Clash Royale CHAMPIONS UPDATE! ⚔️ NEW RARITY, LEVEL 14, & MORE! ⚔️ (TV Royale)

Clash Royale
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Welcome to one of the biggest updates in Clash Royale History!
Learn all about level 14, the Champions, and more in the latest episode of TV Royale!

0:00 Champions Reveal Trailer
1:07 TV Royale Intro
1:42 Faster Progression
1:53 A Kings Journey
2:03 New Level Up Chest
2:22 Level 13 Players gained Experience
2:32 Cheaper Gold and Card Upgrades
2:44 Star Points For Everyone
3:18 Star Point Unlock Levels
3:36 Champions!
3:53 Archer Queen
4:11 Golden Knight
4:37 Skeleton King
4:59 Activate a Champions Ability
5:11 The deck rules for Champions!
5:23 How to upgrade Champions!
5:39 More Rewards!
5:52 Legendary Cards will Drop More Frequently
5:57 New Royale Wild Chest
6:25 Quality of Life Improvements
6:30 More Gold when Clan mates purchase Pass Royale
6:34 Easily re-arrange your deck
6:40 Copy deck from TV Royale/Battle log
6:48 Tournament Cap Rework
7:09 Challenges and Tournament Build a Deck
7:30 Closing Statements
7:45 Outtakes

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Enter the Arena!
From the creators of Clash of Clans comes a real-time multiplayer game starring the Royales, your favorite Clash characters and much, much more.
Collect and upgrade dozens of cards featuring the Clash of Clans troops, spells and defenses you know and love, as well as the Royales: Princes, Knights, Baby Dragons and more. Knock the enemy King and Princesses from their towers to defeat your opponents and win Trophies, Crowns and glory in the Arena. Form a Clan to share cards and build your very own battle community.
Lead the Clash Royale Family to victory!

• Duel players from around the world in real-time in both 1v1 and 2v2 Battles
• Earn chests to unlock rewards, collect powerful new cards and upgrade existing ones
• Destroy opponent’s towers and win Crowns to earn epic Crown chests in the Pass Royale
• Build and upgrade your card collection with the Clash Royale Family along with dozens of your favorite Clash troops, spells and defenses
• Construct your ultimate Battle Deck to defeat your opponents
• Progress through multiple Arenas all the way to the top
• Form a Clan to share cards and build your very own battle community
• Challenge your Clanmates and friends to a private duel, or play side-by-side in a 2v2 Battle
• Battle with your Clan in the Clan Wars
• Play in events and special challenges every week
• Learn different battle tactics by watching the best duels on TV Royale

PLEASE NOTE! Clash Royale is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Clash Royale. A network connection is also required.

Are you having problems? Visit supercell.helpshift.com/a/clas ... or contact us in-game by going to Settings, Help and support.

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Clash Royale
Clash Royale Vor 18 Stunden
Check out the blog post for even more info about what is happening with the update 👇 supr.cl/ChampionsUpdate
Rudraksh Kumar
Rudraksh Kumar Vor 18 Minuten
I like barbarian king and archer queen 💕
Rudraksh Kumar
Rudraksh Kumar Vor 21 Minute
Add barbarian king and brawl stars bibi, mortis and bull
BIO Shadown
BIO Shadown Vor 53 Minuten
Please debuff the musketeer.His range is crazy and you don't know because you are not a player.Who master of hog cycle can wins all match
max the best
max the best Vor Stunde
can u make an underdog mode next update pls like brawlstars in ladder it is very hard to win agaisnt a person with pass royale with level 13 cards
dioni081YT Vor 3 Minuten
Larry God oficial
Joe endeacott
Joe endeacott Vor 4 Minuten
Clash Royale have had a lot of controversial updates over the years but I genuinely think this one is gonna be good
Julia Red
Julia Red Vor 5 Minuten
Archer queen hella thicc tho.
THE CND Vor 5 Minuten
finally, ohhh yes i love you guys
3겹살 Vor 8 Minuten
The prince of redness
The prince of redness Vor 9 Minuten
This is the best TV Royale ever premiered, currently this vid is #1 on trending
Krispy Reble
Krispy Reble Vor 11 Minuten
I still don’t have prince in arena 2
Sok Pally
Sok Pally Vor 3 Minuten
@elias johansson bruh no way
elias johansson
elias johansson Vor 7 Minuten
My friend with 4800 trophies hasn't got it yet
ПоБеЖдАюЩиЙ Vor 11 Minuten
It's bad
Very bed
Julia Red
Julia Red Vor 11 Minuten
This update will kill the game
🇬🇧 LightenStar #She-Ra
I love rewatching this tv royale, it genuinely makes my day ❤️
NOOBGOD _CR Vor 15 Minuten
Am I gonna get all the star points I won scince lvl 6?
Earen Vor 7 Minuten
It says all players will recieve 25 000 star points when reaching level 6 and everyone will recieve the amount of star points they are entitled to
Earen Vor 8 Minuten
Yes you will ! It is said in the link they added in comments 😉
DTC Vor 12 Minuten
Was wondering the same, but I guess we won’t, would be way too generous 🧐
Gabriel Damian
Gabriel Damian Vor 15 Minuten
when the new upgrade appears on Clash royale ?
isaiah Mcintosh
isaiah Mcintosh Vor 16 Minuten
I remember when I played this game, maybe I should play it again, it was alot if fun!!
xyro Vor 19 Minuten
I wish they make a limit of upgrades for cards based on tower level like how laboratory in coc works and if ever its integrated, people under lv14 that has beyond tower lvl cards will have their cards from its supposed lvl transform into wild cards so their cards wouldnt be wasted. With this, I think mid ladder will become a bit more balanced due to less high lvl cards in their match ups
Niko Santino
Niko Santino Vor 19 Minuten
Sheeesh! Can’t wait for those champions to arrive 😅💯 This update looking exciting 🔥
Bakłażan🍆 Vor 20 Minuten
Tribe  | Dan
Tribe | Dan Vor 18 Minuten
It Didnt even come out and u want more ?
Anh Trần Đức
Anh Trần Đức Vor 20 Minuten
Rudraksh Kumar
Rudraksh Kumar Vor 22 Minuten
Please add barbarian king and brawl stars bibi, mortis ,bull and crow
Hayden Lee
Hayden Lee Vor 22 Minuten
With the heroes (champions) officially introduced in Clash Royale, I'm calling right now that headhunters from Clash of Clans will be added into CR in the future to provide counters to these powerful champions.
Tribe  | Dan
Tribe | Dan Vor 15 Minuten
No it won't
Sans Vor 22 Minuten
When will the uptade come out? Please answer me
Tribe  | Dan
Tribe | Dan Vor 15 Minuten
@VenomYTPR ooo nice
VenomYTPR Vor 18 Minuten
October 27
Lou Stalk
Lou Stalk Vor 23 Minuten
can't wait to be destroyed by a champion because i will be ranked with skilled players
Zye Elliot
Zye Elliot Vor 23 Minuten
Einfach Daniel
Einfach Daniel Vor 24 Minuten
This update will kill the game
Jenzo 360
Jenzo 360 Vor 24 Minuten
These are some awesome changes
Fxxies Vor 29 Minuten
The star points update is so necessary because it's such good content that nobody was really able to access
Kevin Malone
Kevin Malone Vor 30 Minuten
TheWeebOfAustralia Vor 31 Minute
Drakem-hraje Vor 34 Minuten
This update is poggers
bartimisi Vor 35 Minuten
You just destroyed this game
Saladbite Vor 17 Minuten
Cry some more+ mald+ seethe+ ratio
Elver Gonsalez
Elver Gonsalez Vor 24 Minuten
yeah this is not good
Coopsadoops Vor 26 Minuten
Patch notes are a thing
Bernardo KKKJ
Bernardo KKKJ Vor 32 Minuten
cry some more
Xjd Hxh
Xjd Hxh Vor 33 Minuten
Anegix Vor 36 Minuten
since the amount of gold required for old card levels has been reduced, will old players be refunded the difference?
AlmondButton Vor 25 Minuten
Xjd Hxh
Xjd Hxh Vor 33 Minuten
Cepta Ψ
Cepta Ψ Vor 36 Minuten
Ok everyone was complaining about level 14 being added but now with the full explanation I think this is gonna be epic
Champion + Mirror + Clone = OP GAME ???
Xjd Hxh
Xjd Hxh Vor 32 Minuten
You can't clone a champion
Kevin Quiroga
Kevin Quiroga Vor 37 Minuten
This is gonna be awesome
Quickscope Vor 39 Minuten
I have a bad feeling about this😐
xdxdxdxx Xdxdxxd
xdxdxdxx Xdxdxxd Vor 39 Minuten
No,please nooo
0BlueLvr3h_ Vor 41 Minute
Gioco su Java
0BlueLvr3h_ Vor 40 Minuten
Gioco su Java
0BlueLvr3h_ Vor 40 Minuten
Gioco su Java
0BlueLvr3h_ Vor 40 Minuten
Gioco su Java
0BlueLvr3h_ Vor 40 Minuten
Gioco su Java
VOKA Vor 41 Minute
Pls pls plssss give me normal player i can't play every game against lvl 11 or 12 (i'm lvl 10) and they have every card on lvl 13
보라색 Vor 41 Minute
슈발 영어네 한국어로 요약해주실 영어 개쩌는분구함
3겹살 Vor 5 Minuten
자막에 한국어 자막있습니다
Naruto ff
Naruto ff Vor 43 Minuten
Yeah boy I'm bout crush towers with this brand new champions. Anyways join my clan *Unicorn Dust*
Kayctv Vor 43 Minuten
#1saac Vor 43 Minuten
Yes! This is an actual update and I am ready for it 🙂🤣😻
maito lehmä
maito lehmä Vor 16 Minuten
Clash royale copied clash of clans so much
Dmitriy Kozlov
Dmitriy Kozlov Vor 44 Minuten
Nice update!
Pouya Rh
Pouya Rh Vor 48 Minuten
کی میاد اپدیت
Pouya Rh
Pouya Rh Vor 48 Minuten
کی میاد اپدیت
Murad Rustemli
Murad Rustemli Vor 48 Minuten
wow they finally remembered their game
AlmondButton Vor 17 Minuten
They forgor 💀
dee dom
dee dom Vor 48 Minuten
I was right
Aртём Бабл Квасер
Игра престолов на минималках
Yung Brawl Stars
Yung Brawl Stars Vor 51 Minute
They should add some of the rush war champions as a tribute + The rest of the clash heroes!
Gman_CR Vor 55 Minuten
wait so will my star points that i have used on level 13 cards be carried over and recollected for me to now spend when upgrading a level 14 card
Zach Needham
Zach Needham Vor 52 Minuten
No u can start getting star level cards at level 10 now so all the star levels u have will be kept
5.0 Ugly Key
5.0 Ugly Key Vor 56 Minuten
Skelton king 😨😭😢🤩
John Smith
John Smith Vor 58 Minuten
Any precise dates ?
Bernardo KKKJ
Bernardo KKKJ Vor 31 Minute
its next season
MonoBear Vor 58 Minuten
Addyups YT
Addyups YT Vor 59 Minuten
I have one VERY important question I need answers too. Will this level 11 and champion stuff effect crl for 2021. Please don’t as all pros have played like this for years and at least finish off this years crl with king level 9 and banning champions in crl until 2022
Pavin Sebastian Benoy
Pavin Sebastian Benoy Vor 59 Minuten
If my cards are very low level will it still be level 11 in challenges
Pavin Sebastian Benoy
Pavin Sebastian Benoy Vor 56 Minuten
@AdamWolf lessgoo
AdamWolf Vor 59 Minuten
Alexandre Fournier
Am I the only one worrying that on level 13 we will be playing against level 14 with champions every game ?
Oliwier Król
Oliwier Król Vor 47 Minuten
it is very possible
خالد البقمي
خالد البقمي Vor 51 Minute
I think the pekka counter them perfectly
shooty iOS
shooty iOS Vor Stunde
this is upcoming cancer
Tijs den Os
Tijs den Os Vor Stunde
The golden knight and the skeleton king need to do more damage.
Joost Braamskamp
Joost Braamskamp Vor 42 Minuten
Is dat zo Koen van Heest?
Maclingos Vor 56 Minuten
YOU ARE SERIOUS ? They need to do less damages ! They are too OP O_O
Aidan Maher
Aidan Maher Vor 59 Minuten
No they don’t they are already too op
Vincent Vor Stunde
no they dont
Adik Asykbekov
Adik Asykbekov Vor Stunde
Зачем добавили чемпионов😭
Dersaw YT
Dersaw YT Vor 46 Minuten
Ну, не знаю. Но они открываются с 14 уровнем короля. Это дизбаланс
Farhan Labib
Farhan Labib Vor Stunde
I don’t know why i buy 4 legendary card in shop by 40000 gold nice
Rigby Vor Stunde
Doesn't worth
Anonymous Vor Stunde
Nice! Now there will be huge gap between f2P and P2P players.
Debayudh Mandal
Debayudh Mandal Vor Stunde
Brawl star is more f2p than this game
YouTube Support
YouTube Support Vor Stunde
@Pietro Il Grande Of course it’s not my problem when a stranger on the internet can’t affors 5$
Pietro Il Grande
Pietro Il Grande Vor Stunde
@DE-vid Support its not your problem if he cant afford 5$ for a game, and probably he can afford it but doesnt want to use it on a game.
YouTube Support
YouTube Support Vor Stunde
If you can’t afford 5$ for a game you like you should better delete it
Isac Vor Stunde
I have not been been this excited for an update in a game for so long!
Honor Hu
Honor Hu Vor Stunde
Hi, i wanna get reply...
Flight Vor 55 Minuten
PrL1Foz Vor Stunde
Za hAnDo
Za hAnDo Vor Stunde
add barbarian king or im gonna cry dont leave the man
Rigby Vor Stunde
Golden knight is like barb king. If it'd summon barbs it'd be op asf and would make the game unplayable
Dark Boi
Dark Boi Vor Stunde
A king makes a king to fight? What
2:55 der war gut😂
Seph human
Seph human Vor Stunde
Where seth and drew?
محمد الكتلوني
متى ينزل التحديث
AdamWolf Vor 57 Minuten
November 28th
Noah Fuggle
Noah Fuggle Vor Stunde
When is it coming out
Xjd Hxh
Xjd Hxh Vor 22 Minuten
@AdamWolf but send the link I will check again
Xjd Hxh
Xjd Hxh Vor 22 Minuten
@AdamWolf it doesn't say that
AdamWolf Vor 25 Minuten
@Xjd Hxh it says on news royale
Xjd Hxh
Xjd Hxh Vor 29 Minuten
@AdamWolf how do you know?
AdamWolf Vor 57 Minuten
28th of November
GW AISHIK Vor Stunde
You should add the real champion royal champion
Andy Putra
Andy Putra Vor Stunde
now in clash royale there will be queen walk
verveslayer! Vor Stunde
Nah this is the Downfall of CR
King Pete - CR
King Pete - CR Vor Stunde
You mean the rise of CR
lIceTiii Vor Stunde
not sure, depends how great the champions are integrated into the game...but im also skeptical myself.
Doctor Thicc
Doctor Thicc Vor Stunde
3rd on trending. good job supercell 👏 👏.
Doctor Thicc
Doctor Thicc Vor Stunde
3rd now
Doctor Thicc
Doctor Thicc Vor Stunde
no it’s 4th
Disguised_Ruby Vor Stunde
You mean number 1?
Henryk Reyman - szacunek na wieki
Go to Arena!
Valentin Charrier
Don't spam bro
Blackout Vor Stunde
Oh this is brilliant make champions for Level 14
Berkay ULU
Berkay ULU Vor Stunde
Old Clash Royale > All Supercell Games
Timofey Гладкий
@Emin Tunoglu Bruh .-.
Berkay ULU
Berkay ULU Vor Stunde
@Emin Tunoglu Ulan Dedim Efendim Birine Benziyor Sonunu Okuyunca Anladım İAŞWLWŞWİAŞSLEŞSİDS
We We
We We Vor Stunde
@Emin Tunoglu bruh lmao
Emin Tunoglu
Emin Tunoglu Vor Stunde
Berkay bey affınıza sığınarak söylemek istiyorum. Kimseyi de zan altında bırakmak değil amacım. Tabi bu nacizane benim şahsi görüşüm. Lütfen kimse beni bundan dolayı yargılamasın, söyleyeceklerimi yadırgamasın... Belkide büyük bir hata olacak söyleyeceğim şeyler. Ama ne olursa olsun benim fikrim... Lafı pek uzatmayı sevmem, biliyorsunuz bu benim tarzım hiç değildir. Konuyu büyütmek adına, bu konuda açıkcası söylemek istediğim fakat söyleyemediğim şeyi cesaret edip söylerken, sizden özür dileyerek ne söyleyeceğimi unuttuğumu söylüyorum.
Just Loomy
Just Loomy Vor Stunde
I like the animations
Filippo Armondi
Filippo Armondi Vor Stunde
Bono quer pakkka
max the best
max the best Vor Stunde
im redownloading the game now also can u make an underdogmode like brawlstars next updated
TheDragonDude Vor Stunde
Lol same
Official Josh
Official Josh Vor Stunde
Official Josh
Official Josh Vor Stunde
Official Josh
Official Josh Vor Stunde
Official Josh
Official Josh Vor Stunde
Hayden Schuh
Hayden Schuh Vor Stunde
Let’s see if they finally do some good for the community
AR1KS Vor Stunde
Oli Ahmed
Oli Ahmed Vor Stunde
Imbalance game 🙄
Bagr14 Vor Stunde
@King Pete - CR yeah, if you pay they did..
King Pete - CR
King Pete - CR Vor Stunde
Be Quiet, they did enough balance changes for the game…
BrizzY_JiTT Vor Stunde
This is so cool
_AdamxX Vor Stunde
Big update wow
da flosyck show
da flosyck show Vor Stunde
i already cant wait for the next champion after this if you do battle machine id like to see him repair himself if hes not in battle
Tia -T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me
7:21 challenge and tournament to use cards that even you haven't unlock , this is a really great idea, makes the game more appealing to new comers and players with low levels
Vezix Vor Stunde
Ngl this is pretty cool
Майки Мститель
Как сломать баланс игры
Ephraem Gaming
Ephraem Gaming Vor Stunde
Wait, how about mirror after using champions?
Mine Boy
Mine Boy Vor Stunde
doesnt work i think
Vedran Vor Stunde
Or cloning
Build A Raft Battle
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We TROLL Clash Royale!!
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Ruhe in Frieden...
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