Box of Lies with Cardi B

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Cardi B and Jimmy take turns trying to stump each other about what items are hidden inside their mystery boxes.
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Box of Lies with Cardi B
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10 Apr 2018

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Gracie Murphy
Gracie Murphy Vor 4 Stunden
*its fluffy........or is it* DUN DUN This is the special victims unit . these are their stories.
Charli Silver
Charli Silver Vor 10 Stunden
Cardi don’t lie to a pregnant woman Jimmy sorry baby love yo uncle jimmy sorry
Charli Silver
Charli Silver Vor 10 Stunden
I don’t know what it is 😅😅
WolfyAnime YT
WolfyAnime YT Vor 11 Stunden
Jodie Ussery
Jodie Ussery Vor 11 Stunden
Hey hey😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jodie Ussery
Jodie Ussery Vor 11 Stunden
Poor her
Jodie Ussery
Jodie Ussery Vor 11 Stunden
Lol I’m dying she don’t understand
Sip My Tea
Sip My Tea Vor 13 Stunden
Are those balls...alive???
Lia Camble
Lia Camble Vor 13 Stunden
I’m disappointed on how short is was. Still really god tho
K a s c h y F.
K a s c h y F. Vor 14 Stunden
*P u s s y b a l l s*
Jade Babe13524
Jade Babe13524 Vor 17 Stunden
I hate cardi b
Miriam Vor 19 Stunden
Shes really dumb I dont think she graduated at all
Vanesa Dineva
Vanesa Dineva Vor 19 Stunden
Her nails are so extra
Lividali Vor 20 Stunden
Lividali Vor 20 Stunden
Omg i didnt see that there was a wall until She said pussypalls hahaha
TugeNukem Vor Tag
This bitch seems retarded as hell.
Loren The snake
"What is on your box" *"not a penis"* 😂😭😭
Sage_Ivory Killer
Cardi is really funny LMAO she made me die😂😂😂😂😂
Casey Maloney
Casey Maloney
Cardi no filter lol I can’t she says what she wants I’m choking of laughter lol
Cheska Onyekuba
I see the beautiful bump
Deasel PlayZ
Deasel PlayZ Vor Tag
Cardi b in the house XD
Thatllama 1
Thatllama 1 Vor Tag
Cardi b I’m back bitches
Kamilla Iqbal
Cardi looks great in blonde
Jenny Abrahamsson
Her first reaction to opening the box *Aaaawwwwiii!!*
Gayle amads
Gayle amads Vor Tag
LittleGirlGamer- My gaming is funny
*legend has it that cardi b didn’t give birth at the jimmy fallon shows*
Christopher Troise
she is sooooo stoned.
Jesserlene Jessy
Jesserlene Jessy Vor 2 Tage
🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣cardi b is sooo funny🤣🤣🤣
Laura C
Laura C Vor 2 Tage
“Not a penis” 😂😂😂😂
I dnt think Cardi really understood the game 😂😂
Beauty and Famous People
Cardi's face at 4:45 I AM SO DONE WID HER BRUH LMBO😭😭💕🤣🤣😃
Nicole Markantoni
Lizzie Heart
Lizzie Heart Vor 3 Tage
I love cardi b
Not a penis
Bella Xtibbs
Bella Xtibbs Vor 3 Tage
I'm ded
Life With Grammy
Life With Grammy Vor 3 Tage
Maria Maldonado
Maria Maldonado Vor 3 Tage
I love you cardi b so much I wish I can meet you one day I by the way my name is Maria love u queen❤️❤️💖❤️💖😍💕👑👑👑👑👑👑❤️💖 cardi b is so funny love u❤️👑❤️👑👑👑👑👑
Ava Almeida
Ava Almeida Vor 3 Tage
Cardi:it’s fluffy (1rst round) R.i.p Me
Roselyn Zavala
Roselyn Zavala Vor 3 Tage
4:25 Cardi "Sounds like my ex boyfriends grandmother
Annelise Hogan
Annelise Hogan Vor 3 Tage
i love cardi b
Gennie Acton-Phillips
Where he says 'ill give you a new one' meaning the baby shes like, hell nahh
Alana Eedy
Alana Eedy Vor 3 Tage
Sofia YT
Sofia YT Vor 3 Tage
Im so in love with Cardi B's outfit 😍❤️😘
Drei Detiquiz
Drei Detiquiz Vor 4 Tage
two hairy balls
Khoder Hasan
Khoder Hasan Vor 4 Tage
Cardi you are so funny
Aniyah Chavez
Aniyah Chavez Vor 4 Tage
Its fluffy... 0R 15 17
Jake Scott
Jake Scott Vor 4 Tage
I recently found the toy Cardi had in the back of my closet and didn’t know it’s name. Now I know they are called pussyballs.
Saba Swift
Saba Swift Vor 4 Tage
Jimmy : Cardi Cardi? Cardi : Yes Jimmy? Jim : Telling Lies C : No Jimmy J : open your mouth C : Ha ha DuDuDuDu Haha DuDuDuDu haha DuDuDuDu Hahaha!:"/ ( when School is near and I got Crazy bout it) 😹😐
Madeleine Higuera
Jimmy: What's in the box? :) Cardi B: Not a penis. ;) Jimmy: ... T_T -Jimmy Leaves- Cardi B: Wait! D:
tea time
tea time Vor 13 Stunden
+amara sofia o sorry I took it too far 😂 lolol
amara sofia
amara sofia Vor 13 Stunden
tea time girl please i never said anything was wrong wit it 🤝!
tea time
tea time Vor 13 Stunden
+amara sofia so? What's wrong with playing roblox
amara sofia
amara sofia Vor 14 Stunden
Madeleine Higuera ok someone obviously plays roblox
kara kofia
kara kofia Vor 4 Tage
wtf since when cardi b is pregnant
dave miller
dave miller Vor 5 Tage
Man she is ugly
luminous S
luminous S Vor 4 Tage
Harry Potter
Harry Potter Vor 5 Tage
Died coz of laughing damn hard at their reactions 😂💯
NZia piasa
NZia piasa Vor 5 Tage
Cardi & Miley (of course not here!🙄) these two funny hottie make this show even more entertaining 💗
The Cooper Empire
Her nails tho
Ish Lianne
Ish Lianne Vor 5 Tage
Jimmy is so done with Cardi B 😂
iiNoelle ii
iiNoelle ii Vor 5 Tage
I love Cardis nails!
Honey Dawson
Honey Dawson Vor 5 Tage
I love how the audience thought they were animals
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It’s Just Me
It’s Just Me Vor 5 Tage
Bruh what’s up with those nails tho ?
the last light
the last light Vor 5 Tage
This was soo cringey but still funny
Hannah E
Hannah E Vor 5 Tage
“You wouldn’t lie to a pregnant woman would you?” The logic has me dead 😂
Danielle Playz
Danielle Playz Vor 5 Tage
*If give birth here i will sue u* *Me:dont even scare her OR SHE WILL SUE U*
Duplo 13
Duplo 13 Vor 5 Tage
She's creepy, 🤔
heidi louis
heidi louis Vor 5 Tage
I love cardi b lol
Dead Inside
Dead Inside Vor 5 Tage
Cardi got me dead
Nilda Pacheco
Nilda Pacheco Vor 5 Tage
Cardi b queen of rap❤😙💜👜🔥
Lala Martinez
Lala Martinez Vor 5 Tage
I love cardi b
Gracious Mahone
Gracious Mahone Vor 5 Tage
Lol honestly feel like cardi didnt know what was going on.💀
Bonnie Boneca
Bonnie Boneca Vor 5 Tage
Phoebe marie Hintapa
I laugh a lot oh my god😂🤣
Paris Truong
Paris Truong Vor 6 Tage
Cardi: can you hike my *pussyballs* ?? Me: *im dead of laughter*
Beth Collins
Beth Collins Vor 6 Tage
Someone please tell me what those things were in her box
Freddy Freaker
Freddy Freaker Vor 6 Tage
Cardigan Backyardigan
Moonstone Studios
0:13 Cardi is looking regal as frick!
Jess Targaryen
Jess Targaryen Vor 6 Tage
is she high? XD
Kentrell X Khloe
Kentrell X Khloe Vor 6 Tage
Is she high
Ella Felice
Ella Felice Vor 6 Tage
I love her accent tho
0:54 AWKWARD (laughter)😑😑😑
Hello My name is
Hello My name is Vor 7 Tage
She does not understand the game
Radanes Vor 7 Tage
Cardi B really doesn't understand this game.
Cardi Gang
Cardi Gang Vor 7 Tage
Ci UnDEFINED Vor 7 Tage
I want to know what those balls actually were moving around like that lol
Hoe Unknown
Hoe Unknown Vor 7 Tage
She better knot lie lol
rebecca yana
rebecca yana Vor 7 Tage
i love cardi b so much😂😂
Ravi Kumar Tiwari
She if funny af
CARDI B Bodak Yellow
Maynard Manalo
Maynard Manalo Vor 8 Tage
CARDI B is real😍
Tennille Patterson
D . S
D . S Vor 8 Tage
Not sure if Jimmy’s audience is an entire pre-school class, literally
XxxSAVAGExxX _1000
Jimmy: what's in the box Cardi B:PUSS BALLS Me:😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Emmie Lou
Emmie Lou Vor 8 Tage
Jimmy:what is in your box Cardi: not a penis 😂😂😂😂😂I died😂😂😂😂😂
Emmie Lou
Emmie Lou Vor 8 Tage
The KKC Vor 8 Tage
Cardi b sounds so calm
Anthony Hinnant Hinnant
JaCrispy Vor 9 Tage
She is just so unfunny its just hard to watch, i cant comprehend how people find this girl funny. She makes jokes that we all said in the 5th grade and having a grown ass women act less mature than my younger siblings is just pathetic. All of these interviews are so cringeworthy because Jimmy cant hold a conversation with this illiterate thot. How is this girl famous?
h p
h p Vor 9 Tage
wen she got scared tho
PrinceXL Vor 9 Tage
this is amazing tbh keep these coming
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