Cesaro & Daniel Bryan engage Jey Uso & Seth Rollins in a war of words: SmackDown, April 23, 2021

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Roman Reigns employs the help of “Main Event” Jey Uso and his former brother-in-arms Seth Rollins to give Cesaro and Daniel Bryan a beat down. WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.

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23 Apr 2021



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Henry Ginter
Henry Ginter Vor 15 Tage
Faisal shreef
Faisal shreef Vor 22 Tage
Guys look at this Paul have a crush on roman
Musset Jean
Musset Jean Vor 27 Tage
Lot goooiiiiiiiiioo
Dave Bryan
Dave Bryan Vor 28 Tage
So sad 7 years ago seth and roman was members of shield👎
kyng image
kyng image Vor 28 Tage
Me need some subcribers
Teek Vor Monat
Seth has a dad body now lmaoooo
Twizted Clown
Twizted Clown Vor Monat
I can't stand hearing promos anymore when the match itself shows the entire statements made in the promo are a audible joke. The words need to start lining up with their matches. Becoming harder and harder to pretend it's not fake.
Extraterrestrial Horse
Sorry but Cesaro talking is painful
Omar Albathal
Omar Albathal Vor Monat
robert kariuki
robert kariuki Vor Monat
Roman sucks
Doris Spinks
Doris Spinks Vor Monat
Shut up Randy Orton you are stupid
Professor X
Professor X Vor Monat
He should have asked "Are you having a bad day?" tbh.
ThugNation 91
ThugNation 91 Vor Monat
"You're the guy on the bottom" LMFAO
Anabel Narvaez oyola
Cómo Siempre Jey Uso Paga Los Platos Rotos De Román🤷 Román Por Qué No Dejas De Tanto Bla Bla Bla Y No Te Subes al Ring y Luchas Con Cesaron ,Voy a Cesaro.👍😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀🇵🇷
A Alghamdi
A Alghamdi Vor Monat
I was so happy when I saw roman rings helping his brother seth rollins
MVP Vor Monat
Main Event losers 😂😂😂😂😂
Jimin'sdualities should_be_a_school_subject
"You're just a stupid loser"😂😂😂
ThugNation 91
ThugNation 91 Vor Monat
Roman: "You should be talkn bout that work I put on you at Wrestlemania" Seth: 💀💀💀 Me: 💀💀💀
ptal asiri
ptal asiri Vor Monat
Omar Penaloza
Omar Penaloza Vor Monat
Tuğberk Bağdat
Seth Rollins:Embrace the Vision Cesaro:Embarass the Vision
Jack Wooly
Jack Wooly Vor Monat
can we please get roman reigns awknowledging seth rollins
gabriel pruitt
gabriel pruitt Vor Monat
this dude called them top tier losers XD
So Strong I Need More of Your Money
Roman looks like he’s been getting on the Rocks workout regimen. Dude is getting yoked.
Sang Thung
Sang Thung Vor Monat
Even you Roman reigns
Mr Noobie
Mr Noobie Vor Monat
Yvette Huntley MUSIC
I really do wanna see Tribal Chief vs Messiah 👀
Gabriel Velez
Gabriel Velez Vor Monat
Smackdown is really good now lololol
Daniel R
Daniel R Vor Monat
Is the new shield on the horizon
Cherish Ramsey
Cherish Ramsey Vor Monat
David Green
David Green Vor Monat
Thats means your a loser lol
Jaquan mccarty46
I wish Dean Ambrose was here and is Seth Rollins Roman Reigns reunite The Shield
Seth Rollins
Seth Rollins Vor Monat
Thanks for your support and being a awesome Fan of mine
Mario Miller
Mario Miller Vor Monat
When are they going to let Roman and Seth interact
Seth Rollins
Seth Rollins Vor Monat
Thanks for your support
J. Joseph
J. Joseph Vor Monat
I greatly prefer the Great Valu CM Punk version of Seth Rollins.
Joey Fatu
Joey Fatu Vor Monat
Seth’s face @2:18 😂😂☠️
Almtyhalfbreed Vor Monat
They've been jerking Cesaro becoming WWE champion all his career. It's sad..
R&B FUN Vor Monat
Roman ur the best whhooooooo go Roman
R&B FUN Vor Monat
Go Roman ur the best whoooooooo The best
R&B FUN Vor Monat
Whooo Seth😎
R&B FUN Vor Monat
Whooo Seth
Shaun Thomas
Shaun Thomas Vor Monat
Actually whoever Paul is with becomes bad
Shaun Thomas
Shaun Thomas Vor Monat
Remember when we loved the shield and Roman and Seth , now we kind of don't like them
Eythan Dennis
Eythan Dennis Vor Monat
Seth is fire
Seth Rollins
Seth Rollins Vor Monat
Hey thanks for your support and being a awesome Fan of mine
quackxhead Vor Monat
What if Dean ambrose comes back
Perry Oduro
Perry Oduro Vor Monat
well done guys
David Abad
David Abad Vor Monat
Don’t get me wrong Cesaro is great in the ring BUT his mic skills freaking kill me! Terrible! & it’s not just the accent but the delivery. Mid card tops but in my opinion not a main eventer unless WWE forces it.
John Foster
John Foster Vor Monat
Sorry but was boring promo, was hoping a bigger hype
David Pasaribu
David Pasaribu Vor Monat
Cesaro the next champ
navid ghafari
navid ghafari Vor Monat
Seth and roman The best best fight ever
Themfeels101 Vor Monat
Seth Rollins told no lies. Seth made that match.
Mark Vor Monat
I'm sorry but everyone but Seth Rollins was boring in this promo.
Xplus S
Xplus S Vor Monat
Who loves the motto of Lake
King Higgins
King Higgins Vor Monat
Rollins is a pain in the butt
BestForBusiness Vor Monat
i love both of these feuds.
Amanda grothmann
Even though I love how good 2 of my favorite wrestlers are Killing it on smackdown, I miss the big dog and kingslayer
Amanda grothmann
Rollins is hilarious on mic
Seth Rollins
Seth Rollins Vor Monat
Thanks for the support and love also being a awesome Fan of mine
Ali Albalushi
Ali Albalushi Vor Monat
رومان 💪
Deepak Gurung
Deepak Gurung Vor Monat
Seth rollins reaction to Roman's intrance was awesome. 😄
alexis asamoah
alexis asamoah Vor Monat
😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣seth rollins face changed 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣as he said are u having a great day 🤣🤣🤣🥴
kj fortnite
kj fortnite Vor Monat
Stop it be can you win do mean you can controls the usos
Jon Mazley
Jon Mazley Vor Monat
I hope roman and seth back together again...
R2Bunny _
R2Bunny _ Vor Monat
I wanna see Cesaro win the universal champion
Raju Kumar
Raju Kumar Vor Monat
I love Roman Also Rollins
asa ademun
asa ademun Vor Monat
Does roman understand that Edge actually won the championship
Brent Boojhawan
Brent Boojhawan Vor Monat
roman walking away like he needs to use the toilet
Brent Boojhawan
Brent Boojhawan Vor Monat
seth should become a pastor he is so damn boring
Aaron JudgeFan
Aaron JudgeFan Vor Monat
seth rollins clapping and laughing while reigns is destroying both of them has me dying of laughter lmfao
Kevin Bull
Kevin Bull Vor Monat
When is Jimmy coming back?
ChristmasLoad 123
Are they purposefully not having Rollins and reigns interact
Aaron JudgeFan
Aaron JudgeFan Vor Monat
i think so
everything's doin great but can we get Roman a new theme song pls
Chioma Okere
Chioma Okere Vor Monat
Am just waiting for this match; Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns for the universal title🤗
Maui Vor Monat
Paul Heyman must be so proud.
Latifa Konate
Latifa Konate Vor Monat
Seth Rollins: "blames the rain" Cesaro: Then fight me
Kory Davis
Kory Davis Vor Monat
Hopefully by next year we get the one on one between Roman and Seth headlining Mania. It feels right. They’re on the same brand. Roman is really good at drawing heat. And long term story telling could turn Rollins into a fan favorite again. And they’re “Shield” gimmicks are very much gone, so it’s a different story to tell between them this time.
Avishek Chowdhury
KAGO JAY Vor Monat
Jey , Seth Roman 🤣😭❤️
Amanda grothmann
Rollins sounds like the miz
Amanda grothmann
I love rollins reaction when the uso music hit and heyman hands reigns the mic seth apparently just starts laughing. Since rollins left the tag match it indicates they will be feuding
roman's promos still worst
Lee Jizzle
Lee Jizzle Vor Monat
Daniel is gone after the next ppv because Vince won't stop catering to Roman. This had gone on way too long. And he wouldn't have heeled turned had it not been for the so called pandemic
Whos Beast
Whos Beast Vor Monat
With the roles they play, it's so damn weird seeing seth and Roman together on the screen at all
Minga Velasquez
Minga Velasquez Vor Monat
The shield is back
Ben Dejan
Ben Dejan Vor Monat
Cesaro you are stupid loser🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂
Xiiviiniity Vor Monat
Rollins didn't acknowledge him
Jakepage 1919
Jakepage 1919 Vor Monat
Look what Roman 👕says about Db
King _ Danial.6
King _ Danial.6 Vor Monat
Face Roman and face Rollins: Raw Heel Roman and Heel Rollins: Smackdown Both badass
1:1 Derrel Tenia
Kakou Vor Monat
i didnt know that roman is a clown KEKW
MissTia777 Vor Monat
Cesaro would make a GREAT champ tho!
olix322 xx
olix322 xx Vor Monat
Mo obad
Mo obad Vor Monat
Seth: I gave you the night of your life and you're moving on from me PAUSE
Nameless Pineapple
Not me holding my breath and hoping that Roman and seth have some sort of interaction 😑 I'm still holding my breath 😨
Lah B
Lah B Vor Monat
Cesaro is going to win the wwe championship
team Darkness
team Darkness Vor Monat
We need dean ambros back on wwe and we have the missiah the head of the table and the lunitic on the same side yet again
secrew k
secrew k Vor Monat
Seth Rolins = New Triple h
Chris Alexander
Chris Alexander Vor Monat
"DB, you out here talking about hard work? Come on man 😅 You should be talking about that work I put on you at Wrestlemania" 🤣🤣
Mark Bönker
Mark Bönker Vor Monat
Roman is becoming untouchable on the mic, and its encouraging to see considering how he spoke was a few years ago.
Mark Bönker
Mark Bönker Vor Monat
I find Seth annoying as hell. But I actually enjoyed his promo tonight.
Ti Amo
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A Year Later ...
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She Wants to Freeze Herself