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BMW M4 coupe 2014 review: bit.ly/1nzt3EC
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"Despite costing more than £55,000, the BMW M4's combination of talents means it's a performance bargain."

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14 Jul 2014



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NxpxngBluex The Boi
Lamborghini HURACAN is like 202 mph The bmw m4 is like 205 mph 330 kmh
shoaeb mohammad
shoaeb mohammad Vor 24 Tage
3:56 Nic
No Internet Service
When E92 M3 had both two doors and four doors, most people wanted the coupe M3. When coupe M3 has been changed the name to M4, then people say they want four doors M3 because it is more practical. Capricious!
Mus Azman
Mus Azman Vor Monat
revisit this in 2019.. should i say the backgrd sound editing was awful 😂
Krishnarjun P
Krishnarjun P Vor 15 Tage
im watching this in 2019 :)
Pao Xiong
Pao Xiong Vor 3 Monate
3:38 seem like an asian guy driving it lmao
luke emerson
luke emerson Vor 3 Monate
I actually love that colour
Lore Abiding Citizen
Just sold my 2014 M4, if you're thinking of buying one - do it. they are bulletproof and people are stating to sell them on at the end of finance deals!
Patrick Johnson
Patrick Johnson Vor 4 Monate
Great review by Mat, but please stop shutting the doors by pushing on the windows. It happens in every video I have watched. End of moan.
Oli_D Vor 4 Monate
Car has that mean shopping trolley sound that BMW drivers love 😅
Kryojenix Vor 5 Monate
Can't turn off fake sounds = no buy!
Pryonto Sarker
Pryonto Sarker Vor 4 Monate
You can code it out when you tune the car
John_BMW Vor 6 Monate
Got some mmmmm gills LMAO creased at that part.
Jack Vor 7 Monate
Dream car
Josh Fredr
Josh Fredr Vor 8 Monate
does this car come in a left hand driving wheel form ?
the chicken man
the chicken man Vor 8 Monate
2019 now lets see how much it going for on ebay
Pen Man
Pen Man Vor 8 Monate
Great car. I would love an M car!!
Car Detailing Limburg
I just uploaded a video where I detail this car, you can check it out at : de-vid.com/video/video-YRsjINPpmmc.html
Joseph Hill
Joseph Hill Vor 10 Monate
My mate has just bought a 67 plate of this don't have a clue how he paid for it mad
AMG BOYZ Vor 4 Monate
Trap trap inda bando
Sethu Njabulo
Sethu Njabulo Vor 11 Monate
i clicked. nothing happened
Joeyrific Vor 11 Monate
Cupholder a pretty practical which it has which bmw was never classically known to have
Saçmalama Olm
I buy porsche which Porsche is the same price I dont care.Any 911 is better
Adam Sanehi
Adam Sanehi Vor year
I'm learning towards m2
Jaz Vor year
Anyone hates the roads in uk cause its so tiny lmaoo i would crash my side mirrors
John Romaine
John Romaine Vor year
There's just something lacking with the M4
Harry Purewal
Harry Purewal Vor year
Siri Vor year
Isnt that Mar Warson cause he does reviews on carwow
Luis Cruz
Luis Cruz Vor year
Mercedes Benz The Best or Nothing.
SonnyJames Crocketts
mats one of the best reviewers
Francisco Santos
Love this car
Jk957 Vor year
Owning this car is like marrying a middle class English woman. Speaking metaphorically.
SUPER SAIYAN 3 Vor 2 years
the seats look uncomfortable lol
Oleo Plays
Oleo Plays Vor 2 years
5:12 those muscles tho😦😧😮😵
Need for Speed Passion
Very nice car! They made ten thousand of these in manual 😊🍺
Jace Johnson
Jace Johnson Vor 2 years
Whats better m4 or m5
Shadow Blade
Shadow Blade Vor 2 years
This guy literally reviews all my dream cars. :)
Abhijit Palkar
Abhijit Palkar Vor 2 years
That's amazing car man...
Pawel Chrostowski
Pawel Chrostowski Vor 2 years
i love thgis car lol banter
Amsyar Marzuki
Amsyar Marzuki Vor 2 years
The exterior is 👌🏽, interior outdated
Bughatii Lovren
Bughatii Lovren Vor 2 years
Guys 4 series or M4 ?
gs032009 Vor 2 years
Very informative review. Well ddone, Matt. Telegraph cars are just presentations...
Kevin Colt
Kevin Colt Vor 2 years
im just gonna leave this here kids, if youre driving a car like this and concerned about how much it is to replace your rear tyres youre already going over your budget.
Thug Life
Thug Life Vor 2 years
Too bad this beautiful car does have like 425hp factory made why not like 700 hp?!
John Vu
John Vu Vor 2 years
I wouldn't say Supercar level of performance but it is definitely fast though.
Andrew Hoffman
Andrew Hoffman Vor 2 years
Nice if they could make the roof optional or fold away.
Jason Elliott
Jason Elliott Vor 2 years
Mans the best reviewer 😂😂
Bobby buck
Bobby buck Vor 2 years
what is the difference with the m4 dcl
Peter Sothern
Peter Sothern Vor 2 years
the engine noise is terrible big mistake BMW
awanderer Vor 2 years
These cars just look bland...
n8neiTen8n Vor 2 years
STRAIGHT 6! So this is not for gay creatures.
David Baker
David Baker Vor 2 years
mine would be totally black save for red calipers!
CVC'S REVIEW Vor 2 years
No v8= no buy
Ganesh Balaji
Ganesh Balaji Vor 3 years
Do the ferrari 458!!!!!!
Random Faggot
Random Faggot Vor 3 years
today i see an m4 with the same color today, the sound is insane
S M Vor 3 years
At least wash it before reviewing
Ilan Vor 3 years
why does he look super small next to the car lmao
Switch Zen
Switch Zen Vor 3 years
This is my dream car. I know others say something like a Lamborghini or an Audi R8, but this is my favourite.
Gabriel Vandal
Gabriel Vandal Vor 2 Tage
DR.AJ.10 The M2?! Sure, if you like tiny chick cars...
/// AMG
/// AMG Vor 2 Monate
My dream car is F Type SVR.
Truthisauthority Vor 3 Monate
Work hard and save and you will get one. I am working on getting my dream car in the next 12 months, whatever that is as I change my mind about it on the daily
HDhshsh HDs
HDhshsh HDs Vor 5 Monate
Switch Zen I think it’s means it’s your future car and lamobognis and r8s is your dream car
Derpy /
Derpy / Vor 7 Monate
SnowyVert mine top 5 is a Audi R8 v10 plus Lamborghini Performante Audi TT Nissan GT-R Maclaren 570s
TheSavageOne_360 / GTA
Much Better Than The i8
Carlitox b
Carlitox b Vor 3 years
I Love it but I would go cayman for that price
Martin Allen
Martin Allen Vor 3 years
I also get 41mpg in Eco mode.
Tester Vor 2 years
Martin Allen seriously?
wow thats great for a 400 hp car
Martin Allen
Martin Allen Vor 3 years
Think I was the first on the Internet to post my hatred for the cold start noise of the F82 M4. Most microphones dont pick up the bass frequencies too well. I bought one and think it's absolutely fantastic. I had the e90 V8 and it makes that feel like a city car. very happy and proud owner.
Daniel Anderson
Daniel Anderson Vor 3 years
This car is awesome, I'd gladly have one! 😎 Not sure about the Austin Yellow Metallic though.😐
Dapro Vor 2 Monate
lol Europe is majority black silver and white cars. Bet this thing sticks out like a sore thumb out there
John_BMW Vor 6 Monate
I really like the colour. It looks amazing at dusk
YZ 虎
YZ 虎 Vor 10 Monate
Daniel Anderson I agree. White looks the best
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