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On October 18th, 2017, after a busy day of promotional interviews in New York City, Billie Eilish met with Vanity Fair to discuss the 15-year-old’s breakthrough success. On October 18th, 2018, after a long day of pre-tour rehearsals, Billie spoke with VF again to answer the exact same questions and look back at a time capsule of her answers from last year. Her Instagram follower count grew from 257K to 6.3 million. She went from playing crowds of 500 fans to playing arenas for more than 40,000. See how Billie’s life changed over the last year.
Listen to a recomposition of Billie's "Ocean Eyes" here:

Directed and Interviewed by Joe Sabia
Produced by Jeff Kornberg
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Billie Eilish: Same Interview, One Year Apart | Vanity Fair




6 Nov 2018



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Mehmet Cetkin
Mehmet Cetkin Vor 6 Minuten
Gacha J and Gacha B
Gacha J and Gacha B Vor 9 Minuten
That’s funny my parent (singular) is born in Brazil and I want to go back there bc I haven’t been there in 3-4 years
Christie Eiley
Christie Eiley Vor 15 Minuten
I dont even know who this is, but this video seems like one of those you watch after a person dies. and looking at her before and after, she looks so unhappy...
TheCrunchGod ,
TheCrunchGod , Vor 30 Minuten
She Looks Sooo Sad near the end
howey 17
howey 17 Vor 37 Minuten
This video makes me sad.
MAXI Vor 38 Minuten
Next suicide celeb⛷️
Unicorn _forever
Unicorn _forever Vor 51 Minute
This Video.... Idk its sad..
Naraestel Black
Naraestel Black Vor 52 Minuten
I want to see an update!!!!
ItzSummerPlayzzz Vor 53 Minuten
1:24 “that’s so cute” *poo* 😂
Alex B.
Alex B. Vor Stunde
Wow if only these psychologists in the comments were real
Gustaf Gardtman
Gustaf Gardtman Vor Stunde
I am 37 and i can relate to what she's saying about philosophy and stuff. Mind blowing that she's only 16 and her mindset is like of a person who has been through it all.
Alec Vor Stunde
this is strangely deep
Veronica Chamaedrys
It’s so scary how the happy sparkle in her eyes dissapeared ... she may be smiling but there’s something missing The one year stole her faith in happy endigs. She said sad thing then... and now But I think she used to have a litlle hope for this world ... now it’s gone and she knows how it is. And just want to live the life she have eventhough it can be really hard
purplerain21 doritos
7:01 killled *me*
SaintRS Vor Stunde
No one cares.
Daniela Petronilo
Shut up
purplerain21 doritos
Why is this sad I ❤ u billie x
Alexandria Layton
I'm glad she has the support of her mom. Having someone there especially a parent is..the biggest thing ever. Something I wish I had..
Vperiod !
Vperiod ! Vor Stunde
I have no idea who she is but it's in my recommendations. She should probably come to mainland Europe if she does'nt want to be recognized.
yahali grupi
yahali grupi Vor Stunde
she's dead inside
The Bean
The Bean Vor Stunde
Who’s Billie Eilish
Ivy pizzeria Pizarro
Left: Me a year ago so cool right: me now going through an emo faze
lala lalala
lala lalala Vor Stunde
This is just depressing.
NJASZN Vor Stunde
This was a little heartbreaking to watch 💔
XYZScorpion Vor Stunde
what have I learned here? if i spot Billie in public, let her live her life, and do not talk to her or point her out
Silviu Chitic
Silviu Chitic Vor Stunde
I have no fckin idea. Why did you recommend me this youtube ?
Asarax Vor 2 Stunden
I didn’t make it through the video. I‘m having depression myself. And I‘m suicidal. If you listen to her and know these feelings you recognize it. This Video made me really sad. I hope she realizes what’s going on and seeks help before one attempt is the last attempt thats gonna happen. It took me 3 attempts to seek help. I hope she realizes it earlier. 😔 Good Luck!
Cancerous Vor 2 Stunden
One year till legal
ShaSha LeChat
ShaSha LeChat Vor 2 Stunden
I just discovered this wonderful artist 3 day ago, and I don't know a lot about her. But this video... Made me cry, and i don't know why
jhnvi kshyp
jhnvi kshyp Vor 2 Stunden
she feels so empty now
hurtig heinz
hurtig heinz Vor 2 Stunden
Why do youube recommend me to watch a video about a child I dno't know and never heard about? Watched a minute and still don't know what she does.
3:00 this parts makes me cry ... we can see regrets in her cute little yes. When she looked at me (well , at the camera) it made me think , huh , Billie could be the best mom EVER!
RAD TV Vor 2 Stunden
Media created "star"
Omari The People
Omari The People Vor 2 Stunden
She don't look her age not 1 bit
Megzzz TEA Xx
Megzzz TEA Xx Vor 2 Stunden
I’m not really a billie fan but this just hit me hard u can see the pain in her eyes 💔
Margaret Spidercamp
Margaret Spidercamp Vor 2 Stunden
The way she's looking in here eyes in the first year you saw passion love for her music the second year you saw a childhood that she never had.
FXRIS Vor 2 Stunden
Is it me or does she look better before than now 🤔🤷🏽‍♂️
Herum Falsch
Herum Falsch Vor 2 Stunden
I think she‘ll die in 4 years...
Zelro Vor 2 Stunden
Her: being sad is a waste of time Me:...... *b u t y o u r f u c k i n g d i p r e s s e d*
Vicky Playz
Vicky Playz Vor 2 Stunden
TF?! She is only 16?! I'm smol rn
Claudiu Claufun
Claudiu Claufun Vor 3 Stunden
Can Jesus save her?
Blinkies Jb
Blinkies Jb Vor 3 Stunden
The moment her mom comes, i know something never changes. Billy I hope you're happy. Me too
My Official Equestrian
It kind of hurts to watch this. She doesn't seem to actually appreciate her fans properly. It just seems sad that she has so many people who love her, but she doesnt care about it
Jessie Fadillah
Jessie Fadillah Vor 3 Stunden
She looks badder than last year
Nontozake Mafanya
Nontozake Mafanya Vor 3 Stunden
Am I the only person who cried while watching this😭❤❤
TaleaTTV Vor 3 Stunden
Why she looks like wraith...?
Nontozake Mafanya
Nontozake Mafanya Vor 4 Stunden
Billie 😭❤❤❤😻
Paul George
Paul George Vor 4 Stunden
So is she a rapper or
xxHennietjuhhxx msp
xxHennietjuhhxx msp Vor 4 Stunden
omg so cute
E Vor 4 Stunden
she looks like over-pressured over-exhausted litlle girl
TheTownOf Shizzle
TheTownOf Shizzle Vor 4 Stunden
Who’s Billie Ellish😂
itsapS Vor 4 Stunden
Why does she look much better one year ago
Sero Vor 4 Stunden
Before vs after you sell your soul lol
andru haritonunicul
andru haritonunicul Vor 4 Stunden
This is what lean and xanax does to you =]]]
1lukx Vor 5 Stunden
Kill yourself Quick please
Mabel Pines
Mabel Pines Vor 4 Stunden
Bruh! That is so mean!
QuestionMark Gamer
QuestionMark Gamer Vor 5 Stunden
This is cringey
Justin X.
Justin X. Vor 5 Stunden
Why’s everyone talking ‘bout this young lady’s eyes? In my day we checked the.. I honestly don’t know what to say... Someone finish the sentence?
Justin X.
Justin X. Vor 5 Stunden
Please not booty.
ang3laistrash Vor 5 Stunden
who cried?
Doctor Funk
Doctor Funk Vor 5 Stunden
Yeah she’s lookin a little rough
Rahimi Kolder
Rahimi Kolder Vor 5 Stunden
illuminati controlled her 🤦🏻‍♂️
BTS Forever
BTS Forever Vor 5 Stunden
Come to India no one will recognize you
Grace57 _
Grace57 _ Vor 5 Stunden
Wait what. She’s SIXTEEN???????? My gosh she’s so young!
Mr.Boost Boosters
Mr.Boost Boosters Vor 5 Stunden
Billies laugh just made my day
Bolton Wanderers Club of Football
Never heard of her, guessing she raps or somet
Poperino garcia
Poperino garcia Vor 5 Stunden
16 what, she looks like she is 26
munnil Vor 5 Stunden
she looks so broken...
Carol Campos Packer
Carol Campos Packer Vor 5 Stunden
She os dead inside 😭
ScareCrow Studios
ScareCrow Studios Vor 6 Stunden
She looks like lil xan’s sister
Im_That_Monk Vor 6 Stunden
Who is she? Lmao
kun kun
kun kun Vor 6 Stunden
That shet sad. I know how is billie feels eventho im not in the music industry. But i have depression too..
Annie Goldberg
Annie Goldberg Vor 6 Stunden
I love you Billie, please please please do whatever you want to feel happy and be safe
confused boi
confused boi Vor 6 Stunden
Are u okay billie? You look exhausted. Have some rest.
Cherifa Llewellyn
Cherifa Llewellyn Vor 6 Stunden
Legit cried watching this omg 💙
Akanksha Mocherla
Akanksha Mocherla Vor 6 Stunden
I dont know why.... I FEEL BAD FOR HER.....😞😣
Milly Hutchins
Milly Hutchins Vor 7 Stunden
It’s really heartbreaking to see someone so young to drastically show how emotionally and mentally drained she is. It’s worrisome
Game Master
Game Master Vor 7 Stunden
The effect of illuminati
Kevin Charles
Kevin Charles Vor 7 Stunden
Hell-u-va drug
Michał Zakrzewski
Michał Zakrzewski Vor 7 Stunden
Billie, this is the first time I ever seen your face and I bet I won't remember it, I have no idea who you are, I just started seeing your name in DE-vid videos, come to Poland, have some fun, I won't recognize you (cant say for everyone else tho)
Nostrodumbass 8
Nostrodumbass 8 Vor 7 Stunden
Myra Zhou
Myra Zhou Vor 7 Stunden
am i the only one thats sad? why am i sad watching this its supposed to show how successful she's gotten i should be happy
Ibtihaaj PlayZ
Ibtihaaj PlayZ Vor 7 Stunden
What happened to her someone explain?????
sindobado lan
sindobado lan Vor 7 Stunden
seems like another girl sucked in the satanistic music industry. but that's her fault. probably suicide or drug death in the next 10 years. i call amy whinehouse style.
kyle harry
kyle harry Vor 7 Stunden
they play this inspirational piano in the background to someone just talking about Instagram lmao. so inspirational!!
LO17 Vor 8 Stunden
I hope she’s okay
Super Franky
Super Franky Vor 8 Stunden
who tf is dis
Seven Vor 8 Stunden
She gives me Chester Bennington vibe. The way she talks about herself. Scares me.
Isak Melander
Isak Melander Vor 8 Stunden
I dont know who she is..
Stewie Vor 8 Stunden
Ily you weirdo
Sebastian Vor 8 Stunden
Am I supposed to know her, DE-vid?
Hafiz Samad
Hafiz Samad Vor 8 Stunden
illuminati has control billie eillish
taksh16 Vor 8 Stunden
Teh Blacksmith
Teh Blacksmith Vor 8 Stunden
God i hate billie eilish.
blue shine audri
blue shine audri Vor 8 Stunden
Im so sad She really looks really sad She put fake smile but in her heart she really sad I love you billie ellish
Natalia Online
Natalia Online Vor 9 Stunden
Happiness is the one thing I could give to Billie
John Anagnostopoulos
John Anagnostopoulos Vor 9 Stunden
The difference in her face ...
Snacks079 Vor 9 Stunden
"I think being broke was better" - j.cole
treasure π
treasure π Vor 9 Stunden
i didn’t know her at all before this video but now im interested. she looks like a good person
Muthaphakkin G’s
Muthaphakkin G’s Vor 9 Stunden
Wtf 16
Tayla Nielsen
Tayla Nielsen Vor 9 Stunden
she is so precious
Viomaliha Vor 9 Stunden
I cried by the time she high-fived (almost herself). I don’t even know her but 10 minutes felt like ages with her... I hope she comes out of this black hole that’s sucking her soul out.
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