Border Wall: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Donald Trump wants to build a wall on the U.S-Mexico border. Is his plan feasible?
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21 Mär 2016



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Xellos Kaczor
Xellos Kaczor Vor 2 Stunden
I really dislike the dishonest narrative of "tiny % of crimes commited by illegal immigrants". Yea. Sure. If you include gun posessions, burglaries, traffic violations, assault, whatever, true! But then you have illegal immigrants, asylum seekers and/or refugees commiting 100% of rapes, cases of grooming, assaults on officers of the law and firefighters. Some countries consider first of january a success if below 1000 cars burned in fires set by non-native people. Does that mean its the same in USA? Dunno. Probably not. Does that make all illegals bad people? Ofc not. But now that you tried to muddle my eyes with irrelevant number, im thinking of this scary numbers because clearly you are hiding something.
Carlos Quintanilla
Was I the only one that heard “I love huevos”?
Brandon Woodyard
Brandon Woodyard Vor 2 Tage
you could probably do a lot more to curb crime by investing that money in our education system.
Stephen2462 Vor 3 Tage
Oh lol, that Dumpf supporter deleted the entire comment thread. I guess he couldn't handle a rational argument.
Stephen2462 Vor 14 Stunden
Yes, yes I am, and proud of it. Now, are you going to start making any actual arguments, or do you just want to rely on some partisan hack to do your thinking for you?
Merkava Mk.4M Windbreaker
+Stephen2462 liberal!
Stephen2462 Vor 16 Stunden
+Merkava Mk.4M Windbreaker Oh look, more BS. Nothing that guy said actually refuted any of the issues with Trump's stupid wall.
Merkava Mk.4M Windbreaker
Stewart Laird
Stewart Laird Vor 4 Tage
Damnit, now I want waffles
Yutube SuspendedMyAccount
He is a fucking joke and so are his dumb supporters lol.
Taylor Jackson
Taylor Jackson Vor 9 Tage
Team waffle iron 2019!
terry walker
terry walker Vor 10 Tage
AHH the irony of the loony left, they call a border wall evil, but celebrate the murder of babies fullterm and after birth! .......Bunch of EVIL FREAKS!
Stephen2462 Vor 4 Tage
Lol, so delusional.
Ellie on Thrall
Ellie on Thrall Vor 13 Tage
Now he gets PARTIAL wall that the US is paying for :') wonderful waste of money
Joe Morales
Joe Morales Vor 16 Tage
Christian Schmid
Christian Schmid Vor 16 Tage
Back then they laughed.
Jimbo Dunn
Jimbo Dunn Vor 17 Tage
40 billion at least. And I fools are going to pay for it When I hypocrites rule Hypocrisy will have no BOUNDS
The Wiccan Witch Of The West
All in all your just another trump in my wall
Dean F.
Dean F. Vor 18 Tage
Geez, my waffle iron cost a mere $30.
What Up
What Up Vor 20 Tage
why is it racist to build a wall? mexico has a wall on it's southern border to protect themselves it's just not in their best interest for the north cos no one immigrates south. so racism where?
Stephen2462 Vor 13 Tage
+What Up Fair enough. Except Trump has done nothing to help with either of those things. The middle east is still a bloody mess, and the opioid epidemic is still an epidemic. All Trump did was talk big about what he pretends to have accomplished.
What Up
What Up Vor 13 Tage
+Stephen2462 no i was agreeing with you he appointed people to positions that were ridiculous. peace in the mid east and the opiode epidemic plus heaps more he appointed to his son in law
Stephen2462 Vor 15 Tage
+What Up I did reply though o.o Yes, the cattle fence, as I described. Not sure what point you're trying to make here. Obama had to pick up after the two wars Bush started. And when he tried to pull us out, it led to a power vacuum that played a role in the rise of ISIS. It's not like he wanted to escalate our military actions there, , but circumstances left him little choice, and trying to pull out only made the situation there worse. I don't see why Trump should be given credit for an economy that has been steadily improving for about 10 years now. I also think people overestimate how much an effect any given President has on the economy to begin with. The opioid epidemic? All he did was declare a national emergency, which accomplished absolutely nothing of substance. Peace in the middle east? I'm going to assume that was sarcasm.
What Up
What Up Vor 15 Tage
+Stephen2462 plus take a panadol or something i'm trying to have discourse as civilly as possible. thought we were just chatting
What Up
What Up Vor 15 Tage
+Stephen2462 well if you're not going to reply i'll make this short. i've been to the fence in mexico. in what way is my claim about obama unfounded? look it up. how about your economy pointing to one good thing trump has done? i think it's good he's trying to tie relations to previous enemies. and yes he appointed people to positions of power that were utterly ridiculous. have you seen what his son in law is appointed with, with no prior training? among other things -making peace in the middle east, fixing the optiate epidemic, fuck i can't remember the rest but i think you agree with me anyway
Mr Me
Mr Me Vor 22 Tage
At issue for many may be the "wall", but this is a sovereign nation; if you get caught sneaking into the movies they aren't going to work out a plan for you to stay. I get that we are in an age where swelling angst and the super hero backstory is all you need however if you lock your doors and don t let strangers into your home, why should this country be different.
Stephen2462 Vor 20 Tage
It's pretty stupid to compare a country with someone's private property. And then there's a laundry list of issues with Trump's wall that you're ignoring.
wolf angel94
wolf angel94 Vor 23 Tage
Builds wall in 2019 just so a Democrat president can tear it down in 2020.
Ashley S. MacKenzie
Lmao what is his obsession with DeWalt ladders?
Aaron E
Aaron E Vor 26 Tage
3/23/ Well well well! The illeagals found a way to defeat dmfps big ass wall; they use a big ass saw! Cut a big ass hole in it and pour through! A multi billion $ wall defeated by a Walmart daw! What a stable genius!???
Pieter D
Pieter D Vor 28 Tage
Let's build a wall out of bedrock.
sam TGM
sam TGM Vor Monat
There's sum thing called a PLANE!
Spirit CrossWind
Bullets, barbed wire and grenades are cheaper than a wall
Spirit CrossWind
I'm not a racist I just hate everybody
Spirit CrossWind
Shoot the Border Breakers
Spirit CrossWind
Give the golf course to the Mexicans eminent domain.
Spirit CrossWind
build the wall then use the money from the toll booths to pay for the wall $1,000 a head to cross the border.
miho022883 Vor Monat
Hey Jon, if you want to talk about impossible and impracticable projects there a train in California whistling for ya
The XboxNoob
The XboxNoob Vor Monat
"OrAnGe MaN bAd"😂😂😂
namu pokemanchan
I'm down with the waffle irons
Iam thatiam
Iam thatiam Vor Monat
Is there something wrong with you. Nothing funny about your comedy.
Stephen Poe
Stephen Poe Vor Monat
Vicente Fox was hilarious in that response clip!
Sam Sung
Sam Sung Vor Monat
what percentage of the people sneaking into the U.S. are VACCINATED?
Zaraki Kon
Zaraki Kon Vor Monat
I'll bet u anything that Trump will be Laughing his ass of about how he managed to convince all these idiots he wanted a wall when he's not Potus anymore. Laughing And counting all the money he made over the backs of All the Americans.
Brent Buswell
Brent Buswell Vor Monat
I will not throw insults or anything like that here. However, this is not a matter to make light of as was done in this video, and as n American I find this to be extremely in poor taste. I bet that the host of this show, Mr. Oliver, lives behind a wall himself and has no problem with that. Our so-called speaker of the house recently had to swallow herown medicine when she was faced with the proposition of having to let illegal imigrants into her own home and refused to do so. I thought she wanted them to come here, so where was her charity in that instant. Our former president, and this is common knowledge, ives behind a wall and has no problem with it, yet he would just let anyone come in here legal or not. The Pope, all walled away in the Vatican, has no problem with walls, but he can't stomach the fact that America just might be willing to protect itself from illegal intrusions. Go to Sweden and you'll see what happens when you have a country with no borders or any sort of protection against illegals. I only hope that if people who aren't for America's protection are ready for what they'll get if they actually get their wish and there is no wall built. You joke now about it, but I ask you the following. If Obama, or even Clinton, had been for building this wall, what would your view be? Would you then support the idea? Give that some long, serious, thought before you start hurling insults against or president. Yes, he's not perfect, and none of us are. However, he is for America, and that is his responsibility.
Brent Buswell
Brent Buswell Vor Monat
Absolutely. It would be interesting to see what happens if someone decided to take that kind of action. It can be easy to lose track of what is really going on behind the scenes with this stuff, so I thank you for making that point. I also thank you for going about this whole dialogue the way that you have. I have actually enjoyed it quite a lot. Normally, it can be very hard to discuss this sort of stuff nowadays without it turning into an all-out gutter war.
Stephen2462 Vor Monat
+Brent BuswellAs I've already said, illegal immigration has been going down steadily for the past decade or so. There's not much point in getting excited about it now. And certainly not much point in throwing billions of dollars at a bad idea just because some stupid politician wants to. That said, I already gave one suggestion. Here's another: shift focus from going after the illegal immigrants themselves to taking down the shady business owners that hire them. As long as the demand for cheap illegal labor exists, illegals will keep coming to meet the demand. Going after the demand rather then the supply is far more efficient.
Brent Buswell
Brent Buswell Vor Monat
I do agree that it isn't just Mexican that are coming here, and have known that for some time. I also agree that the wall wouldn't solve everything. However,something must be done to bring a stop to illegal immigration. If folks think the wall is not a good idea, then someone needs to suggest something that is in the best interest of the US that would work better. I want folks to continue to come and be a part of the US, but it needs to be done the right way.
Stephen2462 Vor Monat
+Brent Buswell "Merely on the take"? Sounds like a delusion dreamed up by Fox News. I could have sworn that the narrative was the Mexicans "were coming to take our jobs"? So much doublethink. XD As for birther tourism, which is the ore formal term for the other thing you described, it's a far more complicated issue then you seem to realize. For one, it's not just Mexicans engaging in the practice. That said, as I explained before, a wall wouldn't be very effective at stopping it, so I don't see how it matters in this context. You are still conflating Trump's idiotic wall with border security as a whole, which is stupid.
Brent Buswell
Brent Buswell Vor Monat
Yes, legal immigration has created, and will create, more jobs. However, you didn't get the full question. What of those who come here illegally and who merely are on the take form the government, or those who come here illegally to have their babies delivered here in our medical facilities. How is it that they seem to get more care than our own citizens do when our citizens are the ones paying into the medical system? I know what our Constitution says about the rights and privileges of being a United States citizen, but those rights and priveleges do not apply if you are here illegally, at least they shouldn't. I know our Constitution doesn't speak directly to the issue of illegal immigration, but it sure is clear about what is required to be a legal citizen. That's what this is really all about. Just because someone comes to this country does not mean they are to be granted all the rights and privileges of citizenship. We have a process for that, but some in the political realm would seek to just make them citizens right off quick, at least that's how it looks. What is wrong with having a secure border?
Uge of Altron
Uge of Altron Vor Monat
Now I want some waffles...
Tyler Keller
Tyler Keller Vor Monat
I LOVE waffles.
Senior Heffe
Senior Heffe Vor Monat
"Everyone loves it when you make them pay for things they don't want" $700 penalty for not affording healthcare. But we love Obama here so nevermind.
Senior Heffe
Senior Heffe Vor Monat
+Stephen2462 yeah this isn't about Obamacare. I'm just pointing out that that quote 100% applies to Obamacare but would never be associated with it in his videos.
Stephen2462 Vor Monat
It's no secret Obamacare has issues, that was even one of the main topics of one of Obama's SotUs. However, that has nothing to do with this video's topic.
Chrissy's Wonderland
As the wall has still not happened I will just say it again: As a German I can attest, that walls are not a good idea. Just don't. People won't be happy. Trust me.
72CCHPhilip Vor Monat
John you are such a good in busybody dick sucker that sucking global dicks matters.....Haha.
Loki Farbautason
A lot of haters on this issue, but nobody has come up with an alternative answer. Not even John Oliver and his team could come up with an alternative answer (which they usually do), instead they gave you a joke to laugh at. The wall may not be the best solution, but its the only one that has been offered up. Anybody got a better idea? Really, I'm sincerely and humbly asking.
Dan B
Dan B Vor Monat
Ok, So as JO states large parts of the border are currently inaccessible to the sort of construction vehicles that you would need to build a wall. If you accept that before you can begin work on constructing the wall you are first going to have to build a ROAD. You build the road... and then just stop at that. A border ROAD would make patrolling the border much easier, it clearly marks the border, and landowners could actually benefit from a) increased accessibility to their land, and b) the ability to profit from trade by building roadside amenities such as petrol stations, cafes/diners, and shops. The border road could then become a tourist attraction like Route 66, and a haven for bikers. Factories could be built along the road, benefiting people from both countries. There could be places for families currently torn apart by the border to meet and reunite even if only for the day. Places for rescue/help for those wishing to flee their current situation could be built.
Stephen2462 Vor Monat
It's not really a serious problem to begin with; most of the things people like to blame illegal immigrants for are caused by more complex and deeply rooted issues, and the rate at which illegal immigration is occurring has been going down for the last decade anyways. Though if you really want more practical ways of curbing illegal immigration, I would suggest reforming existing immigration laws to make legal immigration easier, and to instead focus on cracking down on business owners who employ illegal immigrants.
knockpasheemore Vor Monat
Pavel Adamek
Pavel Adamek Vor Monat
66.66% of Trump's wives are/were gold-digger immigants. Just sayin'.
Operation FUBAR
Operation FUBAR Vor Monat
This topic needs to be revisited now that we have a so called "national emergency" about this stupid fucking wall.
Steve Schmengle
Steve Schmengle Vor Monat
Where does this arrogant PWE have his show? prk/w ears Olie we are getting and who cares who pays for it! It will pay for itself in only a few years.
Alex Brittain
Alex Brittain Vor Monat
Build the wall
Alex Brittain
Alex Brittain Vor Monat
+Clearblue Skys Y E S
Alex Brittain
Alex Brittain Vor Monat
I can refute every argument in this video.
Alex Brittain
Alex Brittain Vor Monat
+DaFiresMen That's not an argument not to build the wall. No, they didn't. They should, but they won't probably.
DaFiresMen Vor Monat
Mexico never paid for the wall
kingpatch95 Vor Monat
I believe that trump thinks that this is wakanda. Because wakanda is forever
Hana Veselá
Hana Veselá Vor Monat
It seems like 11000 people, who watched this video don´t like waffles.
Ashley Marie
Ashley Marie Vor Monat
*cries in 2019*
11thDoctorsmatt Vor Monat
We could always ask the Chinese for help. I hear they made a very big wall. Some may even call it a great wall.
Komal Singh
Komal Singh Vor Monat
I have a feeling that the real reason why Trump is crying for money for border wall is only because he wants to pocket it. I have a very stong feeling that he will not build even a feet of wall after he gets even part of the money he demands. US is really really loosing it.
Captain Obnoxious
Trump bakchod hai. America ka Kejriwal.
Zoroarkgaming Xboxlive
tiny dancer
tiny dancer Vor Monat
I think I heard you mention an idea a about a contest of some kind. I've an idea, as unqualified as I be. Everybody thinks they're a decorator when construction is being started. So, what if the Taxpayers had a say in what the wall would look like? You could have a contest and ask people to submit their ideas of what they envision a border wall would look like if it was up to them. Maybe instead of calling it a border wall, maybe a sound wall could be built alongside of the highway running east coast to west coast. My ex used to build precast concrete sound walls and so I have some knowledge about what they look like and how they are built. I'm sure Trump is no dummy about these being a builder and all. It could make sense next to the highway because traffic causes dirt and noise for the residents on the other side. I have plenty of pictures of them all over the world. If it was me, I would build a 3D wall so that we could house homeless people and kill 2 birds with one stone. Contest for Last Week Tonight? Each state might want their section to look and function differently. For example, Texas wants to build a pipeline and we would have to suggest a better choice to them. Maybe Nancy would be more willing to release money if she was in charge of the choice of wall in California or maybe even in charge of the wall building project????Trump said metal melts in the heat, so cement or adobe is perfect material. He mentions precast plank. Precast concrete is what they build sound walls with.
Cesar Zambrano
Cesar Zambrano Vor Monat
They need to teach this stuff in school. I graduated high school and did 2 years of college and i know just as much as the next guy about politics or how the world operates in general. We learned nothing. When i heard he wanted a wall i immediately knew he would offend some people because they would think its racist but i knew it was necessary but i was a little confused because i had assumed we already had a wall. Intelligence is so hard to come by where im from and your show is really important for how you explain things in a way everyone can understand. I did agree with trump about building a wall to help with the illegal immigrants but thats as far as the conversation can go with so many people because they will stop you and say that you're being racist. We really are still so behind in a lot of ways im 23 and enetered the workforce as an adult for about 2 years id say and i honeslty have lost complete sanity by how much BS goes on in every day jobs
themaxdg Vor Monat
Mr. Obvious is on point about this
Some Person
Some Person Vor Monat
Still so valid 2 years later...
Azrily Rhul
Azrily Rhul Vor Monat
..Are those... laugh tracks? Holy shit this dude is unfunny.
majiks s
majiks s Vor Monat
No it's a live audience
MA Kim-k
MA Kim-k Vor Monat
It's pretty obvious why he wants the wall. He keeps saying it. "Trump wall." He wants the wall as a monument to himself...his own personal mt. rushmore.
MA Kim-k
MA Kim-k Vor Monat
+Clearblue Skys You mean the ones that hardly ever jump the border?
rwithoutq Vor Monat
Remains cogent. 2/20/19 - post 'national emergency'
Where was the outrage by everyone when Obama was building the wall and sending troops to the border? Research Obama ,Hillary, Pelosi, Shumer...the list goes on. They preached the same issues as Trump. This is about opposing Trump not our security. Take a look at Spain and Israel and see how well a wall works.
* Marina *
* Marina * Vor Monat
Trump is so stupid, it's painful to hear him speak. He should be insulated from society in some padded room, not inflicting his presence on innocent people.
Natalya Vor Monat
Nice costume. It says Mexico will Pay. How did that turn into Americans will pay?
Nicholas Woods
Nicholas Woods Vor Monat
I just have one Question for Deaf, Dumb and Blind Trump supporters--Do you really think that a fucking wall is going stop the CARTELS
Nicholas Woods
Nicholas Woods Vor Monat
Clearblue Skys listen retard-if it’s not going to stop the Cartels it’s not going to stop anyone--Cartels could then charge more money to get people in as well as drugs-and your calling somebody an IDIOT-WOW
Kevin Mcrae
Kevin Mcrae Vor Monat
I support the wall, because it will keep a lot of illegal drug trafficking, sex trafficking, and illegal people coming into our country illegally. Make fun of trump all you want, but the wall makes sense.
Stephen2462 Vor Monat
+Clearblue Skys Just because people like you have been bamboozled into supporting it doesn't mean the rest of the country should. If you don't like hearing the truth about Trump's con, that's your problem.
Stephen2462 Vor Monat
There's a laundry list of reasons why it's impractical, and wouldn't be very effective. Many of which are covered in this video, I suggest you watch it.
Johnny Sepulveda
Johnny Sepulveda Vor 2 Monate
Trump is a #commie loving pinko Putin and Xi laugh at him. Who builds walls? Commies. Reagan rolls in his grave. TRUMP should be arrested for treason for taking dirty commie money. and associating with Putin, the Godfather.
Steve Schmengle
Steve Schmengle Vor 2 Monate
John O is a Bill Marr with an annoying Britt accent who thinks he is funny.
Haha Libtards, the wall is already being built and will be funded one way or the other. Invaders go home!
metsfan1324 Vor 2 Monate
You're such a loser
R. H.
R. H. Vor 2 Monate
Still no Wall....
Aaron E
Aaron E Vor 2 Monate
To the dmfp supportter who claimed we need a wall to keep drugs out; It's a picket fence you can hand drugs & $ between the slats! This wall is for no other reason then Trumps ego. He wantted something like a pyrimid! Open your eyes dmpf supporttrrs!there
TanTheMan Vor 2 Monate
At this point both parties don't even care about whether or not it will stop drugs or illegals. It has become a political point. Dems didn't want it so that they could say that trump didn't fulfill his promise and Reps want it just to say that they did (regardless of whether it is a fence or only 55 miles).
Alpin Art
Alpin Art Vor 2 Monate
"Mexico's going to pay for it" "and they're going to be happy about it" they'll be happy about it because then they don't have to look at the fat americans and be jealous
Javier Vega Bravo
Javier Vega Bravo Vor 2 Monate
And know, this man is president, after all those jokes ...
Stephen2462 Vor Monat
The biggest joke of them all.
Karen Shaub
Karen Shaub Vor 2 Monate
This is absolutely the best breakdown on the reality of the Vanity wall! I wish I could force every Trumpster to watch it. Leave it John Oliver.
Braden Barnes
Braden Barnes Vor 2 Monate
about the economics, that cost sounds expensive to you and me. The thing is that this isn't you and me, this is the US government. The US government has a yearly discretionary spending of 3.8 trillion dollars. To put that into perspective Nasa has a yearly spending of 20 bill, that take up less than 1% of that budget. Not to mention because illegal immigrants cant pay taxes do to the lack of social services its estimated that it is a loss of 112 billion dollars. So what could happen is we take the people in the states that immigrated illegally and if they are just people who wanted a new life we give them a slap on the wrist and make them citizens. With that newly generated tax income you could pay for the wall 3 times over. win win for both sides. They get citizenship and we increase border security so they do it legally. So I guess mexico can pay for it after all.
Richard White
Richard White Vor 2 Monate
The IRS doesn't know who they are, but that doesn't mean they're not receiving W-2s from them. Payroll taxes are still collected for fraudulent social security numbers. This is a large part of the reason that on average undocumented individuals pay more in taxes than they receive in public services. Here's a source: www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2016/09/undocumented-immigrants-and-taxes/499604/
Braden Barnes
Braden Barnes Vor 2 Monate
+Stephen2462 how can illegal immigrants pay taxes when the IRS doesnt know they exist?
Stephen2462 Vor 2 Monate
Actually, a significant number of illegal immigrants do pay taxes, though they can't claim social benefits. The high cost of the wall is also only one of many MANY reasons it's a bad idea, as explained in the video. Most of your logic seems to run on some rather idiotic assumptions, like the premise that people who immigrated illegally would be able to get in legally without complications, that the wall would significantly boost border security, and others.
Moop Poop Zippp
Moop Poop Zippp Vor 2 Monate
Politicians in this country will become polarized for a wall when Millions of Americans Are dying in our own country From Vietnam type tactics Already threatened by Venezuela's acting president.
MonsterCycleRyder Vor 2 Monate
10 US code 284 dont need to declare an emergency or need congressional approval.
Adam Singer
Adam Singer Vor 2 Monate
Back here after the Govt Shutdown (35-Day Flavor!!), and possibly one week before he declares *a national fucking Emergency* for his Wall-Money. This whole thing runs in a different light, now. Cuz the absurdity of it WAS so goddamn obvious then, but--purely by the Shutdown's repercussions--the Wall has measurably harmed more Americans than ANYdamnthing that that (as John puts it) #SymbolOfFear would keep out.
A B Vor 2 Monate
I'm an Indian, I've seen both Sicario movies and I think the wall is a very good idea.
Jon R. Olsen
Jon R. Olsen Vor 2 Monate
Israel built a wall, and it wasn't feasible.
Stephen2462 Vor 2 Monate
Entirely different circumstances, not to mention an entirely different scale.
2988bagello Vor 2 Monate
John Oliver debunked de-vid.com/video/video-_fV-C1Ag5sI.html
HOOD Vor 2 Monate
whem you reference a video which has nothing to do with the original video
Daniel Ashford
Daniel Ashford Vor 2 Monate
Frump said 40 million a while back...
Stephen2462 Vor 2 Monate
A number he likely pulled out of his ass.
J T Vor 2 Monate
That joke about bulldozers and graveyards was fucking horrible. What a cunt.
bisquitnspanky Vor 2 Monate
Leave Taylor Hicks alone. Cheap shot.
C"mon man
C"mon man Vor 2 Monate
Fucking Nazi
American III%
American III% Vor 2 Monate
Donald Trump will never be ??????? NOVEMBER 8 2016 HAHA LIBERAL RETARDS
Beeby8 Reviews
Beeby8 Reviews Vor 2 Monate
“In times of crisis, the wise build bridges, while the foolish build barriers” King Tchalla, Black Panther.
koala bear
koala bear Vor 2 Monate
If i were to assemble a team to survive the zombie apocalypse it would be the rock, danny trejo, bobby seger, and Donald trump, so our camps would have gorgeous walls, lol
Thomas Danielsen
Thomas Danielsen Vor 2 Monate
February 2019 and trump still talks about a wall
William Ryde
William Ryde Vor 2 Monate
Waffle iron wall?
James Yap
James Yap Vor 2 Monate
Stupidity begets stupidity.
Dave Vor 2 Monate
Yes, land line! Thanks Comcast.
OG-San McHomie
OG-San McHomie Vor 2 Monate
Maybe a rope XD HAHAHAHA Trump must be a comedian himself, otherwise this can't be true. BTW people in my country (Germany) actually follow Trump on Twitter just because it's fun!
Trump has been known as the King of Imminent Domain for decades, and he's not shy about using it. He says he will if he has to, and he won't be as nice as Bush.
Yanick Desforges
Yanick Desforges Vor 2 Monate
I'll go for a waffle.
russ G
russ G Vor 2 Monate
I knew this was a vanity project. Fucking asshole! Made 800,000 people not get a paycheck for 2 weeks. Thankfully they will get back pay, but the hours they spent at food pantries will be with them forever. 5.7 Billion to be exact according to Trumpterd.
scarecrow _
scarecrow _ Vor 2 Monate
In the last 20 hours in Tijuana, 12 people were murdered in different incidents, with a total of 153 victims so far this January.
MrMagnusFogg Vor 2 Monate
...if John Oliver knows his 'F***' will be bleeped, why does he pronounce it ?...and if what happens is that someone else "bleeps" the expression, what is the reason for it ?...why, on the Devil's agenda, do you bleep a word in a speech ? Is it to maim the speech ?...what if Martin Luther King would have said "Fuck, I have a dream !" ?...would you quote him today with "Beeep, I have a dream !" ?!?...either you alter the word, in which case you change the original speech, or you suppress it, in which case you maim the speech...in either cases, you do a bad job...yes, even to your children's culture...
MrMagnusFogg Vor 2 Monate
+Daniel Horsman You should work on your statistics..."half" of the shows don't have the bleep //-))
Daniel Horsman
Daniel Horsman Vor 2 Monate
Why does that even matter? Every single show has bleep over when someone swears and this show isn't different
Julie W.
Julie W. Vor 2 Monate
Yes, I'm going to put my name on a wall that the American taxpayers paid for (because anyone who believes Mexico is paying for it is delusional). It's an ego wall. It won't drastically cut down drugs, the large majority of drugs are NOT brought in across the illegal crossing of the Southern border, and it won't stop people from coming as long as you are offering incentives for them to come.
zdcyclops1 lickley
zdcyclops1 lickley Vor 2 Monate
If The Donald wants a wall he should use his own money.
Ryan McMullin
Ryan McMullin Vor 2 Monate
He end up with billions in debt. Which... Isn't new for him. Nevermind.
plant powered
plant powered Vor 2 Monate
omg, the topic is totally nailed! Everything I wanted to know is here. John Oliver, be blessed!
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