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Simon's Cat
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Simon's Cat goes paw to paw with a borderline challenger in this first of a Trilogy! Part 2 out next week! What do you think of NEW character JAZZ? Please COMMENT, LIKE and SHARE! Want to see more? SUBSCRIBE and 'hit the bell' for new release notifications! - bit.ly/scytsubs
Watch Part 1 and 2 of the trilogy here:
#1 Borderline - de-vid.com/video/video-x15WEDWufPs.html
#2 On the Fence - de-vid.com/video/video-FHPKktGooVI.html
Watch the Q&A from the original premiere of Borderline here - de-vid.com/video/video-men-aiEVoMM.html
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'Borderline' Credits:
Director: Simon Tofield
Animator: Jimeno Farfan
Animation Supervisor: Rachel Thorn
Rigger: Trevor Phillips
Art Director: Liza Nechaeva
Digital Artist: Julia Young
Music: Shrooty
Foley: Chris Swaine at Fonic
Associate Producer: Edwin Eckford
Executive Producer: Mike Bell
Producer: Emma Burch
Love Simon’s Cat? Watch our 12 minute COLOUR film ‘Off to the Vet’ - de-vid.com/video/video-GTUruS-lnEo.html
Think you prefer our work in B&W - See Off to the Vet in B&W HERE - de-vid.com/u-watch?v=CyYYH...
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Want to know more about the history of Simon's Cat?
Watch the Simon's Cat Story here - goo.gl/Vfx2JS
Q. What software do you use?
A. Simon's Cat has been made using a variety of animation software over the years. Originally in Adobe Flash. Then TV Paint (and still on occasions) and most recently using CelAction.
Q. Why does it take so long to make each Simon's Cat film?
A. Animation is a slow process and Simon’s Cat films pay particular attention to observed, real life cat behaviour. Historically the films were traditionally animated frame by frame. More recently we use CelAction which has sped up the process but still requires a lot of care and attention. Each film takes approximately 6-9 weeks to make, depending on complexity, number of characters and special effects.
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9 Aug 2018

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electriclllady Vor 2 Monate
Hahaha! This was exactly my kitty today! She was in a staring contest through the wire fence and our black cat neighbour started to do the sound thing, only it literally sounded like a child crying or a baby learning to talk - going "bub bub bub" - which is what I thought it was for ages! Until my mum suggested that it was probably unlikely that there was an unsupervised toddler at the fence at dusk hehe. They all have such different little voices! I only believed it was another cat when I saw my meows super fluffed out fox tail (when she gets the threatening 'fluff out' look, only her usually sleek tail fluffs out - not her body - so she turns into a fox- it's quite hilarious !) This is such an accurate, and perfect video! I love that the rival kitty in this video has its fur like that hehe - Such an accurate attitude hehehe! xxxx
Espurr Vor 22 Tage
Oh.. bub bUb BuB BuUub.. NoOOoo.. BUB BuB bUB bUB.. x3 is what my cat does
Rosmaniza Ripai
Rosmaniza Ripai Vor Monat
So cute
Steffani Abercrombie
I know. It's so funny when my cats are fighting and sometimes they fluff their tails out. Or I spray them with water😁
Jazzy Fresh
Jazzy Fresh Vor 11 Stunden
My name is Jazz OoO
Lê Sathie
Lê Sathie Vor 3 Tage
That's my Pucca ! And she is a neutralized female !😄😂😂
SomeKid Vor 5 Tage
With the ball in his mouth he looks like he's in shock
cat kawaii1
cat kawaii1 Vor 5 Tage
2:11 hahaha a little gift!
Linda Lowe
Linda Lowe Vor 7 Tage
Hee,hee!! Love it. Do not mess with the boss!! Meow.
Jose Nuñez
Jose Nuñez Vor 11 Tage
Very good, great, amazing. They are like that!!. Congratulations to its creator. See these stories, see "Simon's cat" is very rewarding, very nice, endearing. It makes me forget the problems of life. Thank you. José Nuñez
Catty draw
Catty draw Vor 15 Tage
Poor ball
Eleanor Southee
Eleanor Southee Vor 19 Tage
My cat, gets jealous each time I'm around the dog, but they always have fun together even through the dog chases my cat each time
angel Vor 22 Tage
This would be my cat if he was old enough to wander outside on his own
DMHQ - Administration
I thought that this video was about the CAT BEING "BORDERLINE"! Disappointed! 😋
esther Vor 25 Tage
Jeje ese es mi gato listo..😍
Mira Raba
Mira Raba Vor 26 Tage
Cody Taylor
Cody Taylor Vor 28 Tage
They need to combine the three parts.
Amy Li
Amy Li Vor 28 Tage
This is exactly what my cats do lol
Vuk Vukanovic
Vuk Vukanovic Vor 29 Tage
Tracy Sault
Tracy Sault Vor Monat
Gave mine a flea bath recently. He didn't go nuts. Just kept trying to get out of the tub. I had just finished toweling him off and was trying to further dry him before letting him out. Turkey popped a squat and peed on my shoe, lol.
SmithFam Account
Thunderclan boarders in a nutshell.
Randomness! Vor Monat
Anything you can do I can do better, I can do anything better than you.
Anna Zaiceva
Anna Zaiceva Vor Monat
у меня 24 кота и все ведут себя так же
Tony Williams
Tony Williams Vor Monat
My black and white half Siamese was my best cat. Even though he was very small we knew we were in for trouble when at six months old one Sunday lunchtime he jumped up to our kitchen window dragging a cooked leg of lamb bigger than he was. I would have loved to see the expression on the face of the person he stole it from when they realised their dinner had vanished.
Mek Eman
Mek Eman Vor Monat
Cody Taylor
Cody Taylor Vor Monat
They need to but all shows in color. What do y'all think.
jherrenor Vor Monat
That's MY s**t on YOUR side.
Déňa Dvořáková
Super video
1:53 did not expect that.......
Sam Vor Monat
Cats are the only creatures that I both love and hate. They can be a handful to live with, but the payoff is pretty amazing
GTW Vor Monat
Covering the toy ball with his tail was perfect. That's EXACTLY what my long-hair cat would do!
Cody Taylor
Cody Taylor Vor Monat
0:37 Cat Fight.
lunar aurora
lunar aurora Vor Monat
the cat that Simon's cat is fight is more like the equivalent of a grumpy old neighbor.
Ruby’s Curiosities
Haha it’s funny because my cat does this with our neighbours tom. He’s a bit of a bully on the housing estate but he knows not to mess with my gal ruby. No one goes in her garden without a fight. She once got into a massive scrap with the tom, he latched onto her tail when she went to go up our fence, she spun round & quite literally jumped on top of him. All I could see was a massive pile of fur, awell as the god awful sound. Ruby defeated him after full on scrap & chased him all the way back into his house. To which she then walked proudly back home. Ruby lost half of her tail that day but it hasn’t stopped her from protecting her turf!
Emilie DeLeon Reyes
We have a cat and a dog. We are now fostering a mother cat.when she arrived she had 4, 2 month old babies and would go crazy when she saw the little dog. Now the babies r gone and she is still trying to put the little dog in her place.
Sophia Ovalle
Sophia Ovalle Vor Monat
VlogsLS Vor Monat
Almost to 200 vids
Julie Whelchel
Julie Whelchel Vor Monat
Feline political spats
Marsha Palladino
What kind of breed is your cat Simon? Ps: always love your video s
Maria Neal
Maria Neal Vor Monat
He's cute!
Lori Morse
Lori Morse Vor Monat
Tanja Lizbeth
Tanja Lizbeth Vor Monat
Caticorn Slime
Caticorn Slime Vor Monat
I have 2 Cats the little one who loves everybody and the big one who hates everyone.... But both want always Our food, cheese, Milk, meat.... The little one eats vegetables too🤢 or when neighbours or Friends Come over to us... We Tell them Every Single time don't Touch the Big one only the little one!!! But they also answer Every time: but it's a sweet Cat!!! Well five people were bleeding after this sentence😑
nordicpink Vor Monat
This Was hilarious
Little Dorrit_Lisa
I 💖 Simon's Cat!
Linda J Nichols
Linda J Nichols Vor Monat
These could be my two cats, Scruffy Duke and Fuffur vonMunchmousen. Both former strays but now have sort of a peace treaty if they want to live here. They box with each other all the time. NO Claws Allowed or I get mad and get out the spray bottle. They're always trying to 'one up' each other like these guys.
sea anemily
sea anemily Vor Monat
Yay! I'm glad you're finally putting Jazz in, I love him!
Elsa Johannsdottir
Thats north korea and south korea
Sus Xx
Sus Xx Vor Monat
They were making some good asmr sounds when they were scratching the tree 😂
yasmeen cunningham
Hilarious 😂
Pirate Thunder Kat
I have a cat named Tommy And he is my profile Lol So my neighbor Has a cat named Ruby And they dnt really like eachother And getting in alot of Fights, boy of them Has won her XD My fave ep so far
NicolaiAAA Vor Monat
lol Was not expecting the rake.
Dave Glam
Dave Glam Vor Monat
They fight like girls
CinderKitty Vor Monat
Oh my gosh, watching them scratch the tree was so satisfying...
Марта Егорова
Sherry Kelley
Sherry Kelley Vor Monat
I love Simon's cat I have a game on my phone
kleetus92 Vor Monat
1:04 fuck you! Listen for it!! (which by the way I agree!)
PusaPaintings Vor Monat
This reminds me of my boys Jake and Louie. They kind of split my house in two.
Warrior CatGirl
Warrior CatGirl Vor Monat
My cats do something similar. Te neighbor cat would occasionally come and sit on my back porch and my cats would be meowing at him and making these clicking noises. I’d have to come scare him away.
elrick erikose
elrick erikose Vor Monat
Seton Thompson wrote a novel about smart bear who did something like Simon in this cartoon :)
kittycupcake 1107
2:10 I had to watch over and over again! It was hilarious with his eyes and he is still holding his ball while peeing 😂
palmieres Vor Monat
Brains over brawn.
Morley Loiosh
Morley Loiosh Vor Monat
Russia and USA
CoffeeCats Vor Monat
Oh yes! I have three that I fondly call my three stooges. Tindora the biggest of the three (a large breed that weighs around 22 pounds and is normal weight according to the vet), used to avoid fights with the black Siamese when they were young by sitting on her face. It was funny (but I didn't tell her that). Another of my three has allergies and sneezes often. I've seen him stop a wrestling match with his sister by pausing and then sneezing on her. She promptly leaves him alone for sure.
Minecraft Eliza
Minecraft Eliza Vor Monat
Lol savage pooped on the other side
Cheryl T
Cheryl T Vor Monat
Laughed out Loud!
maliceetwoman Vor 2 Monate
Loved it - Jazz is great!
Connor McLernon
Connor McLernon Vor 2 Monate
Very human like isn’t it. Humans behave like this too.
Sean Roberts
Sean Roberts Vor 2 Monate
U British?! Omg I am!
Николай Небавский
минус _
The Fnaf Lord
The Fnaf Lord Vor 2 Monate
I've played your Game
Mino Merle
Mino Merle Vor 2 Monate
My cat often places himself right in front of our Neighbour´s garden, just to provoke their cat to join his "Fight Club"! He´s gotten quite muskular though...
Doortje Jager
Doortje Jager Vor 2 Monate
My cat is 20 years old but sometimes he plays my dad have a video over it
Gamer Flozer
Gamer Flozer Vor 2 Monate
I lost it when he took the rake XD
Lilly Dee
Lilly Dee Vor 2 Monate
Jazz- the original grumpy cat.
jmaraf77 Vor 2 Monate
The best cat fight I've ever seen!
Rick Hope
Rick Hope Vor 2 Monate
I wonder what cat breed Jazz is ?
Tufu Vor 2 Monate
He pooped in Jazz's side! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!
BlackMizu Vor 2 Monate
My cat always makes a pile in the car when she has to go to the animal doctor. She knows that I have to turn around and clean her first.
Stephanie Millard
Stephanie Millard Vor 2 Monate
Yet another perfect example of genuine cat-ness. Thanks for the laughs - loved it!
angeldeb82 Vor 2 Monate
So very funny with all the paw-to-paw fights and the clawing the tree from the tallest to see which side wins! :D
Kwiwface Vor 2 Monate
Brandon Anderson
Brandon Anderson Vor 2 Monate
My Sorcha would totally invade the space, fight, snatch her toy back, and leave a parting "gift" for the other cat 😂😂 She's my sassy baby.
natdomo Vor 2 Monate
Omg what is the name of the other cat?
E M Vor 2 Monate
Looks like hee dropp 1
Cutekitten 199
Cutekitten 199 Vor 2 Monate
My cat swipes the ground with her paw whenever she doesn't like her food, even if it's just been put down for her.
Женя Женя
Женя Женя Vor 2 Monate
я один русский??!?!?!
SakuraCourageSolo Vor 2 Monate
Pretty sure this was a euphemism for the whole "My dingle is bigger" thing. XD
Stenly _7
Stenly _7 Vor 2 Monate
I love your videos
Dubstep_city_ 7
Dubstep_city_ 7 Vor 2 Monate
pettyness in a nutshell
moomert1 Vor 2 Monate
Love it!
pilgrim1952 Vor 2 Monate
Never knew that how high you can scratch was intimidating.
nancybrooklyn Vor 2 Monate
LOL! 🐾😻😂
Carly Mara
Carly Mara Vor 2 Monate
2:06 him picking up his toy 😍
Simone Miller
Simone Miller Vor 2 Monate
Love the ending...so kitty.
Kitty Girl54321
Kitty Girl54321 Vor 2 Monate
Wait a minute. If Cat and Jazz are capable of walking on two legs, why do they continue to remain on all fours.
MoonyCinley Vor 2 Monate
Go JAZZ :-)
k fee K Fee
k fee K Fee Vor 2 Monate
my cat is lost
Angelina Smedley
Angelina Smedley Vor 2 Monate
my mom let in a outdoor cat named Max and my cats where mad
Beth38 Vor 2 Monate
LOL LOL LOL T hey looked like 2 chicks fighting....scratch, scratch, scratch while looking away. I thought Jazz was gonna get brained with the rake! Looks like a couple of kids fighting. Oh bad kitty pooping over the line, THERE is gonna be payback for that
Beth38 Vor 2 Monate
LOL LOL LOL T hey looked like 2 chicks fighting....scratch, scratch, scratch while looking away. I thought Jazz was gonna get brained with the rake! Looks like a couple of kids fighting. Oh bad kitty pooping over the line, THERE is gonna be payback for that
БОБИК ТВ Vor 2 Monate
Лооооол да ты всё таки выпускает видео
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