Cole Sprouse Recites Creepy Poetry He Wrote As a Child

Late Night with Seth Meyers
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Cole Sprouse talks about how his Archie comics purity backfired on set, and recites a creepy poem he wrote to his mother as a child.
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Cole Sprouse Recites Creepy Poetry He Wrote As a Child- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers




25 Okt 2017



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Chloe Kelly
Chloe Kelly Vor Tag
Cole Sprouse is being serious??? WHAZ ZIZ ZIS
Shelby Swain
Shelby Swain Vor 2 Tage
my babes😍😍❤️❤️😩😩
Ashlin Zaman
Ashlin Zaman Vor 3 Tage
This is the 10. Thousandth vid i have watched of him 😍
yeah, i make videos
Imagine growing up watching Suite Life and then dating Cole Sprouse :')
Jennifer Evans
Jennifer Evans Vor 5 Tage
Cole speaks better than the interviewer. Now i want to go to college so one day i'm gonna be able to speak that well.
elvα tнe αrtιѕt
great thesaurus 10/10 vocabulary
Sunipa Gupta
Sunipa Gupta Vor 6 Tage
He looks so dapper... ugghhhh... can I get one to go?
Jessica Muniz
Jessica Muniz Vor 7 Tage
He looks like Harry Styles! They should have cast him for that movie After.
Sarah S
Sarah S Vor 7 Tage
"I kinda knew from there it was going to be a little stranger, a little weirder, a little more "Twilight Zone". And I figured, "Okay, you know, this could be fun. Let's give it a shot."" Omg gold🤩😂
Ananya Shinde
Ananya Shinde Vor 8 Tage
Free Riverdale Entertainment
Damn his vocabulary is HUGE
Blurryface 112
Blurryface 112 Vor 9 Tage
Poetry starts on 5:08 Thank me later😂
Jaide Perez
Jaide Perez Vor 13 Tage
I think i may have to actually get a twitter account now The endeavor has always seemed useless until this moment Cole sprouse, truly incendiary 😂
Yankee Pakhrin
Yankee Pakhrin Vor 13 Tage
Ughh!!His Adams Apple 😍
Jay B
Jay B Vor 14 Tage
He could hit me with his car and I’d apologize to him for getting hit by his car
hinagiku katsura
hinagiku katsura Vor 14 Tage
73 questions with cole sprouse pleeeaase
Useless Pig
Useless Pig Vor 15 Tage
3:45 3:55 (your welcome)
parnia lincoln
parnia lincoln Vor 16 Tage
Why is he soooo hot
Estera Gieron
Estera Gieron Vor 18 Tage
This comment section: 5% the similarities between cole and dylan 15%”who’s here from riverdale” 40%”jughead🤤❤️🤤❤️” 30% “ (quote) -cole sprouse 2018” 10% “ #bughead for life” This comment section is great
Mia Torres
Mia Torres Vor 18 Tage
Cole ❤️😍
Briana Isbell
Briana Isbell Vor 18 Tage
Ok but Cole is just omg so hot 🥵
Yoon Seok
Yoon Seok Vor 18 Tage
"Well I brought that Angst all the way to riverdale" Well said Cole.well said. 😂😂
Yoon Seok
Yoon Seok Vor 18 Tage
This man is a talking book. Damn, I mean listen to his words... How deep those words could be. And when he said it, damn it was so hot 🔥😍 Cole sprouse is ❤❤
Laila Samuel
Laila Samuel Vor 18 Tage
3:57 when Seth said "I love alot of things about you" did anyone else hear Cole say "Go on." LOL
Dale Edits
Dale Edits Vor 19 Tage
The one when Cole on his twitter posted Article-Did it hurt to lose your virginity? Cole-I wouldn’t know. XD
Heyiam Nurul
Heyiam Nurul Vor 20 Tage
I want his vocabulary
bee boo
bee boo Vor 20 Tage
the poem
Izzyx Grace
Izzyx Grace Vor 21 Tag
luke ❤️💔
Ellie.05x Vor 24 Tage
This was the worst audience
sissy Vor 27 Tage
lilis triwahyu
lilis triwahyu Vor 27 Tage
Cutes 😍
Ananya Gummadi
Ananya Gummadi Vor 29 Tage
All I did was stare at Cole’s adam’s apple
whatever, I don't care
*I'd repeatedly stab them in the heart.*
Limelight WDW
Limelight WDW Vor Monat
Like perry😢❤️
troye with an e
troye with an e Vor Monat
Id repededly watch this video
Aiman aslam
Aiman aslam Vor Monat
Seth: i love alot about you Cole: go on ..😂
Emma Quesnelle
Emma Quesnelle Vor Monat
i love cole because he us funny and the cutest boy i have ever seen
F Alv
F Alv Vor Monat
his parents divorced when he was 5 and since then he has lived with his father. I wonder had he stab somebody in heart?T-T
Camila Jativa
Camila Jativa Vor Monat
I’m surprised at how funny and sarcastic he is. Loved this
Sara Aguilar
Sara Aguilar Vor Monat
R.i.p. Luke terry
Astrid Vor Monat
lol same when i was about 4, about to turn 5, i was sitting on the bed watching tv while my mum was studying for something and then (from what my mum told me) i started saying really weird and random things and my mum started writing them down and it was just things like: " life is so sad, I don't know what to do anymore", or "but why, why, why...?" 😂 Edit: I still have the piece of paper where my mum wrote down everything that I was saying."
Elle Southside
Elle Southside Vor Monat
RIP Luke 😭😭😭😭😭
Twanty Vor Monat
rip luke perry
Gamer Girl Vlogs
He’s so freakin cute, I can’t! 😂❤️😍💕😊
Sanaa Mohamed
Sanaa Mohamed Vor Monat
His poem was hilarious I was so shocked when I heard it
Jo Wraith
Jo Wraith Vor Monat
So sad watching this after Luke Perry’s death 😭
Hi Sisters
Hi Sisters Vor Monat
I love the dark hair on him 🧡
Kenji Mari Salvador
When he uses sophisticated vocabulary. 💓😭
Sara Kreiser
Sara Kreiser Vor Monat
Me Me
Me Me Vor Monat
He is really smart
caroline Vor Monat
i love his sarcasm
Alex In Wonderland
They barely show Suite life of Zack and Cody on Disney anymore :(
wallflower ika
wallflower ika Vor Monat
Him talking is a poem itself
Greta Radcliff
Greta Radcliff Vor Monat
*cole for the first minute* TEATEATEATEA
Hatori Sachiyo
Hatori Sachiyo Vor Monat
He sounds very British with that vocabularies.
Phoebe Yonano
Phoebe Yonano Vor Monat
Is no one else gonna talk about how the title was centered around the poetry, but that was barely in the video?
It’s Avacadhoe
He is absolutely amazing 😂
Noa Overvliet
Noa Overvliet Vor Monat
Manasvi Miryala
Manasvi Miryala Vor Monat
I love cole omfg
Kirkhammer Vor Monat
hmm doesn't know who he is yet his video got more views than most of the people he did know
Tina Dawson
Tina Dawson Vor Monat
THis was published on my birthday
Annah Seibel
Annah Seibel Vor Monat
*looks directly into camera* I MADE A MISTAKE
C Novika Maharani
Cole is very great man ❤
Lavinia Thoth
Lavinia Thoth Vor Monat
edits xx
edits xx Vor Monat
"I love you mom, you are the best. You're better than all the rest. And if anyone takes us apart, I will stab them repeatedly in the heart."
edits xx
edits xx Vor Monat
Such a sweet child
Miss Mentats
Miss Mentats Vor Monat
Why did they wind up living with their dad? Just wondering
rhea b
rhea b Vor Monat
its just that he is so beautiful like an angel
Veronika Fetterly
Veronika Fetterly Vor 2 Monate
TwistedPencils Vor 2 Monate
People be hating on the audience, but is it really the audience at this point when almost all his interviews have dead audiences? But to be far ithough, the audience here is very lively compared to his other interviews where it was just really really dead.
cutebaby justin
cutebaby justin Vor 2 Monate
I mean it
cutebaby justin
cutebaby justin Vor 2 Monate
Cole is so darn hilarious and cute omfg..I would love to be friends with him...awww
cutebaby justin
cutebaby justin Vor 2 Monate
Cole is so cut3
cutebaby justin
cutebaby justin Vor 2 Monate
cutebaby justin
cutebaby justin Vor 2 Monate
I love Cole spouse
Meiyan Laforme
Meiyan Laforme Vor 2 Monate
Cole wrote that!!!???!?
Õd Vor 2 Monate
He is LovElY but so cReEpY
Bella Bonita
Bella Bonita Vor 2 Monate
He says something lame and the whole crowd starts laughing the guy on the left lol
TGM Emoji
TGM Emoji Vor 2 Monate
That audience is shite😅🤬 Seth Meyers: "I love alot about u." Cole: "go on😏" 😂😂😆🤣😅 Audience: *Silence* LIKE WTF 🤬🤣😑😑😑
Zoe Heidorn
Zoe Heidorn Vor 2 Monate
If anybody sees this can you tell me how i can fid the episodes of their show when cole and Dylan were younger?
Ella Melville
Ella Melville Vor 2 Monate
He‘s hot and cute af
Zing gastelier
Zing gastelier Vor 2 Monate
Cole 😍😚
Jasmine Morris04
Jasmine Morris04 Vor 2 Monate
“Shockingly alive” That cracked me up
Anonymous Commenter
Anonymous Commenter Vor 2 Monate
What's with the audience
Ammarie Kreitlow
Ammarie Kreitlow Vor 2 Monate
What's wrong with pit bulls I have 4 of them
Amyxox Vor 2 Monate
It didnt match the character.
Hypurr _
Hypurr _ Vor 2 Monate
I feel like if there was a TV show. And they needed to cast a male version of me. Cole Sprouse would get the role because all of those tweets embody me or me and my brother XD
Army Bts
Army Bts Vor 2 Monate
He is just so fine💕
Army Bts
Army Bts Vor 2 Monate
its 2019 but i'm still gonna watch this over and again
Addison Crossley
Addison Crossley Vor 2 Monate
This has me amazed and shooketh
Kittycat Princess23
Kittycat Princess23 Vor 2 Monate
"I love you mom, you are the best Better than all the rest And if anyone takes us apart I will repeatedly stab them in the heart" ~Cole Sprouse Another reason why hes the best.
Izzypop4 Mcphee
Izzypop4 Mcphee Vor 2 Monate
It’s not my birthday No one died I’m not sick No needs one li
Savvy Chhoun
Savvy Chhoun Vor 2 Monate
he is chandler
Kylie Turner
Kylie Turner Vor 2 Monate
"I made a mistake" (yes very so much 😂😂😂😂)
Sumaiya Shabih
Sumaiya Shabih Vor 3 Monate
HE'S SO AMAZING INSIDE AND OUTT!! I absolutely LOVE funny peoplee😂😂❤
Addison Greene
Addison Greene Vor 3 Monate
he is the whole thing
Allykid06 Vor 3 Monate
why does he have to use big words?????
Althea Kyra V. Runas
you came for 5:05 people
Pedro Aranda
Pedro Aranda Vor 3 Monate
Seth: No,No. I love a lot about you. Cole❤️: Go on 😂😂
Тоня Янот
Тоня Янот Vor 3 Monate
Кто-нибуть подумал, что это русская озвучка, но это не русская озвучка. и ты смотришь так, хотя не понимаешь.
Henry Chorley
Henry Chorley Vor 3 Monate
Looks like Hugh Grant had a baby with Leonardo Dicaprio and Harry Styles raised him...
Typical Frank
Typical Frank Vor 3 Monate
they called a border collie a sheep dog
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