Can I Use The Customers Water When Pressure Washing?

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27 Nov 2021



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PLP PH Vor 9 Tage
This is the real pressure washer in real life theres a game that u use pressure washer to clean thing's
jwalka85 Vor 13 Tage
@Havok ThaDon hate a scammer? Lol why would anyone hate a acammer? Hmmm?
Havok ThaDon
Havok ThaDon Vor 13 Tage
@jwalka85 y'all mad dude makes more money then you all probably in his sleep. With each of you haters that comment he's getting paid. Each person that clicks his link he gets paid. Why must everyone hate so needlessly
jwalka85 Vor 13 Tage
@Havok ThaDon tell me you dropped out of high school without telling me you dropped out of high school
Havok ThaDon
Havok ThaDon Vor 18 Tage
@jwalka85 yeah that's only okay for fortune 500 companies to get away with. The whole business of capitalism is exploiting the consumer. I bet you even got jabbed but you ignored the business history behind that scum.
Sagar Patil
Sagar Patil Vor Monat
"It's basically understood" is the root cause of most disagreements....
googlewolly Vor 7 Tage
@RayKJV Silly comparison, as they don't pay for air.
Dan Sullivan
Dan Sullivan Vor 9 Tage
@Aunt LaLa the Drunken Cupid 🍷💘 a commercial power washer will use more than the customers water output in most situations and that's why companies carry large tanks of water to do jobs. The customer supplements the water being used which allows the job to get done more efficiently. Without water no work is done in the power washing industry.
Aunt LaLa the Drunken Cupid 🍷💘
@Dan Sullivan the customer's water was used to refill the tank? 🤔 Anyone else see this is the same thing?
Aunt LaLa the Drunken Cupid 🍷💘
It's common sense. Who would question that? 😆 We've been doing it for years. I have never had anyone ask if we provide the water 😆 do yall hear yourselves? Quit making shit complicated
Storm Mist
Storm Mist Vor 9 Tage
@John Spencer so, if someone orders a cake, I can use the ingredients in their house to make it? If they order a couch, I can use whatever they have to make it? If they ask for a fur coat, do I use their dog to make it? If they order flowers, do I come to their house and chop off all the flowers they have? I guess it’s their problem their dog became a fur coat. I mean, do you just see the disconnect when you apply this to any job situation? If you are working, you have to be clear with your customers. Not be a cheap shot trying your best to squeeze as much money as you can by being dishonest and not saying “I use your water to do the job.” There is no reason to say, “I use your water in my service” other than you are nervous they might turn away, so instead you become a sleazy person, lie to them and give them an unexpected bill.
John Johnson
John Johnson Vor Monat
That’s actually really good advice for bad business practice. NEVER assume the customer knows anything that you’re doing. That’s just setting yourself up for future failures. ALWAYS be transparent with your clients.
foodhatesme Vor 5 Tage
@M Meyer dude don't come in here using facts and logic.
M Meyer
M Meyer Vor 7 Tage
@Littlehhh get off tik tok kid
M Meyer
M Meyer Vor 7 Tage
@Hoppies get off tik tok kid
M Meyer
M Meyer Vor 7 Tage
@Koniko tres tres cinco get off tik tok kid
M Meyer
M Meyer Vor 7 Tage
They aren't saying tell them you wont use their water. If you hire a maid to vacuum is the maid gonna ask if it's okay to use your power? Is the maid gonna bring a massive battery? No. why? because it's fucking obvious.
Akash Bera
Akash Bera Vor 28 Tage
"It's basically understood" is the cause for most complains from the customers. It's always good to clearly mention the terms before the job.
googlewolly Vor 5 Tage
@ScourgeHH It seemed like you were implying that because some may overreact, there is no point in clarifying to the customer at all. Yeah, you'll always get those weird people who want to complain. It sucks.
ScourgeHH Vor 6 Tage
@googlewolly Right but people like that will understand after some explanation, so not much of a problem
googlewolly Vor 6 Tage
@ScourgeHH Or, if you use the water without clarifying, they may state that they're not pleased with that, but do so in a calm and respectful manner. In that case, I don't think that "Karen" would be a fair label. Whether or not it's silly that they didn't expect you to use their water, I don't think that they'd be a "Karen" in that case.
ScourgeHH Vor 6 Tage
@googlewolly See here is the thing though. If they arnt a Karen, you don't need to tell them, as if they will either ask, or completely understand that it's part of the job after a little explanation. If they are a Karen, well telling them would mean you wouldn't get the job anyway, and their complaints should be ignored and can easily be countered
googlewolly Vor 6 Tage
@ScourgeHH I feel like referring to the customer as a "Karen" merely because they may not expect you to use their water is a bit unfair. Simply clarify that you need it and you're covered.
S o u p
S o u p Vor 27 Tage
Theres a reason companies warn you that when you cook food it will be hot. Assuming your customer just knows that your service or product is gonna do something like add to their water bill can cause a lot of problems, both financially and legally depending on the context. No matter how much you think is part of common sense, plenty of people either lack it or are out to screw you because something wasn't listed for them, maybe even they have common sense and arent out to screw you, but they just didn't know because it's not actually common sense to know something that you didn't list for them about a specific paid service
M P Vor 10 Tage
@J B fair enough... people tend to be stupid!
J B Vor 11 Tage
@M P For many people yes that is the case, for some there might be other contingencies to their water supply in that area. Smh. Dude, they literally have to put MAY BE HOT on hot coffee, sometimes obvious things need to be stated. If you have a contract, this is a small boilerplate sentence that can save you a lot of grief from a prickly customer.
M P Vor 11 Tage
@J B seriously who even looks at their water bill? It’s nothing, an outing of a couple beers... really ya’ll sweating this?
J B Vor 11 Tage
@M P How do you know?? Realize water costs different amounts in different parts of the country/ world right? Some places have water regulations.
Dan Vor 14 Tage
@Sophia Eichert clearly people think that theyll bring their own water.
That Bearded Guy
"It's basically understood when they accept the quote"...... Umm, no, you should always explain all the details. Never rely on people to assume anything, especially with your own business!
That Bearded Guy
That Bearded Guy Vor 10 Tage
@Brodog look another non buisness owner chimes in thinking the average American has common sense lol.
Brodog Vor 11 Tage
Or hears a idea, read the agreement
Saiki Vor 13 Tage
@Aruki Tsukaru people are dumb nowadays so shut your ass up and enjoy the video
That Bearded Guy
That Bearded Guy Vor 18 Tage
@Aruki Tsukaru this is why you don't have your own buisness lmao, idiot.
A B Vor 18 Tage
Assume makes an ass out of me and you
Bent Rod
Bent Rod Vor Monat
I’d still let them know beforehand so that there’s no confusion. Also with anything work like this a contract that just says “I will do x and the customer will owe me x$” is a good idea to have every customer sign. You can make it standardized so that you just make a bunch of copies. Or at the very least get all payment agreements in text or on a recording. That way there’s no money disputes.
@jon boy sounds like ot should all just be covered in the work contract.
jon boy
jon boy Vor 5 Tage
@onradioactivewaves the customer will learn as well. They will then know that pressure washers do not drive around in fire trucks.
Exactly, it could be at a property woth the water shut off or no access, make the mistake of assuming incorrectly and you'll learn your lesson.
Enju Vor 28 Tage
I believe that's where you inform them that you'll be using their water, just so they're not screaming at you when you run up their water bill, at least in America lol
Super straight hhwhite male
Pressure washing a driveway should hardly make a difference with the water bill unless you live in a desert.
Aruki Tsukaru
Aruki Tsukaru Vor 22 Tage
It's America, they'll find another reason to yell anyway
Moses Carrizales
Moses Carrizales Vor 28 Tage
I do business in lawn care, there was one time that I forgot my rake at a customers house, and needed it in another yard, and I literally texted them asking if it was ok if I used theirs that was in their back patio. I did not just use it “ASSUMING” it was ok, it’s not morally correct.
M Meyer
M Meyer Vor 7 Tage
But did you ask if it was okay to walk on the grass?
Raiduh Vor 9 Tage
EXACTLY. If you need to use a customer's service no matter how small, you need their permission.
Justin Dixon
Justin Dixon Vor Monat
I would still always make sure the customer is aware. There’s really no such thing assuming there’s a understanding with customers without talking about it. One rude customer can ruin reviews
Cortney Fuller
Cortney Fuller Vor 21 Tag
@ian cris water is cheap
Cortney Fuller
Cortney Fuller Vor 21 Tag
@Colten Hunter if it's understood stfu.
SayLess Vor 22 Tage
For all the people who say Im stupid. Yeah i am ignorant on how much water it takes to clean a house. Intelligence is relative. Some people fix cars Some people fix computer Some people can build a house. I wouldnt call anyone stupid just because they are ignorant but the comments are piling up.
Salty Mason
Salty Mason Vor 23 Tage
@Suno-Ta-Sei-7-6-22 Nobody does a fucking contract for pressure washing.
Salty Mason
Salty Mason Vor 23 Tage
@SayLess "thousands of gallons"???? Hahaha, jesus christ you are stupid.
Junior Carmona
Junior Carmona Vor Monat
We always let the customers know we need access to water and electricity Don’t listen to this guy Let them know it won’t hurt and it’s just more professional
DjSourNipples Vor 21 Tag
It is “basically understood” but still one of the most common questions, makes me think if it’s really 😂
matrixphijr Vor 13 Tage
Was waiting for someone to point this out
Coley Caulfield
Coley Caulfield Vor 23 Tage
This gave me the most unexpected laugh 😂! I thought something bad was going to happen somehow but, I wound up thinking about people thinking they’d have to bring their own water to the job 🤣! Thank you
Shotin Vor 26 Tage
The amount of times I've had a customer say "So you brought your own water right?" with a dead-serious expression is astonishing to say the least.
C Vor Monat
As a small buisness owner myself I don’t think it’s smart to ever “assume” the customer knows anything… if they already knew things chances are they wouldn’t need you… have a service agreement or a prep for work page where it’s explained that their water would be used… it takes 20 minutes to type up and will save you HOURS of headache.
Hector Rodriguez
Hector Rodriguez Vor 20 Tage
@Karnij Air It Out yeah its called straps. Heard of them before. Even then i don't them because i dont drive like an idiot.
frog_png Vor 23 Tage
@nightanic * knowing that businesses that don't explicitly state that they would use your water when pressure cleaning your house is not common sense. If it was, many would likely do it them selves to save on teh water bill that is already being increased. That bill plus the cost of this operation would be expensive
ScourgeHH Vor 23 Tage
I mean unless you just want to strong arm them. Lol. You hired me, this is what happens. Lol
the villain
the villain Vor 25 Tage
Exactly... I'm looking at the difference in buying a pressure washer yourself from Amazon and doing it yourself vs paying someone to do it...
Terrell Smith
Terrell Smith Vor Monat
The customer doesn’t know shit. EVER!!
Delta Zero
Delta Zero Vor Monat
Just be careful when doing rented homes, the landlord may hire you, but he may not be paying the water bill. Be on the safe side and knock on the door to let them know.
Delta Zero
Delta Zero Vor 6 Tage
@mista tell that to the elderly living on a very small fixed income. Do you want to be the reason they go without something? Because you couldn't knock on a door?
mista Vor 6 Tage
Bro water ain’t expensive
Parahelion Vor Monat
My dad owns a window cleaning business and he uses a giant watertank attached to his trailer and he uses it to wash really high windows using a waterbrush. The water through the tank goes through two purifiers before going up the tube straight to the brush.
Justice Odueze
Justice Odueze Vor Monat
Ok alright, I understand the “come on, of course I’m gonna use your water, where else would I get it?” But at the same time, even the most obvious detail like this must still be disclosed bc people are idiots and people who are mad at the world will use this against you especially if this is omitted
Jake10386 Vor Monat
For those wondering, using the tank helps with the spicket not supplying water because the spicket will have little pressure coming out of it as it constantly flows into a tank that the pressure washer feeds from. If you ever worked on cars it's the same idea as having a surge tank for your fuel but in a different situation.
polarjeep Vor Monat
I'm a Painter and have had customers not want me to use their power to run my sprayer. Then they are annoyed they have to listen to the gas rig all day. Nothing can be "assumed" at the time of accepting the job
Dogald Trump
Dogald Trump Vor 5 Tage
@Gamer's Edge exactly, customers are insane, some of them have an UNBELIEVABLE lack of awareness. Ironically enough, this is why we need capitalism. Socialism would either force you to service every customer as the contractor, which is terrible, or force every customer with the same low quality service for free, which is terrible.
Dogald Trump
Dogald Trump Vor 5 Tage
@Nhatanh0475 which is why you’re probably broke. Understand capitalism and it works bud, it just does. History proves it. Over and over and over and over again.
Kain Rojas
Kain Rojas Vor 7 Tage
@Amos Backstrom 😂😂😂👍🏽
M A Vor 9 Tage
@Gamer's Edge technically they could argue that they’re paying for your service and that any costs incurred by the contractor is on the contractor and its not their responsibility to supplement the costs of the job for the contractor
zach stevens
zach stevens Vor 20 Tage
@Gamer's Edge I was just explaining what a generator is...calm down lol
Bóbr Bobrowski
Bóbr Bobrowski Vor 2 Stunden
Anyways it's good to put this in after memy as an info. I heard about customer that was suprised that plastering company used his tap water but material was delivered as part of 2^m price and he was furious that they have to pay water also ( many square meters times many tons of thick traditional plaster) so boss of this company always put now in agreement that water and electricity is paid by investors.. And I think it's good practice cause ppl are often totally out of our reality and can be that they just do not think about stuff like this at all
coolguyB] Vor 11 Tage
I can’t believe this is a real thing now! That simulator made it look so good that people are actually doing it now! Cnat believe the developers made water pressure washing a real thing!.
The Ideas Guy
The Ideas Guy Vor 22 Tage
It blows my mind that anybody would think this would be a reasonable question to ask. Yes of course the cleaning company will use your water to wash your house. Builders will also use your power outlets to run their tools while they perform maintenance/upgrades to your house. In what universe would you expect anything else??? Are people seriously this ridiculous?!?!
Jorge Yanes
Jorge Yanes Vor 15 Tage
I feel like I’m getting a bunch of these because I’ve been watching Markiplier play Power Washing Simulator 😂
Irene H.
Irene H. Vor Monat
“Basically understood you’ll be using their water when they accept the quote” everything should be discussed not assumed.
Cortney Fuller
Cortney Fuller Vor 21 Tag
@- Lucid Dreamer - $5*
- Lucid Dreamer -
- Lucid Dreamer - Vor 22 Tage
@Moko Koco sued for 20$ of water
- Lucid Dreamer -
- Lucid Dreamer - Vor 22 Tage
For anyone else other than a poor man, why care?
Ryan Vess
Ryan Vess Vor 22 Tage
@Nen lol no it's not lol, lol
Aruki Tsukaru
Aruki Tsukaru Vor 22 Tage
So this is why there's "do not eat" warnings on shampoo...
Veronica Smyth
Veronica Smyth Vor Monat
I love watching these and those pool cleaning clips. So Satisfying. The cleanliness of ii is like the feeling of perfect.
Vivish Vor Monat
This channel is so detailed on a subject that is so obscure, and I love it!!!
Joshua Weezorak
Joshua Weezorak Vor 20 Tage
Genuine question would you recommend power washing a wood deck or just sanding it down a bit. This summer I plan to do either then put a new water coating on. But I hear pressure washing raises the grain of the wood and can cause problems.
Peyto N
Peyto N Vor 23 Tage
These shorts are so entertaining, they always make my day better💓✨
lezley Vor 27 Tage
this might just be me since i'm dumb as bricks, but i wouldn't assume that you'd be using my water. i wouldn't throw a hissy fit over it, i'd be fine, but it's still nice to make it known
Älgryttaren Vor 4 Tage
You being aware of your situation gained you +1 Int. Use it wisely lmao
daniel bouchard
daniel bouchard Vor 25 Tage
When i was working at a glass repair company as a glazier, i remember my co workers being mad at people who power wash peoples windows for some reason. I think it lets condensation in between the two panels of dual pane glass?
DFSB Vor 7 Tage
I do stone restorations and use water to sand stone and power wash, I’ve never been asked this question but this is a good clarification for others.
Azrael1486 Vor 19 Tage
I'm in sales and 95% of my headaches stim from me or the customer making an assumption. I highly recommend having it in writing with the quote, or very clearly emphasize that part
Sylence Vor 9 Tage
Never assume anything when it comes to a customer. Most pressure washing companies bring there own truck with water tank. I know the company I worked for never used the customers water.
Patrick Coupland
My dad has been in this business for 40 years and we always ask about water during the quote. Most jobs we carry enough water on board to complete jobs. About 3 hours of run time with 500 gallon tank.
Dino Dare
Dino Dare Vor 19 Tage
So, I'd probably be personally fine with you using my water so long as prices were reasonable and I was aware of it. But hypothetically, if I cut it off before you arrived, or straight up didn't have an outdoor hose system, how would you remedy that situation? And am I going to be punished for it?
LxckyAce _Yt
LxckyAce _Yt Vor 26 Tage
Theses shorts are so entertaining, it always makes my day feel better 🤣
TimeBucks Vor Monat
yes this makes sense
Fardulf Vor 22 Tage
6500 likes for saying it makes sense….
Cesar Ramirez
Cesar Ramirez Vor 24 Tage
No it doesn't.. cause the client can then turn around and bill you for using their water..
Romitsu Vor 25 Tage
Lord Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life: No one comes to the Father, except through Him.
Skybe Vor Monat
‮Never Gonna Give You Up
@TaikaSami29 yeah I have 46 girls with bears near my area
Mick Carson
Mick Carson Vor 17 Tage
Yes, customer need to know that you're going to use their water. It's a polite approach to tell them. If they say no, then rather than argue further, pack your tools and go elsewhere. Water pressure cleaning is a hazardous job that could damage the unexpected and force water where it shouldn't be. So, be careful with where you aim the spray.
Specialopsdave Vor 15 Tage
If they have to explicitly put "do not eat" on silica gel packets, "will be using your water and electricity" needs to be explicitly in the agreement
Tia Chandler
Tia Chandler Vor 23 Tage
This is so freaking satisfying dude watching it go from dirty to extremely clean in seconds lol so awesome
just1097J2 Vor Monat
You should never assume you can just use someone’s water, electric or any other cost to the customer. The carpet cleaning company ask so should the pressure washer company. It’s actually considered theft. As a business owner you should always outline your services and put it in a contract. Boom
SB2H Vor Monat
@Allan Copeland right, this guy and other ppl saying you have to ask to use the water are just displaying their lack of experience , they have no knowledge on the subject but they want to put their 2 cents in
yuitr loing
yuitr loing Vor Monat
signed contract.
skoronesa Vor Monat
As a plumber, this makes me chuckle. Good luck assuming they have a working hose spigot. I highly suggest you mention this and then confirm they have a working sillcock.
KindaJacked Vor 25 Tage
@Playboy Lifestyle embarrassing 😂
Samuel Aditya
Samuel Aditya Vor 28 Tage
Just use bucket lmao
illessi Vor 29 Tage
@Playboy Lifestyle relax Jfc. Youre way too aggressive over something so stupid.
Vpn Vpn
Vpn Vpn Vor Monat
Timmy Thompson
Timmy Thompson Vor Monat
@DeepPowHazyLab ehh, hard to say. My mom didn't have one for a few years. She never remembered to get it done. Finally, I went over to get the estimate when she was getting her bathrooms and kitchen remodeled. I told them to replace both of them as well. They are something that some people only use a few times a year. Easy to forget there is a problem with them. However, I will say,, your statement is probably true more often than not
Steve Rossen
Steve Rossen Vor 26 Tage
For anyone who’s iffy about it, just make your customers sign a contract and say that you absolutely can and will use their water. Boom, you’re covered.
Vernon Gandy
Vernon Gandy Vor Monat
I would take off the price for metered water. My cousin bought a small water truck for his pressure washer business and had to pay for a separate meter for the tank. Just like construction projects were you furnish your own water, electric, and dumpster.
j!m!r Vor 8 Tage
"You would never be able to bring enough water [in a tank] to do the job." That is one of the many reasons why I will never do this sort of thing, or pay someone for this service. I have neighbors that do this annually. The number of people in this country that think this is necessary, the amount of potable water it must take just to clean up something that will get dirty in 2-5 years is a waste. We are already losing sources of clean water in this country, why should we waste it on cleaning driveways and siding? This is also a good lesson on why you should avoid buying a house with PVC siding.
Austin Cowell
Austin Cowell Vor 27 Tage
I work for an underground utility company that uses water to cool the tip of our direction bore machine when we bore through alleyways, and we need water both for the cooling and to make drilling a bit easier. We ALWAYS ask to use their water. Karen videos popping off have made customers out to always be irrational, but more often then not if I just explain exactly why I need their water they'll let us use it. If it's something they pay for they should know when it's being used. Because at least from my experience, when you pay someone to do something, it's more commonly understood that they'll bring what they need unless they say otherwise.
AJ John
AJ John Vor Monat
You always inform the customer you will be using their water at minimum 2-3 times during the quote and you put CSW (Customer Supplied Water) on the invoice. This is so their isn't any confusion when you show up or bill them. As a business owner you NEVER assume anything nor think something is implied.
ScourgeHH Vor 22 Tage
@Pinkus Dean But if you win can't you sue the customer for legal fees and reputation damages?
ScourgeHH Vor 23 Tage
@AJ John Business get dog piled because they act in such a way. If a business acted in the same way those go fund me people did, they would get donations too. But they never do, always act big and proper
AJ John
AJ John Vor 23 Tage
@ScourgeHH businesses don't make millions from a customer leaving a bad review, but the sutomer does when attacked by a business. No one donated to a businesses go fund me because a customer left a shit review. You literally proved my point. People are willing to dogpile any business and side with the person. Idk how you did it, but you proved me right. Kudos to you
ScourgeHH Vor 23 Tage
@AJ John Really? So is that why people make millions off of go fund mes because they said somone called them a bad name? Society is easier than ever to monitize and weaponize if you know how. It's what's done in politics all the time. Also, your not attacking anyone, you play the role of the innocent victim being abused by u fair customers and the internet will do the attacking for you. Lol
AJ John
AJ John Vor 23 Tage
@ScourgeHH just an FYI, 9/10 times the company does a counter post it goes poorly for the company and hits them what's with a profit loss. Customers don't want to go to a business that's willing to attack a customer. Makes them skeptical and far less likely to use you when there are other options available that aren't acting like a highschool drama team
Global Adventurer
I've had a house that was pressured washed and it made it look almost new again 👍
Thomas M Leahy
Thomas M Leahy Vor Monat
I can dig it! Just like electricity, you have a battery and/ or capacitors to supply the rapid flow.
Mr Pickles
Mr Pickles Vor 27 Tage
Lol, full details and discussions are always better than assuming they “basically understand”. The explanation paired with the 16yr old voiceover comes off pretty laughable.
Tristan Heath
Tristan Heath Vor Monat
As a tile setter, we’ve had to make the foreman truck in buckets of water and since it’s his job we didn’t even have to unload them 😂
cwizology Vor Monat
The larger problem is that it's illegal to pressure clean without using a pump for the waste water flowing past the driveway. Many states/counties ban it unless you block storm drains and pump it to your own container. Professional companies don't let others believe waste water goes in the storm drains without repercussions.
MrMisterDerp Vor Monat
This is like asking a contractor if they’re gonna need to use power for tools....
So let me get this straight, you can use up the customers water wasting lots of it, but you guys charge a moving fee to move things such as flower pots and decorations, seems like a bunch of bs to me but if it makes money go for it
B Vor 25 Tage
Unless they clearly have had the service before and seem to know, my old job we started letting them know after a guy made a whole ordeal and dropped a job because he didn't want us using his water. This was a super wealthy dude at one of his many homes lol dude couldn't let go of a few bucks of water for us to do a few hundred bucks worth of cleaning work.
Doitrightcmrs Vor Monat
Actually we always make it clear that we need access to a working spigot. Ud be surprised how many people will literally turn their water off on purpose and say oops I didn't know. So I'm gonna say as a professional u should always get it in writing that u will need access to water and that if u can't access a working spigot their will be a 100 dollar reschedule fee. This prevent all the bs games.
Samuel Aditya
Samuel Aditya Vor 28 Tage
Well. Just use a big bucket, bring water from bathroom or somewhere.
Tessa Roloson
Tessa Roloson Vor 15 Tage
As a business owner, a business owner with over 130 employees (mid sized business) nothing is ever basically understood. You make a customer aware of all SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) before you start or work any job!
The Llama
The Llama Vor Monat
I do Retro HVAC work, and one time a lady was mad at us for “using they’re power”. Like lady we don’t bring a generator to plug our tools in lol
Andrew Gouker
Andrew Gouker Vor 12 Tage
As long as you know to reseal the concrete afterwards otherwise it'll darken back up the 1st rain and damage will occur
Daniel Fowler
Daniel Fowler Vor Monat
I had a pressure cleaning business in my hair days..... alot of work but rewarding if you communicate to customers. We were asked by city to have a water recovery system for the waste water plus get in good with the city . Good bids and proposals. Had contracts with the city plus big malls and stores & big chain restaurants. My regrets in that business was a 1/2 business partner.... plus had "no push" in business.heck of alot of time on job from fire hydrant /metered to fire hydrant from block to block for hours . The Water shortage and awareness of all that goes down our drains. 25 years later - loved the work and my Idea and walking the walk and talking the talk and running on it. Was a short term business cause of hard times. Any Idea you have to succeed- Try it !!
J S Vor 28 Tage
No, if you don’t “need to ask” then you most definitely need to disclose it and clearly call it out so you won’t have any issues. Sorry bud, don’t be those “gotcha” dudes.
mack lol
mack lol Vor Monat
it’d be cool if markiplier did a job like this! bet he’d have a breakdown for cleaning too many places at once!
Cole Fisher
Cole Fisher Vor 21 Tag
I still can’t stop laughing about the person who complained about us using their water and calling us back because we “didn’t clean it” …. The deck had pollen and grass on it because they scheduled a landscaper directly after for the same day, we know this because we talked with the landscaper before we left
KinoTroikGames Vor Monat
This guy learned how to use a pressure washer and never looked back 😂
The Jaco Show
The Jaco Show Vor Monat
I seen in the comments a lot of people were saying it but as a self-employed bad mentality and a half that’s how you get in the middle of civil lawsuits without an agreement or a signed contract.
Dollhouse Sorority
Dollhouse Sorority Vor 27 Tage
We make sure the customer know and it’s in contract when we have to use more than our tank can hold for big jobs!
random goodies
random goodies Vor Monat
Hey man i used to do sidewalks and stuff with a wand like that and it took forever. Try a simpson 20” surface cleaner they’re only like $350 and it cut my cleaning times in half
Brent Gonçalves
Don’t know how it works in America, but in Australia we have water restrictions in certain areas, the price of water is quite high in these areas, imagine a bloke mucking about and using 300 dollars worth of water hahahahah I had my carpets cleaned and they bought a truck filled with water 🤷‍♂️
Joshua 38
Joshua 38 Vor 16 Tage
Anyone else just watch all these videos because it's so satisfying to watch it get clean?
DommyBoy Smith
DommyBoy Smith Vor 23 Tage
I actually never even thought about it. It's definitely assumed by everyone seeking the service here. Noone brings their own water to any jobs here, regardless of the job. Unless it's a pool fill, in which case a water delivery truck is ordered. I do say, "My only requirement is access to outdoor water. I'll check if the water is on before I leave" during the quote. So in a way I am telling them ahead of time, "I'm going to be using your water".
Rapt0r02 Vor 28 Tage
Kinda the same idea with the tank as a capacitor in a circuit, example: A hard start kit, PSC motor(kinda needed)
I Was NEVER Here
I Was NEVER Here Vor 4 Tage
So by the time you pay someone to clean your yard and after they use like 15000 gallons of your own water... Your probably saving money by just buying a water pressure gun 😂
TT Vor Monat
Im never gonna do pressure washing but your videos are cathartic 🥰
Brydon Brubacher
Brydon Brubacher Vor 15 Tage
Also you may want to look into a surface cleaner. It saves so much time.
C_Los Garage
C_Los Garage Vor 12 Tage
Never assume, always let them know you'll be using thier electricity/water. I run a painting and soft chemical washing business.
Kaia McClure
Kaia McClure Vor Monat
This isn't even always true. I work for an answering service that answers for a ton of powerwashing companies and I'd say about 50% of the time they bring their own water. Maybe you use the client's water, but no everyone does...
SB2H Vor Monat
You're wrong, everyone uses the customers water. They may bring "their own" water, but that is to provide a buffer for the amount the machines pull compared to how much water the spigot provides. Even with a 500gal buffer tank, a decent sized job will suck that right up.
Michael Tabor
Michael Tabor Vor Monat
Dude, I’ve been trying to think of a after school business for a while, you have totally inspired me, but I have one question, do I have to use chemicals on all surfaces or just surfaces with organic material
SB2H Vor Monat
You don't necessarily ever need to use chemicals unless you're trying to remove rust, oil stains, or really bad mildew growth. Although, a pretreat/post-treat or at least a post-treatment with bleach on concrete is a good standard to have. Be careful with chemicals for house washes, you need to rinse it off before it damages certain materials.
Bully Maguire
Bully Maguire Vor Monat
Make sure the customer knows if you’re using chemicals. just offer it as an up charge bro and if the job needs it by default charge a different rate
JR Vor 19 Tage
Part 1: “I get this question all the time.” Part 2: “It’s basically understood…”
Daniel Ramirez
Daniel Ramirez Vor 2 Tage
I do carpet cleaning and we don’t ask for the water bib unless we can’t find it, other than that we just connect our hose without permission lol
Red Forest
Red Forest Vor 24 Tage
As everyone else says.. Never assume the customer knows anything..talk them through your process and what you need and what they should expect out of you. Communication is key to prevent a lot of problems
I would still always make sure the customer is aware. There’s really no such thing assuming there’s a understanding with customers without talking about it. One rude customer can ruin reviews
Egofear Productions
If it's part of the agreement then it needs to be covered in the service contract. Don't make any assumptions in business, it will protect you in the future.
Barbara L.
Barbara L. Vor 26 Tage
@SB2H all business interactions need some kind of contract. Helps with legal trouble, misunderstandings, etc. This isn’t a simple job summer job, this is an actual business.
SB2H Vor Monat
service contract??? for a simple pressure washing job? shut the fuck up
guy Vor 11 Tage
“it’s basically understood” after saying he gets this question all the time
Eloy Flores
Eloy Flores Vor Monat
Me and my brother used to pressure wash busses and we weren’t allowed to use their water. Pretty much we had our own tank and we filled out our own water . But if they let you, hey take advantage of it sucks filling out water tanks every morning and then dumping water we don’t use at the end of our last bus for the week
Jim Dean
Jim Dean Vor Monat
I did car lots and heavy construction for years with a Chemex in a two and a half ton truck. I had an 800 gallon tank in the bed. I never used anybody's water. Like others are saying assuming that it's okay is a problem. You always want to be clear about what you're doing and that includes letting them know if you're going to connect to their hose
Barbod Fard
Barbod Fard Vor 25 Tage
If I ever asked my dad a question like that I’d be getting a lecture for the next 6 days
Steve Z
Steve Z Vor Monat
Imagine if you came to someone’s house to do a job and they told you that you can’t use their electricity for power tools
Penny Lahr
Penny Lahr Vor 28 Tage
What if a customer doesn't have an outdoor spigot for you to use? I live in an old house and we don't have one. We have to fill up a watering can to water outdoor plants or just wait for it to rain.
Cynthia Baldwin
Cynthia Baldwin Vor 16 Tage
Nobody tells you how strong you have to be to do this all day lmao 🤣😅
David Vor Monat
Technically if they own the house, they pay you, you technically help the city for what they needed!
AJ Thomas
AJ Thomas Vor Monat
I’ve had customers ask me if I’ll be bringing my own water and I’m like …. No Lol
Shelter Two
Shelter Two Vor 27 Tage
I never even thought of this lol I just assumed they used my water. Doesn’t bother me tho! Least I can do since I’m too lazy to do the work myself.
Redlolli Vor 25 Tage
Depends on the job. I don’t have outside water access but still need the steps in front of my door pressure washed.
Mr. Wolfy
Mr. Wolfy Vor Monat
This man took PowerWash Simulator to a tottaly different level
raukris Vor Monat
If, however, you take a commercial job (like plaza sidewalks) put in writing that they provide water. It's amazing how many even new plazas don't have external water spigots. Even with residential work, make sure the customer understands. I once cleaned a woman's pool deck (gratis--I don't do residential--she tripped the whole time because she was on well-water even though the job was free.)
Chambers Hossein
Chambers Hossein Vor 22 Tage
Fill tank with hydydro meter, pull up, connect hose from tank to spicket, cover electronics. Pretty easy
William Tell
William Tell Vor Monat
Wait. You have to pay for metered water in the USA? That's hilarious. So much for 'freedom'.
Not Important - Ren 🎗
what happens/what would you do if the customer got mad at you for using their water and insisted that you should've brought your own?
Kat Bird
Kat Bird Vor Monat
As a Californian every single one of these videos kills me a little just add much as it satisfies me... So, so much water...
guillermo flores
This a great channel, I’ve been really motivated to start up a small business. Thanks keep it up man 💯
LS4.8 Frank
LS4.8 Frank Vor Monat
@Dave DDM do you know Guillermo or are you just a racist bastard because your comment struck me entirely racist as hell. Hiw do you know he is sitting at home watching videos collecting food stamps and living off the government when he literally stated he put in his 2 weeks notice to start his own business? Man people like you are pathetic
Big Doink
Big Doink Vor Monat
@Dave DDM bro pick your knuckles up and go beat your chest elsewhere.
DntWachMeWachTV Vor Monat
@Dave DDM woah woah woah why so angry sir
DntWachMeWachTV Vor Monat
I pray your business prospers
Hard work for little pay. Good luck but you got the work ethic that could land higher paying jobs.
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