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Cardi B hops in the car with James Corden for a Carpool Karaoke through Los Angeles singing her biggest songs, discussing growing up in the Bronx and the subtle art of ASMR. And James encourages Cardi to get behind the wheel and give driving a chance, which he learns she doesn't really do for good reason.
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18 Dez 2018

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Melina Rose
Melina Rose Vor 13 Minuten
Damiaja Brow
Damiaja Brow Vor 13 Minuten
Peep the old man shooting his shot🤣🤣🤣
idziokracja !
idziokracja ! Vor 13 Minuten
Is she muslim or not?
Jordi Vor 13 Minuten
Cardi B is far out there, but she is so damn fun!
nIMBLE Kim Vor 14 Minuten
‘Hi, children!’ 😂
Rose Dona
Rose Dona Vor 14 Minuten
I can’t with her,😂 she can’t drive but own 5 freaking amazing cars🤦🏾‍♀️ welp🤷🏽‍♀️ you tried Jaymes 😭
Damián Madrid
Damián Madrid Vor 14 Minuten
L.A Is Beautiful
Elizabeth C
Elizabeth C Vor 15 Minuten
This is the beat one so far ♡ Cardi your amazing guuuurl
Sino Masina
Sino Masina Vor 15 Minuten
I love her 😂😂😂
iamshooketh Vor 15 Minuten
She was so embarrassed to perform in front of those old people
JessicaAmy145 Vor 15 Minuten
I swear she looks amazing in whatever colour she wears.
justmadeit2 Vor 13 Minuten
My Grandma had never heard of Cardi B ! She made something talking about it on here, if anyone wants to see it simply just type in the following title to the search bar above.....Who the heck is Cardi B
Brandi Lepage
Brandi Lepage Vor 16 Minuten
I am very impressed that he knows all the words to ever song
Daniel Campbell
Daniel Campbell Vor 16 Minuten
Cardi B you a funny b*tch 😝😍😍
Kwanise Crenshaw
Kwanise Crenshaw Vor 16 Minuten
She not that bad with driving a lil more Practice
Kim Gerald Bagongon
Kim Gerald Bagongon Vor 16 Minuten
Desie Bella
Desie Bella Vor 16 Minuten
That eyeshadow is amazing
H S Vor 17 Minuten
How do people like her songs?
Astrid Manglind
Astrid Manglind Vor 17 Minuten
Best carpool ever 😍🙌🏽
Clare Bear
Clare Bear Vor 17 Minuten
The elders were loving that 😂
E B Vor 17 Minuten
This is the best one yet 🤣🤪
Ryan Heard
Ryan Heard Vor 18 Minuten
I think that old guy towards the end that was hitting on Cardi was seriously trying to get some pussy. Cardi thought he was joking.
KANA KANA Vor 18 Minuten
そんだけ高っい車持ってて運転しないのかよ!流石だなwww 最初一緒に乗ってノリノリになったら素敵と思ったけど、交代した瞬間いいやーってなったwww
Salsa Yedisman
Salsa Yedisman Vor 18 Minuten
She’s so cute when she talked to the old man aw
Joshua’s Tae
Joshua’s Tae Vor 18 Minuten
when will there ever be no traffic james?
Rick Mercier
Rick Mercier Vor 18 Minuten
James knows all the songs. That's a lot of homework.
Nikki Otero
Nikki Otero Vor 19 Minuten
" Are you available " "oh oh sure"🤣🤣🤣🤣
Hakimi Khairuddin
Hakimi Khairuddin Vor 19 Minuten
Wht happen to her seatbelt
Jasmine Emery
Jasmine Emery Vor 19 Minuten
Bruh just saw my mom and I in the background ahhhhh I knew that was cardi b when I saw the car drive by gawd damn it
Jello University
Jello University Vor 19 Minuten
Xander Velasco
Xander Velasco Vor 19 Minuten
dance with 루피
dance with 루피 Vor 19 Minuten
Omg I love cardi b
CarlosJqn13 Vor 19 Minuten
The Miata at the start though
Mariana M.A
Mariana M.A Vor 19 Minuten
One of the best carpool karaoke Love Cardi B
Jerzy Karolewicz
Jerzy Karolewicz Vor 19 Minuten
That grandpa almost stole offset's ex wife 😂
Salsa Yedisman
Salsa Yedisman Vor 19 Minuten
The bald old guy is offset’s spirit animal lmao
viviana reyes
viviana reyes Vor 20 Minuten
Cardi was in Culver City ??? Omg
bts // jikook 's wifeu // jeon haneul
lmao i fking love her
The Money Maker Sports
The Money Maker Sports Vor 20 Minuten
1,000 years from Now. NO ONE will be Listening to This No Class! No Talent! #NCNT
Siunn Vor 21 Minute
She's super natural ! I like her XD
Cameron Vor 21 Minute
Thats a fucking joke ???
Lejlic Leejlic
Lejlic Leejlic Vor 21 Minute
LMFAO she is so funny I love her hahahaha way more sympathetic than nicki minaj
Flame Flame
Flame Flame Vor 21 Minute
😎HEllo ya herd me😎 can you leave me a comment or like on my very 1st MUZIK VIDEO YA HERD ME de-vid.com/video/video-E1xOY_Wi9yU.html
Sukoco Koco
Sukoco Koco Vor 21 Minute
Wtf james, dat rap!! I wonder wht you cant do in this life...
Rhenocerosa R
Rhenocerosa R Vor 21 Minute
Thank you James for not rapping the N-word 😊
Lynn Mohror
Lynn Mohror Vor 21 Minute
Annoying. Big time. Can't understand what she is saying. And has to be bleeped every other word. Cars she doesn't drive? What a role model.
Pink Rainbow
Pink Rainbow Vor 21 Minute
Hi Miracles or fans of Kpop, OH MY GIRL will have their first US Tour next year in January, unfortunately their tickets aren't selling well and they are very excited to be able to give a great show outside of Korea, please consider going to enjoy the show . this group have a rapper called mimi and she danced to cardi b songs too and she slay it
Angel Madrigal
Angel Madrigal Vor 21 Minute
This video was much needed 💯
Hafsa Naseer
Hafsa Naseer Vor 21 Minute
James do a carpool karaoke with 5 seconds of summer please
EliteEddieYT Vor 22 Minuten
13:16 “hi what’s your name”
Salsa Yedisman
Salsa Yedisman Vor 22 Minuten
She’s so weird I want to be friends with her lol
Abdullah Aziz
Abdullah Aziz Vor 23 Minuten
#1 trending
Ariana Grandé
Ariana Grandé Vor 21 Minute
Here in Dubai too
Cc Matos
Cc Matos Vor 23 Minuten
The way cardi b moves her hands when she rapping is so nicki minaj btw I hate them both
Yolanda T
Yolanda T Vor 23 Minuten
My boy Gunter has entered the chat, offset you’ve been replaced 😂😂
Brandon Zimmerman
Brandon Zimmerman Vor 23 Minuten
She one of the realest niggas out here loool
10 Plus
10 Plus Vor 23 Minuten
uwu conspiracy
uwu conspiracy Vor 23 Minuten
How is this adorable?
Christy Young
Christy Young Vor 24 Minuten
I loved this! She was so good with the seniors especially Gunter!❤️
gg gg
gg gg Vor 24 Minuten
That's actually a nice whip
Mr SweatyPancake
Mr SweatyPancake Vor 24 Minuten
Gunter fucks
Kazz & Keiwop Boom
Kazz & Keiwop Boom Vor 24 Minuten
i was dying through the whole video but i just chocked on my good when he pulled up to them old people 💀💀
Nancy Soto
Nancy Soto Vor 25 Minuten
Honestly I feel her pain when she sang be careful Also the old man really shot his shot 😂😂😂😂👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼
ouii ASY
ouii ASY Vor 25 Minuten
I want you to invite Nicki Minaj
Young Sinatra
Young Sinatra Vor 26 Minuten
U should get J. Cole on this 💯🔥
Soto N
Soto N Vor 22 Minuten
JCole is boring as fuck and has no personality, dont get me wrong he's talented af and one of the best rappers but he's boring as fuck, no one would tune in the way they have with Cardi, JLO, Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey etc, they all have cool unique personalities, JCole is just a boring serious hood guy
Anna Eszter Sipos
Anna Eszter Sipos Vor 26 Minuten
Best one so far... :Ddddd
Michael Angelo Bacat
Michael Angelo Bacat Vor 26 Minuten
Yaaaay!!! I love ya Cardi B
Дима D
Дима D Vor 26 Minuten
Rosé Y
Rosé Y Vor 27 Minuten
It aint a party like a cardi party,period
Ariana Echevarria
Ariana Echevarria Vor 27 Minuten
I did not know she ain’t know how to drive lol
Yessi B.
Yessi B. Vor 27 Minuten
2:59 "Get my new single, go tell your moms to buy my new single 'Money'! Bye children 👋🏼" Cardi B is hilarious 😂
Inzwi Ngwende
Inzwi Ngwende Vor 27 Minuten
ну такое себе
Карди похожа на ворону)))))
fakeloeuphoria Vor 27 Minuten
honestly i use to really dislike cardi but i realised what she’s worth and just her personality is who she is and i actually love her for that.
Tamia Cole
Tamia Cole Vor 27 Minuten
Now I see why she don’t drive😂😂😂
Ani Valla
Ani Valla Vor 27 Minuten
Kodak Black made The flow of bodak yellow. Listen to no flocking and you will understand
Jonny lee Johnson
Jonny lee Johnson Vor 27 Minuten
Fuck offset its gunter now
Abby Vor 28 Minuten
Can we just appreciate how long it must have taken james to learn the exact words to the songs
Salsa Yedisman
Salsa Yedisman Vor 28 Minuten
Cardi is me when driving lmao
carliepies Vor 28 Minuten
jc Chee
jc Chee Vor 28 Minuten
Cardi is so cute specially when she sings.....it is trending
Billy Bob
Billy Bob Vor 28 Minuten
such a thot
Soto N
Soto N Vor 22 Minuten
your mom
bryce Vor 28 Minuten
cardi driving is such a mood
Salsa Yedisman
Salsa Yedisman Vor 29 Minuten
(Cardi) - *cant drive* - *has 5 crazy expensive cars just to take a pic with it* LIFE GOALS
Soto N
Soto N Vor 29 Minuten
I see a lot of ppl in the comments upset at others saying Cardi is pretty? they respond " yea because of makeup and boob jobs" But they are the same ones who follow Kim Kardashian who's entire body and face is fake, yall follow Kim Kardashian and are ok with everything on her being fake
ChasChannel Vor 29 Minuten
Actually me driving
Brian Cinganelli
Brian Cinganelli Vor 30 Minuten
Just a Hoe . Has a third grade Education . Sad
Soto N
Soto N Vor 21 Minute
just like your disgusting mother
Dennnismo Vor 30 Minuten
Good to know this side of her, she sounds just like her records too. #onpoint
TiranoRex Vor 30 Minuten
I would be really shocked if i see Cardi B singing on car while im walking
Brian Cinganelli
Brian Cinganelli Vor 30 Minuten
Dumb Bitch
Sumayyah Islam
Sumayyah Islam Vor 31 Minute
Akiryo_ Vor 31 Minute
カムイカンナ Vor 31 Minute
Yey yey
louise horsmark
louise horsmark Vor 31 Minute
Those nails really freak me out
Sunil V
Sunil V Vor 31 Minute
Please watch my new video 😀
brenden mccolman
brenden mccolman Vor 32 Minuten
Spicy mami hot tamale
Lenuu R.
Lenuu R. Vor 32 Minuten
Tessie Nandako
Tessie Nandako Vor 32 Minuten
Mummy Kulture, I love her spirit
Its Fiona
Its Fiona Vor 32 Minuten
Miles_Albus Vor 32 Minuten
One of these artists one day has to take James on tour. He is a great second voice to all of them.
Romy David
Romy David Vor 33 Minuten
I love cardi so much ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Nina Travis
Nina Travis Vor 33 Minuten
She seemed so much comfortable with James Corden than she did with any other late-night host I have seen her with. Jimmy Fallon seems to try with her, but he is too giddy when he is interviewing her. Jimmy Kimmel always seems to be condescending with her. I haven't seen her with Stephen Colbert, but I am sure it is awkward too. I liked this interview.
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