Can we do a DIY project underwater? (underwater basket weaving)

Evan and Katelyn
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24 Nov 2022



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they could have just put their hands under the water, but no, they decided to dive, classic Evan and Katelyn AHAHAHAHAHAHHA
Andrew Kiefer
This is exactly what I imagined the first time I heard about underwater basket weaving
Your ad reads are always THE BEST, I swear they need to pay you guys triple for how good they are
I love the idea of your neighbors peering over into your yard after hearing all the yelling and seeing absolutely nothing in the backyard since you're under the water.
cheaper than an underwater basket weaving degree 😆 this was EPIC you guys crushed it!!!
Sam Baker
I'm surprised Katelyn was shocked that Even spent 7 grand on equipment.
see, my dad used the phrase "getting a French literature degree" when talking about these kinds of classes, and from the hatred with which he says that I think he knew someone who did that personally. Meanwhile, I've learned through this that this is the phrase normal people use! It makes French literature classes sound a lot more reasonable tbh
I feel like you’ve just proven underwater basket weaving to be excellent college course material. It’s not at all about the basket or the weaving, it’s about the problem solving to be able to do the thing.
my dad actually taught an underwater basket weaving course when he was in college. he achieved the pinnacle of useless college courses.
Jo Spargo
Along with ‘knitting fog and plaiting sawdust’, ‘underwater basket weaving’ was a common phrase for useless or unproductive activities at my house. From the UK for ref.
Evan Ortiz
The weirdness of everything they do and the way they do it is just what makes me watch this thanks for being a great channel❤😊
Brandi S
Their videos are the definition of “ Worth the wait”
You know, I've tried REGULAR basket weaving and it is so hard! To do this underwater is probably crazy hard!
Thomas Ghadban
I don't know how this became a thing, but I'm all for it
As someone who spent 3 years getting a bachelors in history, I appreciate you two finally fulfilling my original degree ambitions.
Thank you for finally doing what I always thought underwater basket weaving was! It took me years to realize that they only submerged the baskets and the reeds not the whole person.
Teeny Froog
I had no idea what underwater basket weaving was but I love watching you guys do just about anything 😭
Jessica Jones
My dad always used the term “underwater basket weaving” to refer to useless (or almost useless) degrees, so you’re not the only ones who were confused when other people didn’t understand!
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I have never heard of underwater backet weaving so I was taking the video at 100% face value until you explained what it meant 😭
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