was kicking ass other then the angels and Zeno beerus is nxt in line
Peter Cai
Peter Cai Vor Monat
JH_ dances in the manga he took on all of the god of destruction
sannio komi
sannio komi Vor Monat
boomstick: "beerus is way stronger than any mortal" Jiren & MUI Goku: Say that again
Alpha 7even
Alpha 7even Vor Monat
@Crabbattles don't forget beerus knows UI, but ye u right. I just wanted to point out something impressive about beerus. Showing he's stronger than all the other God's of destruction.
Crabbattles Vor Monat
@Alpha 7even First off, that is manga continuity which is separate from the anime of DBS. Second off, the anime does say Jiren is stronger than his GoD who is implied to be stronger than Beerus. However, the narrative being pushed heavily leans towards Jiren and MUI Goku being on a tier somewhere above God of Destruction and below Angel.
Alpha 7even
Alpha 7even Vor Monat
@The Colonel beerus literally fought all the gods of destructions and tied with the mouse dude.
The Colonel
The Colonel Vor Monat
@Wanted Pg3d belmod was stated stronger than Beerus. And jiren is stronger than him and mui is stronger than jiren.
Wanted Pg3d
Wanted Pg3d Vor Monat
He actually still is smh. goku and jiren havent even seen half of beerus's power. The only thing goku has done even close 2 matching jiren is attaining u.i(now if u were talking bout belmod I'd 100% agree with u)
Master Skywalker
He’s gonna lose.
Draco Wind Dragon
Hey Wiz, boomstick!! Another brain bomb! How about the main character of Fallout 4 vs Duke Nukum. That sounds fun.
Kenneth Evans
Kenneth Evans Vor Monat
His comment about resisting the Hakai is inaccurate. Even if the fighter is stronger than Beerus, he can still destroy them. This is shown the the DBS manga of Beerus vs. Merno and for those that have been following knows what I am talking about. Merno is an angel which he’s immensely stronger than the god of destruction, but Beerus caught him off guard and Hakai him out of existence. Just my two cents but should be good to know.
Kenneth Evans
Kenneth Evans Vor Monat
Following the DBS manga shows Beerus fighting at full power against the angel known as Merno. Beerus goes as far as even awakening ultra instinct and he still looses. Without a doubt Beerus was fighting beyond his full capabilities. And the only reason why he even Hakai Merno was because he caught him off guard. But make no mistake, Merno was still far superior to Beerus.
sannio komi
sannio komi Vor Monat
How though? We still know nothing about Beerus' full power.
Lewis213 B
Lewis213 B Vor Monat
The real question is why is beerus fighting a sailor moon character
MrReyes 500
MrReyes 500 Vor Monat
Because said Sailor Moon character is also known as a powerful destroyer on a cosmic scale.
123GOHANZ Vor Monat
Man, can’t wait for them to downplay Beerus. That being said even though I don’t know much about the Sailor Moon universe I’ve heard that they’re pretty powerful so I wouldn’t even be mad if he lost.
RE2Y •
RE2Y • Vor Monat
He’s weaker than Jiren so we know his power so people quit complaining
guardian of the west
Just stop...
SageGabs Vor Monat
Sailor Galaxia... You have to be fukin kiddin...
Patriotic Justice
1:14 I get the feeling Darkseid wants his planet back.
Arsène Lucifer
Arsène Lucifer Vor Monat
I have not watched dragon ball z
Toogaloo randoms
This fight is already over.
RexGaming 935
RexGaming 935 Vor Monat
The minute I saw beerus I thought to myself: "Oh God, this is going to Goku vs Superman all over again."
BLAZE45 Vor Monat
@BARONSTUDIOS 64 they don't know anything about dbz and keep sending a greatly underpowered Goku to fight a weak ass Superman.
What do you mean by that
Devin Ledford
Devin Ledford Vor Monat
Oh no 🤦
Mekbuda Animations
One day I will animate for death battle. MARK MY WORDS!
Metsu_Nero Vor Monat
Mekbuda Animations YES!
Lord Tilted
Lord Tilted Vor Monat
Chad looks like shaggy from Scooby Doo
Victor Lupasco
Victor Lupasco Vor Monat
I bet for beerus
ZaTrapu Vor Monat
Beerus is going to destroy his opponent since he's never been seen using most of his power, this is the shaggy meme all over again
SMV L Vor Monat
How though? We still know nothing about Beerus' full power.
Intruc3 Vor Monat
I would learn something about the real life here.
Alien X
Alien X Vor Monat
Andrew Blake
Andrew Blake Vor Monat
Yami Sukehiro(Black Clover) vs Kizaru(One Piece) Or Mereoleona (Black Clover) vs Endeavor (My Hero)
Savage Saiyan Fitness
Let’s end the debate Beerus vs Superman my moneys beerus
Noah Lu
Noah Lu Vor Monat
If Beerus loses this fight i know what is going to happen.
Calvin heu
Calvin heu Vor Monat
You forgot that he olso has ultra instinct I think
Kadzy Estino
Kadzy Estino Vor Monat
if lord beerus ever loses dragon ball fans will be in deep chaos. including ME!!!
ivan Cornejo
ivan Cornejo Vor Monat
Beerus: like sailor galaxia: coment
The Chinchalla Man
I got my boii beerus for this one..😼
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