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"I'm so much more open to stuff now." On the verge of 100 million followers, Billie Eilish is ready to step back into the world as the most comfortable version of herself. Filled with new life experience, two more Grammys than last year, and a few less of her infamous one-liners, Billie Eilish truly is happier than ever. From hosting the Met Gala to being the reason Oscar de la Renta no longer sells fur, watch to see how much Billie has grown since her first interview in 2017 with Vanity Fair.

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Year Four: de-vid.com/video/video-hS2x1zl4rn0.html

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Billie Eilish: Same Interview, The Fifth Year | Vanity Fair




30 Nov 2021



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Vanity Fair
Vanity Fair Vor 22 Stunden
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ГРИНЯ Vor 2 Stunden
All DE-vidrs are sh-it, but I record videos better
Natascha Schmidt
Natascha Schmidt Vor 6 Stunden
Anyone else catch how the vaccine is a technological invention 😂🙏 praying for y'all
RandomTikSpeed Vor 7 Stunden
B o t s ;-;
300 Breezy
300 Breezy Vor 8 Stunden
What if this was the next rising rap artist out of the Bronx. de-vid.com/video/video-o8FmNv-7J9s.html 19 years old
TheCatsKitten Vor 10 Stunden
RatchetPotter12 Vor 57 Minuten
poep Vor 57 Minuten
Woww, she has glown up big time!
Molly Catherine
Molly Catherine Vor 57 Minuten
i remember when the first one came out and it seems faster and faster each time when the next one comes out, woah
erika timmons
erika timmons Vor 59 Minuten
She sounds so happy 😩 i love her so much
Amanda Vor 59 Minuten
Trying not to cry trying not to cry
R. L.
R. L. Vor 59 Minuten
Honey, I hope you will be more forgiving with your (past)selve. Sure we grow and developed, but you were just as wonderful last year as you are now.
rosess Vor Stunde
15:28 Ahaha love thatt
liiveiinpiink Vor Stunde
I love these! She stays humble every year. Can’t wait for next year!
Georgia Hulme
Georgia Hulme Vor Stunde
Growing up is easier when you have money
ToHoo Childe
ToHoo Childe Vor Stunde
Me watching Billie's life evolve makes me realize I'm not doing enough with mine...
Kyle CampBEE
Kyle CampBEE Vor Stunde
omg Billie cares about the animals I love her!!!!
ToHoo Childe
ToHoo Childe Vor Stunde
Me watching Billie's life evolve makes me realize I'm not doing enough with mine...
rxnja Vor Stunde
billie is so adorable
Jared Chan
Jared Chan Vor Stunde
im not subbed and i watch this channel once a year but youtube never fails to remind me to watch this. see you next year billie
María Montes
María Montes Vor Stunde
She is so cute, how her name says, how the date says, how she thanks Kylie for following her, she's so cute
AvantTemps Vor Stunde
On the identity crisis. She’s gonna look back on herself and think that every year or so for many years to come yet
Parpalac Obama
Parpalac Obama Vor Stunde
She's such a spoiled brat
N B Vor Stunde
We've all grown with Billie. I so love this!
Mr. A
Mr. A Vor Stunde
Keep Your white hate to yourself.
Refúgio no Altíssimo
I love that this is just a react to her oldest interviews hahaha
Secret Vor Stunde
Am I the only one thinking what will her answer be next year.
ToHoo Childe
ToHoo Childe Vor Stunde
When she called herself out,"lying" lol
Giulia Araujo
Giulia Araujo Vor Stunde
Will you do this to her forever? I can't see no reason why.
EDWIN Reyes Vor Stunde
👀 👉de-vid.com/video/video-qRlarL3aMDA.html
idk lol
idk lol Vor Stunde
love this
Szilágyi Péter
Szilágyi Péter Vor Stunde
Many people hate artists without listening to their music, it's interesting that I really like Billie without listening to her music. I just watch her interviews :)) kinda cool
s4b Vor Stunde
crying i feel so old
Blood Water
Blood Water Vor Stunde
You changed so much.
audrinasucks Vor Stunde
i can’t believe it’s been five years since 2017 :((
Jessica Vor Stunde
She's not wrong about I, Origins I saw it this year and it was instant favourite. Everyone should watch it.
a moonshine.
a moonshine. Vor Stunde
that's crazyyyyyyyyyyyy IT'S BEEN 5 YEARS ALREADY???? FIVE????
sooya.mp4 Vor Stunde
ayo mide
ayo mide Vor Stunde
The more videos of this, the older we get
Edgelord092 Vor Stunde
No way it’s been a year since the last one
mk Vor Stunde
This series makes me excited for the next year
ToHoo Childe
ToHoo Childe Vor Stunde
Do they do this with other people too?
okay bro
okay bro Vor Stunde
Im not a fan of Billie but i watch this every year for some reason
Goran Savanovic
Goran Savanovic Vor Stunde
She is trash,just like her childish fanbase
diluc luvr
diluc luvr Vor Stunde
I wanted to cry so bad when she said the scariest thing she's ever done was falling in love
I felt sad for my love
JiHE Jiang
JiHE Jiang Vor Stunde
She seems so much more honest and comfortable with herself to my eyes. I’m so happy for her. I do hope she could stop addressing people as “dude” or “man” soon 😐
Unnati Murudkar
Unnati Murudkar Vor Stunde
Billie Eilish in 2022: (to her 2021 self) this girl thinks she knows them all and but lemme tell u she the same old smart girl.
Frank Hernandez
Frank Hernandez Vor Stunde
If I knew nothing about this person and just met them at like a bus stop or something, I would never ever guess they were 19
Čåšš Håřřîšøñ
Proud of you Billie
rxnja Vor Stunde
the way she said that she has an "aduldhood" is so cute imma cry
Michael Morales
Michael Morales Vor Stunde
Billie Eilish' life is like a story, like how she getting more and more confident and strong by herself. I love herrr
Nika Vor Stunde
I really feel like I’m growing up with Billie. She has inspired me in many ways and it’s like we’re similar. Starting a few months ago I started to be more open to new things and used to be afraid and paranoid because of my anxiety, but now I feel so free and non stressful and just ready for what life hands me.
Andrew Hogan
Andrew Hogan Vor Stunde
I guess she’s making her way through the crayola hair colors
Parvathy Vor Stunde
She is the same age as me but it feels like she's a loooot more mature than myself
Teela Vor Stunde
You can see that she feels more confident now. It's nice that she's out of her slump.
KevGotEm Vor Stunde
Every celebrity deals with identity crisis, you have to hide your true self to avoid attention it’s sad
mashiro san
mashiro san Vor Stunde
I love how she evolved every year
MAADY Vor Stunde
kpopobs3ssion Vor Stunde
im getting emotional
Tiago Fróes
Tiago Fróes Vor Stunde
Omg, i love these interviews so much ❤️❤️❤️
mitt Vor Stunde
Will definitely be coming back next year.
teo2502teo Vor Stunde
I realize how fast time is passing by watching these videos
Marley Castro
Marley Castro Vor Stunde
You can tell how frustrated she is with the internet
koala Vor Stunde
she's definetely happier than ever
Asra Akbar
Asra Akbar Vor Stunde
Such a beautiful soul! I’m in love with the blonde hair and I’m so happy that she’s happy💛💛💛💛💛
Rebeka Tokovic
Rebeka Tokovic Vor Stunde
best tradition
sooya.mp4 Vor Stunde
sooya.mp4 Vor Stunde
time flies sooo fast
Heleen X5452
Heleen X5452 Vor Stunde
Yassss the movie I Origins is an amazing movie 😍 girl got some good taste. Don’t watch the trailer though as it spoils the whole movie. But definitely recommend🙌🏼
idamaria 4u
idamaria 4u Vor Stunde
“I feel myself depressed in the summer” gosh that’s a mood
jensback Vor Stunde
Why can't i dislike this video?
Sara Garofano
Sara Garofano Vor Stunde
The bisexual haircut... You know what's coming
g j
g j Vor Stunde
It's nice to grow up with you billie
Breanne Carter
Breanne Carter Vor Stunde
you can see the most change in her during these interviews bc they're so personal and shes just so freaking amazing.
lise Johanne
lise Johanne Vor Stunde
Wait she’s 2 years younger than me?!?!?
I could listen to her say her name all day lol
Nicole Hernandez G.
Ooooooooof 2018 voice was…
Ani Miteva
Ani Miteva Vor Stunde
She is SO stunning though
icedcoffee b
icedcoffee b Vor Stunde
in complete fairness i havent been a huge fan of hers but every year i watch these and im so happy for her and all the things shes accomplished and shes come such a long way - carrier and health wise. each year she looks so much more mature and you can tell that shes getting happier, like shes started to accept herself more and more for who she is as a person. congrats to her
idamaria 4u
idamaria 4u Vor Stunde
No, I will not get vaccinated. I’m still doing well lmfao
15:23 Please, she is urging you.
Oikawa's cursed plushie
this seems like a documentary about growing up. idk why, but something about this makes me feel happy & sad at the same time.
idamaria 4u
idamaria 4u Vor Stunde
Stfu about the usage of furs. They’re allowed to use whatever they want, like how we allow you to wear lingerie to baggy clothes
Jasmine Madison
Jasmine Madison Vor Stunde
“the low bun?😟” LMAOOO
Big Jackson
Big Jackson Vor Stunde
Big Jackson
Big Jackson Vor Stunde
GI Howlett
GI Howlett Vor Stunde
It has to be so hard for Billie to grow up in the eyes of the media and all of us as a society, but it is also very cool to see her going through the stages of life that all of us go through. Her style, likes, dislikes, confidence, outlooks, etc is changing as she gets older, just like the rest of us. She is very real and I hope she realizes just how much people like me appreciate that.
Marta Von Norway
Marta Von Norway Vor Stunde
I love her honesty 🥰 I love her!
Joergen Paguirigan
His interview makes me reflect on my personal growth. It's sad but manageable.
Prince Weirdo
Prince Weirdo Vor Stunde
This series has brought a certain stability to a very unstable time
Ahlexa Seirene M. Jolongbayan
Billie, the woman you are now🤍.
Mars22xx Vor Stunde
Billie's mom kissing her and telling her she loves her feels like its our mom telling us she loves us for being who we are no matter what life crisis comes our way.
Breanne Carter
Breanne Carter Vor Stunde
João Batista
João Batista Vor Stunde
Why is releasing a fragrance the most exciting thing for every audiovisual celebrity who gets to do it?
nessa nitty
nessa nitty Vor Stunde
This is a tradition now
Yanran Luo
Yanran Luo Vor Stunde
You are the best when you're on stage
Aves EQ
Aves EQ Vor Stunde
I even got a Billie ad
janelle aina
janelle aina Vor Stunde
5 years????
how is it the 5th year- i remember watchinv the second one like a month ago
Ana Gusu
Ana Gusu Vor Stunde
She needs to move to the Netherlands, the weather description fits her perfectly here
Däniel :P
Däniel :P Vor Stunde
name a christmas tradition:
$456,000 Squid Game In Real Life!