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Note: this is not the new kitchen! Special thanks to The Harley School for letting me use theirs!
Liz Lemon is much more than a fictional character to compare yourself to in your Tinder profile - she's dynamic, she's strong, and she's kind of gross in her personal life. One of her many gross attributes is a taste for Cheesy Blasters, the MeatCat™-approved snack containing jack cheese, hot dogs, and pizza. Can we make a sort-of-not-gross version of our favorite NBC Executive Producer's preferred midnight snack? Only one way to find out.
First episode out the new BwB kitchen drops May 22nd!
Music: "Add And" by Broke for Free
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15 Mai 2018

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Priyanka S
Priyanka S Vor 4 Stunden
All your works are amazing Babish!
Raicov Vor 10 Stunden
I can taste the diabetes
Voodoo Child
Voodoo Child Vor 21 Stunde
Yo that looked mad
Miguel Manuel
"Look at these animals go. Disgusting. BREATHTAKING!" the commentary is hilarious.
Philly's Willy
hey babish, does your culinary club make food? or is it just a science cooking class like the one at my school?
George Nicholson
George Nicholson Vor 2 Tage
The only way I can watch this pretentious shit is imagining you cheesy blasting that whole thing into your asshole. I image all your videos end with you cutting off the camera and shoving the whole sad pile into you're cheesy asshole, crying hysterically for views....every god damn time Edit:your
Angelic Tear
Angelic Tear Vor 3 Tage
Not that I think he'll read this, but if BwB is so worried about his health, why not learn the EMT Work-Out strategy? They've been eating this wild and more for over 6 years and Harley's not about to die. Gotta get them sauce boss reps.
Breeze Sage
Breeze Sage Vor 3 Tage
Experiment with the kids
Michael Martin
Michael Martin Vor 3 Tage
more like Caloric Shotguns amirite
HaveN Vor 3 Tage
They may be the Tang Gang, but are they out of this world?
Tracy Dirian
Tracy Dirian Vor 3 Tage
I need this rn
Watzit Tuyah
Watzit Tuyah Vor 4 Tage
it's not that school food is unhealthy, but the fact is it's crap prepared by people who don't wanna be there/hate themselves and everyone else. they are essentially given cardboard to work with and are expected to make something edible. I always went for the donato's or papa john's pizza because everything else made me want to kill myself. I wasn't alone either. you could tell people didn't like the food, but they were forced to purchase it anyway. if you want to make kids eat healthy, you need to change to quality of ingredients, the menu, and the people who work there, not the type of food being served.
Waddey Willyson
Waddey Willyson Vor 4 Tage
Do Yobagoya from The League!
PlayaSinNombre Vor 4 Tage
Ur just jealous... you know U wanted to clean plate club dat!
Jack Tenglin
Jack Tenglin Vor 5 Tage
It’s just a calzone
John Patrick
John Patrick Vor 5 Tage
Digging the music in this one!
Joseph hoffman
Joseph hoffman Vor 6 Tage
You should do the broodwich from aqua team Hunger Force.
King Of Asgard
King Of Asgard Vor 6 Tage
Look at these animated disgusting breath taking
swaggDaddy mayr3ze
I'm Babish, you can't kill me
TOP Henson
TOP Henson Vor 7 Tage
Fry it!!!
That Warlock
That Warlock Vor 7 Tage
Was that a yeet shirt ?
UwU Time
UwU Time Vor 8 Tage
meat cat
FireFist PortgasDAce
That high school kitchen is way too small compared to my high school's which was what a professional restaurant would use. It has 4 convection ovens, a huge walking cooler, and freezer, 8 gas stoves, a salamander, a pretty big storage room, a laundry room (for uniforms), and a dining room and this was a public school and we didn't have to pay for the class, this was the best class I took in high school
QueenRainbo Vor 8 Tage
natural casing making it too difficult to eat... bite harder.
Nathan Cushman
Nathan Cushman Vor 9 Tage
So much grease...
Justin Olschowka
Justin Olschowka Vor 9 Tage
New subscriber, I’ve always wanted to see someone make Crazy Eye’s two pizzas from Mr. Deeds!
Kendrick Dunyon
Kendrick Dunyon Vor 10 Tage
do I hear been Wyatt coming?
tom y
tom y Vor 10 Tage
Finally something from binging with babish that's within my budget.
Boopy Doopy45
Boopy Doopy45 Vor 10 Tage
You are obsessed with add and but to be honest I don't blame you
Paige Bascom
Paige Bascom Vor 10 Tage
I want to have his food babies.
Morgan Anderson
Morgan Anderson Vor 11 Tage
Cheasy ass blaster-ssploshin
Joshua Susanto
Joshua Susanto Vor 11 Tage
Disgusting breathtaking! Hilarious!
Nick Gazzillo
Nick Gazzillo Vor 11 Tage
That second cross section was beautiful. Like DAMN that's a cross section!
Choctawnic Vor 12 Tage
Would've been kool to know what those kids thought of it!!
Jordan Lew
Jordan Lew Vor 12 Tage
Thumbs up if you noticed that the pizza was from Wegmans. Eastern pride!
Zixon Vor 15 Tage
The dumplings from the Incredibles Short Please
adarsh sirsat
adarsh sirsat Vor 16 Tage
Feeding college students. you are true saint oliver babish
Haidyn W
Haidyn W Vor 16 Tage
And all the kids say "Thanks Meat-cat!" and then Meat-cat flies away on his... skateboard
Tamaira Robinson
Tamaira Robinson Vor 17 Tage
Ben Wyatt would be so proud of this!
Stewie Griffin
Stewie Griffin Vor 17 Tage
Special Fex
Special Fex Vor 17 Tage
I agree with that guy at the beginning, I can't eat this
Henry Rudisill
Henry Rudisill Vor 18 Tage
Make bens calzones from Parks and Recreation.
K Vor 18 Tage
Are cheesy sausages good for this?
DoctorVaseline __
DoctorVaseline __ Vor 18 Tage
Soo... It essentially just an up-scaled, more diabetic hot pocket?
Danielle Hall
Danielle Hall Vor 20 Tage
wwwwwwhhhaaaaatt? the moment I saw the title my brain 'spoded. I love Liz Lemon but that is going to need a heart transplant in the future.
Aaron Cohen
Aaron Cohen Vor 20 Tage
They didn't even cut it up fricking monster
FlamingCuntLips Vor 22 Tage
Hey wait a minute. . . . when you did the cross over with Bon Appetite you said you didn't go to culinary school ? ? ?isn't this contradictory ? ? ?
LadyJuse Vor 20 Tage
A high school with a learning kitchen does not a culinary school make
Ryaken Vor 23 Tage
so basically a fucked up ghetto calzone? (the first one) 2nd one was legit.
Luksuzna Kanta
Luksuzna Kanta Vor 23 Tage
Why did you say cheesy blasterds
Luksuzna Kanta
Luksuzna Kanta Vor 23 Tage
Why did you say cheesy blasterds
Cesre Lawrence-Towner
I know which school! My chorus director is a teacher there ;)
sartorian darkstorm
ill admit when he said spicy italian sausage i totally thought the tod from scrubs was going to pop up
Jeffrey Kempson
Jeffrey Kempson Vor 25 Tage
Dude you're killing me. Just how hot how cheese can get. Major lol. Thanks for the laughs
Bluefox 186
Bluefox 186 Vor 25 Tage
If you want babish to sound high, put at 0.5% speed. Kill me
Robert Grace
Robert Grace Vor 25 Tage
That’s fly
monkeyhorserider Vor 25 Tage
You’re such a charming content creator and then you tell me you brought the food club over from Highschool. This is too much Babish, you’re going to make me explode.
Ty Caines
Ty Caines Vor 25 Tage
your version looks WAAAAAY better
Anchovius Vor 26 Tage
Oh, try making something from Steven Universe, like Steven's Fantastic Fries with the ketchup on the inside, or the firesalt doughnut, or Cookie Cats..come to think of it, that show has a lot of dishes. Ube roll, Together Breakfast, crystal fruit, Lion Lickers etc. Wait how could I forget The Bits?
Vincenza8907 Vor 28 Tage
This is why I love binging with babish!
Thot Patrol
Thot Patrol Vor 29 Tage
the last 20 or so seconds are fucking hot amirite 😍😋😳😤💦
Nut Buster
Nut Buster Vor Monat
Why am I watching this at 2 in the morning
William Hahs
William Hahs Vor Monat
Dude i love your videos and have made at least 6 of your recipes that have never failed to impress.
Nathan Games
Nathan Games Vor Monat
Squid96 ;
Squid96 ; Vor Monat
if parents don't want their kids to be obese then they shouldn't let them eat bad foods.
Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller Vor Monat
Hey Babish, your alma mater must be from the ROC area......i'm taking a guess from the Wegmans and Zweigle's?
DaddyO's Ink
DaddyO's Ink Vor Monat
I really hope that you don't eat like this everyday.... I used to.... and I had a heart attack at 40....
Jonathan Dee
Jonathan Dee Vor Monat
Calzone in my mouth
Jarrod Aruseanoex
there was not a single thing i seen here i would not eat
inkmouth 8
inkmouth 8 Vor Monat
Look at these animals..... discusting.
Michael Bacon
Michael Bacon Vor Monat
I have officially went back and binge watched every Binging with Babish and Basics with Babish episodes. Love the channel and I am excitedly anticipating the new shows. Thanks Babish!!!!!
Andrew Jeffery
Andrew Jeffery Vor Monat
I see you do business at Wegman's. Smart.
Philipp Christmann
This thing just gave me inspiration to vastly improve my drunk/hangover "cooking".
Aly Vor Monat
30 Rock is my favourite show! Why does Parks and Rec seem to get so much more acclaim, when this show is clearly cleverer and funnier?
Hareta Frenk
Hareta Frenk Vor Monat
What kind of pizza is that
I like Gorillaz
I like Gorillaz Vor Monat
You should name it Cheesy Chebureki
Green Neon Neo
Green Neon Neo Vor Monat
Cheesy blaster, more like cheesy diabetes
Shadow_AquilaX Vor Monat
I've been binge watching Binging with Babish videos and now I'm in a food coma even though I haven't eaten a single thing the whole time...
Little Relief
Little Relief Vor Monat
The calzone zone
Awesome Kids Lets Play
▁ ▂ ▃ ▅ ▆ █ Nice Video! One Day I took some paints and then it happened... █ ▆ ▅ ▃ ▂ ▁
F12 Vor Monat
I like how Americans complain about calories want to be healthy do some PT the more the better and here’s a trick always count backwards when doing PT tricks the mind
Ardenox Vor Monat
Damn they all shared without cutting it into pieces
Megan Bond
Megan Bond Vor Monat
Did no one think the second one looked like a Cornish pasty? 😍xx
El Catrin C
El Catrin C Vor Monat
How to get a heart attack and cut your life to the half
Neil Vincent John A. Barral
Your gonna die in three years😮😮
You Play Fortnite Don't you?
"You take A hot dump stuff it with some parsley fold it into pete's ass you got cheesy blasters!"
dan Vor Monat
oof, gross
Shelby Farage
Shelby Farage Vor Monat
Please do the Teamster sandwiches from 30 Rock
Hope Raspberry
Hope Raspberry Vor Monat
Please make Liz lemon’s teamsters sub from season Two episode 14😁
Arthur Hernandez
Do a chowder special, not the soup, the cartoon.
Andrew Rodriguez
"I'm what's inside ya! Ehehe!"
Briggie Vor Monat
Your cardiologist must love you.
Emily May
Emily May Vor Monat
Dragon Balla
Dragon Balla Vor Monat
“Look at these animals go. Disgusting! Breathtaking!” 😂😂😂
The FBI Vor Monat
eh yo you in the tang clan?
Amber The Official
Tale of Despereux..Soup..
Grace Anacker
Grace Anacker Vor Monat
Can you do the brisket recipe from young sheldon????
aesthetic memes
aesthetic memes Vor Monat
his channel should be illegal in ramadan
akidin06 Vor Monat
the students probably loved that..
Animaggeton Vor Monat
"I can't eat this"
Cy Fries
Cy Fries Vor Monat
You look like Ryan Reynolds... but Ahemm... with a Beard and ummm ahemmm just Ahemmm ummm yah got a Shiny Head there.. :/
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