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Senior Food Editor Claire Saffitz developed these morning buns with some inspiration from Tartine, a little extra cardamom, and whole wheat flour to add a nutty and nearly-heathy flavor. Too many morning buns for your crowd? This recipe halves easily. This is part of BA's Best, a collection of our essential recipes.
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Claire Makes a More Sophisticated Cinnamon Bun | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

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31 Mai 2017



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Lovepreet Singh
Lovepreet Singh Vor 2 Tage
I really like to watch these kinda videos but would have never eat that with that much butter and sugar.
Stoeff1987 Vor 7 Tage
I put mine in with the cut side down - worked as well ^^
MacKenna Regoord
MacKenna Regoord Vor 11 Tage
I love honey. I am a beekeeper, so we get a fresh supply of honey every year. Last year we got about 3 gallons of honey. It tastes so good
Sir Tanon
Sir Tanon Vor 19 Tage
Claire's morning buns make me smile
MochE4272 Vor 20 Tage
I’m so glad they stopped having loud BGM in recent videos.
major league
major league Vor 22 Tage
Jack Zei
Jack Zei Vor 26 Tage
Can you link the recipe and ingredients in the disc
Roxanna Ramos
Roxanna Ramos Vor Monat
Can you guys in the test kitchen try making a soft and fluffy Gluten Free cinnamon roll please?
LoSito Vor Monat
Mmm Claire’s buns look so yummy! 😋 👌🏼
David Carrillo
David Carrillo Vor Monat
If muffins and cinnamon rolls had a baby
Jackie Valdez
Jackie Valdez Vor Monat
these look sooooo good 🤤🤤🤤
Tobias Ahlzen
Tobias Ahlzen Vor Monat
Can You make the dough without a mixer and do it by hand instead
Eri' Carey
Eri' Carey Vor Monat
Jan 2020, love you Miss Claire x x
J B Vor Monat
This is ironic, because I thought she was the cinnamon roll all along :/
Isabelle LaFrance
BA has improved so much!
Jessie T
Jessie T Vor Monat
I'm so glad they got rid of that atrocious background music! It sounds like workout music 😭 BA has come a LOOOONG way!
collarmole Vor Monat
altheliterate Vor Monat
People, there is No, NO, criticism of Claire. This should not have to explained to you, it just does NOT happen.
I like. It mmmm i make
Mahalia C
Mahalia C Vor Monat
I made these and the filling melted out, leaving nothing inside. Any ideas why?
Sahithya Sudhakar
Sahithya Sudhakar Vor 2 Monate
Just made it! Split the recipe in half and somehow ended up with 6. I cut them really large and ended up the the morning buns you get in Starbucks. I suggest the rise before putting them into the oven be an hour because it ends up really puffy. Also Clair is amazing
Faith Rich Fidler
Faith Rich Fidler Vor 2 Monate
This is a labor of LOVE~! One of the reason I take the time to bake and cook delicious meals ... I love my family, and love when they love my food.
Adam Mackie
Adam Mackie Vor 2 Monate
They look like roses
m00000p Vor 2 Monate
i really wish the editors of this vid didn’t put constant music in the bg
J H Vor 2 Monate
i would die for her
Bethany Taylor
Bethany Taylor Vor 2 Monate
So trying these for Christmas!!
Jen Edge
Jen Edge Vor 2 Monate
Hello editing/filming peoples of BA, it would have been nice to see the preferment after it sat for that half hour.
Aika240 Vor 3 Monate
Claire looks so happy in this!
Mike Vor 3 Monate
Bon Appetite. Snowflakes.
Chase Vor 3 Monate
Sticky buns hmmmmmmmmmmm nom nom nom!
Chase Vor 3 Monate
Before I feel the buns! That's what I came for!
Tadeja Umek
Tadeja Umek Vor 3 Monate
I mean... when you come across this video two years later and are super surprised how no one has mentioned the beautiful aesthetics of color coordination in this video: blue water bottle, blue Kitchenaid and Chris's blue shirt in the background... :) beautiful!
BigDH28 Vor 3 Monate
Yum! They look incredibly delicious! I want cinnamon rolls now so bad! lol 🤤😋👍
lil Pump the 3rd
lil Pump the 3rd Vor 3 Monate
if a Yorkshire pudding and a cinnamon roll had a baby
Sanjay Kapur
Sanjay Kapur Vor 3 Monate
Claire is good. The camerawork is absolutely atrocious
NTron 420
NTron 420 Vor 3 Monate
Yup can tell she's a pastry chef when she's handling the dough... She looks good doing everything thought... And stop the hate everyone makes these differently. Just because it's different doesn't make it wrong
DankDa Gank
DankDa Gank Vor 3 Monate
Cinnamon roll*
x_Cinnamon roll_x
x_Cinnamon roll_x Vor 3 Monate
This is a video of me and my family being created , thank you
mycenth22 Vor 3 Monate
Sometimes people just want a cinnamon roll with icing - I dont want the sophisticated version...it looks boring.
Trav Pots
Trav Pots Vor 3 Monate
Good job!
Cleanmonk Vor 4 Monate
Claire is a sophisticated cinnamon bun.
Bianca Lauren
Bianca Lauren Vor 4 Monate
I would be so fat if I worked there everything looks delicious and full of butter and sugar 😻
Maike Drennan
Maike Drennan Vor 4 Monate
The. Music. Is. Too. Loud. No music please.
Nellie Rutten
Nellie Rutten Vor 4 Monate
Looks good but the worst breakfast ever, it's all sugar/ carbohydrates. Start your day with a good filled omelet, onions, bacon, cheese and some herbs maybe some sambal if you like spicey, you can put it on toast or have a bit of salad with it, better for you and much more delicious then these sugar bombs who sure taste good but not as breakfast like a already mentioned.
Julian Fantasia
Julian Fantasia Vor 4 Monate
The music choices in this are baffling.
Jessie T
Jessie T Vor Monat
It sounds like I should be doing step aerobics 🤣
Ola Andersson
Ola Andersson Vor 4 Monate
I just can’t stand background music while people are talking.. it’s so distracting.
Talea Briggs
Talea Briggs Vor 4 Monate
Am I the ONLY one who calls them cinnamon rolls?
The Krinkled1
The Krinkled1 Vor 4 Monate
The offset spatula is Claire's utensil of choice. I haven't seen a video where she hasn't used one!
imlazy77 Vor 4 Monate
Wow this video is so “professionally done” it almost has no personality. I love the newer BA videos
Nate Cooper
Nate Cooper Vor 4 Monate
They should have titled it "Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Pastries"
Aksh Son
Aksh Son Vor 4 Monate
eman297 361
eman297 361 Vor 4 Monate
Lots of people saying people complaining and I see nobody complaining lmao
eman297 361
eman297 361 Vor 4 Monate
Music, odd
onytay75 Vor 4 Monate
Place cut side up is confusing me. The way she cut them.... both sides are the 'cut' side
anime&stf Vor 4 Monate
I love morning buns 😭😭
Belle Morris
Belle Morris Vor 5 Monate
How much is a stick of butter ? We don’t have that in the uk, I think it’s probably half one of our packs but wanted to check 🙃👍🏻
Giu B
Giu B Vor 4 Monate
I believe it's around 115 g
Mateus Faria
Mateus Faria Vor 5 Monate
Jimmy Prehn
Jimmy Prehn Vor 5 Monate
I laughed at the “place cut side up” instruction.
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