Can Doug and Chat beat a Randomized Nuzlocke? | DougDoug Stream VOD 08/04/2022

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About DougDoug:
Doug is a sentient bell pepper who was hired by the FBI to crack gaming challenges and also talk about things with food



11 Aug 2022



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As soon as Doug introduced the congratulate reward I knew immediately that it will be used against him all the time.
“Hey Doug, how’s the weather been?”
Bell of Bellmont
Can we get a compilation of every time Doug does a count down but interrupts himself to scold twitch chat
Democracy and Anarchy, step aside. It’s time for A crew and Z crew to take the spotlight!
Watching this makes me just wanna watch Doug do a nuzlocke with his very limited knowledge
Fire Tarrasque
Actual Nuzlocke starts at around
Laykus Woods
You know as someone who has recently gone through a divorce I came to youtube as an escape and what I guess is effectively comfort content, only to be reminded every five minutes that my ex-wife doesn't love me anymore, I failed her. I'm going to live alone for the rest of my life until I inevitably die a loner who lost everything. Still love you though man, and love the long-form background content.
I never thought I'd be up for a repeat of the fartocracy, but seeing the "congratulations" reward in action was definitely a great time.
stranger 2107
congratulations doug, you did it
I can't wait to see the dougdoug video this run turns into
“We don’t live under the tyranny of the Queen”
as a pokemon veteran I can say that doug constantly forgetting whose turn it was or what was going on was way more infuriating than his lack of pokemon knowledge
Hey I was in this one! Great work Doug, you're incredible! Amazing! You're the best gamer!
Taylor Davidson
I lost my mind when he called it the ship of Dionysus not the ship of Theseus
Super whatever gamin'
Twitch Chat cheers as Doug fixes the controller.
Drew Simon
I hope Doug doesn't die to a poison type against a grass type
Von Seiren
Doug doesn’t have an accent. He has an attitude.
Solar Cupid
I remember leaving in protest after Pikachu died, but now I'm here bc I'm curious what happened dammit
its a boat... | Raft
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