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CASH MONEY MAWK is back ONCE AGAIN to show off RDCWorld's new crib!
~RDC Social Media ~
Mark Phillips - @SupremeDreams_1
Affiong Harris - @Affiong
Desmond Johnson - @l0v3andPeac3
Leland Manigo - @23_Is_Leland
Dylan Patel - @DylanPatel4_
Benjamin Skinner - @Ive_Ben_Jammin
Johnathan Newton - @PlayThatJohn
/ @rdcworldgaming




11 Jul 2022



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RDCworld1 Vor year
Well ! Lol! Just as we expected y’all love the new crib. See y’all soon 😂 leave some likes 100k likes?!
xnevh Vor year
@whyquestion delete this
James Vor year
Wyolkens_ Vor year
Blvnco273 Vor year
Keep livin off the land gang😭😭
ffazbr Vor year
Mo 13uckets
Mo 13uckets Vor year
Their ability to keep series like this going but not overdo it at the same time is very under appreciated
Dont go to my page
Don’t read my name !
Amxri Vor year
@Dont go to my page ok
Flashy Vor year
@Dont go to my page I'll do you one better and block you
Nasrullah Punnette
Very much appreciated
king dray
king dray Vor year
@Dont go to my page ok
Ceo Jreezy
Ceo Jreezy Vor year
Dylan really took a 3rd degree burn for us 😂 he deserve the big room
Ozarkoh2 Vor year
big room? u mean the fucking field 💀
ICEcold Cobi
ICEcold Cobi Vor year
@Ozarkoh2 he deserve a portion of the landscape
Shelton Washington
Been watching them for almost 10 years now and Dylan going down that hot ass slide might be the first time I've seen them break character in a skit lmao
FF2020 Vor year
When people say they been watching people for a long a time
Superb Tomato
Superb Tomato Vor year
thas how you know that shit hurt bro
Stitch Vor year
Tbh I make entertaining vids just like RDCworld1. I bet 100% it’ll make u laugh. If not you can come to tell me.
Superb Tomato
Superb Tomato Vor year
@Stitch no thanks
Jon_301 Vor year
@FF2020 what’s wrong with it
Brae Vor year
Been watching y’all since “how every dude acts after a haircut for the next 24 hours”. Seeing y’all come this far really instills into me i can make it that far over time. I know Im just a fan but over time seeing y’all grow i’m proud of you guys regardless and love this community and to be apart of what y’all built. Can’t wait for the next big things coming. THIS SHIT IS COOL AS FUCK
Trigger Quean
Trigger Quean Vor year
Black wife beater shirt was my first video 😂
Akash Murukesh
Iv been hooked since the scary house vid where mark and aff merked everyone
Nomad Eric
Nomad Eric Vor year
Watch out....im single
Are Mayo
Are Mayo Vor year
Classroom speech and hulu n chill are some of the earliest I remember. "This is my presentation on Hawa...Hawaii" 😰
Philip Tucker
Philip Tucker Vor year
Same bro, been watching them since before they blew up! Crazy how far they’ve come now
Jerell Vor year
Mawk: “You ever seen 7 young black….. wait Dylan you black??” Dylan: *shrugs* Mawk: “SHIT.. IT IS WHAT IT IS!!”
Tisha Parker
Tisha Parker Vor year
They should do an ancestry test on him lol just for fun
Sierra🖤 Vor year
we'll just say he Blindian for now lmao
Nehauon Vor year
Naw dylan is black. No matter what you say, or his dna, he here to stay.
Trystaan Taylor
angel bby
angel bby Vor year
@Nehauon that is not how that works 😭 he’s cool people tho fs
Treytre26 Vor year
I really admire how creative RDC were for making this video like honestly if you really pay attention he was explaining what happen to them but obviously in the words of one of his created characters! These guys are legendary for this! Keep up the hard work frfr
iWaxYou Vor year
7:57 Dylan walking away holding his cheeks got my dying 😭😭😭
Boog Vor year
😂 bruh I had to put it on .25 speed to make sure I was seeing right 😂 that was funny asf
Chxsee Vor 10 Monate
When I seen it I started dying
Hey Arnold
Hey Arnold Vor year
I envy these guys’ friendship 😭
Kagura Vor 8 Monate
Right ? Imagine chilling every day playing the game with your best friends and literally getting paid a ton from it! Making a fortune doing something you love. Then they all split the rent so that makes it easier
Inky’s Studio
hope y’all get a new crib and and pick up where y’all left off soon bruh, this journey y’all takin’ is inspiring.
Damarae Vor year
I remember watching y’all since story time Sundays, the growth has been amazing and y’all have never forgotten who y’all were in the process. More blessings to y’all brothers and thanks for the many years of laughter and entertainment. Keep it going fellas 🙏🏽
asfeggsd sdg
asfeggsd sdg Vor year
10:25 "I say triple it, she say keep it" Damn, y'all have a really tough time there. Hope you guys get a new crib soon! Other than that, the rap woulda been fire 🔥🔥🔥
Alex Hernandez
Dylan sliding down the slide and damn near cooking his behind was fucking gold lmao 🤣
☻daniel leballsack guy☻
like his wrist
Michael Hinton
Alex Hernandez
@Michael Hinton his ass man his ass
Michael Hinton
@Alex Hernandez 🤣🤣thank u
Matthew Rogers
Blessings to y’all man the journey y’all made warms my heart. I love the creativity y’all bring. Best believe y’all will get a new crib and pick up where y’all left off. I’ll be patient for this greatness
brandon kaghee
Real life can always be best expressed through art. This was definitely to post new content and vent at the same time. Can't imagine why a homeowner would just up and kick tenants out of a home so suddenly especially after offering to double and TRIPLE pay the rent??smh but it's only to push ya'll where ya'll really belong. It's a step forward to something better for ya'll in the long run!
Bob_Owusu Vor year
Yeah that's annoying to deal with
Intermediate Vor year
they were probably getting a lot of complaints from the neighbors. Only explanation I can think of.
The Dragon
The Dragon Vor year
That new single “I say triple it she say keep it” should get y’all on enough bread to get a new house 😂🔥
Ronald Smith jr
Was kinda fire no cap lol
Dark Luls
Dark Luls Vor year
That shit was banging lol
Kagura Vor 8 Monate
Man they need to start making rap videos with their whole group that would be fire !
Relaxing Sleep Sounds
I thought the same .. I started jooking 😂
rxintro Vor year
Dezmond always has me in tears 😂😂😂 the way he stood up I lost my shit
BettyBoop27 Vor 9 Monate
Look like a GTA Character from franklin story mode lmfaoooo🤣😂💀
The Correia Chronicles
Been watching y’all for a long time love seeing y’all success y’all deserve every bit of it keep going guys!!!
IDatDrip Vor year
That scream when Dylan was going down the slide was 100% real
Devin Kormanik
😂😂🤣 on me
NeilxDavis Vor year
Hi everyone, I'm a uprising entertainer who makes short comedic skits. Tell me what you think can be done better in them. Many thanks
LoneSta1r Vor year
Lol 😂 I knew that was a setup
William Breeze
That was funny lmao.
Black GOD
Black GOD Vor year
Dylan most forgot how hot ish be at parks in states that get 90°-100° whether in the summer lol.
Bron Knows Best
aye man s/o to y'all - love to see this, the true definition of "we all can go" we gonna keep supporting y'all doing bigger & better things!
Dont go to my page
Don’t read my name !
Net banger
Net banger Vor year
the definition of everybody eats
Pirata Vor year
7:17 Dylan sliding down the slide was hilarious 😂😂😂
GEEKFREAK01 Vor year
Bro, it's crazy to see how far you've made it onto youtube. I'm very proud of y'all & keep up the great content
worksmagic89 Vor year
I couldn't stop laughin at Desmond acting like somebody out in the woods 😆😆😆
Reqaus Xobi
Reqaus Xobi Vor year
This is easily the best Cash Money Mawk episode. The other ones were quite corny. This one was quality from start to finish.
DLo27 Vor year
im dying at them breaking character when Dylan went down that slide lmao
Miles Morales
Miles Morales Vor year
Me too🤣🤣🤣
AJ Nur
AJ Nur Vor year
Khai Romani
Khai Romani Vor year
Broooo sweeeaaarrr
Tisha Parker
Tisha Parker Vor year
Lmaoo why they set him up like that 😂😂😂
Nasrullah Punnette
"barbarians...savages?" I'm dead. It's good to wake up this another insightful episode, installment of the Cash Money Team. Much love to RDC for the great content. And wtf was C.M. Des doing in the trees lolol
They broke
Nasrullah Punnette
@CaliforniaMadeAb nah he was just like there doing nothing 🤣
solara slays
solara slays Vor year
“7 young black- Dylan, you black? 6 and a half, whatever you wanna call it.” Between this and the slide, I am deceased! 🤣☠️
Uzamakii Vor year
On 1 charge ⚡🔋 💻
Jerrick Ervin II
So much respect for rdc man, truly been watching y’all since like middle school now I graduate college this summer
Spencer Scott
Spencer Scott Vor 4 Monate
here take this like sir! congrats on you staying focused! keep that same energy im not sure what field your going into but you keep having that same work ethic and focus,drive etc your gonna be killin it i guess i got a decade on you but can still look up to that type of person for sure
Eigwak Vor year
Dylan going down the slide almost made me choke on my food 😂😂😂
Guerra Gamez
Guerra Gamez Vor year
Congrats on all of your success 🙏 I’ve been watching you guys for years!
King Pineapple IV
This is one of my favorite vids from y’all, the amount of copium from the cash money team got me weak, Dylan’s ice, ben’s tomfoolery, desmond being that guy, Leland being the best hype man, John out here being Tarzan, and of course, cash money mawk letting the people know what’s up 😂
Zarrox Vor year
They wrong for making Dylan slide down that burning slide💀
King Pineapple IV
@Zarrox I swear whenever they told Dylan to slide down I knew it was over for him, but thankfully he had too much ice on his wrist😂
S h o t t a
S h o t t a Vor year
Just came out and it's already your favorite
NeilxDavis Vor year
Hi guys, I'm a small but rising comedian who makes skits with no filter and plot twists. Tell me what you think of them
Casey Pardini
Casey Pardini Vor year
*Cash Money Mawk
Shemar Williams
Bro I've been watching yall for years and you have no idea how happy it makes me to see yall level up and up again. Stay blessed RDC! KEEP DROPPIN THAT HEAT
So proud of you boys and all youve accomplished really doing it big for all of us and giving us the confidence to know we in charge of where our lives take us much love brothers
Cozmicc Vor year
the journey yall have been on we love y’all to the extreme glad to see y’all enjoying life
Orlando Juarez
When Mark took out the newports I knew he had hit rock bottom lmao
PBJ Vor year
Cash Money Mawk never disappoints
Carlil Jean
Carlil Jean Vor year
NeilxDavis Vor year
Hi guys, I'm a small but rising comedian who makes skits with no filter and plot twists. Tell me what you think of them
K Sewell
K Sewell Vor year
Jesus loves you ❤️
Marcus 🤍🤎
Muma Ndubula
Muma Ndubula Vor year
I absolutely love this community, keep up the good work.
John Xina
John Xina Vor year
keep doing what yall are doing man things might've got rough but you've stuck together for so long dont split up now we were together laughing we will be together during hard times as well good luck for the future imma keep supporting yall
Kevin Phothisane
Shoutout to RDCworld1 on winning the Dodgeball game. Congratulations to you and your team. Love all your videos, keep up the good work guys.
WHATSAPP ME▫️①④②④④②②⓪⑥⑨⑦
If this is really the situation and you all got evicted, I am sending you all many wishes of positivity. Don't give up and keep pursuing the dream. Great video. :D
Kedrick Hunter
Love y’all man !! Y’all really are great for the world no cap💯💯
Cuh Zah
Cuh Zah Vor year
I remember when RDC was making videos out of a college dorm y’all deserve everything y’all achieved and anything positive coming in the future!
Whaaaa Vor year
You didn’t even watch the video
ib Vor year
@Whaaaa and?
Ash The Survivor
What are you talking about?
Facts 💯
The Sniping Spider
@Whaaaa what
Giovanni Egidio
After all the inspirational videos y’all made and watching y’all for all these years . Makes me really think bout how I’m living my life
Berto Juarez
Berto Juarez Vor year
CashMoneyDill going down the slide was comedy 😂
Opheliange Vor year
Y'all are master magicians, for real. Taking the tough situation you're in at the moment and turning it into a great piece of performance art? Pure alchemy! Onward and upward, RDC.
Super Kayamo
Super Kayamo Vor year
You can see the regret in Dylan’s face before he slid down 💀
BettyBoop27 Vor 9 Monate
I see it as it happened 🤣😂😂💀
Xaise Angol
Xaise Angol Vor year
6M subscribers!!! Keep doing what y’all are doing Kings👑
Dee Bee
Dee Bee Vor year
You can tell that was a real ass scream too 😫🤣🤣🤣🤣
@Dee Bee I swear 💀🤣🤣🤣🤣
Taleana Vor year
That slide had to be 150°🔥🔥🤣😂🤣
Rich Vor year
I watched that part bout 5x already lol
TheJynxzx Vor year
That was mental!
Notorious Vor year
seeing how far yall made it really make me happy bro frfr yall really deserve that shit !!! keep doin yall thing young kings! god bless RDC
Andersa222 ღ
Mans did not want the video💀
Fortune Frost
Fortune Frost Vor year
Love you guys , keep moving forward always RDC , making dreams come true!!!!!
Noirral Vor 4 Monate
I pray we repent of our sins and turn to Jesus Christ for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand love your enemies and forgive others just as God can forgive you spread peace and be blessed amen.n
Slumy Vor 11 Monate
must be cool not having weirdo neighbors bugging. Hope yall enjoy it!
Cameron Moody
Cameron Moody Vor year
Thank u so much rdc for being a big impact in my life to stay positive and keep moving forward never look back see u guys at dream con love y’all
Carmichael King
I really hope y’all can by your own crib and work towards generational wealth 🙏🏽
Que Vor year
I hope they do to they put a lot of heart of what they really saying they it’s hitting them hard fr bc they really wanted to show everyone that they can make it out the slums but dey still going and striving for it seems like the owners of the house did them dirty with the house they had
Que Vor year
It’s a big impact on them mentally
JGreen 907
JGreen 907 Vor year
Man the way Leland had the computer ready to open at any time was hilarious
Dr. Echo
Dr. Echo Vor year
Legit the best part 😂
The Canna Guide
All in the grass 🤣
kamya Vor year
ongggg i was crying , she he started rapping and the beat was already playing
Hyper Flame
Hyper Flame Vor year
😂😂 Had Me Dying Anyone Know The Beat They Was Playing ?
lil toe
lil toe Vor year
@Hyper Flame yeah bro its called “not a player” by Big Pun
Clinton Davis
Clinton Davis Vor year
Its the steady growth for me. Yall just keep getting better and better than before
Tha1AndOnly Vor year
7:44 the fact that dylan didnt repeat himself is hilarious
Lincoln Mulbah
"Just cos I'm homeless does it look like Im broke to yall" LMAOOO
Julia Rivera
Julia Rivera Vor year
I knew Dylan was gonna die when he slid down that hot ass metal slide. 😂
god level
god level Vor year
Here for the RDC culture 🔥 let's get it Wark, Weland, Wylan, Wen, Wohn, Waff
cvill Vor year
The most organic rdc vid. Cash money mawk being a way to still bring the cash money mawk series going and also bringing the reality of their next chapter in life. Y'all managed to make an even funnier video than all the greats y'all already put out. Y'all are simply just 'like that' nah but fr tho that new crib gon be better ong we bless up and manifest that to existence if it hasn't yet. Cash money team neva lack neva lose. It's only up from here.
Wanime REACTS Vor year
Thatboy Lockhart
He didn't have nothing on his wrist
Sabina Gibson
Sabina Gibson Vor year
That's trueee
metanoia Vor year
Don't Read My Profile Photo Okay I won't
K.A Vor year
Honestly you guys are so talented. This was hilarious!
Jordan B.
Jordan B. Vor year
the evolution is insane. the quality of this video is just wild. so many damn subtle jokes & nods. mtv cribs, 00's wangster culture, drake's underground kings, yall really did the most here
Seriously though, I figured them losing the house was on some hattin' type stuff. They never seemed to be the type of people to be irresponsible. Especially with people like Leland and John on the team. Prayerfully they can have have their own house built, so they don't have to deal with people like that.
SohLoh Vor year
Take a shot everytime Mark and Le dap each other up 😂
HighLevi Vor year
Dylan the funniest dude in the crew
040jay Vor year
man it’s crazy watching you guys for so long, seeing you guys come from the “when people take anime too far” and “hood olympics 1” house, all the way to this. you guys deserve it man
imissreed Vor year
u ain’t even watch the vid
Amoney Vor year
Deserve to lose there house? 😂
Sherlock Holmes
@Amoney lmao
EndāW VV Knightz
​@Amoney nope
ProAnimeBro Vor year
We need the full blooper of Dylan on the slide 😂😂😂
LilRedMama82 Vor year
Bravo! My cheeks and my stomach hurts from the geniuses that y'all are!! Keep up the fantastic work!!💜🤣🎯💯
Franklin X Collado
Bro these videos bring me life. Thank you Cash money team. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥
Coreybrt Vor year
The next Cash Money Crib gonna bring more bangers than the last house, and, it will be missed❤️
jBone Vor year
The part where he made sure the camera showed they aren’t picking up the money off the ground was hilarious
Salihoe Saidu
Salihoe Saidu Vor year
Y’all deserve everything coming!!
VectazePlayz Vor year
Idk Vor year
These hands coming
Young Elegbede
Everything good*
black hippy
black hippy Vor year
sound like a threat ngl
BeatBoxJosiah Vor year
Prince Vor year
I’m ngl Dylan my favorite but everyone in RDC even the channel itself just make my day better . Instant serotonin
NurseKortney Vor year
I really love these guys lol y’all really make me happy and I hope to meet y’all one day.
Chris CrazyC Johnson
Man the authenticity is too real 🤣🤣🤣 keep grinding bro y’all the 🐐’s 💪🏾💯✨
Kyle Reid
Kyle Reid Vor year
Y’all are comedy, happy for y’all🙏🏽
Miss Charms
Miss Charms Vor year
Im hding my side laughing about that slide 🤣🤣🤣 He took one for the team!
That yell and laugh after Dylan went down that slide was definitely unscripted😂
J D Vor year
As a person who once was legit homeless, I know the struggle of having one charge left.
Spoken Vor year
keep grinding y’all way to good for this world
I feel like they just go with the flow and say stuff that comes into mind
LaKendric West
Gabriel Kawa
Gabriel Kawa Vor year
Congrats on your new house guys
Koriand'r Of The Stars
When Mark said, "Our humble abode" and gestured at the wide open nothing I lost it 😭
Koriand'r Of The Stars
Nah but I really hope y'all find a house. Real estate is CRAZY right now whether you stacked or not 💯
cellie Vor year
This was a classic rdc video, I miss this
Nickolas Davis
Wide open nothing is wild
Majd Amri
Majd Amri Vor year
not a single hate comment thats when you know you really made it and built a community of pure support. i consider myself blessed for finding your channel and going in this journey with y'all. keep it up you deserve it❤
Plague Seeker
Plague Seeker Vor year
Y'all are so fucking funny and creative it's mad. Fr I got no doubt you'll make it in terms of talent, just gotta fine tune the approach
MadCapgaming_ Vor year
“We tried to throw a bag” then they made a song 🔥🤘🏾keep pushing y’all RDC AKA the Cash Money team!
Groovy Tony 83
Im Proud of yall man !
اساطير التاريخ
Dylan really took one for the team holy shit LMAO
JP Vor year
Nine Vor year
Ay g , yall boys have come a long way. I appreciate the hustle. The pack of newports was HILARIOUS
sk_asx Vor year
the housing market is trash rn. yall keep it real and we always gunna support. keep at it and hope dylan is alright lmaoo
XXstract Vor year
If the Cash-Money series ended I don’t think anybody would be upset.
The1Ksensei20 Vor year
Hilarious 🤣🤣🤣🤣 des standing up like someone was coming and the “She say keep it i say triple it” going platinum
Kenya Smith 🏳️‍🌈
Just incredible! Congrats guys!
Markeith Miller
Everybody knows the pain that Dylan went through. We had it once or twice in our life. Hot ass slide!!!
UrfavHaitian Vor year
IVE BEEN ROCKING WITH YALL SINCE I WAS 11 IM BOUTTA BE 17 now man this shiii crazy man yall do yall thing i hope one day when i make it big i get to meet yall!!💪🏾
Lawrence Bryant
Imma keep y’all in my prayers nd still watch y’all getting dem dream cash money Jay
Mr Dodo
Mr Dodo Vor year
Saw you guys at comic con just wanted to say I really appreciated the picture. Thanks for all the good times!
Cherawn Vor year
So glad to see how far rdc has came proud of y’all fr it’s only up from here👆❤️‼️.
Horizon Vor year
Look at how far RDC came man this is fucking wild