Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein Arrested for Trafficking Minors | The Daily Show

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Billionaire sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein is indicted and arrested for sex trafficking.
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16 Jul 2019



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naaya Vor 2 Tage
hi i’m from the future and i’ve got some bittersweet news
Steve the Killer of Ender Dragons
This video’s comment section aged horribly.
Casha Kozlov
Casha Kozlov Vor 7 Tage
little did we know the most important question we would ask...who killed him? this is so disgusting
Josny13 Vor 11 Tage
More like Epstein comes cell from work, and Cosby is like: "Hey honey, how was your day?" 6:19 The door is so large because Epstein made the girls ride each others shoulders under a trench coat to seem less suspicious.
Amit Klain
Amit Klain Vor 12 Tage
This video got old, unlike Jeffery Epstein who was killed in prison.
Proxy Bae
Proxy Bae Vor 24 Tage
he asked to be in his house, you laughed, now he is dead, now his clients are free, way to go
Fred Rick
Fred Rick Vor 24 Tage
Acostas children look like they've been abused
Nathan Price
Nathan Price Vor 26 Tage
Fuck Acosta and everyone who rode in that plane, and I mean everyone. I hope they all go to jail.
ksaulton Vor 28 Tage
Congrats, you love and donate and vote for people that are good friends with Epstein, he’s dead now, but the fact you are supporting his friends will remain
Big man Big man
Big man Big man Vor 28 Tage
Brooo why are people laughing about pedophilia. We’re all so fucked it’s unbelievable. THE ELITES RUN THE WORLD AND DO WHAT THEY WANT. WERE ALL AT THEIR DISPOSAL
Joseph Garcia
Joseph Garcia Vor 29 Tage
This is just hilarious (:
Williard Pienus
Williard Pienus Vor Monat
You're the neighborhood watch, asshat. Every time you pretend to be the news... Why don't you talk about how close the Clinton's were to Epstein? Phony ass fake news, fake comedian, fake black guy.
Harrison Shone
Harrison Shone Vor Monat
Spoiler allert - he dies!
Fortune and glory.
BREAKING NEWS! The story has dropped this morning. ABC News had everything 3 years ago and it was muffled: Exposed! : de-vid.com/video/video-3lfwkTsJGYA.html
Eric Calm
Eric Calm Vor Monat
Wait wasn't his job sex trafficking minors? No one realized they basically let him continue trafficking? Facepalm*
Edward SB
Edward SB Vor Monat
TREVOR - get the fu- - out After outing the Clinton’s Run
Mo Fo
Mo Fo Vor Monat
27 visits with Bil Clinton
Mike Nonya
Mike Nonya Vor Monat
Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein is indicted and arrested for sex trafficking minors to The Daily Show.
Samuel Clough
Samuel Clough Vor Monat
John haworth
John haworth Vor Monat
I miss john stewart. He was actually funny.
Janet Hockey
Janet Hockey Vor 2 Monate
He was a sex broker for rich bastards
Giovonnitti Drachiavelli
40 under age females, so that means 40 set of parents dropped the ball of protecting their children
shane Krieg
shane Krieg Vor 2 Monate
This guy's funny
Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear Vor 2 Monate
Sick dirty old with a diarhia
Contractor 0211
Contractor 0211 Vor 2 Monate
This might be shocking to most.. but to those familiar with the "justice" system, this is nothing new. My mother's (ex) boyfriend is a small time strip club and painting business owner and was arrested on multiple occasions as a sex offender and assault with a deadly weapon. He was supposed to be in for life due to violating probation and a restraining order but because he offered his probation officer a few "favors".. now he's out on the streets again doing whatever. Justice is nearly dead and the only comfort victims can hope for is their eventual death.
BonzoDog67 Lizardking
Patrick Henry: "Give me Liberty or give me death!" Jeffrey Epstein: "Give me Puberty or give me death!!"
Tony Harris
Tony Harris Vor 2 Monate
There's no chance we'll ever find out where he got his money from cuz he's dead.
Tony Harris
Tony Harris Vor 2 Monate
Trump says I'll fly my own plane to the island.
Tony Harris
Tony Harris Vor 2 Monate
That's Melania in the picture looking like a $2 hoe.
Tony Harris
Tony Harris Vor 2 Monate
I know who's writing our reality. It's the Matrix. I hope you enjoyed your programming day.
Hush Puppy
Hush Puppy Vor 2 Monate
All his clients were democrats lol !
Lakesha Goodwin
Lakesha Goodwin Vor 2 Monate
It sounds like a Classic case of white man's privilege in a banana republic...
Kamsellin Chetty
Kamsellin Chetty Vor 3 Monate
How do you own a $30 Million Dollar 727 with so many luxury fittings and then have Peanut Butter and Jelly/Jam sandwiches for President Clinton??????
William D'Arbanville
Nothing about his BFF Bill Clinton?
Voxized Vor 3 Monate
You forgot to mention the part where Alex jones told everyone this was going on.
quito85869 Vor Monat
Good point, I forgot about that
Mike Piazza
Mike Piazza Vor 3 Monate
I guess he doesnt know all of Hollywood and all elite are pedophiles and demons . Or hes pretending to think it's wrong
jason bonne
jason bonne Vor 3 Monate
My experience tells me that a person who is so squatting and shameless will not commit suicide. But his death makes many people safe and happy. So what do you think?
Guy Vor 3 Monate
The story is unreal and perhaps horrifying but the way it's presented is not unlike a blooper reel
Zeek Seeks
Zeek Seeks Vor 3 Monate
When he was in Jail for 13 months he was given the entire East Wing of a building at the Jail....
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