Bills vs. Chiefs Divisional Round Highlights | NFL 2021

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22 Jan 2022



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Greatest playoff game I've ever watched!!!!
Shaun Bang
Even though both teams didn’t make the super bowl, I really feel like we were watching the two best teams duke it out for an unforgettable legendary performance from these two QBs.
As a bills fan, this makes me sick to watch but to be fair, it was probably the greatest football game of all time.
Oliver McPherson
I can’t wait for another decade of Allen and Mahomes, truly incredible quarterbacks.
Beau Dare
My hat's off to the Chiefs fan's who gave to the Buffalo Children's Hospital, in respect to the Bill's, after their remarkable game.. That's real class..
A 15 Year Old on Youtube
This game singlehandedly made me go from not caring that much about football, to a life long football fan.
Scenic Fights
One of the best week of football ever. I can't believe Patrick Mahomes and KC made it happen.
Connie Bauer
I've been watching the NFL for 45 years and this was the most exciting game I've ever seen.
The Bills Chiefs game was so epic and nerve-racking, to the point that my brother left my mother’s house once the game went into overtime. How could he miss something that great as this instant classic? It’s the NFL Playoffs!
This was the greatest game I have ever seen in my life. As far as I'm conserned, this was the Super Bowl.
Is Cottage a Cheese?
As a Chiefs fan, I've had great respect for the Bills team and fan base. I cannot wait for this newfound rivalry in the seasons to come.
These highlights should have included the OT coin toss. That was the most impactful moment of the whole game.
Lonely Sandwich
Allen after the touchdown of Hill: "Its ok. They scored fast." That says it all! What a game, what a playoff weekend!
You know the game was fire when there's 20 minutes of highlights!
Meme's Football Highlights
I'm a Chiefs fan and I was super happy that the Chiefs won but in the AFC Champ I got really sad that the Chiefs lost to the Bengals. If the Chiefs kicked a field goal before halftime then they would've won.
Felipe Reyes
Felipe Reyes Vor 14 Tage
So lucky to have witnessed this masterpiece of offense and disaster of defense
Jason Mangan
Hands down the best game ever who would of thought the Chiefs had a chance with 13 seconds left unbelievable Mahomes is showing why he’ll be the next great player in the NFL his will & desire to win is the reason why their hosting the Bangles on Sunday with a trip to LA on the line should be another fantastic matchup with Burrow & Mahomes another high scoring affair should take place at Arrowhead in KC
Daniel Goddard
This was the only game I've ever watched when I truly didn't want either side to lose. Of course, someone has to win in the Playoffs, but dang they both deserved it so much. What a trip.
Beep Boop
I watch this video once every one or two weeks because it truly is the greatest game I have ever seen. You couldn’t write the script better. Chills every time.
Bri Bohnstedt
This game was more exciting then the actual super bowl will be! Intense until the very last minute. WHAT A GAME!!
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