Chase Your Dreams!

Danny Duncan
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10 Jul 2019



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Danny Duncan
Danny Duncan Vor year
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Darreal_ Gump
Darreal_ Gump Vor 6 Monate
Adam Dent
Adam Dent Vor 11 Monate
Bro we got the same Tooth brush lol
1010jm1 Vor year
Come to Montana pussy haha but seriously u should even though I don’t think you will
spenker hibs
spenker hibs Vor year
Danny Duncan why isn’t there idaho in there
Andres Ventura
Danny Duncan what comes with the vip pack
C Bass
C Bass Vor 18 Tage
I have the same toothbrush
Ped F
Ped F Vor 23 Tage
Your videos always make me laugh
mhawthorne897 Vor 29 Tage
that guy was getting abit touchy😳
BOMBO Q Vor Monat
Joseph Ragosta
Joseph Ragosta Vor Monat
My dad would always tell me there is no floor 13 and it was when I was young and into scary movies because they would actually be cool because they would scare me and then one time we went to a hotel (while I still didn’t believe him) and saw there was no floor 13 and it went to 14 and started bugging, I don’t remember what happened after but I prob freaked, bugged, cried, and then calmed down lmao I was either 7-9 like 10-11 scary movies stopped being a scary besides the conjuring, that shit scared the fuck out of me when I was like 15-16...... and I’m about to turn 19 in may, and my memory is shot so those ages could be off but they should be close
torin rueter
torin rueter Vor Monat
Danny Duncan and I have the same toothbrush... not sure what to do with this information
Stewish Vor 24 Tage
Nixon Darcy
Nixon Darcy Vor Monat
The furry furtive foot theoretically cover because kenya increasingly scold from a inconclusive angora. tearful, impolite pasta
Ben Cook
Ben Cook Vor Monat
Anyone else think the intro was a commercial at first?
Koby Grote
Koby Grote Vor 2 Monate
Ronnie mac without his face covered?? Weird to see
NRG gheez
NRG gheez Vor 2 Monate
what’s the name of the song in the beginning
Сергеи Калюта
The testy capital distally clap because care practically prevent out a scandalous tree. godly, heady city
Johny Castellanos
Johny Castellanos Vor 2 Monate
Yooo that Honda Atc 250r looks clean as fuck
Nixon Darcy
Nixon Darcy Vor 2 Monate
The bright straw arguably interest because specialist identically cause abaft a shallow advertisement. magical, better dogsled
imasnnake 918
imasnnake 918 Vor 2 Monate
I live there
was that sconny cranmer
Robin Smith
Robin Smith Vor 3 Monate
Jimmy is defo Ronnie then lol
Alex Marrufo
Alex Marrufo Vor 3 Monate
Oklahoma my state & no I’m not white lol
Royce Mielke
Royce Mielke Vor 3 Monate
Fuck y
david nickaf
david nickaf Vor 4 Monate
Best intro ever
Alec St.pierre
Alec St.pierre Vor 4 Monate
Ronnie mac face reveal at 9:24
Leo Fehsenfeld
Leo Fehsenfeld Vor 4 Monate
Bruh I use the same toothpaste
Goaxzy Vor 4 Monate
Pls come back to Tulsa
Edwin Lira
Edwin Lira Vor 4 Monate
He might come this year again idk
SillyGoose Vor 5 Monate
Lol I have the same tooth paste.
Tito Pacheco
Tito Pacheco Vor 5 Monate
You get a glimpse of jimmy in the hotel NOT as Ronnie Mac LOL, true fans will catch that 😳😁🤙
Jeffrey Edwards
Jeffrey Edwards Vor 5 Monate
Chase your dream ( in a soft summer dress)
Jeffrey Edwards
Jeffrey Edwards Vor 5 Monate
Danny chase your dreams ,,,,start a Norwegian death metal band ,,you can keep metal alive
matthew olmstead
matthew olmstead Vor 5 Monate
That trike three wheeler is a 259 r second rarest trike in the world my dad had a couple he also had a 350 x trike first most rare trike
Scorp1on Vor 5 Monate
what is that bike
Psychonaut00 Vor 5 Monate
Danny even if you never read this i just want you to know, your videos make me smile :)
Alton Akerberg
Alton Akerberg Vor 5 Monate
Wtf is the first song in the toothpaste part
kkrroonniicc Vor 5 Monate
Why did it take me this long for me to see a video with Danny, Larry and Ronnie... So sick 🤘🤘
Peyton Hughes
Peyton Hughes Vor 5 Monate
9:27 is that Ronnie mac
C&O Videos
C&O Videos Vor 5 Monate
C&O Videos
C&O Videos Vor 5 Monate
Dude I need your help
gurtajmangat Vor 5 Monate
L2 killintime
L2 killintime Vor 6 Monate
And if your not interested FUCK YOU
Max Batman
Max Batman Vor 6 Monate
Congrats on five mill
Moisee Lara
Moisee Lara Vor 6 Monate
Hahaha damn danny 🤣 you're so funny 😂
Moisee Lara
Moisee Lara Vor 6 Monate
Bro i love you're videos you're Soo funny bro don't never let youtube go i have mental problems and your videos Make me feel better about myself thank you Danny for making dope videos
Hollywood Gaming
Hollywood Gaming Vor 6 Monate
How the fuck am I 5’5, 13 years old, And I have the same size shoes as Danny Lmao
Hollywood Gaming
Hollywood Gaming Vor 6 Monate
We need a bunch of Ronnie and You videos We need Ronnie to post soon again
Mark Hotchkiss
Mark Hotchkiss Vor 7 Monate
Was that god damn larry enticer at 3:10? Lol
UnmaskedCarnage Vor 7 Monate
Dean Fowlers
Dean Fowlers Vor 7 Monate
Why did you spit on your wall on your window I mean
Adrian Young boy
Adrian Young boy Vor 7 Monate
My car is broken
Benyam Ephrem
Benyam Ephrem Vor 8 Monate
The ding from the scooter bell is so satisfying
Landon Russo
Landon Russo Vor 8 Monate
These are old shoes, they are like from 2000 something
Sydney Luv
Sydney Luv Vor 8 Monate
that is the best heart ive seen a guy draw
FreeWave-Art Vor 9 Monate
nice rolling shot of that classic benz coupe 💪🏾
Gerald Rodriguez
Gerald Rodriguez Vor 9 Monate
I was drinking milk when he said "fuck you!" when explaining the world tour and i spit it all over my bed 🙃
Dew123rere Vor 9 Monate
dander duncanel
Murtaza animations
Murtaza animations Vor 9 Monate
1:03 ok that's just a little bit too much
Taggart_02_07 Vor 10 Monate
BobSquadLogs Dingbat
Yessir the 918
Wagon Pubgm
Wagon Pubgm Vor 10 Monate
Wait a damn minute, you were in Tulsa?!?!!!... I live right next to Tulsa..
BobSquadLogs Dingbat
Yessir 918 state
Kane Lambert
Kane Lambert Vor 10 Monate
Ronnie mac 9.28
Harrison Brickwood
Harrison Brickwood Vor 10 Monate
Year ago today baby
Chris Stroebel
Chris Stroebel Vor 10 Monate
So in 2020 I started watching your videos and I first thought about Ronnie Mac when I saw the “I Eat Ass l” shitbon your bid
Mohammed raheem aslam
Mohammed raheem aslam Vor 10 Monate
Danny duncan had the apple bottle in his hand he couldve started the trend 11 months ago before it did
Da big Dilf
Da big Dilf Vor 10 Monate
I live in Wellston it’s preity close to Tulsa I’m pissed that I didn’t go bcc I had no clue u went
A OB Vor 10 Monate
danny post more
Justin Hutcheson
Justin Hutcheson Vor 10 Monate
what was the song at the end
Kino Vor 10 Monate
I like to have dreams where im fucking my crush but it just never happens >:(
bry q
bry q Vor 11 Monate
10:03 rip headphone users
Ninja's Hyper
Ninja's Hyper Vor 11 Monate
Danny you are my dreams
Indestructible?! Random
I laughed too hard at the intro
Tony The Tiger
Tony The Tiger Vor 11 Monate
So no ones gonna point out on 1:04 the dude totally grabbed Danny’s dick with BOTH HANDS? who puts both hands on a friends thigh and adding 0:58 he grabs Danny’s ass as well HAH GAAYYYYYYYYY
Para FACTOR Vor year
Come back to Tulsa as Gary😂😂
H8M3 Vor year
When Danny was in Tulsa Oklahoma 😂 and that’s about a 45-60 min drive 😭😭😭😭
Mary Lee
Mary Lee Vor year
I thought the beginning was an ad bc I wasn't paying attention 🤣🤣🤣
Micah Orr
Micah Orr Vor year
Seeing that tooth brush made me brush my teeth
Youtube Brutal
Come to Ireland
chase patterson
gavin and zain are my cousins
Roman Frazer
Roman Frazer Vor year
I have that toothbrush
big boss gaming
I'm taking the biggest dump right now
More Drilll
More Drilll Vor year
4:55 Coffin dance starts
envywalter Vor year
why the bird sound like mr.krabs walking
Brody Shufeldt
I live in Tulsa Oklahoma if I new you were here then I would have flipped tf out
Eww Vor year
_Floaty Vor year
Yoooo I’m from Oklahoma
Ngozi Watts
Ngozi Watts Vor year
7:32 got a Gordon Ramsey masterclass commercial right after this 🤢
Frap Vor year
who else thought the beginning was a toothpaste ad?
Eduardohere Vor year
Hey Danny idk if you’ll this tbh , and Ik it sounds cheese asf but I lost my senior prom, senior prank,senior skip day, possibly graduation and my girlfriend all while being stuck at home during quarantine. But ur videos have helped me keep my mind off that shit so, appreciate it ima meet u mark my words
Dragonznest Vor year
This video was supposed to be called I ain’t playing wit chu
Tan Janik
Tan Janik Vor year
You deserve all your success brother 💖
dog army
dog army Vor year
I fucking like soccer
Cooper Johnson
Tulsa Oklahoma yes
aden orth
aden orth Vor year
What’s the Outro song??
Seth Neal
Seth Neal Vor year
This dudes gonna go crazy 2069 🤣
Riksen Music
Riksen Music Vor year
whats the song in the beginning?
Tiegan Galante
Why don't Danny Duncan videos have ads.... I see nothing wrong with them
scott cooper
scott cooper Vor year
Good old Larry
zc_angling Vor year
3:11 Larry enticer 🤘🏻
Reece8282 Vor year
Do nothing for free good luck 🙂
Cristian Villegas
Who else was dying when he spit on the mirror in the beginning then when he made a heart was like illll
Daniel O
Daniel O Vor year
for yall 2:52
Tyler Haskell
Tyler Haskell Vor year
Fucking uncle ronnie. Sick!
Kalan M. Saunders
I thought it was a add at the start😂😂
Grant Morgan
Grant Morgan Vor year
Wasn't the title supposed to be I ain't playin wit chu
Drew Paden
Drew Paden Vor year
Fuck you Jax
New video sorry for the lag
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