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23 Mär 2019



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phoenixbornagain Vor 59 Minuten
this movie was worth the wait
William Garvin
William Garvin Vor 7 Stunden
Odin would have destroyed the frost Giants tazorac to end the war because as far as We Know the war has to end to bring peace.
A&N Gaming
A&N Gaming Vor 10 Stunden
mattimus Vor Tag
Darwin Pandan
So odin did had the soul stone. So after the death of odin. Hella came out. Becasue hella was the sacrifice of odin? But the power of the soul stone is "making you immortal" as stated. Why did odin die ? What happen if you return the stone or even when thanos destroyed the soul stone by using the stone? Did gamora camr back too?
Demonic Vor 4 Tage
jb lovers
jb lovers Vor 4 Tage
I hope I will get that shield
Gunn Cessna
Gunn Cessna Vor 5 Tage
What a crock of shit.
Wild Side
Wild Side Vor 7 Tage
Actually I'm still questioning how in the MCU there's Norse mythology and the Norse religion still existing and being formed despite Thor never being on Earth to cause the legends to even form about him. Look at Agents of shield season 2 when Lady Sif had a cameo role. There were books on Norse mythology.
noah james
noah james Vor 7 Tage
He will make q new gauntlet
Keith Pittman
Keith Pittman Vor 9 Tage
Yeah he can
Chaldean Guy
Chaldean Guy Vor 10 Tage
Thanos started during the first Guardians Of The Galaxy. During that time, Odin (and Hela), Surtur, Ego, Dormammu and others were still around, so this whole "he waited for everyone to die" theory is nonsense. All he needed was the Power Stone and everything would've played out the same. Had he really been hiding for the right time, he wouldn't have asked Ronin to bring him the PS. He'd have waited until later. These aren't comic version characters. Everyone's been SEVERLY nerfed, including Odin and the like (some have been buffed, but that's besides the point). The guys he "waited" to disappear weren't that much strongee than Thanos with and without the PS.
Manojkumari TN Manojkumari TN
Thanos is afraid of odin because he know that Odin could kill him
william cummings
william cummings Vor 12 Tage
Did you know Thanos is 1500 years old
kpop Trio
kpop Trio Vor 12 Tage
ChronicAdaptor0420 Vor 13 Tage
What if Thor waited to kill Hela up until Thanos shows up, what if
Jan Livingston
Jan Livingston Vor 14 Tage
Love this channel! Keep it coming..
Dan Ifteni
Dan Ifteni Vor 14 Tage
Dash Star: **makes a video with odin that originally had the stones** Thanos: *am i a joke to u ?*
Babukhali Mgps4
Babukhali Mgps4 Vor 15 Tage
Odin was the protector of the nine realm. That's the reason.
Darkskies Vincor
Darkskies Vincor Vor 15 Tage
The true reason why thanos did not take it priorly is because he had to face two strong entity. First is odin and second ancient one. Odin is tough enough for thanos to take and not to mention odin is not alone. To fight odin, thanos has to penetrate his dozens of soldiers before going in. Thanos will take big risk in losing his entire fleet that he gathered just to acquire the tesserect. Second would be ancient one. Ancient one is not only a tough opponent but he/she decides the arena. Since we can see that how ancient one could simply crush any numbers of opponent with those environment shifting skills. So by simply using numbers to overwhelm ancient one will not work. It'll ended up crushed . Besides ,ancient one is extremely powerful to be taken by thanos alone. This make thanos not trying to risk. Until odin died and ancient one was gone , thanos immediately started his plan. And I'm still not convinced that odin is dead. It could also be odin is planning something install for thor in a later events of avenger series. Odin looks very weak throughout the events in thor though. He rarely engage in any single fight. And we could not even see him utilizing his full potential.
Ailyis Vor 17 Tage
Iron Man could’ve just made a gauntlet that didn’t fit Thanos?
Red - Seven611
Red - Seven611 Vor 15 Tage
It needed to be big for hulk to fit and snap
Antony Clements
Antony Clements Vor 20 Tage
Thanos scared of Odin? ye-nah... Asgardians are an order of creation below the deviants.
Metal Sherry
Metal Sherry Vor 21 Tag
Odin was way more powerful than Thor and Hela. And not to forget wiser and an efficient strategist too. I think Thanos knew that if he started his quest before Odin's demise, he would have not only been a potential threat, but he could have also teamed up with equally potent forces that could foil his plans.
YippieKayYay Vor 22 Tage
What doesn't make sense to me is Odin being aware of Thanos having a gauntlet but not knowing that Thanos killed the dwarves Odin was supposed to protect in order to get said gauntlet. And if he did know, why did he let that happen? Thor explains to Eitri "Asgard was destroyed" but that event had just happened, while Thanos went to Nidavellir several years ago, even before Thor 1 (as implied by the fake gauntlet). If Odin didn't see it, Heimdall should have.
Aki Paras
Aki Paras Vor 23 Tage
Uru metals broke with one snap while tony's gountlet was used 2 times but no damage at all why?
Aki Paras
Aki Paras Vor 22 Tage
Hehehe earned my subscribe botton buddy
Itachi Otsutsuki
Itachi Otsutsuki Vor 22 Tage
@Aki Paras Yes it could have been used twice!! You're welcome!!😄😄
Aki Paras
Aki Paras Vor 22 Tage
Right but it can be used once more right?cause thanos was about to,but anyways thanks for The detail😊
Itachi Otsutsuki
Itachi Otsutsuki Vor 23 Tage
Actually, Tony's gauntlet was used only once. During the second snap, Tony used his keen intellect to shift the stones from the gauntlet to his armour, unbeknownst to Thanos
Sgk 55
Sgk 55 Vor 23 Tage
The soul was not with Odin it was it in 2014
The Jurassic squad
The Jurassic squad Vor 24 Tage
A. Smith
A. Smith Vor 25 Tage
Time to move on from Thanos.
The Gaming Nerd
The Gaming Nerd Vor 29 Tage
Ebony is wrong in avengers 1 Loki wields and uses 2 stones mind stone (septer) terresc
Sean Sanders
Sean Sanders Vor Monat
Good theory
Reece Smal
Reece Smal Vor Monat
ehhh U know Russo brother are frikkin liars right XD
Renea Kesterson
Renea Kesterson Vor Monat
Dak G
Dak G Vor Monat
Great vid! I don’t think he will make a new gauntlet, a new plot line would be more exciting
Christian Kay
Christian Kay Vor Monat
if the soul stone made you “somewhat” death proof, why did tony stark die ..?
Marvel Movie Theories
Soul stone was always in the possession of Heimdall. After his treason Odin allowed him to escape and place it on Vormir. So Hela wouldn't get it.
LadyGaGa is hot
LadyGaGa is hot Vor Monat
CJLAKE1234 Vor Monat
The sacrifice of Hella for the soul stone isn't a concrete explanation because Gamora didn't reappear after Thanos died.
CJLAKE1234 Vor Monat
That was stupid. Thor & Odin should've kept the Reality stone w/ the Space stone in his vault.
gta racer
gta racer Vor Monat
Zubair Miah
Zubair Miah Vor Monat
Jacob Lalfakawma
Sura Reddy
Sura Reddy Vor Monat
Before that all stones are at heart of infinite that is middle of the universe
David Jackson
David Jackson Vor Monat
Very cool
Gabe LeRoy
Gabe LeRoy Vor Monat
I always believed that Odin kept Thanos from acquiring the stones. I have seen a comic where Odin slapped Thanos our.
CrusinLabz saltless
they are just lying about everything they simply lie to cover up plot holes. They just need to keep feeding the fans bullshit to keep them believing.
Jordon Sumper
Jordon Sumper Vor Monat
You are assuming that Ebony Maw wasn't lying and just sucking up to Thanos.
Jordon Sumper
Jordon Sumper Vor Monat
You are assuming that Ebony Maw wasn't lying and just sucking up to Thanos.
Jordon Sumper
Jordon Sumper Vor Monat
You got a problem with the whole timeline. The fake Gauntlet was in the treasure room when Thor was a boy. But Eitri doesn't make the gauntlet until AFTER Thor: The Dark Elves. So how was it in existence 1500 years earlier?
Jordon Sumper
Jordon Sumper Vor Monat
You got a problem with the whole timeline. The fake Gauntlet was in the treasure room when Thor was a boy. But Eitri doesn't make the gauntlet until AFTER Thor: The Dark Elves. So how was it in existence 1500 years earlier?
Uy Vu
Uy Vu Vor Monat
"Uru is the only metal able to hold the stones" Ronan: Hold my hammer! Loki: Hold my Spear! Red Skull: Hold my Ice Cube! Chris Pratt: Hold my hand! Natalie Portman: Am I a joke?
Leeland Lightburn
Cryptic Knot
Cryptic Knot Vor Monat
Nani gauntlet?
Mark Webber
Mark Webber Vor Monat
Even if Thanos had killed oldman Odin, immediately Hela would have appeared and Thanos would be in bigger trouble. So Thanos chose not to take on Odin in first place.
Iso specs
Iso specs Vor Monat
idk why ppl gotta watch these videos,like if you actually listen in infinity war they say thanos destroyed zandar
Gilroy Joshua
Gilroy Joshua Vor Monat
If Odin sacrificed Hela to obtain the soul stone, this would not be reversible. We would not have seen Hela as we did. Odin imprisoned Hela with his All Father power that lifted when he died
John Ho 何宗陽 - 翼虎乒乓
Did Odin collect all infinity stones first?
Johnny Morris
Johnny Morris Vor Monat
Captain Marvel should have went full absolute Binary and taken all the stones and made everything perfect and beautiful in the entire universe.
Johnny Morris
Johnny Morris Vor Monat
@bryson firosz can you clarify since that doesn't make any gramatical sense
bryson firosz
bryson firosz Vor Monat
Johnny Morris I know it wasn't on screen but she probably wanted to accuse assault for how bad thanos rocked her.
Johnny Morris
Johnny Morris Vor Monat
@bryson firosz she should have just punched through Thanos head lol it has to be softer than his entire battle fleet.
bryson firosz
bryson firosz Vor Monat
Johnny Morris captain marvel getting rocked (literally) by thanos was way better
Johnny Morris
Johnny Morris Vor Monat
2:19 WRONG! Captain Marvel will burn your face, ships, entire fleet, and pride to its core if you don't shut your fucking ugly kree insignificant face up!!
Eason Andrew
Eason Andrew Vor Monat
The gauntlet was real and its a throw off....
Meap Vor Monat
Simple he feared Odin Ancient one and Ego
Ding dong so long they call it long schlong
Galactus, Surtur, Dormammu and others would’ve been pissed too
Szabo Balint
Szabo Balint Vor Monat
Thanos Chose just the right moment to collect them all and when he did he done what exactly what he planned "Bring the universe to a cosmic Balance"
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