Can 200 Rust Players Defeat an ARMY of Admins?

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Can 200 Rust Players Defeat an ARMY of Admin Abusers? FancyOrb has to hunt down 200 players and everyone only has 1 life. He has an army of admins this time helping him. Both teams need to work together, who will come out on top?

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1 Jul 2022



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filip malicki
filip malicki Vor Monat
Can 200 Rust Players Defeat an ARMY of Admin Abusers? (one of them has an overpowered weapon and is practticaly invincible)
@Kelvin Ykj true though
Kelvin Ykj
Kelvin Ykj Vor 18 Tage
@Maiiko if you already know they would win whats the entertainment in this video?
Maiiko Vor 20 Tage
It is called admin abuse, not sure if you can read or not
Zene The Hero
Zene The Hero Vor 23 Tage
@Kelvin Ykj true true can't argue with that
Kelvin Ykj
Kelvin Ykj Vor 24 Tage
@Zene The Hero Then did brollow and his team had an infinity gauntlet that has a shield that can let you walk on lava and makes u immortal when they had nothing left?
guilty pleasures
Really enjoyed right up to the end, how can anyone possibly win against someone with invincibility. I’d say the 200 still won given how far they got given the odds
guilty pleasures
@Mk. true true can’t argue with that
Bill Nye
Bill Nye Vor Monat
The gauntlet was totally unfair, he was just immortal
OG1GOD Vor 12 Tage
@Stewploiser no he didn't look at the video close
Benjamin Murphy
Benjamin Murphy Vor Monat
@Stewploiser he placed the lava
How Sick Is That?
So unfair
me!lazy frisk
me!lazy frisk Vor Monat
what are you gonna do about 🤨
GHOST Vor Monat
@Soulz he didnt cause whenever they shot him he was immmune
Ishigami Dave
Ishigami Dave Vor Monat
The most epic and action packed video I've seen in a long while, Fancy you out did yourself with this one ! I can only wait and see how you top this one.
DeezNutz2Rich Vor Monat
Okay but why are you everywhere ?
SebbyK Vor Monat
Had a blast making this!
GHOSTED Elite Vor Monat
Was happy seeing ur name bro
Players: we are winning. Admin: (turns invincibile mode on)
Rylan Maughon
Rylan Maughon Vor Monat
@Dabestgrimmreaper 4 no
Dabestgrimmreaper 4
You do know they could've just walked up to him and fired a rocket inside the bubble essentially getting the dub for 1 player loss.
CJ Vor Monat
Yeah that was unfair
Konfuzion Vor Monat
What a crazy story, insane video as always
alistair Vor Monat
Avery P
Avery P Vor Monat
Bruh how was this fair
Skizzors Vor Monat
Please do another rusts got talent video that shit was funny af
Ares Hall
Ares Hall Vor Monat
Marianette Chan • 69 years ago
When did the last time you touched grass?
IcyyOfficial Vor Monat
Can we just apreciate the time and effort he puts into his videos wow!, and the storyline is always on point!
gifwood Vor Monat
truly amazing content, rust never looked like so much fun before. truly a masterpiece
Believe Vor Monat
I love everything about this video!!! Hate that I missed this one but it was super fun to watch❤️
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Vor 29 Tage
I am so glad your account is gaining traction.. so glad to see! Keep up the good work.
Rock girl
Rock girl Vor 27 Tage
Can we just apreciate the time and effort he puts into his videos wow!, and the storyline is always on point!
joe doe
joe doe Vor Monat
the level of effort and coordination to bring us this content is amazing
Dominic Reed
Dominic Reed Vor Monat
I wanna see a huge all out war, with two massive bases and a massive battle field with elite players and maybe a king and special elite roles with better and stronger gear. I dont know what limits are for this but this would be epic Also i just want to point out my favorite moment, at 5:35 lol
Miscio Vor Monat
Kinda think this was unfair for Brollow and them but still you never fail us
Addison Hydock
Addison Hydock Vor Monat
Brollow a real one to put his part in the vid in jeopardy for his men, I died when he deleted the minicopter then apologized saying “I don’t know if I could do that” 😂😂😂👏
onlineDC s
onlineDC s Vor Monat
What great content you always provide for us fancy we are truly blessed!!!🙌🏽 KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!! Your doing big things man❤️
Athena Vor Monat
This vid had me riveted and on the edge of my seat!! Was actually gutted Brollow didn't win. Wonder what his health was in the final duel against Fancy.
I love having kola back, his skills are insane.
viiont eooiy
viiont eooiy Vor Monat
I love having kola back, his skills are insane.
Rose Fee
Rose Fee Vor Monat
This was really unfair for players but good video keep it up
RustyLyrics Vor 25 Tage
Its admin abuse for a reason
Dylan1 Vor Monat
@Rose Fee ye he was literally invincible
Rose Fee
Rose Fee Vor Monat
It was pretty much all fair but when he used black ball it wasn't
Rose Fee
Rose Fee Vor Monat
@Mk. It's still needs to be fair
Dylan1 Vor Monat
@Justin Smith he didnt so it was fair
Diamondkid Vor Monat
It was an honour serving alongside fancy and all my fallen brothers o7 HURAH
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Vor Monat
this was amazing fancy, you keep improving the videos somehow
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Vor 28 Tage
this was amazing fancy, you keep improving the videos somehow
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Vor 27 Tage
this was amazing fancy, you keep improving the videos somehow
Ali Ayan
Ali Ayan Vor Monat
I am so glad your account is gaining traction.. so glad to see! Keep up the good work.
Martin Holden
Martin Holden Vor 8 Tage
Best rust clip I've seen to date. Well edited and I bet a ton of fun for all involved
Ravi gaming
Ravi gaming Vor Monat
I watch you every video and it's always fun to watch but using your secret weapon is wrong
Akihiro_Error Vor Monat
love the videos keep up the good work man!
airpods - rust II
Dude the amount of work you put into your videos is insane
The Narrator
The Narrator Vor Monat
An excellent video. It looks like fun to play on both sides regardless of the outcome.
Anthony G
Anthony G Vor 27 Tage
absolute madness! loved every second of it, please don't ever stop
Eeli Vor Monat
These videos are literally the best Rust content ever!
Oscar Iversen
Oscar Iversen Vor Monat
6:44 They are not scared, but you are 36 admins with 500+hp
Spookee Vor Monat
this was amazing fancy, you keep improving the videos somehow
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Vor Monat
Man I haven't play Rust before but this channel make this game look enjoyable. Keep up your good work!
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Vor Monat
Man I haven't play Rust before but this channel make this game look enjoyable. Keep up your good work!
ShinoidaNanami Vor Monat
Man I haven't play Rust before but this channel make this game look enjoyable. Keep up your good work!
zLegend Vor Monat
@Mr.Potato Waffle Rust is nothing..without friends
Mr.Potato Waffle
I wish I could play rust now thanks to these videos !
Da La
Da La Vor Monat
Excellent Video. I think the admins should be easier to kill the hp lowering was a good idea, they can't use all their powers every two seconds, maybe a time limit. And their should be vehicles and weapons all over the map. To be fair the admins didnt use their powers as much compared to previous ones.
KautiousKO Vor 29 Tage
I liked it until the end, it was clearly unfair and i didnt enjoy watching someone be invincible.
Fancy, I've got a challenge for you... Squeeze 200 pop into a 1x1, then toss a nade in the 1x1. You could get them to go in batch by batch. Batch 1 enters and log off. Batch 2 enters and log off. Up till you get 200 people in there and get them to log back in. Will the 1x1 still hold? If it does, what happens if a nade went off while everyone is inside. :)
ZOXXY gaming
ZOXXY gaming Vor Monat
I always find my self rooting for the players was such a good fight
Liam Evans
Liam Evans Vor 25 Tage
I love the part where you use the over powered invincibility that’s amazing 🤪
Yee Xian
Yee Xian Vor Monat
Would love to see a 100 man zerg vs another 100 man zerg
Some Person You Have no Association With :p
As much as I am disappointed the players didn't win, I still think that this was an insane video. Nice work
jason200912 Vor 22 Tage
they did win. he cheated by making himself invincible and unkillable.
kolim jone
kolim jone Vor Monat
BEAUTIFUL VID! Loved the emotional storying telling!🔥❤️
John Ray Kerby Lobrigo
There's no chance players can win he used the shield that was unfair as hell
Candy cane
Candy cane Vor Monat
man if only i had enough money to buy rust i would love to be in this
Kaleb Caron
Kaleb Caron Vor Monat
Man you could’ve betrayed him you could’ve secretly activate the shield and also you could’ve re-sprayed the gloves
Monsterminion1 Vor Monat
I’ve never played rust and I know nothing about it and this is still entertaining lol
Fortnite Epic games
When I did see this video I just got so happy amazing series thank you Fancy😁
the light gamer
the light gamer Vor Monat
Your videos are so cool and make me want to get rust just to play in these lol
Valaric _NS
Valaric _NS Vor Monat
I love that Kyle was a ghost for the showdown.
you know how unfair it is that he cant get hurt with the gantlet but you know when he uses it he can shoot threw the bubble ya man so fair
Twilite ZonKe
Twilite ZonKe Vor Monat
At the end fancy cheated to me ! You already had the stronger team . But yet you pulled out the glove just to win . Love the vids but SMH
M Vor Monat
someone "accidentally" placed a c4 on the heli 🤣
(+)zeza Vor Monat
Imagine the lag console players gotta deal with in this war🤣
Kyle Anderson
Kyle Anderson Vor 23 Tage
This is really creative content. I'll be bringing this
Proxi G
Proxi G Vor Monat
Great video and loved every second of it! I will however say that it would have been more fair if you took the shield off after you got into that lighthouse.
Proxi G
Proxi G Vor Monat
@FancyOrb ah you are right. Sorry the black glow had me confused.
FancyOrb Vor Monat
I did, you can see me taking damage in the lighthouse
Stormmax Vor 24 Tage
What sucks is that I was participating in the event but because of something in the game I crashed and I was still in the general area of the capital, I was hiding in side of one of the buildings and the door got blown off and I got crashed and when I tried to rejoin It said I died.
Jahamis_abomis Vor Monat
Dude this was so unfair, they had no chance. Gotta make it fair man.
Justin Smith
Justin Smith Vor Monat
2:33 "ah man we just shot up a disco part damn man" we suck" 😂 shit has me laughing so hard
ham burger
ham burger Vor Monat
at the end with the wild west thing fancy was like: long live the king and shot him off the edge
Himphy Vor Monat
I feel like at the point where you use god mode it’s not really admin abuse it’s just impossible
GOLDEN K9 Vor 27 Tage
jago juice
jago juice Vor Monat
these vids r literally the best rust content
Migr4tion Syvix
Migr4tion Syvix Vor 29 Tage
Cash Ronnie
Cash Ronnie Vor Monat
He played like when you play toys with a little kid they always be having some random power so they 100% win 💀
Tony Salazar
Tony Salazar Vor Monat
"Listening to my brothers getting murdered" " Clayton come inside...Ah Clayton's dead" 😂😂😂😂
panda man
panda man Vor Monat
Dude this is like watching a big guy fighting a small guy and the small guy starts to win in the big guy just pulls out of guns I like nope you don't win
Thane the Forsaken
damn what a battle hope there will be a part 2
Cynx Vor Monat
This was so unfair for the players next time don’t use anything that makes u invincible
SteenX_ACID Vor Monat
I got what i deserved. IM SORRY BROLLOW
FreeMoneyHub old channel
i dont even play rust. i hardly have seen this game. ive been watching your videos for months. its like a mass fortnite game. The replay mod makes to movie like and its soo cool. amazing content
wuoi zuiu
wuoi zuiu Vor 29 Tage
It was an honour serving alongside fancy and all my fallen brothers o7 HURAH
ToXic Killshot1
ToXic Killshot1 Vor Monat
I loved this I enjoyed every minute of this video
Chill Dogs
Chill Dogs Vor Monat
I kinda wish you used a more creative way to bypass the lava since it was your fault.
Bro that was an intense ending! Good video
MaraJoshWana Vor Monat
Had a blast playing this.!!
Tyler Shimabukuro
I really enjoy this type of content. Next time can you make it a little more fair tho?
Master Chiefy
Master Chiefy Vor Monat
the video should be renamed "Can 200 under equip players Defeat Admins with OP health and Weapons.. yes you assigned a "ONE" admin on the 200 players. players running on MP5's and Tommies while Admins Running AK and M2 and RL.
James Mackey
James Mackey Vor Monat
Great video but making yourself unkillable makes it a bit cheap
Krytana Vor Monat
literally every time fancy is losing he pulls out some broken ass bullshit to make him win and also why tf did brollow literally say to the last to guys to jump in the chinook then ditch them when they jumped?
Pluto is gay
Pluto is gay Vor Monat
@Double ETA They killed him with mines last time if they had just done the same they would've won again lol
Double ETA
Double ETA Vor Monat
Yeah so unfair the players worked hard
7Gabex7 Vor Monat
So true
Kermit Vor Monat
its admin abuse not add every broken plugin like if your gonna use that at least make it so you dont have 10k hp
Jason Ram
Jason Ram Vor Monat
You should do a 100 players vs predators basically a certain number of people can turn invisible and they can't use any gun based weapons lazers and Melee weapons and for a finna touch the predators are hiding amount the 100 players
Medio Vor Monat
That was just unfair I mean he used something that makes him in mortal. Where nothing can kill him.
Liam Martin
Liam Martin Vor Monat
Next time make a brute and a boss for the ones with no admin
Zombified Gaming
Imagine he just sams the heli in the end lol
StickingBlox Vor Monat
THE LEGEND IS BACK! After 3 weeks xD i love these VIDEOS!!!!!!
Knickl Vor Monat
so the admins are even alowed to heal ??!
Fishdoor222 Vor Monat
Absolutely loved this, Fancy makes better movies than the star wars sequels
Mitchell Vor Monat
Another brill vid thanks fancy!
The Spreeman
The Spreeman Vor 5 Tage
Even for admin standards. That was cheating. Ban him! 😆😆😆
jason200912 Vor 22 Tage
lol kyle is the best pilot *kamikazes 1 mile away from target and misses all his rockets*
PuTTyYodle 69
PuTTyYodle 69 Vor Monat
The gauntlet is too op, the players should've won
Cozy_In_VR Vor Monat
I honestly think this was unfair, great video though!
Cozy_In_VR Vor Monat
@Mk. yep realized that later, I still really like the video
m. bukhori
m. bukhori Vor Monat
do another admin abuse but instead of you hunting down the players they are the ones who are hunting you
samourai44 32
samourai44 32 Vor Monat
More of the admin vs players it's so cool
memeporium Vor Monat
I haven’t seen your channel in a while but this video pulled me back in
Derek Luckwaldt
Derek Luckwaldt Vor 24 Tage
9:35 the guys scream of defeat was hilarious
SteenX_ACID Vor 7 Tage
christian madison
i love how brollow us always against the adimins
Sam Miller
Sam Miller Vor Monat
A raid on the capitol... Where have I heard that before? 🤣
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