Cole Sprouse Shares Adorable Photos from His First Tonight Show Appearance

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Riverdale's Cole Sprouse celebrates nearly 20 years of Tonight Show appearances by giving Jimmy an adorable hand-drawn portrait like he gave Jay Leno during his first visit in 1999 and explains how his Instagram-shaming backfired.
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Cole Sprouse Shares Adorable Photos from His First Tonight Show Appearance




16 Jan 2018



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ariel warner
ariel warner Vor 5 Stunden
All he needs is a red cumber bun and he would be a real life version of Prince Eric. Look at my name and see why I'm saying this.
Athina lin
Athina lin Vor 9 Stunden
Know we know that Cole never changed after “The suite life on deck” (and another discovery=Dylan is a blabber mouth)
Ivy Lee
Ivy Lee Vor Tag
I think Cole is cute and hot, love watching his interviews😍
Drawing With Destinee
dodododo lol
dodododo lol Vor Tag
He should make a youtube account and do vlogs
Aline Meier
Aline Meier Vor Tag
I love this dork so much 😂❤️
Autumn Fallzz
Autumn Fallzz Vor 2 Tage
cole Sprouse should go on ew
Shelby Swain
Shelby Swain Vor 2 Tage
I love me some Cole ❤️❤️
Emerald Cordova
Emerald Cordova Vor 4 Tage
"Give us a spoiler...." Cole: "Yeah I die. " 😂😂😂
Damaris Valiente
Damaris Valiente Vor 6 Tage
I don't speak english :( :'(
Jeff 999
Jeff 999 Vor 6 Tage
WTF 1:42 😂😂😂
Joanne Castre
Joanne Castre Vor 6 Tage
Games With Freja
Games With Freja Vor 7 Tage
he’s such a sarcastic dork and i love ittttt
Elyzza Mikeahla Jefferson
I don’t care about what they’re saying I just am obsessed with Cole #sprousehart
Babygirlz.123 Vor 8 Tage
Babygirlz.123 Vor 8 Tage
1:16 but why does that actually look like him
Yobaida Moreira
Yobaida Moreira Vor 8 Tage
I see Cole I click PERIOD
Nyca van Koert
Nyca van Koert Vor 8 Tage
God damn he is sexy as FUCK
Mr. Pipinpadaloxicopolis
He has this River Phoenix vibe.
Jessica KAPOOR
Jessica KAPOOR Vor 10 Tage
U don’t remember nothing... But I remember... Dylan never let u spoke 😂😂 Just watched it before this and never laughed so much at a DE-vid video 😂
Sophia Granada
Sophia Granada Vor 11 Tage
Oh, Ben. You are like your Uncle Chandler.
Random123 Vor 12 Tage
Petition for kj to be called kj napa 'cause he naps so much
Lisa Webster
Lisa Webster Vor 12 Tage
Do not get why they can’t just go up and ask for a photo
costco freezer
costco freezer Vor 12 Tage
cole (and dylan) need to stop being hot
Jessica KAPOOR
Jessica KAPOOR Vor 12 Tage
Exactly I’m obsessed
Just Georgia
Just Georgia Vor 12 Tage
I watched up to now and he gets beaten up but I didn’t know he dies or it could be in his dream
Kaya Chun
Kaya Chun Vor 14 Tage
cole: "it has CoMPleteLY backfired on me" cole: *stares at camera intensely*
Bianca Sarmiento_
Bianca Sarmiento_ Vor 15 Tage
Jimmy: “What you remember about that” Cole: “Uh nothing”
Alyssa McTurner
Alyssa McTurner Vor 15 Tage
Cole:right right I DIE
Alya Efrida
Alya Efrida Vor 16 Tage
Omg he so cool ❤💜
Riverdale is the best
1:40 omg like did he have a seizure 😂
Milliany Oliveira
Milliany Oliveira Vor 18 Tage
Alguém legenda essa entrevista 😖
Reyna Vor 18 Tage
Cole always looks good, but his dark hair look just takes it to another level and I am here for it
Ben Laplana
Ben Laplana Vor 19 Tage
I really love this guy😢😥
frozen daffodil
frozen daffodil Vor 19 Tage
Lol... Cole drew Jimmy like the 60 year old he'll be 😂😂
OnlyMoonlightQueen Vor 20 Tage
Why me!? I haven't even watched the finale of Riverdale yet and it's been spoiled for me 😭. If it's not true that Jughead dies, then I'll be happy but if he does die. I'm finna be crying 😥💔
Sophie Sabit
Sophie Sabit Vor 21 Tag
i like literally just found out that Dylan Sprouse is Ben in friends....
Kelly’s updates
Kelly’s updates Vor 16 Tage
Sophie Sabit its cole not dylan
The Hunt Rock Band
The Hunt Rock Band Vor 22 Tage
Cole is kind of a dork. I love that about him though😂
Angelina Squeo
Angelina Squeo Vor 22 Tage
1:41 is the most adorable thing ever omg he's so CUTE
Cristina Garcia Altamirano
Shazia Mohtashim
Shazia Mohtashim Vor 24 Tage
Big 1400
Big 1400 Vor 24 Tage
im a man, im not gay, but .. i mean look at em
Jadyn Claxton
Jadyn Claxton Vor 25 Tage
How he explains it...........WOW
Ashly Swift
Ashly Swift Vor 26 Tage
So what do you want to say the girl Hungary to a men hahhh that actually opposite the truth is, you want that happen cause you would as your mind turn crazy.
mandy ryan
mandy ryan Vor 27 Tage
Does anyone notice that coal was rosses child in friends
Raven Maniates
Raven Maniates Vor 27 Tage
"I die" little did he know...
Gabriella Akoto
Gabriella Akoto Vor 27 Tage
He. Needs. To. Play. Malvin. In. Red Queen. If you know, you know.
Olivia Mac
Olivia Mac Vor 28 Tage
Did anyone else realzize he has a superman swirl in his hair?
TheOliviasworld Vor 28 Tage
I'm pretty sure Cole is the nost amazing human being in earth. Yeah. I'm sure.
shinderella _
shinderella _ Vor 28 Tage
You know, most people on chat shows look really uncomfortable :/
Diana Vor Monat
I love him he’s honestly such a beautiful man, but aside from his looks he’s also such an interesting and intelligent person. Five feet apart was amazing btw if you haven’t watched it yet you should!
Bailey Woodard
Bailey Woodard Vor Monat
wow i love quirky boys
Quetzalli Ramos vilchis
He should do EW with Cole sprouse
Irina Feygin
Irina Feygin Vor Monat
When Cole says "I DIE" in Riverdale he wasnt wrong🤷🏻‍♀️
*Cole Sprouse is VERY handsome :3 HES IN 5 FEET APART*
Alex Let's Play
Alex Let's Play Vor Monat
Yea who wouldn't know that
Desy Olla
Desy Olla Vor Monat
Before Cole Sprouse... there's Leonardo Di Caprio . Who has the kinda "baby face" that's looks younger than the actual age 😍
Jay B
Jay B Vor Monat
I want him to chOKE me
Noortje Ham
Noortje Ham Vor Monat
He is fantastic!!!💖💖
Deya Rose
Deya Rose Vor Monat
'I die.' Yes yes, this is genius.
I don’t Sleep well
When the “ I die” comes true
caroline Vor Monat
1:41 he’s so cute protect him 💞💞💞
mya camp
mya camp Vor Monat
kj nap-a
Gaby Zepeda Montes
I LOVE YOU COLE😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍
matahari natal
matahari natal Vor Monat
911 dislikes😅
Valentin LHD
Valentin LHD Vor Monat
Why does it feel like he's still the same guy as in Riverdale. I mean I just feel like watching jughead talking
trinity b
trinity b Vor Monat
He's so funny. The way he just STARES at the camera had me shook
The purple Unicorn
What about PLL bitch
unknown user
unknown user Vor Monat
cole is like the younger version of hugh grant
Grace A.
Grace A. Vor Monat
? Lil quivering Disney self...
Rohit Menon
Rohit Menon Vor Monat
Rip Fred Andrews 😢
Ime Prezime
Ime Prezime Vor Monat
Biggi Gabrielle
Biggi Gabrielle Vor Monat
essa bosta n tem legenda em português
Laura Vor Monat
The face he made after he said “I DIE”
Natalie R
Natalie R Vor Monat
after seeing “cole sprouse” and “adorable” how could u not click
Faith Lockhart
Faith Lockhart Vor Monat
Emily Magee
Emily Magee Vor Monat
I cried when I watched the part in riverdale when you died
CMX Vor Monat
He is alive..
kyra Girl33
kyra Girl33 Vor Monat
3:55 I like how he said it and it was true
Damini Srivastava
Love you cole
B u g h e a d . J o n e s .
3:54 ' I d i e .' XD
Roni Altal
Roni Altal Vor Monat
I die...
Iliana Hi
Iliana Hi Vor Monat
who dis?...
who dis?... Vor Monat
Spoiler he don’t die he come back to life
Rea Farhat
Rea Farhat Vor Monat
Bella Rhiannon
Bella Rhiannon Vor Monat
The picture he drew had me dead and when he bounced in his chair and said “thanks” I lost it😂😂
Michaela Frank
Michaela Frank Vor Monat
I saw cole and I clicked
emoninjalover Vor Monat
Coles over here putting out all the best faces beat angles and the camera men was slacking hard.
Melissa Valdes
Melissa Valdes Vor Monat
Kate S.
Kate S. Vor Monat
And I love how cole is supposed to be an artist in five feet apart
livin for B.T.S
livin for B.T.S Vor Monat
M seriously obsessed with him goshhh he is gettin married tho😭😭😭
Lisa Moneer
Lisa Moneer Vor Monat
So hot!!! 🥵
Nikola Walasek
Nikola Walasek Vor Monat
Omg the pictures tho 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Josephine Morin
Josephine Morin Vor Monat
Omg he grew up so much 😭 i remember seeing The Suite Life of Zack and Cody cuz it was my childhood and now seeing him like this oof I feel old even tho I'm just 14 😂
kj apa??? more like kj nap-a
Wife of BTS ! Mom of TxT
His voice is like an anime character
A Person
A Person Vor Monat
im crying because he said he is going to die and right now he might
ghostin Vor Monat
2:43 would have been the perfect opportunity to say “Kj nappa”
Grace Saunders
Grace Saunders Vor 4 Tage
ghostin 🤣🤣🤣
Jessica KAPOOR
Jessica KAPOOR Vor 10 Tage
Lmao 😂😂
margaret roche
margaret roche Vor 17 Tage
ghostin ahhhhhhhh😂😂
Orfa Romero
Orfa Romero Vor Monat
damn this interview sucks
Alexis Kendall
Alexis Kendall Vor Monat
3:55 little do we know he was lying but he was also kinda not
eva virou
eva virou Vor Monat
Invite him again please 😘😘😘
Fiia Lorimer
Fiia Lorimer Vor Monat
Yeah I die
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