Cole Sprouse Shares Adorable Photos from His First Tonight Show Appearance

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Riverdale's Cole Sprouse celebrates nearly 20 years of Tonight Show appearances by giving Jimmy an adorable hand-drawn portrait like he gave Jay Leno during his first visit in 1999 and explains how his Instagram-shaming backfired.
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Cole Sprouse Shares Adorable Photos from His First Tonight Show Appearance




16 Jan 2018

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Biaah Avakin
Biaah Avakin Vor Tag
Leendow Dlamz
When he said "I die"😭but i ts cool now
riley regis
riley regis Vor Tag
Jimmy: .....maybe give us some spoilers Cole: I die (audiences laughter) Jimmy's face 😐
I never knew Ben Sprouse was Ben from friends!
MyChem 42
MyChem 42 Vor Tag
cole was jumping for joy when jim said he would hang the picture on his fridge lol
Ahmedur Ershad
Ahmedur Ershad Vor 2 Tage
Hollywood if you ever make “The Crow” movie.....Cast Sprouse
Ruby Martinez
Ruby Martinez Vor 3 Tage
"I die".... little do you know
victoria jewell
victoria jewell Vor 4 Tage
Why does that drawing look exactly like jimmy lmfao
Brittany Hagan
Brittany Hagan Vor 4 Tage
Omg at freaking 3:57 Cole kills me with his answer and face expression 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Brittany Hagan
Brittany Hagan Vor 4 Tage
Omg Cole is killing me😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Patrick Ohm
Patrick Ohm Vor 5 Tage
Huh i didnt know that was him till i saw that photo
elise marquez
elise marquez Vor 6 Tage
Everyone is saying that Jughead dies. HE DOES NOT DIE. I know this was a while ago but he is alive.
boba Milk
boba Milk Vor 6 Tage
Literally 87% of the comments are about Cole's spoiler 'i die'
Kaitlyn Paris
Kaitlyn Paris Vor 6 Tage
I freakin love Cole sprouse
mdbtptblw Vor 7 Tage
Cole: I mean it's been a little while, but I got a little bit better. LMAO!!
i am da meme 123
i am da meme 123 Vor 7 Tage
Bazil J. Toy Loy
Bazil J. Toy Loy Vor 8 Tage
Why do all those Disney child stars grow up to be so weird?? 🤔 Parents-not to selves- don’t put your children through it...🤷‍♂️
Stan KPOP Vor 8 Tage
1:44.. idk what he did in here...but it was cute
Chloe Clouse
Chloe Clouse Vor 9 Tage
I still have a crush on him for 10 years
Freya Rose
Freya Rose Vor 9 Tage
Oml the "I DIE" 😂 I cant
The Teenage Sketchbook
He is soooooo cute 😄!!!
Shadow Bubble
Shadow Bubble Vor 10 Tage
Ok well I’m going off topic here But does anyone else notice that he has a little Zack and Cody in him 🤔 Unrelated and probably just me
Shadow Bubble
Shadow Bubble Vor 2 Tage
Firlita Ifi I know I just thought he’s so like the characters
Firlita Ifi
Firlita Ifi Vor 2 Tage
Shadow Bubble Dylan and Cole are Zack and Cody irl 😂
Ali Superstar
Ali Superstar Vor 10 Tage
Cole is way hotter than his brother doesn’t make sense but still 🤔😂😘
Adanamise Zamora
Adanamise Zamora Vor 10 Tage
I love cole!
Aaliyah Washington
Aaliyah Washington Vor 11 Tage
I just realized that he low key looks like Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid with that white shirt
Rosie Liu
Rosie Liu Vor 12 Tage
"Can you see me?" lo-fcking-l...
Denise Lujan
Denise Lujan Vor 12 Tage
honestly every time he makes a joke I find it really hilarious hahahah I'm just gonna watch a bunch videos and laugh
Kanika Dogar
Kanika Dogar Vor 13 Tage
He's hot
Thetruthhurts Vor 13 Tage
I die hahahaha he did a little
Pocket ‘O’ Kangaroo
Chelsea Tuialii
Chelsea Tuialii Vor 13 Tage
Subscribe to pewds plz
click my picture
click my picture Vor 13 Tage
The black hair works
Holy fuck he is so hootttt....💦🔥
Kate Mcguire
Kate Mcguire Vor 14 Tage
He's awsome and cute
Rachel Edwards
Rachel Edwards Vor 14 Tage
I'm still watching my through season 2 ... I regret viewing this clip.
Katie B
Katie B Vor 14 Tage
He can't die, he's the narrator?
Hashtag Lan Fbx
Hashtag Lan Fbx Vor 15 Tage
Jimmy Fallon Is so fake
Arina May
Arina May Vor 15 Tage
Nosso mundo Gabi e DUDA
Amor da minha vida 😂❤️
Marvel And geeky stuff
He's so cute ghaa
CC Vor 15 Tage
Goodness, he's so adorable !!!
Patrie LaFan
Patrie LaFan Vor 15 Tage
This guy can be that perfect
*GRAHAM* - Vor 15 Tage
Cant believe he 26 y/o
The Weeknd
The Weeknd Vor 15 Tage
Is it me or he just can't keep the fucking conversation?
Andrea silva
Andrea silva Vor 16 Tage
O Deus meu crush 😍😍
Maria neide
Maria neide Vor 16 Tage
Eu não entendi nada mas tudo bem é o cole
L E Vor 17 Tage
I feel like an old DE-vid grump because I don’t know this actor or show. I need to watch it!
L E Vor 10 Tage
Oh I remember that haha. thanks
Soda In A Bag
Soda In A Bag Vor 15 Tage
He was in "Big Daddy" with Adam Sandler. He was the child.
Aniket Pawar
Aniket Pawar Vor 17 Tage
That drawing resembles frame order cartoon style a little
Pathetic Goldfish
Pathetic Goldfish Vor 17 Tage
his arms are _bald_
romy vv
romy vv Vor 17 Tage
he is beautiful omg!
Adorable Wolfhard
Adorable Wolfhard Vor 18 Tage
he is the cutest
Doyoan Vor 18 Tage
Grown up
Maia Leckey
Maia Leckey Vor 19 Tage
Love Cole he’s the best ♥️♥️♥️
hiwahiwak _
hiwahiwak _ Vor 19 Tage
my baby, i can’t :((( 💝💕💘💖💞💗💓
Jessica Gehrt
Jessica Gehrt Vor 19 Tage
How does he die. He's basically the narrator
Jessica Gehrt
Jessica Gehrt Vor 19 Tage
When does season 3 come on netflix ?
Greg Hafferson
Greg Hafferson Vor 20 Tage
I am straight. But, sorry mum. This guy making me so fucking gay
selena gomez land
selena gomez land Vor 20 Tage
Bring Dylan to ur show .. otherwise I'm leaving..
Lexi Photography
Lexi Photography Vor 20 Tage
Mr Swifter
Mr Swifter Vor 20 Tage
I remember the suite lifes
Devin Vor 20 Tage
"You have the best cast on TV right now." The show is good, but that is just a bold faced lie.
Camila Sandoval
Camila Sandoval Vor 21 Tag
he's like.. so fucking sexy
L L Vor 22 Tage
This is kinda of a random thought, but I think cole spouse fancies himself to be a huge movie star who gets interviews like this all the time. He has this vibe that he’s held in very high esteem as an actor. Kinda like how iconic actors like Robert deniro carry themselves. This is no shade but I think he would be good at doing more artistic/ challenging roles and really fulfill his image he shows.
Brenna The meme master
Cole: *i d i e* Me: *yeah he was dead for a tiny bit*
Arty Pandaa
Arty Pandaa Vor 23 Tage
I just lost Netflix HELP ME I NEED SEASON 3!!
Sope Is OTP
Sope Is OTP Vor 24 Tage
I don’t really like Riverdale, but I was only watching for cole Well this is news to me.
muskaan bedi
muskaan bedi Vor 24 Tage
Can you guys take a moment and appreciate how gorgeous he is!
Betsy Alsiva
Betsy Alsiva Vor 24 Tage
Ben gellerrrrrrrrrr
wolflover87611 Vor 24 Tage
Jughead is soooo hot😘💗❤💝
Maddy 100
Maddy 100 Vor 24 Tage
I mean............ Season 2 he.... Sorta died..... Almost?
Rene Mendez
Rene Mendez Vor 25 Tage
I still cant tell if he’s zack or cody!
annx g
annx g Vor 25 Tage
his captions for camera_duels are the best thing ever
Nancy Hill
Nancy Hill Vor 25 Tage
...KJ Napa...
Ester Gruenzweig
Ester Gruenzweig Vor 25 Tage
Riverdale yes
hannah brooks
hannah brooks Vor 25 Tage
Gab Wasn't here
Gab Wasn't here Vor 26 Tage
Bruhh, he doesnt even die.. he just ends up ALMOST dying but then doesnt.. lell, I thought it was for season 3 but then saw datess
Annie Ngo
Annie Ngo Vor 26 Tage
I didn’t realize that I had a smile on my face the whole time😆
Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom Vor 26 Tage
Chrztl Paredes
Chrztl Paredes Vor 26 Tage
ناصر العضبان
This guy from friends !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hooolllllyyy shit i didnt know that
charlotte lasch
charlotte lasch Vor 26 Tage
I love Cole ❤️
Milliany Oliveira
Milliany Oliveira Vor 27 Tage
Alguém traduz isso em português 😥
Fency Vor 27 Tage
He kinda died tho? 😂
Mantha NK
Mantha NK Vor 27 Tage
*3:36* can you see me! 😂😂 lmao
Mo Lester
Mo Lester Vor 28 Tage
So... Where is the other twin?
3:36 that was THE funniest thing ever
Shania D'Cruz
Shania D'Cruz Vor 29 Tage
He's perfection tbh
Ferris Holmes
Ferris Holmes Vor 29 Tage
Protect the Sprouse twins. They went their separate ways professionally, but still do amazing things. If you don't know, Dylan owns and runs a brewery that produces Mead in NYC. I think Insider did a video on it where you see him talk about his history with homebrewing and his business' brewing process. Nice to see Cole continue with acting but Dylan has made his decision to live a normal life worthwhile and deserves some praise.
Augusto Vor 29 Tage
3:14 it would also INSPIRE
Aliza Fatima
Aliza Fatima Vor 29 Tage
He looks so good 😍😍😍😍
Grace Stacks
Grace Stacks Vor Monat
Kyleigh Bonaparte
He doesn't die jeez that scared me so freaking bad I should look at the date this was made
Kyleigh Bonaparte
Omgggg does be rly die bc if he does I will never watch this show again
brock bush
brock bush Vor Monat
Ohhhhh back in the days of the suite life, (nostalgia)
kpop snatched my wig
I left the video I was watching SO fast when I saw this show up in my recommendations. The side effects of having Cole as a celebrity crush
Malay Keke
Malay Keke Vor Monat
Cole did not die I see him in season 3
ahmed kamran
ahmed kamran Vor Monat
Muhammed Ali Abbasi
Weird question but does his hairstyle has a name? I want to grow mine like that.. any tips.
Kyrlics Vor Monat
1.) Grow some hair 2.) Find some tips on how to get the hairstyle that way 3.) Take action
amth Vor Monat
he really gave the hint there he wasn’t lying. but on that episode everyone really thought he was dead but not really.
Corinnneee Vor Monat
When he says “I die” yep 😂 but now I’m shook
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