Brendon Urie's Skyscraper Trick Revealed

BBC Radio 1
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The stunt coordinator from Panic! At The Disco's 'High Hopes' video reveals just how Brendon Urie walked up the side of a skyscraper!
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2 Okt 2018



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Olivia Skelhorn
Olivia Skelhorn Vor 15 Tage
Radio 1 I thought ‘oh sick this’ll be great’ why is narrated by an overly British robot? Mate get Grimmy to narrate it
yu vic ben
yu vic ben Vor 15 Tage
shitposting scallywag
they said "back in the nineties" but the video for Bittersweet Symphony was made in 2009
Gaspar Jimenez
Gaspar Jimenez Vor 17 Tage
It was released in the 90's, the music video and the song are from the 90's but the video was uploaded to youtube on 2009.
Jimena Sebastian
Jimena Sebastian Vor 26 Tage
is PANIC! AT THE DISCO. without ! is not the same
FunkoFloppyStar Vor 29 Tage
Why was this made? What a waste of internet speed
wtf is this
Елизавета Буйленко
Очень содержательный ролик
Filipe Torres
Filipe Torres Vor Monat
where I find sam smith's video - pray at Big Weekend 2018?
J S Vor Monat
🐡🐡Click bait who ha ha🐡🐡
sherley Vor Monat
funny video but don't appreciate the misleading/clickbait-ish thumbnail
Emily Davies
Emily Davies Vor Monat
Literally spent 1:31 minutes singing High Hopes
The Emperor is Naked
What is this video lmaoo but it's got brendon urie so i won't complain
Grace Taylor
Grace Taylor Vor Monat
Phanic! at the chemical pilots
Rip terry😂
why is this narrated by a robot and edited by a 10 year old?
zeth fox
zeth fox Vor Monat
why is this even a thing? it's incredibly obvious that he's being pulled up on a crane big fucking deal...
Max Ramsay
Max Ramsay Vor Monat
Gun Fitzsimmons looks eerily like Thomas Gray 🤔😏... #Lads
twenty one at the disco!
Early!! omg yess
DirtNastyLow Vor Monat
BBC Cant afford to have a human to talk for 1 minute so they have microsoft sam do the audio.
DirtNastyLow Vor Monat
Thats communism for you, everyone is poor even famous radio/tv Channels.
Hassan hh.
Hassan hh. Vor Monat
Whatismusic videos????😍😚
Mohit Sharma
Mohit Sharma Vor Monat
Ist comment .it was funny hahaha . Whoever thinks its funny hit like and if I tricked you then hit like Read more
Mohit Sharma
Mohit Sharma Vor Monat
+Hassan hh. i am not
Hassan hh.
Hassan hh. Vor Monat
Are you from aendea???? 🙂
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