CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 4 | Ep. 5: “Cancelled”

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The Chicken Girls are fed up with the boys in their lives.
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Rhyme and her friends - known by their 'ship name, "The Chicken Girls" - have been dancing together forever. But as they enter high school, everything begins to change. They’ll have to survive boy drama, mean girls, and new interests that threaten to tear the girls apart.
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CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 4 | Ep. 5: “Cancelled”




16 Apr 2019



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Brat TV
Brat TV Vor year
Listen to "Over It" (featured in today's episode!): brat.ffm.to/overit
Moira Charles
Moira Charles Vor 27 Tage
I miss when it said Hayden and Anni6
good boy
Kaley Grech
Kaley Grech Vor 2 Monate
Brat TV hi sup
Thamara Segundo
Thamara Segundo Vor 4 Monate
I love the song “ over it “
Ashly Sanchez
Ashly Sanchez Vor 10 Monate
Hello Ashley in when I saw you guys when this are you guys song by so high we fly together I started liking all of you guys like shows like I really like really really really really really surprised because the shows are more better than the other shows that has thanks just saying Fairy Tail Feather yeah so and rhyme I don't know is TK's to boyfriend but it is your boyfriend I'm so happy for you and I wish you was my boyfriend yeah but I'm so glad I seduce your boyfriend I'm happens not and I'm kind of disappointed it was it was my boyfriend is too she's too big for me so I mean I live in is Angeles and I'm so happy for you guys yeah yeah so nice to talk with you guys and I'm proud of that was and they like what you're reading it right get up and I'm still watching that part right now I'm like really like people like like that yeah you so funny right to say it like your hair I like your hair like that color I wish my hair was like yours - blonde so yeah gki like Tik Tok so you guys yeah and when you do that lady bug Toby to take to take the trash out but I couldn't fight her that you like me and then there's other when they're like I try to do that but there is that they couldn't get the I'm sorry if I rode too much cuz by TK we fly so high we fly together fly
Sunflower_ Sky’s
Sunflower_ Sky’s Vor 19 Stunden
How come Annie is always the first one to know all the tea
Chamara Bronne
I link dis . Movie😊☺😉😆
Akeelah Thompson
Rhyme: I recently became in Attaway Appeal hope u will be proud Harmony: HE DOESN'T NEED TO BE PROUD HONEY
Violet Ballard
Violet Ballard Vor 2 Tage
What happened to drakes voice
Jada'sRobloxFun Vor 2 Tage
Who else See's that Drake has gotten taller
Melody McCann
Melody McCann Vor 2 Tage
"I'm done playing these games there always the same" yesh yesh yesh
Ivette Cano
Ivette Cano Vor 3 Tage
Why is Ellie touching her hair so much !
Akasha Myles
Akasha Myles Vor 3 Tage
I want tk and rhyme to date again
Sree RV
Sree RV Vor 3 Tage
Really ellie literally kissed Robby in his cheek and when he tried to hold her hand she said not at school 😂😂
Sree RV
Sree RV Vor 3 Tage
Drake was looking so cute before but now he looks so weird My favorite is ❤️ 1st) TK 2nd) Robby he is cute 3rd) Drake 4th)Hamilton 5th) Ezra kind of
Michal Simon
Michal Simon Vor 3 Tage
did rhyme really just say boys suck because she's always dating them......... ooopsss I guess the tea was spilt
Nickson Fernandes
Harmony act’s like an adult
Shravika T
Shravika T Vor 4 Tage
Season 7 comes in September That's way too long and I can't wait 😭😭
jada lee
jada lee Vor 5 Tage
ngl im already annoyed of ellie no offense :]
Dom Doyle
Dom Doyle Vor 5 Tage
I love harmony
Dom Doyle
Dom Doyle Vor 5 Tage
Poor Ezra
Dom Doyle
Dom Doyle Vor 5 Tage
Love this show
Dom Doyle
Dom Doyle Vor 5 Tage
Lmao "shortnite"
Milani Moreno
Milani Moreno Vor 6 Tage
Who else remembers when the show was so innocent and just a bunch of girls dancing
Sadie Minsky
Sadie Minsky Vor 6 Tage
Wait wait Tim shark. Said she a freshman but they were freshman’s last year so He be tripping lol,
Jasmine Vor 4 Tage
They weren’t freshmen last year, last season yes. But this is the middle of the year so she’s still a freshmen
faiiryliightsx Vor 6 Tage
Ok but “harmony” is rlly smart
Susan Eapen
Susan Eapen Vor 7 Tage
Boys suck Amen. Start dancing and singing . Me:ummm okay
Lydia Ehijene
Lydia Ehijene Vor 8 Tage
Ellie: Not at school okay Also Ellie: making out with Robbie
Miraya sharma
Miraya sharma Vor 9 Tage
Ittzz_me Ah haha12266
Omg I think it’s flash
Navya Jain
Navya Jain Vor 9 Tage
Oh Tim....always behind Rhyme;)
aisha jain
aisha jain Vor 9 Tage
is harmony rhyme's little sis or her advisor/boss?
Zama Ngcobo
Zama Ngcobo Vor 9 Tage
I've said it once and I'll say it twice they dance with no emotion. But their singing is beautiful and patient. Wait if they were in middle school. How was birdie still in the dance team whaatt.
Anonymous Toucan
Anonymous Toucan Vor 10 Tage
Caroline Brown
Caroline Brown Vor 11 Tage
Rhyme: Boys suck Also Rhyme: was in love with 5 boys
Caroline Brown
Caroline Brown Vor 11 Tage
Rhyme: Boys suck!!! Also Rhyme: In love with 5 boys
christian lalama fan!!
🥺I miss when Drake and Annie were together !!👉🏻👈🏻
Mikayla Janzen
Mikayla Janzen Vor 11 Tage
Wait! What happened to the B's? Did I miss something?
Jozikee Haihambo
Jozikee Haihambo Vor 11 Tage
The fact that they just burst into song is amazing 🎼🎤🔥❤️🧡💛🤍
Jozikee Haihambo
Jozikee Haihambo Vor 11 Tage
The fact that they just burst in to song is amazing 🎼🎤😆
Jaidyn Napper
Jaidyn Napper Vor 11 Tage
I- Uh- It's- It's 3 AM and I'm binge watching Chicken Girls. Help.
Hannah Martin
Hannah Martin Vor 14 Tage
Okay then
Jill Cameron Livingston
4:27 watch Rooney’s hand motions BHAHA
Kristina Izoita
Kristina Izoita Vor 15 Tage
Honestly the boy song they sang is truuueee
Hala Qteshat
Hala Qteshat Vor 16 Tage
And I saw Annie there with her
Hala Qteshat
Hala Qteshat Vor 16 Tage
Hiii iam Ryley I mean Indiana naybour iam very happy
Noelle Lewis
Noelle Lewis Vor 17 Tage
Harmony: you don’t need him to be proud.................. honey
Noelle Lewis
Noelle Lewis Vor 17 Tage
Harmony is so much like a mom
felicity gang
felicity gang Vor 17 Tage
Hi hi hi hi hi hi😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀👍👍👍👍👍
zoya _original
zoya _original Vor 18 Tage
NOOO what happened to the dance team and Birdie everything took a turn at season 2 am very sad anyway
ylvie Vor 18 Tage
they have boy problems while on the other hand i dont even have a boy
Family Time Channel LakeCounty
Fornite more like
rizwan ghani
rizwan ghani Vor 19 Tage
The song " over it " really helped me cuz I used to date guys when I was in 5th grade and I dating a guy in 6th grade ( I'm still in 6th grade ) and a guy who was my age liked me since year 5 and then cheated on me just because he saw a more " kinder " girl (she is a spoiled brat and extremely mean ) and this song really helped me. Now my friends call me " Ms. Rejecter " cuz I say no to every boy who ask me if I like them cuz they like me and I answer them by saying " in your dreams, I don't like u at all " 😎
rizwan ghani
rizwan ghani Vor 16 Tage
aaqilah_ vdr15 thanks for the advice ❤️
aaqilah_ vdr15
aaqilah_ vdr15 Vor 18 Tage
You're still in grade 6? Don't date live your life dude
Karolina Malysz
Karolina Malysz Vor 19 Tage
JITTERBUG!!! who else remember’s Mani!
Karolina Malysz
Karolina Malysz Vor 19 Tage
When you have to like your own comment 🤣🤣🤣
Isaa Loonat
Isaa Loonat Vor 19 Tage
I'm soo happy that Luna and the chicken girls are getting along
0nly.Kyara Vor 19 Tage
I watched Mani and seen The episode when they went to like the jitterbug company for the rap thing and in Mani The owners were some random people but in Chicken Girls The owners are Ace and Flash
Elgin Visagie
Elgin Visagie Vor 20 Tage
Harmony is a bomb. She knows what to say for everything.i think I know where to go for motivational quotes.Harmony you really awesome
Its Emi
Its Emi Vor 20 Tage
Tbh Annie’s sister is like her mom!! She’s like honey that’s to desperate!! I’m like wth >:I
Brooklyn Vor 21 Tag
You don’t need him to be proud hunny haha
tofoud jeuven
tofoud jeuven Vor 22 Tage
I was so confused when ive watched s4 ep1 it all changed but idk what happened like where did annie met that other guy i forgot his name i promise ive watched this all in one day from the start i never skipped something can someone explain where annie met that British accent lookin guy cause idk where!?
dayana Vor 23 Tage
Rhyme please that was kinda rude lmao
Kate Sweeney
Kate Sweeney Vor 23 Tage
ngl the dancing & singing part was pretty cringy
Vanessa Vazquez
Vanessa Vazquez Vor 23 Tage
Love you
Addie Basler
Addie Basler Vor 24 Tage
Harmony’s best line: “you don’t need him to be proud honey” harmony’s like a mom lol
heidi Vor 24 Tage
Juliette Novak
Juliette Novak Vor 25 Tage
i need a harmony in my life lol
Zainb Natiq
Zainb Natiq Vor 25 Tage
Ellie is boy crazy😂
Kristyn VanBuskirk
Kristyn VanBuskirk Vor 25 Tage
Love that song!!❤️
maria martinez
maria martinez Vor 25 Tage
11:08 hahaha that got me dead
Kadence Kennedy
Kadence Kennedy Vor 26 Tage
“Shortnite” lol
XoviG Vor 26 Tage
5:30 Why does shortnite sound so much like Fortnite....
Danika Bokesch
Danika Bokesch Vor 26 Tage
Ok I'm not sure if it's just me. But when the theme song comes on at the begening. Of evrey episode when Ace looks at the camera it is total freind vibes
Maya James
Maya James Vor 27 Tage
Anyone remember when this was about dancing 😂😂😂😂
Shahzad Ali
Shahzad Ali Vor 29 Tage
Haley is the real mom hear but when she actually becomes a mom she is going to be prepared and the best
kassidy vo
kassidy vo Vor 29 Tage
i love rooney sm also does anyone think the shirt rhyme was wearing didnt really suit her? idk it just didnt look like it fit right. dont attack me.
Najwa Bolbol
Najwa Bolbol Vor 29 Tage
hayley/harmony is so cuteeee
ashley '
ashley ' Vor Monat
drake looks okay but his voice is hot ngl
Melonie Arellano
I want Hayden back on the show or TK he was so cute and his voice 🤍❤️❤️❤️🥺🥺🥵🥵💍💍🤤🤤🤤😍😍🥰😫😫😫
Cute Vor Monat
Steaphine is my favorite character
Notty Mazii
Notty Mazii Vor Monat
Olivia Gauthier
Olivia Gauthier Vor Monat
Harmony: You don't need him to be proud honey Mom life acheived
Bookworm Forever
So no one is going talk on how good voice Luna has
Challengers !
Challengers ! Vor Monat
Notice how it’s shortnite like Fortnite
Jocelyn Loeza
Jocelyn Loeza Vor Monat
Pretend that I said something funny lol haha
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