Can I beat Mario Maker's best levels with ONLY my voice?

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Can I beat Mario Maker's "normal" levels with ONLY voice commands?

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About DougDoug:
Doug is a sentient bell pepper who was hired by the FBI to crack gaming challenges and also talk about things with food




11 Apr 2022



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Patterrz Vor 7 Monate
Doug should replace Chris Pratt as the voice of Mario
Snowfall Vor 2 Stunden
Chi1i Vor 18 Tage
Doug should DEFINITELY replace Pratt after watching the trailer.
Zrmarvin Vor 5 Monate
Doug should replace Chris Pratt period
Kravataf Vor 6 Monate
Roaring Thunder115
Roaring Thunder115 Vor 6 Monate
JoeFilms Vor 7 Monate
I have never thought of the “Hahoohothothothot” sound effect outside the context of dying in lava, so I hadn’t considered Doug completely misunderstanding it.
Pools Closed
Pools Closed Vor 25 Tage
Tank you
RickRaptor105 Vor 7 Monate
Chat went absolutely nuts at that last level because even though Doug said "1 is the bottom, 4 is the top", chat was counting the other way, from top to bottom. So the path that Doug jumped into was 3 for him, but 2 for chat. So there was a bit of a blame game after he died.
Tredenix Vor 7 Monate
To be fair he should have done the poll options the other way around then; as they were it overlaid each number on the boxes top to bottom. The worst part is that I just checked, and the third box down was the right one. The first rule of Mario Maker is that it's always door #3.
Nelida AKA Sara
Nelida AKA Sara Vor 7 Monate
That's why they're all banned
Solly Bussell
Solly Bussell Vor 7 Monate
Honestly i love how doug has basically chosen a few games and a few concepts and just mixing and matching them. Looking forward to Mario Maker But Everytime I Say Turtle 10 Bowsers Spawn
Kimberly Brouwers
Kimberly Brouwers Vor 7 Monate
@Noah H that Dark Souls one is genius and I need it
Noah H
Noah H Vor 7 Monate
Skyrim speedrun but if I say any enemy's name I restart Dark Souls but every 5 minutes the HUD gets worse Spelunky with voice commands Mario Odyssey but mayonnaise if I die
Vovegog Vor 7 Monate
I have never felt such a rush through my body as I did when Doug shouted "Lets a fucking go". What a glorious achievement
akoisme Vor 7 Monate
true the transition is just so perfect lmao
Tristan Vermaak
Tristan Vermaak Vor 7 Monate
I love how these voice commands just keep getting more and more unnecessarily complicated
Brett Uhl
Brett Uhl Vor 3 Monate
On one hand it's hilarious on the other it's extremely frustrating
Oregano Parsley
Oregano Parsley Vor 3 Monate
@Joltz..? really? I had no idea. I’ve been saying “wahogagahagahagaga” for years.
Joltz..? Vor 3 Monate
@Oregano Parsley it's actually Ha-ho-hot-hot-hot-hot
rupert1491 Vor 4 Monate
You mean I wasted my tomata sauce
Kiister Vor 5 Monate
@Lunar Flare come one dude that`s clearly "HAAAHOOOOYAHAHOGAGGAGA" you can't be serious
Sir Reginald Fishington XVII
You gotta love it when Doug gets a level that plays itself or something, and he just _a s c e n d s_ and experiences pure bliss
ericb31 Vor 7 Monate
reminds me of a recent video by "grey still plays" where he paid some people to make GTA boards for him... and the last one was essentially an auto-play board! all he had to do was hold down the accelerator key to win! de-vid.com/video/video-RQsPzOj578s.html
Atrum Nuntius
Atrum Nuntius Vor 7 Monate
All things considered, he did shockingly well. I know I wasn't expecting him to be able to beat 4 levels in a row unless he skipped until he got nothing but autos.
Mochiwolfy4529 Vor 7 Monate
Oh ok
MusicByOK Vor 7 Monate
Id love to see a whole tournament of this, with a bunch of other streamers. Would be massively entertaining
AYM UH SPUNJ Vor 7 Monate
Elite leagues having beatboxers on their team with the voice commands being certain quick sounds.
Creador De pan
Creador De pan Vor 7 Monate
8:14 You can tell he’s been practicing he’s Spanish cause that’s not even Spanish to begin with
TWIST Vor 7 Tage
@Imkantus but it's actually Italian
Imkantus Vor 2 Monate
@Isaac Thomas I mean that I was obviously joking.
Isaac Thomas
Isaac Thomas Vor 2 Monate
@Imkantus Brazil doesn’t have its own language - do you mean Portuguese?
Daniele Bassetti
Daniele Bassetti Vor 6 Monate
@Imkantus bruh
Imkantus Vor 6 Monate
Yeah, its brazilian
Temeraire Vor 7 Monate
Doug's voice software when recognizing Smash characters: "I knew your words before you said them" Doug's voice software literally any other time: "Fuckin' I dunno. Did he say the?"
POGstache Vor 10 Tage
@Clu Rosencrans you just said mario
The Immortal Sun-kun
The what
EpicGaming11195 Vor 6 Monate
he reads a message and the program is just like "you're about to say ike"
Grayson Vor 7 Monate
• Akari •
• Akari • Vor 7 Monate
You just said Ken
Evan Guthrie
Evan Guthrie Vor 7 Monate
Just like in the "ploob" situation, Doug's sense of hearing is equal to that of a 70 year old because Mario clearly says "hot hot hot" not "ga ga ga"
GalaxyWisp Vor 7 Monate
I love the editing with the program not understanding what you're saying and doing nothing while you repeatedly say everything from "You mean I wasted my tomato sauce?" to "Ha-hoo-a-ga-ga-ga-ga!" and more, just priceless :) Also, anyone know what the music playing at 13:05 is?
GalaxyWisp Vor Monat
@Normal Fish From Ohio THANK YOU, OH MY GOSH THAT'S BEEN DRIVING ME CRAZY FOR SO LONG!!! No wonder I recognized it, I played the demo version back when it was new! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR FINALLY CLEARING THAT UP FOR ME, now I can stop asking that question on almost every video it keeps being used on...
Normal Fish From Ohio
I may be late af but Daemon X Machina
Vincent Constantineau
Steven Rosenstock
Steven Rosenstock Vor 7 Monate
i love how at 8:37 he starts doing the italian thing with his hands to get the power of italians with him
Julian Savage
Julian Savage Vor 7 Monate
I like how the last level says it's extremely difficult in the title and Doug is so pumped for it
WinderTP Vor 7 Monate
Once again, Luigi wins by doing absolutely nothing.
Mohammed Alabed
Mohammed Alabed Vor 3 Monate
Is that a desbug reference
The SFNB. Vor 3 Monate
So true!
ExquisiteLad Vor 6 Monate
@Pause4pot i tho it he was japanese
Jesse Horvath
Jesse Horvath Vor 6 Monate
Luigi be like . . . . . . (*nothing*)
Pause4pot Vor 7 Monate
@𝙀𝙫𝙞𝙡𝙈𝙘𝙕𝙤𝙢𝙗𝙞𝙚 Its A Joke Bud
Piboiindahouse Vor 7 Monate
Looking at the few times we got to see Doug's amazing runs I am now thinking of watching the vod just to see all the times he needed "you mean I wasted my tomato sauce for nothing?".
Jacob Trahan
Jacob Trahan Vor 7 Monate
I feel like Doug should face the Chris Snack family with just his voice. See if he can beat his own creation.
Bravecylinder Vor 7 Monate
Listening to a grown man frantically spouting “hey stinky, hey stinky- HEY STINKY!” and “WaHo-AgAgAgAg!” over and over again is the energy I needed today.
Dallas Kinder
Dallas Kinder Vor 7 Monate
I haven't laughed that hard in a while. Thank you for the solid content DougDoug. Love your channels
Matthew Vor 7 Monate
Doug just shouting "You mean I wasted my tomato sauce?" at a door and nothing happening is peak dougdoug content
John Pett
John Pett Vor Monat
That and the part where he kept saying hah hoo wah gagagahgahgah.
Poet Night
Poet Night Vor Monat
You mean I wasted my tomato sauce?
Thecatolivia Vor 3 Monate
FoxtheImpersonator Vor 4 Monate
@Matthew woosh 🤣
The Calcium Killer
The Calcium Killer Vor 7 Monate
"Yahoo, am I right?" Shouted Mario, casting a glance to the millions of people waiting for this exact moment. And at that second, they all burst into laughter. Mario, however, did not. This joke was too old. Too stale. It was time for a new one. "Wahoo, am I right?" The crowd fell silent, confused and enraged by Mario's hate crime against the beauty and wonder that is "Yahoo." He will burn, they decided. And in the end he did. The moral of the story? Yahoo. Don't Wahoo.
The Calcium Killer
The Calcium Killer Vor 7 Monate
@Smashlord3 I'm like 80% sure you're joking, but I'll clarify. I wrote this randomly, sending it to a few friends on discord at the time of it's conception
Smashlord3 Vor 7 Monate
@The Calcium Killer but it says you wrote it 21 hours ago! I think you're trying to trick us
The Calcium Killer
The Calcium Killer Vor 7 Monate
Do note that I wrote that like a year ago for no particular reason
Liv W
Liv W Vor 7 Monate
This was my first stream I had ever watched live. It was definitely an adventure, glad to finally be in the know for one of your vids. You have quickly become top 5 favorite youtuber/ streamer!
QuickSilver Vor 7 Monate
Hey Doug, just got my glow in the dark bell pepper plushie in the mail today! I've never bought merch for any other DE-vidrs but your content is so uniquely hilarious that I didn't hesitate to order both peppers when they came out. Keep up the great work and here's to hoping that I'll have an entire army of bell peppers someday!
Alana Banana Canada
Alana Banana Canada Vor 7 Monate
That was super intense. Too bad he couldn't beat this simple challenge:(
Spotawatt Vor 7 Monate
Im fairly certain that the level at 10:35 was just asking whether the enemy can be killed with the fireflower
Pomada Gaming
Pomada Gaming Vor 17 Tage
Doozy518 Vor 5 Monate
I can't tell if dave was extremely stupid or extremely lucky.
Sciura Squirrel
Sciura Squirrel Vor 7 Monate
@Wohao_Gaster ahh true lol
Wohao_Gaster Vor 7 Monate
@Sciura SquirrelHe underestimated Luigi's pump
Sciura Squirrel
Sciura Squirrel Vor 7 Monate
Omg that is so genius, how do you have no subscribers?!?
MoreOverLord Vor 7 Monate
I love how serious DougDoug gets when doing the voice challenges.
Kristian Meling
Kristian Meling Vor 7 Monate
This kind of makes me want to get Super Mario Maker just so I can make a load of levels called “Super Easy for Voice Commands” in different languages in the hopes Doug will eventually get one and be correct in his translation purely by accident
jk boi
jk boi Vor 7 Monate
Imagine Doug's neighbors just hearing him screaming like a madman
No Vor 7 Monate
Doug is the only channel I can watch and have a guaranteed laugh every time
DeadSpacedOut Vor 7 Monate
I've always been a big fan of the consistency of recurring humor and innovatively changing old ideas to make them better, like "i have to play the best (game) of my life" and taking the voice commands idea and evolving it over time. DougDoug truly has mastered the art of DE-vid, at least for me and i've never missed a video yet, they're just so entertaining and innovative while including callbacks and of course sometimes having side storylines going on as well. Truly an art form.
DeadSpacedOut Vor 3 Monate
@Emil Stoltz Ah, Skyrim... never change Bethesda.
Emil Stoltz
Emil Stoltz Vor 3 Monate
Or the one where he united a headless body with a bodyless head.
DeadSpacedOut Vor 4 Monate
@Jouschie B?
Jouschie Vor 7 Monate
David The Droid
David The Droid Vor 7 Monate
It was Spanish it was Italian and you got it wrong
emerald top
emerald top Vor 7 Monate
Videos like these put into perspective how many tiny movements you make when playing a game
TheAdvertisement Vor 6 Monate
Love how on that fireflower quiz level it was entirely doable as a quiz, but Doug just ended up guessing the correct answers anyways.
Braimos Vor 7 Monate
1:08 DougDoug tries to translate Mario's desperate cries of pain and helplessness.
Ryan Vor 7 Monate
I love how Doug keeps raising the stakes himself and accepting every raise of the stakes from chat. Amazing how he has no fear.
Z Real
Z Real Vor 7 Monate
I was literally alone at home, and still I couldn't keep myself from clapping for Doug at the end
Sailesh Nepal
Sailesh Nepal Vor 7 Monate
*Let's take the moment to appreciate how much effort he puts into his content for us* 👍👍👍
Check My About Page Link
Let's take the moment to appreciate how much effort he puts into his content for us💙
BlazinHope Vor 7 Monate
I love how these voice commands get so ridiculous that it gets difficult to make it through some levels xD I especially love it when Doug just says it out loud and some in sheer anger/frustration. I don't know, I just find that funny.
TheGreatMondello Vor 7 Monate
The only thing I love more than your enthusiasm, Doug, is your hubris! Well played!
NightFiire Vor 7 Monate
I always look forward to watching your content. You really know how to make my day! Keep it up!
i toast
i toast Vor 3 Monate
Dugs interactions with his community really makes his streams so special and unique
Sofia J@mes
Sofia J@mes Vor 7 Monate
It is always a very good day when Doug uploads especially because he doesn't upload all that often
Young BZ 2nd
Young BZ 2nd Vor 7 Monate
What a beautiful way for Doug to audition to take Chris Pratts role as Mario!
Hi Vor 7 Monate
de-vid.com/video/video-4XS84FiFUUw.html finally it's here.
Jesus & A Guy
Jesus & A Guy Vor 7 Monate
Doug and his streams always devolve into… *I don’t know.*
Ásþór Loki Rúnarsson
I usually don't enjoy these types of videos, but Doug seems to bring it every time
Olive Vor 7 Monate
You know it's a good day when doug uploads
Alex N
Alex N Vor 7 Monate
I've finally realized something after watching Doug go even crazier with stacking impossible odds, and it took hearing God Shattering Star yet again to finally piece it together: Doug's improbable successes are the result of channeling the utter madlad Claude von Riegan.
Meneer_haas Vor 7 Monate
Im addicted to dougdoug. Like he’s to olive oil and horse tilt
Clockwork King
Clockwork King Vor 5 Monate
He can quit horse tilting whenever he wants, he just doesn't want to...
TheRedAzuki Vor 6 Monate
Fucking love me some horse tilt
Noah Jester
Noah Jester Vor 7 Monate
Yep. He always finds the absolute goofiest way to enjoy a game, whether it be spawning dragons or pitting twitch chat against itself 😁
John Izzo
John Izzo Vor 7 Monate
The dedication to absurdity with a straight face this man has is commendable
RossDog Vor 7 Monate
If you're here watching Doug and reading this and feeling inspired then keep going grinding away! We are all in the same boat here looking for ways to help all our channels. keep up the good work and Never Give Up!!
Adrian G.
Adrian G. Vor 7 Monate
So how dramatic can you make beating auto levels? DougDoug: yes
H0LY Vor 7 Monate
Doug, I was casting this to my PlayStation 4, And right as you were about to cross the finish line on the auto level- my PlayStation disconnected from my internet. At first I thought it was a bit. Then I interacted with the menu. It was perfect timing, and I thought I'd share that with you and everyone else.
Teal Marjira
Teal Marjira Vor 7 Monate
Imagine if you were in the other room and didn't know Doug was streaming.
Marcelis Vor 3 Monate
@Santos Chavez their only clue is his LinkedIn profile😂🤣
Santos Chavez
Santos Chavez Vor 7 Monate
If I were Doug I'd never tell anyone what I did for living, just so that they're always so confused lol
Wohao_Gaster Vor 7 Monate
​​ @Slenderquil Ramcharge Hahoo-oo-agagaga Hahoo-oo-agagaga Hahoo-oo-agagaga Hahoo-oo-agagaga Hahoo-oo-agagaga Hahoo-oo-agagaga Hahoo-oo-agagaga
Slenderquil Ramcharge
From the other side of the wall, you just hear a faint "Hey stinky. Hey stinky. Hey stinky. Hey stinky."
True Blue Flare
True Blue Flare Vor 7 Monate
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Vor 7 Monate
That slow down segment of counting Mario's manurisms was far too funny. Thank you Doug.
Carl Ragsdale
Carl Ragsdale Vor 7 Monate
The ending was absolutely perfect LMAO
J Jayansh Adithya
J Jayansh Adithya Vor 7 Monate
Mario Maker troll levels have taught me more about psychology than any professor possibly could. It's just mind games man
Kellar Vor 7 Monate
One of these days the intro will say “hey this is Doug Doug where I solve problems that EVERYONE has”
Nelida AKA Sara
Nelida AKA Sara Vor 7 Monate
Always so good to behold you on DE-vid again, Doooog
Mary Eller
Mary Eller Vor 6 Monate
Listening to all the commands he says in a level, makes him sound like an insane person
YnobeSnapdragon Vor 7 Monate
i love how he keeps moving the goal higher. Like a boss!
Dieu DeMort
Dieu DeMort Vor 7 Monate
I just love the way he clears his throat, "You're all banned." Perfect delivery, 10/10, would get banned again.
Gomper Eats All
Gomper Eats All Vor 7 Monate
14:32 "this is it, this is the one!" *level translates to super super super difficult*
Just Some Guy Who Never Dies
@SpiderNinja211 maximum*
SpiderNinja211 Vor 5 Monate
It takes a minimum of 4 tries
Walter Vor 7 Monate
name checks out
Sean.A.S Vor 7 Monate
Watching Doug go "It was never a matter of doing X, it was always a matter of doing X+1" felt like watching a scout player overextending.
Gage Baldonado
Gage Baldonado Vor 2 Monate
You can tell how committed he was to making the commands when he took the time to search up Mario sound affects and dissect them
Alec Coolboi
Alec Coolboi Vor 6 Monate
I just watched this today and while watching it I realized that the video that says hold right is a course I made for absolutely 0 reason and seeing one of my favorite DE-vidrs playing while going through hell is pretty cool
Interrupted elizabeth
The bit at the start with choosing the voice commands was genuinely the funniest thing I've seen so far this decade
Dorito7bruh Vor 7 Monate
It is always a very good day when Doug uploads especially because he doesn't upload all that often
Falkuzrules Vor 7 Monate
It is always a bad day when people can't comment something original especially because you're a big poopy head
frapphuddy Vor 7 Monate
@John Slaven no it’s not
John Slaven
John Slaven Vor 7 Monate
Its three now
Kaden Zepher
Kaden Zepher Vor 7 Monate
120 likes and 1 reply? that's rare
Oregano Parsley
Oregano Parsley Vor 7 Monate
64 likes and no replies?! That’s rare
Raylion Vor 3 Monate
8:32 killed me. That would have been a wonderful command too.
Big Rat
Big Rat Vor 7 Monate
Truly some magnificent storytelling in this video. We begin with DouglassDouglass setting a high mario-voiced bar for himself, and as he beats level after level, his confidence grows. At the end, DouglassDouglass is felled by a mixture of betrayal and hubris. He makes an attempt at a fifth level, and leaves his fate up to the malignant swarm of spirits known as chat. Ultimately, chat betrays DouglassDouglass and he dies. A rollercoaster of emotions
AveerPlayz Vor 4 Monate
“Where we solve problems no one has” Oh you know damn well I’m gonna watch this guy everyday
Blue-Cloud-Studios Vor 7 Monate
Never thought we would analyze Mario's voice
zoro4661 Vor 6 Monate
It's insane how much easier these would be if Doug's voice recognition software wasn't so ass
P_Ttown Vor 7 Monate
dougdoug has really been challenging himself lately lol
Tanner Reese
Tanner Reese Vor 7 Monate
Love the channel but this has to be the best voice command video hands down 🤣
Sir. hans jonas
Sir. hans jonas Vor 7 Monate
I love these kinds of videos, good work.
Icy Crusader
Icy Crusader Vor 7 Monate
That slow down segment of counting Mario's manurisms was far too funny. Thank you Doug.
Emil Stoltz
Emil Stoltz Vor 3 Monate
*Sooo looong gaaay booowseeer*
Eric Vor 7 Monate
That was the most impressive mario playing I've seen in my goddamn my life
Mcbuns21s Vor 7 Monate
I'd like to think how high Doug has to be to be like"hmm this is a smart idea"
BubblezGames Vor 7 Monate
Nothing like a good old dougdoug vid to end the day
Ignacio Mosconi
Ignacio Mosconi Vor 7 Monate
You allways make me laugh Doug. Thanks for that
DeadSpacedOut Vor 7 Monate
That final level is the PERFECT level to give DougDoug... it always goes back to random chance.
I write stupid comments, please ignore
@Panzer_Slasher125 But he literally did though. Third from the bottom.
Michael Hendershot
Michael Hendershot Vor 7 Monate
@Panzer_Slasher125 he did tho
Panzer_Slasher125 Vor 7 Monate
he didn't even go in the third one
ManoloGamerSS Vor 7 Monate
@Lt. Robin It's not count, it's memory, I didn't remember the video
Lt. Robin
Lt. Robin Vor 7 Monate
@ManoloGamerSS can you count? He said the final level. The final level was 100% random chance. And there isn't a fire flower to be seen in it
Colby Emery
Colby Emery Vor 7 Monate
Man that was a really interesting ending!
ZomBro_BOSS Vor 7 Monate
Every time DougDoug uploads I get scared, every time there's something weird, at some point he's gonna make a normal video to be weird, or make one he makes you think there's gonna be something weird
Keta Vor 7 Monate
I love the scientific analysis of Mario screaming while on fire
Galactic Ruler
Galactic Ruler Vor 7 Monate
The best part of this is when he has TTS voice commands, even the slightest similarities in words gets read. Meanwhile when he's using it he screams the commands over and over again to no avail.
JCSMANs Vor 7 Monate
Luigi may have won by doing nothing, but it was legendary…
R3VERSAL Vor 7 Monate
Imagine what it felt like to be a believer on the last run
Blakksheep Vor 7 Monate
I love how all the commands were based off Mario and then he played as Luigi.
DogsWithPurpose Vor 7 Monate
When Doug Doug says this is easy, it never is
Ruubs Vor 6 Monate
Is it just me or does Doug play the best mario maker of his life like it’s a common thing in his vids
ItsLucaTime Vor 7 Monate
This video is a great representation of going past your limits
Sam Worrall
Sam Worrall Vor 7 Monate
Yet again, the best content on the internet
Normal Everyday man
Normal Everyday man Vor 7 Monate
Lmao. Feel like Doug losing his brain cell every time he doing voice challenge
Rexx Vor 3 Monate
Nothing better then watching Doug scream “AWHOOAGAGGAGAWAGG” on a good Wednesday evening
NoAm DaViD
NoAm DaViD Vor 7 Monate
The real Mario voice commands are the friends we made along the way
DUCK Master
DUCK Master Vor 4 Monate
this is amazing, plus awesome editing
Alysa Vor 7 Monate
Him aggressively yelling hey sticky is not something I knew I needed until today
Flinch Vor 4 Monate
LRgogo Vor 7 Monate
What if... the person who sent the Super Show clip was actually trying to get you to use the noise the bird makes after Mario says the line?
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