Blonde woman tries to fill up a Tesla Model S with gas

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16 Dez 2018



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Chris Wentworth
Chris Wentworth Vor 19 Stunden
Yup she is blonde
Aarnav Soin
Aarnav Soin Vor Tag
How u buy a car without knowing its electric?
Tom My
Tom My Vor 3 Tage
She's there trying to put gas but your car won't even start....wait that was you LAUGHING??? Thought it was you trying to start your car
Андрій Жила
You laugh like a chicken)))
pzipischiquo Vor 5 Tage
Sam Green
Sam Green Vor 6 Tage
Do they just give drivers license to anyone? Lol
metallitech Vor 6 Tage
Hmmm, fake?
IamThunderShot Vor 4 Tage
Harry Sun
Harry Sun Vor 6 Tage
must be staged. 😄
Damien CALLAGHAN Vor 7 Tage
I am 99% sure that is not her car....Probably her Boyfriends....... Unless she paid for it as a SEX WORKER......
winston begs
winston begs Vor 8 Tage
Stupid bitch 😂🤣
Saab Rider
Saab Rider Vor 8 Tage
Oh yeah it’s big brain time
brian lim
brian lim Vor 9 Tage
Good, she is protesting on electric cars
Apollo FBR Clan
Apollo FBR Clan Vor 9 Tage
Blonde people, man... *Looks at hair* oh wait.
Terrance Fisher
Terrance Fisher Vor 10 Tage
Most people, if not all, buy gas when an gauge in the car, on the dashboard, tell you the current gas level. This would tell me this video likely staged (ie faked), as she would have had nothing to tell her she needed gas.
Saad Sajidul
Saad Sajidul Vor 10 Tage
She stole it..
David Perry
David Perry Vor 10 Tage
She should’ve taken it to something called a Tesla supercharger.
Shakib Hossain
Shakib Hossain Vor 10 Tage
They should help the girl. Nothing to laugh .
Chiliket Vor 10 Tage
How you gonna spend this much money on a car and not know it’s electric
Andrei Scarisoreanu
This is why there's labels and instructions on everything literally everything
Mike Sierra
Mike Sierra Vor 11 Tage
These 2 clowns laughing n shit....I wouldve went and helped to begin with.....had a laugh with her and possibly got a number.....maybe a nice date......meanwhile these 2 sitting in a parking lot giving each other handos
IamThunderShot Vor 4 Tage
it was staged... It ain't real... Video is 100% fake :v her name is nika comet.
Polski Polak
Polski Polak Vor 11 Tage
Legenda głosi, że ten typ do tej pory się śmieje.
Amir äreee
Amir äreee Vor 12 Tage
😂😂😂😂😂😂Those 2 guys died
anyone 2019? His laugh literally sounds like a dying animal
Stephen D
Stephen D Vor 12 Tage
This is definitely staged, she would have to know how to navigate the touch screen to open the charging port door...and the guys laughing sounds so fake and forced...actually they are annoyingly bad at laughing. And if this clip was real, its still not funny at all, big deal, a woman simply does not have experience with a Tesler...does everyone out there know everything there is to know about anything?...nope. If your laughing at her, your laughing at yourselves as well...grow up already and see the interconnectedness of all life.
Big I
Big I Vor 12 Tage
When ur jus to rich and spoiled
Ready One
Ready One Vor 12 Tage
The guy laughing is the complete idiot. The reason the world is screwed up. When you know something, and do nothing, it makes "you" the idiot!
Steven Chae
Steven Chae Vor 13 Tage
this is like trying to put your headphones in an iphone x
Ghost-Giannisツ Vor 14 Tage
taz200032 Vor 14 Tage
Lol hey man at least she was cool about it and laughed.
KEVIN Vor 14 Tage
That's a guy with a wig on. So fake
Hombre Acero
Hombre Acero Vor 14 Tage
Darius Grigas
Darius Grigas Vor 15 Tage
Fucking fake,its a man dress like are women and probably his friends made this video,well done liars👎
Mark G
Mark G Vor 15 Tage
This is why we should’ve kept them in kitchen!
Hazrat UlHaq Ul deen
She must be a anal master
cringe vlogs and gaming
Ok boomer
Ricardo Alcalá
Ricardo Alcalá Vor 16 Tage
Please someone explainme the joke
Nora Meerman_4
Nora Meerman_4 Vor 16 Tage
This is so sad😂😂
Nora Meerman_4
Nora Meerman_4 Vor 16 Tage
Pretty sad😂😂
Beans In My DS
Beans In My DS Vor 16 Tage
This is why we can't have nice things
Artur Rodriguez
Artur Rodriguez Vor 16 Tage
Maros Rosko
Maros Rosko Vor 17 Tage
i love her... she just can take joke on her self
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