Broner vs Santiago HIGHLIGHTS: February 20, 2021 | PBC on SHOWTIME

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Adrien Broner battled his way to a unanimous decision victory over Jovanie Santiago in their 12-round welterweight bout on February 20, 2021, live on SHOWTIME.
#BronerSantiago Fight Recap:
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20 Feb 2021



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El Mass Loco22
El Mass Loco22 Vor 7 Stunden
Santiago was robbed
Keno Keno
Keno Keno Vor 6 Tage
Broner has no defense
J F Vor 9 Tage
He almost lost that fight
Mark Anthony Frondozo
boring fight
Sunny Law
Sunny Law Vor 10 Tage
That’s AB we all know keep it up my man
Emeli :3
Emeli :3 Vor 13 Tage
Those slaps that Broner were throwing though. I bet he learned that from his gf.
Urban Ape
Urban Ape Vor 14 Tage
I have HATED on Broner the last few years because of his performances in AND out of the ring. But HERE IS MY TRUTH on him..I was a HUGE AB fan before all the goofy shit that started leading to losses, he was well disciplined in the ring, quick with power, hard to hit..a TRUE artist of the game. Then the $ came and with $ comes overconfidence, belligerence, YES MEN, and ALL the pitfalls that come with the bag.The only diffrence between Great and Good..is YOU believing your one before the other..$ and the wrong people around you will fast track that mindset and eventually put you in a situation where truth outweighs the LIES and adulation YOU'VE come to expect and adore..AB remains in my top 20 of ALL TIME and ALL classes just because of his potential and what I've SEEN even in losses..he's NEVER been dominated..the ASS kicking he took went the distanced..Ali got his ass kicked a couple times through 12/14 rounds. My point is..AB, get back to what got you here..and WE ALL will root for you again💯
Imhotep Pease
Imhotep Pease Vor 16 Tage
The referee was extremely annoying during the entire fight.
jeffrey rivera
jeffrey rivera Vor 17 Tage
AB is finally fighting as AB he’s a natural walk’em down fighter def not a defensive fighter
G Vor 17 Tage
Santiago pulled a Shawnnporter with almost dropping but the leg strength kept him up
Wayne Chisholm
Wayne Chisholm Vor 18 Tage
This guy grunts like a female tennis player.
I Am Groot
I Am Groot Vor 27 Tage
Broker LET YOUR FUCKING HANDS GO!! All that elite punching speed for nothing smh I don’t understand 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
Scrooge McDuck
Scrooge McDuck Vor 29 Tage
Damn he beat AB nuts in all fight. I counted 5 Nut shots in this highlight.
Broner brings in the views still.
TDI Sempre
TDI Sempre Vor Monat
broner one this fight off the left hook, that was the cleanest punch landed throughout this whole fight. Excited to see who he fights next his defensive skills are still top tier imo
Fa’aaliga Ualita
Gomes Vor Monat
Their didn’t mess up with the highlight straight to business
Donald Williams
Donald Williams Vor Monat
Pbc some bullhorn. He had way more moments. 9-12 round he dominated. I hope he leaves along with a few others. A bunch of ducks. The one fight that will fight anybody you hate on
Ishmail Nganga
Ishmail Nganga Vor Monat
If only AB would keep quiet while throwing his punches, probably he could punch harder 😃😃
sleepy Vor Monat
12 rounds and only a minute highlight? Tf 😂😂
Rigo Juarez
Rigo Juarez Vor Monat
Remember.....Maidana boo
Angel 666
Angel 666 Vor Monat
About brokeness. Pay the waitress her M now.
Poo Poo
Poo Poo Vor Monat
Problem got solved over five years ago he's trash
Colin Brown
Colin Brown Vor Monat
Adrien sorry fella but you are an embarrassment
Ramy D
Ramy D Vor Monat
Broner is a GREAT CHAMP! I hope 🤞 he starts taking it more SERIOUS!! Let’s go CHAMP! 🤛👊💪🏽💪🏽
Ryan Stewart
Ryan Stewart Vor Monat
Adrian Broner vs Amir Kahn 2021 make it happen !!
Larry Butler
Larry Butler Vor Monat
Broner got punched after bell and security ran in the ring lmao
شكور نائب الرئيس
Sounds like Holly Holm over here yelling with every punch
Nap Sum
Nap Sum Vor Monat
A.B transformed into a Hulk after Santiago hit him after the bell, tried to knock the skin off of Santiago.
Shahbaz ahmed
Shahbaz ahmed Vor Monat
Hi good morning nice
Bore Vor Monat
They are pretty much the same height, and it says broner 5'6" 1/2 and santiago 5'8" wtf?
Signkutter signkutter
That clip was the most action packed of the whole fight...Boring -ass broner...
Trottotrot Vor Monat
Does anyone even give a shit about Broner anymore. That name is irrelevant. Nobody will remember Broner in 5 more years
sinhen li
sinhen li Vor Monat
Damn manny madiana sent him to the under card he got m&m
Lawl Nubz
Lawl Nubz Vor Monat
Dam he Lowkey looks worse
Chamorro415 Vor Monat
Santiago won this fight.. Broner still does not let his hands go. 1 min highlights says it all.
Murf M
Murf M Vor Monat
Was this an exhibition fight or just a very boring fight? This highlight vid isn't even a minute long.
Sage K
Sage K Vor Monat
1 minute highlight for a 12 round fight???
Jose Salgado
Jose Salgado Vor Monat
Nicholas M
Nicholas M Vor Monat
Nice to see him back , well done Adrian !!
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Vor Monat
I feel like AB is scared to get knocked out and embarrassed if he let his hands go like he should it would’ve been easy KO good win though
sajid bashir
sajid bashir Vor Monat
Love it
Jesus Cruz
Jesus Cruz Vor Monat
Ya know i beat him !😅
BAY 8TH Vor Monat
Mr Espinosa and Mr Haymon 2 Heavyweights in the Sports and Entertainment world.Santiago won that fight and was afraid to say he won.They must be running things like MBS.
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Vor Monat
The moment when broner finally lets his hands go and misses like 60% of the punches.
Ernest Nieves
Ernest Nieves Vor Monat
Wow🤔 everyone isn't screaming racism and robbery what a surprise oh it ok the beaver got robbed there fair
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Vor Monat
dam i missed this bullshit because i was too busy watching a real competitive fight valez vs berchelt....
Ricardo Maximiliano Danilovich
Maidana ended his career
Ak 74
Ak 74 Vor Monat
Fix No way did Broner win that fight , no wonder boxing is losing so much credibility with absolutely pathetic judging . Obviously a fixed fight
Man Man
Man Man Vor Monat
He is deadly when focused
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Vor Monat
Where did broner go wrong....he just doesn't have hands....he needs a new trainer obviously because he ain't it
J. Barnes
J. Barnes Vor Monat
Santiago was brawling he did clearly get out boxed. But nevertheless sorry performance by AB.
Tommy Teamer
Tommy Teamer Vor Monat
You did a good Broner you is a champ keep it up
Curtis Jones
Curtis Jones Vor Monat
If I was Broner I would go to derrick james and beg that man to train me!! Brroner still has it and it shows when he opens up..Hes just so paranoid about getting knocked out or bruised that hes trigger shy and rather play defense...And after doing this so much it becomes routine and its suffocating the dog that's in him
Mike Patrick
Mike Patrick Vor Monat
Ab look pretty sharp here. Standing in there letting them go. Good bang fellas.
Broner is amazing🔥🔥🔥🔥
UnbiasedOpinion Vor Monat
There’s a reason why the ratings for the fight were absolutely trash. Everything about the fight was shady n fixed. From the last minute category weight change which is just unheard of to the fixed n disgraceful scorecards. Typical fixed boxing bullshit!!
Eddie Martinez
Eddie Martinez Vor Monat
Broner may have eeeked out a draw or a W, especially with the point deduction that should have been a strong warning. But Broner was fighting ??? . Who was it that he fought?? The fact that a conversation on whether or not he won is a legitimate debate shows he's a has been/could've been fighter. Period.
Santiago Gonzalez
Broner lost this fight and Santiagowas robbed..
Melroy Lobo
Melroy Lobo Vor Monat
Fuck wat a crazy 1 minute highlight🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🥊🤦‍♂️
kolim jone
kolim jone Vor Monat
The moment when broner finally lets his hands go and misses like 60% of the punches.
Sweet scientist84
Will we see him in court or the ring next? I'll put court at a solid -350
Sweet scientist84
It's a stretch calling these highlights. Have fun with those fights PBC.
Imperial Kevin
Imperial Kevin Vor Monat
It’s good to see Broner focused again. He’s a great fighter when he is focused and not showboating
jennifer rodriguez
that all!?!!?
kolim jone
kolim jone Vor Monat
Dayuuum, One minute highlight for a full 12rd fight? LMFAOOOO I bet it was a snoozer. 😂😂
Johnny banz
Johnny banz Vor Monat
Where did broner go wrong....he just doesn't have hands....he needs a new trainer obviously because he ain't it
Chaqua Liador
Chaqua Liador Vor Monat
The ref got more pist at santiago then broner for that cheap shot after the bell
Atleast broner retired with a win 🏆he's retiring right???
Jason Hepler
Jason Hepler Vor Monat
He got outlanded by more than double his punch total. Santiago won this and won big.
Randy Vor Monat
Debatable win... Not impressed. Definitely need more tune-up fights!
Teds Lead Hat emporium
I just think it’s too late for broner, he had his time and he kinda pissed it away, he has to fight no names to steal a decision win....idk man, he’s rich so I don’t get it, just hang it up, it’s getting hard to watch.
James 23
James 23 Vor Monat
Broner lost this fight. I don't know what the judges are doing.
ceejay1872 #55
ceejay1872 #55 Vor Monat
wtf why 1min
J. V.
J. V. Vor Monat
His beard was longer than the highlights.
Jordan Reid
Jordan Reid Vor Monat
A fighter can’t hit his prime twice
Shotgun Arms
Shotgun Arms Vor Monat
AB has been loudmouth trashcan since forever, he's just about ready to get retired by someone. I'd like to watch that fight .
Rico Baca
Rico Baca Vor Monat
Broner had a fight?
Lieska78 Vor Monat
Broner vs Maywheather would be great, forget Logan Paul.
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Vor Monat
Dayuuum, One minute highlight for a full 12rd fight? LMFAOOOO I bet it was a snoozer. 😂😂
John merick Manlapit
I thought it will be 2nd round ko to be this short
John Zoccano
John Zoccano Vor Monat
What a fucking disgrace regarding the judges scorecards. If you believe them, Santiago wasnt in the fight...Broner the stoner did NOT land one punch in the first round but got the round on all three judges scorecards. FIX.
Haddingtonian GCP
Didn't even know AB is out of retirement!
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Vor Monat
Broner landed 98 out of 438 punches and Santiago landed 207 out of 697, and Broner won the fight (?)
Juan Vega
Juan Vega Vor Monat
If broner would’ve been humble then he would’ve been someone. He is ass
Stringy-bark creek
I'm sick of seeing the special little few live there life with no restrictions while the rest of us are muzzled and lock up like dogs
Big Cat
Big Cat Vor Monat
The moment when broner finally lets his hands go and misses like 60% of the punches.
Acidmardigras Vor Monat
Most ridiculous shit decision you'll see.
cqvio doli
cqvio doli Vor Monat
Probably the easiest money bronner ever made
Ashley Topeeq
Ashley Topeeq Vor Monat
Broner wants boxing money and the life of a rockstar drugs and a fast life
cqvio doli
cqvio doli Vor Monat
this is why Broner deserves the money. Because y’all will forever watch him win or lose, belt or not
Ray Perez
Ray Perez Vor Monat
Watch the full fight not the highlights
Ray Perez
Ray Perez Vor Monat
Realest opinion broner lost period.
Akeele Hill
Akeele Hill Vor Monat
Ab was jabbing this man with the left the whole fight....easy win
Kuyahhh Axe
Kuyahhh Axe Vor Monat
As NBA fan I'm proud James harden won this match🥴
DJ Kulengo
DJ Kulengo Vor Monat
Broner is famous because of the fight on his past opponent manny pacquiao. He is trending in Philippines wow it's crazy but man you must continue to fight and we are likely to see you in a match of Thurman that is so interesting...
Mister Taylor
Mister Taylor Vor Monat
AB won based off these highlights.. still need to let his hands go
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv Vor Monat
I wasn’t too impressed with broner in this fight, still has a lot to improve on, good to see him back though.
Misael Hallett
Misael Hallett Vor 24 Tage
He has not fought in a heavy minute! Of course he wasn’t 100%
manos depiedra_mt
🤣🤣🤣 let me box him I want a big check
Miguel Nava
Miguel Nava Vor Monat
Straight ROBBERY!
Asmobia Vor Monat
Broner landed 98 out of 438 punches and Santiago landed 207 out of 697, and Broner won the fight (?)
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv Vor Monat
fight next yr.
Ken Vor Monat
0:41 Broner: "thats what you get after punching after the bell"
James Simmons
James Simmons Vor Monat
Broner fighting for a two piece dark meat special with all the fries he can handle at this point. LOL
AB lost that fight. Santiago won
Q Brown
Q Brown Vor Monat
Funny how y’all complain and hate on Broner. But this short video got a million views. Your “so called” favorite don’t have a million views on their highlights. Just saying 🤷🏾‍♂️... this is why Broner deserves the money. Because y’all will forever watch him win or lose, belt or not
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