Conflict in Israel and Palestine: Crash Course World History 223

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In which John Green teaches you about the conflict in Israel and Palestine. This conflict is often cast as a long-term beef going back thousands of years, rooted in a clash between religions. Well, that's not quite true. What is true is that the conflict is immensely complicated, and just about everyone in the world has an opinion about it. John is going to try to get the facts across in under 13 minutes.

Thought Café's series on the subject: de-vid.com/show-UCGAL...

Citation 1: Arthur James Balfour, Balfour Declaration (letter to Baron Rothschild, leader of British Jewish community). 1917.

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27 Jan 2015



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Brian Bianchi
Brian Bianchi Vor 2 years
Timestamp questions 0:35 What is the conflict about 1:00 Describe Ottoman influence 2:00 Define Zionism 3:00 What promises did British make? 4:25 Describe the revolt 5:00 British actions? 5:25 Describe the partition 6:15 What happened in 6 Day War? 6:30 How did the map change? 7:00 Who is part of the Palestine population? 7:30 Where were Israel’s settlements? 7:50 What is an Intifada? What tactic did they use? 8:10 What is Hamas? 9:00 How did peace talks work out? 9:45 Why is the Temple Mount important? 10:45 New Intifada and conflict. Why? 11:00 Tell Palestinian side of the story Tell Israel’s side of the story 11:45 Why is nationalism an issue AGAIN !!!!!
Hassan Sardar
Hassan Sardar Vor 2 years
" If two fish are fighting in a river an Englishman must have passed by " ( Native Americans)
Momina Butt
Momina Butt Vor 2 years
haha so true! even for the Indian Pakistani conflict.
Mayaz Mahmud
Mayaz Mahmud Vor 3 years
and the lesson is... if u see a fight... its somehow related to britain
Maanav D
Maanav D Vor 2 years
@Shwetha Shetty facts
MarioMouse826 Vor 2 years
Mayaz Mahmud Not true. Sometimes it’s related to France or Russia lol
1995 Plymouth Neon
1995 Plymouth Neon Vor 2 years
They did cause America to happen too
Maanav D
Maanav D Vor 2 years
Facts bro
Aq Xico
Aq Xico Vor 2 years
I thought I'd see a comment section arguing Israel vs Palestine, but instead what I saw was a comment section united in blaming Britain. 😂
Ben Vor 2 years
as we should
Osas Vor 2 years
Abdullah Yasser Lmaoo yes, God gets to decide who’s worthy and who isn’t. The Canaanites amongst others were already on that land and it was called a promised land, God allowed incest so idk what you’re trying to say
Abdallah Yasser
Abdallah Yasser Vor 2 years
@Osas I didn't mean to offend you im sorry i said a myth but do think god will make a whole ethnicity barbaric because of one man that i don't think he did anything wrong
Abdallah Yasser
Abdallah Yasser Vor 2 years
@Osas I mean the part where all isma'il (peace be upon him) descendants are evil and wants war you really believe that god give the land to only israelites and no one have the right to it by then because its written in any book do you think god wants you to kill innocent in a land which already had people before you (and I don't believe that)
pennyg1 Vor 2 years
Some of my family were Jewish Palestinians who got along just fine with their Muslim and Christian neighbours. Then the British came...
xfiler2013 Vor 2 years
So let me get this straight , Britain basically promised both sides the same piece of land and then played stupid when the fighting broke out ?? Then the united nation did not hold Britain accountable for this foolishness but sided with the Israeli people which caused hard feelings from Palestine??
TheADMUK Vor 2 years
Country with lots of natural resources: exists in peace Britain in the 19th century: Yeah well now you exist in pieces
larry Vor 2 years
@ilay turjeman *their
Viperanium Vor 2 years
@ja ja ja hmmm malaysia?? hmmm pakistan?? how did islam get there??
Laila M
Laila M Vor 2 years
Taspih Sobhy well said, much respect
Parallax Vor 2 years
ilay turjeman
ilay turjeman Vor 2 years
Taspih Sobhy well actually the Ottoman Empire that owned basically the entire Middle East at the time chose to join the war they’re fault for losing
Shannon Shackleford
This was one of the best ones I've watched you do! You gave a very fair representation of the conflict in Israel/Palestine!
Ali Saied
Ali Saied Vor 3 years
Thank you for being honest and accurate about this tricky part of political history, not taking sides is very hard yet important. All respect to you mr. Green
AH Vor 2 years
Ahmad Bardawil so what about the canaanites? They don’t even exist anymore so they’re irrelevant.
Ali Saied
Ali Saied Vor 2 years
@DOJLIFE ok I can go further back before they Abraham imagined a god promising the land of Kanaan.
DOJLIFE Vor 2 years
Why not go back in history to God promise to Abraham?? He just chose a point in history that he liked. Nothing accurate about that.
Alison Vor 2 years
@Kevin Oré True, He should take the right side that deserves the land, which is Palestine.
Kevin Oré
Kevin Oré Vor 2 years
“Not taking sides” in this act of injustice, is taking sides already.
Tim Redick
Tim Redick Vor 2 years
Everyone: *Gets along fine Britain: Allow me to introduce myself
pennyg1 Vor 2 years
@Peseloare you saying Palestine killed 4 million?
pennyg1 Vor 2 years
@Peselo what Palestine??
RocketMan Vor 2 years
In the poshest voice ever
pennyg1 Vor 2 years
@Peselo yeah some of my family were Jewish Palestinians who were doing just fine
eyeofeagle1994 Vor 2 years
dovesdolphins Vor 3 years
Hi John, as you might've heard, India just took a crucial decision related to Kashmir. Kashmir, over the years, has been a point of contention between India and Pakistan. I was really grateful for your video on the Palestine-Israel issue as it helped us mere mortals understand the issue. Would it be possible for you to do a video on the Kashmir issue?
Yige Qin
Yige Qin Vor 2 years
this is all happening and britain's just there sipping some tea
Mr. Numbers
Mr. Numbers Vor 2 years
Rule Britannia.
FRONT 242 Vor 2 years
what about Christians?
Golden bird
Golden bird Vor 2 years
Lol yes if they are willing to do it 👍😁😂
Sumit R
Sumit R Vor 2 years
Divide and rule.
1995 Plymouth Neon
1995 Plymouth Neon Vor 2 years
Just makes me sad :(
Noah Bar-Shain
Noah Bar-Shain Vor 3 years
Thank you for a very objective video! It's very important to have videos out there stating the basic facts so that people realize the validity behind both sides.
Dave Diaz
Dave Diaz Vor 2 years
I love how this video is not a polarized version to persuade support for one side or the other. Excellent job!!!
Sarah Ann Gonzales
Sarah Ann Gonzales Vor 2 years
Thank you for helping me understand this VERY complicated issues as I have Jewish friends and relatives and friends who are Muslim in Palestine so understanding this really helps bc all parties I know are very personally invested
AnchuaProjects Vor 2 years
I've seen several of the videos explaining the conflict, and this one is the best explained, and the most impartial. Congratulations.
shrodinger's cat
shrodinger's cat Vor 4 years
this video tried to be unbiased and objective but failed to mention how the USA played a big - negative- part in the conflict by helping Israel with money and weapons allowing them to win vast lands in wars and also by vetoing sooo many UN propositions in favor of the Palestinians. Yes the Brits are largly to blame for this mess but the American governments havent been innocent either. Trying to help with peace negotiations doesnt negate that.
Paul Bennett
Paul Bennett Vor 2 years
WOW! Thanks so much for this... simplified the conflict greatly for me. In a side takeaway.. you say this isn’t per se a religious conflict between muslims and jews, but it IS complicated by CHRISTIANS - particularly EVANGELICALS in the United States, who do look do look at this issue through a prophetic/messianic lens, and who also have a big influence on US foreign policy - the US also being the strongest ally of Israel.
Ari evans
Ari evans Vor 2 years
Evangelicals are the taliban of north America
Mouna Ramdani
Mouna Ramdani Vor 2 years
Oh my god everyone need to watch a documentary on why the evangelicals are making it worse!
Usman Shaikh
Usman Shaikh Vor 3 years
british did the same thing with INDIA divide n rule n when they left there was a kashmir issue with pakistan which is still unsolved
The Preity Experience
Kashmir is not a disputed territory. It acceded to India in 1947. Pak has ZERO claim on it. Their identity as a Muslim india depends on kashmir acceding to Insia, which it did not. So they will keep fighting for something that is not and will never be thiers. The whole world knows this and slowly are isolating themselves from this terror state.
Rosy Times
Rosy Times Vor 2 years
Grover Cleveland
Grover Cleveland Vor 2 years
The boarders are ugly worse then the Holy Roman Empire
His humble servant
His humble servant Vor 2 years
Kashmir belongs to India!
Ben Slifkin
Ben Slifkin Vor 2 years
Usman Shaikh lets all blame the britts
Amsyar Adanan
Amsyar Adanan Vor 2 years
Palestinians: I really love the peace here British Empire : hold my musket
ilay turjeman
ilay turjeman Vor 2 years
Well actually if you open a history book you will stop blaming
RadinV1 Vor 2 years
Hold my cup of tea
MeowMur Vor 2 years
Love how my schools wifi blocks this, like man I’m really going to be scarred over a history video I need to watch for homework.
Knock Hello
Knock Hello Vor 2 years
That's hot
MeowMur Vor 2 years
Chris Brown this video specifically was assigned for my homework buddy, as I said above. I don’t actually care for whatever this video was on, I’ve long since forgotten.
Chris Brown
Chris Brown Vor 2 years
Wildrazorz xd or you could do actual research ...
Elias Hazboun
Elias Hazboun Vor 2 years
change your school LOL . Joking ofcourse . good luck on your homework tho :)
Sam T
Sam T Vor 2 years
Restricted mode is stupid and everyone knows it.
Rami Jihad Arab
Rami Jihad Arab Vor 3 years
I live how instead of the whole comment section fighting about if it is Israel or Palestine’s land, everyone is just saying it was the British’s Fault. This is why I like this channel, people come here to learn and get educated instead of just have comment wars on the conflict 😂
The_Blazer Vor 2 years
Well the initiative was British, so there is at least some merit to the argument.
ok Vor 2 years
Same 😘
James Tavella
James Tavella Vor 2 years
Diah Hammoud So what if he wrote about Palestine. There were no Arabs living in Palestine in 500 bc. However, Jews were living there. Also, Palestine is a name given to the region. It has no nationality, statehood, kingdom, ethnic, sovereignty or tribal identity. Palestine is simply the name of a region like the Alps are the name of a mountain range. People who live in the alps are called Alpine, whether they are Spanish, French, Swiss or Italian.
James Tavella
James Tavella Vor 2 years
rami2021 except it wasn’t all Britain’s fault, especially the division in the communities which was already happening before the mandate. This site is being very misleading on that. Also, Jews and Christians had limited rights and couldn’t own land under the Ottoman Empire. Zionism started in 1850 when the weakening Ottoman Empire finally stopped enforcing laws that made It illegal to sell land to Jews and foreigners in Palestine. Jews around the world formed nonprofit organizations and started purchasing land in Palestine. Most of the useable land in Palestine was owned by Absentee landlords living in Syria. The locals were mostly nomadic tenants. The rest of the land was either open land or unusable because the locals did have the knowledge to properly develop it. So the Zionist bought it up, develop it and migrated in. The increase in Zionist land purchases and migration is what caused tension. Also, Zionist did try to avoid buying occupied land but there were occasional evictions that did take place which didn’t help. Zionist started their own communities, farms and their own marketplaces which affected the economy of the area a bit negatively for the locals. This was another tension point. Finally, when the British took over, Palestine, Arab migration into the area increased as the British need labor for development. So you had Arabs from places like Syria who didn’t have the same sentiment for Jews as the original locals did. So it wasn’t one thing creating division and tension. It was many different contributing factors.
maya maya
maya maya Vor 3 years
Its Rothschild fault
FunnyWomanGaming Vor 3 years
In summary British screwed up and now millions of people hate eachother. Got it thanks
Andrew Van Lare
Andrew Van Lare Vor 2 years
Look at Africa lmao
Love Bean
Love Bean Vor 2 years
So the hebrew colonialists just helplessly can't help themselves now, right? lmao
Dimitrov505 Z
Dimitrov505 Z Vor 2 years
King Koi
King Koi Vor 2 years
@Joel I'm actually interested to hear how it's Britain's fault too when Zionists roll into the Gaza strip, and West bank taking everything from the Palestinians. When it was the U.N. who wanted peace in the land. Yet it's Israel and U.S. who don't want a 2 state solution, and you sure as hell should know that Arabs aren't getting fair process if it's gonna be 1 state (as you can see clearly)
Joel Vor 2 years
What did the UK do to start this? I’m interested to find out
Danymok Vor 2 years
Wow. 11k dislikes? People only like to hear what they want to hear. I think this is a good video.
Shreeya Mittal
Shreeya Mittal Vor 2 years
Reminds you of India and Pakistan, right? Not mention the help from Britain.
Nab Vor 2 years
SHADOWWOLF77 how exactly😂?
SHADOWWOLF77 Vor 2 years
@B I First Israel have offered to compromise on the condition that the Islamic nations do in turn. And why should Israel or any real nation compromise with Islam when the latter flatly refuses to do so?
Nashmi - نۨــشــمۘـــي
@SHADOWWOLF77 read your first comment
Abdalla Babikir
Abdalla Babikir Vor 3 years
Thanks for talking about this. People need to know more about how brit contributed to the unrest we have today
Callum Mclaine
Callum Mclaine Vor 2 years
Arushi Sharma It is not a European problem, Jewish communities have always been moving from nation to nation after there homeland was invaded by radical empires. Finally Israel is a haven for the Jewish communities to go and have there beliefs and opinions taken on and expressed in a state where they do not fear anti-semitism.
Arushi Sharma
Arushi Sharma Vor 2 years
@Callum Mclaine Yeah I know that but why Palestinians have to suffer? Why they are treated with injustice amid the European problems of Christians and Jews? Why they had to leave their country because of Jews or even share it with them? It's a European problem why an Arab country have to suffer it's consequences?
Callum Mclaine
Callum Mclaine Vor 2 years
Arushi Sharma Even before the 1930s and 40s Jewish communities in Europe were being attacked by imperial nations that saw them as a threat.
Arushi Sharma
Arushi Sharma Vor 2 years
@Callum Mclaine Of course they did why wouldn't they but why they had to ruin the lives of people who had no hand in holocaust. They committed same injustice that happened to them.
Callum Mclaine
Callum Mclaine Vor 2 years
Arushi Sharma Well a number of Jewish communities also supported the idea of a Jewish state. It’s called populism.
Eliana Rosenberg
Eliana Rosenberg Vor 2 years
Thank you for always posting very informative videos! I appreciate the content, especially for school. I just wanted to add a bit of information: Theodor Herzl “became convinced that the Jewish people needed to leave Europe and settle in their own state” because of the Dreyfus affair. This was when Alfred Dreyfus (a Jew) was falsely charged for treason despite clear evidence of his innocence. The Dreyfus affair was the turning point that made Herzl realize that Jewish assimilation would not solve the underlying Antisemitism and that the only way for Jewish people to be guaranteed safety from persecution would be to have a national homeland for the Jews, where they would not be a minority.
Giovanni Mascheroni
A really interesting question: the first proposition of land division for Palestine and Israel was based in what? these are totally crazy borders
Raz & RiRi
Raz & RiRi Vor 2 years
It was divided up by farmland and access to resources and by city population and access to the most important religious sites. Many of those areas were given to Jewish authority while things such as religious sites belonging to Palestinians were divided right on their borders.
Satrap Vor 2 years
Wow finally a good question come on that place belongs to jews
BoD Assassin
BoD Assassin Vor 2 years
@Giovanni Mascheroni Religion. Just like what the British did to India and Pakistan.
Premesh Balapitiya
Premesh Balapitiya Vor 3 years
Salute sir It’s true and British basically divided all the countries they ruled I think that was the strategy they use for easy control
Satrap Vor 2 years
They had elements that allowed for a division .
Tomás Ó Treasaigh
@Perspective GovernsU I didnt see any mention of Ireland owing the British a thanks, did I miss that bit?
Perspective GovernsU
Not my words, but the words of a Lifelong historian. Great Britain has done more positive good, spread more hope and wealth and prosperity, and been a part of more marches towards freedom than any country or group of countries in the history of mankind. They did not do it perfectly, usually. They did not do it altruistically, often. They did not do it without negative repercussions, occasionally. But they did do it. Were I to create a list of who and whom owes what to the past and present inhabitants of the Isles of Great Britain, it would exceed by many fold the list which would be in omission. We could go back hundreds of years in our search, and go forward for hundreds more, yet still the result would bear the same. No people in the history of mankind have done for the positive good of more of mankind than the people who have inhabited the Isles of Great Britain. Every black inhabitant in the Western Hemisphere owes his and her freedom in the present age to the moral steadfastness of the Royal Navy stopping, by force, the Atlantic slave trade. This forced the issue to determine the fate of slavery as a whole, and it was a fate determined overwhelmingly upon moral grounds. British moral grounds, first. Every black African in Africa has never to worry about being enslaved by slavers and sold overseas or to Arab lands because institutionalized slavery is effectively dead and gone. Without Great Britain stopping the slave trade in the Atlantic, slavery still exists. Every Indian who enjoys the modicum of freedoms they posess they can directly thank the teachings and laws of Great Britain and the people who forced it upon your ancestors. Same with Pakistan, South Africa, Egypt, (good lord, this list will go on for a while…) Every American, Canadian, Australian, New Zealander, (good heavens, this list will go on for a while, too) who exists in freedom, potential prosperity and actual peace ruled in a land of laws may directly thank the peoples of Great Britain for exporting it to them, and all the economic and spiritual infrastructure given them by the British. Every European who does not speak German can thank directly a still living British Veteran of World War II who fought to save all the world. Every European who does speak German can thank directly a still living British Veteran of World War II who fought to save all the world from your forefathers. Every Asian who does not speak Japanese can thank directly a still living British Veteran of World War II who fought to save all the world. Every Asian who does speak Japanese can thank directly a still living British Veteran of,World War II who fought to save all the world from your forefathers. After the French surrendered in the Summer of 1940, the entire focus of all the Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe was exclusively pointed at Great Britain. Eventually the Germans found other places to invade, as they always did, but for a long while there only 1 place on earth stood up against the Nazis. All those people had one thing in common: They were British. Far from being an Island of Angels, the British have had more than their share of what would today be considered politically incorrect beliefs and practices. The people who enjoy pointing out these historical facts (and suppositions) would be wise to inquire what it is which the British brought them which is allowing them to so voice these facts. Education? Infrastructure? Rule of law? Democracy? Freedom? Tolerance? Economy? Life? Because almost no country in existence is untouched for the better because of the British, and almost every country has been moved forward for the better because of the British. Some countries owe virtually every aspect of their entire existance to that which the British gave them. Mine is one. My country had to definitively deal with our own slavery sins due directly to the cessation of the African slave trade exclusively because of the British, and look where that wholly altruistic effort has led us? Who was our 44th President? Does anyone reading this, in English, really need any lessons in what the British have given them? Why are they respected? Because for us, the Americans, we owe our very existence to the British. All the food, clothes, medicine, housing, machinery, vaccinations, seeds, fertilizer and money we give away - give away - we do so because of our national values and beliefs. And no place on earth is more responsible for instilling within us those values and beliefs than Great Britain. The Russians breathing today can thank a still living World War II British Veteran directly who not only kept the Germans from putting every division they had against the Soviet Union, but also fought all the way into Germany to help destroy your most hated adversary ever. They even forgave who you were allied to for the first 2 years of the war, when you or your direct ancestors were invading and occupying free and independent nations out of sheer avarice. The British were Imperialists, colonialists and several other “ists" which have recently been renounced as evil. Yet everywhere they went, that bunch of scrappy little pale yet proper businessmen made life better in one way or another. Often it was done at the end of a gun. Usually it involved some resistance. Invariably they ended up walking away. But now you, we all, are better for it. This list of who owes what to the British could stretch out for millions, millions of words. The list of what the British as a whole regret doing would be infinitessimally smaller. Most significantly, taking into context the shared values of the day and the values of the people who were subject to British Rule at the time of their intersection, the list of British failures both morally and philanthropically would be dwarfed by their successes. And influential? Only Rome deserves to be uttered in the same breath as the British Empire in terms of influence. And the British win that argument, too. As why this question was asked in this particular manner…. When a poor nation meet with a wildly advanced civilization, the defeated descendents do often feel anger towards the victors. The truth is that no matter where you are from, life is exponentially better for you now because of their subjugation to the British than you would be had your ancestors never met them. Sorry, but it's true. We all have parents, and for the next 20 generations or so, our cultural parents will be the Brits. Whether you're Chinese, Pakistani, Indian, American, Egyptian, or a host of other, more obvious countries, you, personally, owe living Brits respect and thanks. Thanks for not surrendering to the Axis. Thanks for exporting the rule of law. Thanks for economic infrastructure. Thanks for religious tolerance in most places. Thanks for elevating the status of women. Thanks for the cessation of slavery. Thanks for the breaking of inherited social stigmas. Thanks for the freedom of the seas and the economic impact of that freedom.
AVnoam miran
AVnoam miran Vor 2 years
@Moon🌜 arab spring
Moon🌜 Vor 2 years
what happened after 2011?
Amjad Sulieman
Amjad Sulieman Vor 2 years
Well done Mr. John Green. Much appreciated.. hats off... I have yet to find inaccurate information. You do justice in all your videos in a fun way.. 👍🏻
Tori Bianco
Tori Bianco Vor 2 years
Taking time to comment because this was explained SO well - love crash course wow
Budr Meqdadi
Budr Meqdadi Vor 2 years
As a Palestinian, I believe the segregation of the ethnic groups into separate lands was the initial flame, so to speak. There was no need for an Israel just as there was no need for a Palestine. Everyone was living peacefully before. It seemed to be a beautiful time... Why segregate them? They turned the chains that once connected them now into chains that separated them.
RRO Vor 2 years
@Brennando No there are documents for all people who lived in Palestine before 1948 written on top "Palestinian Government حكومة فلسطين" however there is no documents that claim that jewish zionests liived there before.
Adytia Permana
Adytia Permana Vor 2 years
@JAvery Rose prove it?where's the fact?your data was false.poor of you.
pennyg1 Vor 2 years
There were also Jewish Palestinians who got along fine with everyone else. Everyone sharing culture and being quite friendly. Hopefully one day we can have peace.
Running lotus
Running lotus Vor 2 years
3Ball That is incorrect, it’s been documented as an accident. What do you mean they aren’t ally’s, assuming you know about the history of isreal and Palestine, you would be aware that America supported isreal and the Soviet Union supported palestine
Running lotus
Running lotus Vor 2 years
3Ball If your making a war crime argument, Palestine would fall in the same category, even worse they instigate war crimes
Charles Brown
Charles Brown Vor 2 years
"If we want to solve a problem let's start with the core of it, the uk"
Nameless Vor 2 years
hopefully they can learn from a history full of mistakes...
jojolafrite90 Vor 2 years
There is little about David that is concrete and undisputed, so, why you use it like an irrefutable argument about anything?
a. gree
a. gree Vor 2 years
A small island of 3 different countries that hate eachother took over the world, imagine that
Courtney Vor 2 years
@sahara. SOME. SOME lived peacefully. Still had countless attacks back and forth between them on the outskirts. The Ottoman empire demanded peace. The only reason they coexisted like that is because the fear of the Ottoman empire overwhelming them was too great.
Satrap Vor 2 years
What is the UK problem?
Michael O'Brien
Michael O'Brien Vor 3 years
This is a wonderful site. Thank you so much for the great work. If I were still teaching, your videos would most definitely be part of the curriculum.
Satrap Vor 2 years
I wish there was an extended series with equal enrapture one that would be equal to reading all the books for each subject
Ahmed Mohamed
Ahmed Mohamed Vor 2 years
Finally, someone understands the conflict and what is happening there and does not blame Islam for that Thank you❤
Estxsy Vor 2 years
@Samuel Kagan finally i see someone who's educated in the comment section.
DQH Vor 2 years
@ACapalot I always make the argument that saying Israel should "own" and or "occupy" Palestinian is like saying the Native Americans should just take over America but even more crazy because they haven't really had actual claim for 2000 years. Kinda
ACapalot Vor 2 years
Sammy K Not their land? Are you fucken kidding me. That’s like telling that to the native Americans. It’s always has been and will be PALESTINE.
Samuel Kagan
Samuel Kagan Vor 2 years
ACapalot yes through war, And it’s not their land. They lost it when they chose to fight Israel w other Arab countries
ACapalot Vor 2 years
Sammy K they don’t want “war” they just want their land back.
Ioanna OtiNanai
Ioanna OtiNanai Vor 2 years
Oh, Britain. Is there a problem not created by your colonialism? :')
Bihag Dave
Bihag Dave Vor 2 years
@Matthew D No thanks. We hate it.
Not So Special
Not So Special Vor 2 years
Edits fair point
Edits Vor 2 years
French colonialism
Not So Special
Not So Special Vor 2 years
Anthony Joseph I’m pretty sure they’re actually the ones who have had to ENDURE the most wars and atrocities in humanity. Don’t know if you know this, but there’s this guy named Adolf Hitler.
Alan Moore
Alan Moore Vor 2 years
@Kevin C Clearly you have no idea what you are talking about because nothing you have said is true, not even remotely and just want to be insulting so I am going to ignore from now on BUY.
Sriharsha C V
Sriharsha C V Vor 2 years
Oh man! You were amazingly neutral in your narration. Keep up the good work. You earned a subscriber today!
Daniel Lee
Daniel Lee Vor 4 years
I dont really comment on videos, but thank you for this video! I was having trouble wrapping my head around this conflict, but after watching your video; through the great graphics and clear narration I think I could explain it to my friends or even have a meaningful conversation about it!
Arielle W
Arielle W Vor 3 years
So happy that this video exists. I came here after wanting to educate myself more on the conflict as a American Jew and hearing Trump say that American Jews who vote Democrat show a "lack of knowledge" or "great disloyalty". My search for non-biased history led me here. Thank you so much John Green. Even if this video is 4 years old, it's still more than enough information to help me start to form an opinion based on non-biased historical fact.
Abdulla El-astal
Abdulla El-astal Vor 2 years
Arielle W hopefully, we as palestinians, and you as jews can all live together in a peaceful nation brother. I dream about a day where i can live it as a palestinian with a jewish neighbour like my great grandmother did.
ELITEcommando Vor 2 years
as also an American jew, first wassap fellow jew, next if you look on the political left and alt-right you see more anti zionism involved as well as anti semitism because they are basically the same. In the case with trump id say he used some big words but I can also agree with it, as you see with Cortez who actively tries to boycott Israel and conveniently lyes on the left side of politics, another thing is you can see a lot of democrats saying that Israel is illegitimate and racist etc... and not to mention its the only Jewish state. A lot was left out of this video including how the Jews owned the land long before the Romans did.
Wayne Currie
Wayne Currie Vor 2 years
@erlich - CrashCourse must be doing a pretty good job of unbiased reporting because I thought it was slanted slightly more in Israel's favour.
Winter Soldier
Winter Soldier Vor 2 years
@erlich because every time people say anything good abt islam or muslims this what the reply is usually....but i was abt to say sorry.....i got angry a little bit....i will delete my comment....sorry forgive me.........
Nev Lomeur
Nev Lomeur Vor 3 years
Well presented. I think you forgot to mention that eastern part of British Palestine, that is east of the Jordan river was handed over to the hashemites. This became eventually the country called Jordan. This was in 1923 I think.
jojo b
jojo b Vor 2 years
i literally searched up crash course on you tube and the first thing i saw was conflict in isreal and Palestine and to my surprise there was around 7k views and 97 k likes and i was sooooo happy that people actually remember what Palestine has bee through because they were probably the most peaceful country in the world then the Britain came and ruined it and i appreciate everyone that has raised points about Palestine and haven't called Palestine isreal thank you so much crash course for making this video (BTW while i was commenting this i wanted to auto correct isreal and it wasn't on there :))
Jason Vivier
Jason Vivier Vor 2 years
Very well done video. Thanks!
Alisa Krotov
Alisa Krotov Vor 2 years
Britain had the biggest glowdown ever from like having half of the world to having an island
Syed M Ashraf
Syed M Ashraf Vor 2 years
Let's give proper respect to Ottoman Empire era Jerusalem. Because it was PEACEFUL.
Crazy Scientist
Crazy Scientist Vor 2 years
@Zeynep Ilgın my friend in research we have the consensus and not 'nations education' to guide us. Now I came from Pontiac Greeks but I believe the Greek cleansing was not necessarily a genocide. This is indeed ambiguous. The Armenians thought were centrally eliminated due to fear of the Turks and the Germans to their connection to Russia during WWI. Now I absolutely support the hypothesis that the Ottomans were better rulers than let's say British, but the Armenian cleansing was centrally designed. This is a historical truth. Awareness for such events, not just for the Ottomans , help us not repeat them in the future.
Waseem Al-Shurafa
Waseem Al-Shurafa Vor 2 years
@Waseem Ashraf woah hey there lol
Zeynep Ilgın
Zeynep Ilgın Vor 2 years
@Kristian G. we need to outgrow this topic! In Turkey, when we study history, we are studying that we did not mean to do a genocide, and the fact is that just like you have a proof that we did genocide, we also have many documents proving that we did not. Sometimes this is what happens in history, both sides have a point showing that they are right. May be things got horribly wrong, or may be the proof is manipulated we cannot know that. We also know that you did bad things to Azerbaijan people in the past. However, these were all in the past and we must step out of our boarders and accept each other as human beings! No one should have kept responsible for the things some people did years and years ago. I did not have any control in that, just like you also did not. Cultures, people, communities change and being stuck in an idea of a war/genocide/etc will not gonna let us grow as a community... remembering the past is important but we should not live in it... I respect and love you, dear stranger, just like I love everyone in this world. I see you away from every thing that happened in the past, I cannot blame you to think like that because I know that if I was born in Armenia, I'd think exactly the same. Take care, you and your family in these hard times, I wish you health. I didn't write this to argue you or change your mind but we have so much hatred for each other and this makes me sad...
Ordhin V.Hohenheim
Ordhin V.Hohenheim Vor 2 years
It supposed to be because Abrahamic religion need to respect each other.Just difference in theology at first but shared same culture like fasting. When European take Christianity as religion(and obviously change the way of Christ) , they make Islam and Jews as enemy. I am not saying christianity was bad, there are lot of political power used religion to justify their greed.What happen to philipine and South african was horrible.
Mhmd 153
Mhmd 153 Vor 2 years
Some Random Guy ik lol , my mom is turk and my whole family and we all hate erdogan , what he’s doing with syria rn
Max Vor 2 years
In regards of Palestine, should we deal with the Ottoman, Arabs, French or Jews? Britain: Yes
Duane Dougherty
Duane Dougherty Vor 3 years
CrashCourse delivers the most equally critical/supportive perspective of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict that I have ever heard. Unbiased. Who could have thought that was possible?
Scare!Sans Vor 2 years
indeed, CrashCourse is overall golden.
lalisa m.
lalisa m. Vor 2 years
watching this in 2020 and the conflict is still going on......
Ari Liebman
Ari Liebman Vor 2 years
Also I loved how unbiased this was.
Kara Garg
Kara Garg Vor 2 years
Wow, sir , you are so good at everything . A master of all trades. You decode the most intricate concepts so lucidly . Regards
galo marino
galo marino Vor 2 years
It actually has everything to do with theological conflicts leading to physical conflicts to conquer "promise land". Britain and everything else mentioned in this video it's just a fraction of the history and meaning of what we're seeing today.
CG-EYE Vor 3 years
John Green is just as high explaining this to me as I am watching him explaining it to me
Dave Knight
Dave Knight Vor 3 years
I enjoyed the information without being led to one side. Well done sir!
Amaranth ASMR
Amaranth ASMR Vor 2 years
Lesson learned: When in doubt, it's Britain's fault. It's always Britain's fault.
Victor Gillerson
Victor Gillerson Vor 2 years
So, I am doing a research paper on this subject right here. The Israeli and Palestinian conflict. This helped a lot. THank you so much.
Duane Dougherty
Duane Dougherty Vor 3 years
Wow, both thorough and unbiased! Who knew that was possible. Very nice work! You've got my attention - for whatever that's worth.
alonsl Vor 3 years
Duane Dougherty well, it’s definitely not thorough and it’s or biased or from ignorance because he misinformed in almost everything. And if you’re not sure about something in the subject then don’t make a video about that.
uncanni Vor 3 years
This is a fantastic resource!! Thank you so much!!!
Werner Klokow
Werner Klokow Vor 2 years
Good to see an unbiased reflection on this issue.
Shwetha Shetty
Shwetha Shetty Vor 2 years
Problems in other part of the world : India-Kashmir -pak, hongkong, palestine. Problems in UK: Meghan markle and the prince plan to settle in the US!
Hania Abdelhafez
Hania Abdelhafez Vor 3 years
Hind Marmash
Hind Marmash Vor 2 years
Mr. Awesome Yakkov why
Mr.Awesome007 Vor 2 years
They stopped making youtube videos a long time ago look when they posted the video.
Air20 Vor 2 years
Instead of us hating one another, we should choose a common enemy, the brits!
Estxsy Vor 2 years
@layla it was a mistake kid.
Rama Vor 2 years
NoamEG and the Israeli soldiers aren’t terrorists...??
RRO Vor 2 years
@NoamEG How can I trust for peace someone who stole my land?
Shawn Adams
Shawn Adams Vor 2 years
Imagine the amount of national holidays you'd get off work if there was a two state reality.
tєг๓เภคt ?
British are always like : Oh! They are in peace!? Lets ruin it.
CakeIsGroot Vor 2 years
L S ummmm their biggest screw up was Pakistan and India. Their conflict is 100000 times bigger than Israel and Palestine’s.
CakeIsGroot Vor 2 years
Jon Campo Did u not watch the video 😂.
Jenna S
Jenna S Vor 2 years
@Jon Campo I'm muslim and I think I'm pretty peaceful.
Dhanaji Musale
Dhanaji Musale Vor 2 years
@konan slavery ended a long time ago
Brian Olson
Brian Olson Vor 4 years
Your channel is great. I've been on a self-educating binge lately and am really grateful for your videos.
Notyourlocalkid Vor 3 years
As a deist Arab i really do wish for a one secular state where both israelies and palestinians can live in peace next to each other...
Global Explorer
Global Explorer Vor 2 years
There would be peace if the Arabs who identify as Palestinians behave themselves.
King Koi
King Koi Vor 2 years
And Buddhists in China are facing descrimination, should we just find a piece of land already inhabited by people, and enforce a state there on the natives so that Buddhists can live there? And say they've lived there for 1000's of years calling the natives terrorists for rebelling etc.
King Koi
King Koi Vor 2 years
@Shuli Dernis Well in Judea it teaches that the Jews can't have a state until their prophet comes. Theodore Herzls teachings, (which is what Zionism follows) calls for a Jewish State, and in fact something called "greater Israel". So it is going against orthodox teachings of Judea.
Shuli Dernis
Shuli Dernis Vor 2 years
@King Koi what do you mean?
Jacer Vor 2 years
In that region there were people of different ideologies cohabiting and living in harmony, which means all of the region was a public property for all of them. Then a certain group decided they deserve to have a piece of the land for their own, and once they had the power, they did it.. This is the whole story. Judge it as you like
Daniel Singer
Daniel Singer Vor 2 years
John-thanks for a succinct balanced overview of the conflict. You hit the nail on the head, make sure both sides recognize the right of the other to exist and that they hear each other’s narratives.
Yousef Vor 2 years
Thank you for talking the truth about what happened to Palestine thank you so much
The-Redacted Computer
Can you do one on the USS Liberty when Israel attacked the US?
Learning to Crash
Learning to Crash Vor 2 years
That wasn't their fault either, nothing ever is.
Wubby805 Vor 3 years
This was an awesome and succinct rendition of the reality in the region.
Jitt Met
Jitt Met Vor 3 years
Not really. The entire war is religious which Mr Green denies. Hamas (and hezbollah etc) wants Israel for Islam. It is a religious war.
Sean Rath Make Disciples
You did a great work in making this video and you tried to show things in a reality..I see the biggest problem is that the Arab nations will not re settle the displaced Arabs. After the Arab v Israeli conflict in 1948-50 conflict the Arabs refused to resettle these displaced people in their own homelands as 99.9% of all the land in the Middle East is ruled by Arabs. It is a shame that lands were not given in exchange for losing lands.650,000 Jews were expelled from Arab lands losing all their properties. Saudi Arabia alone is more 100 times bigger than the tiny state the Holy Land.This is more than meets the eye. This is the fulfillment of biblical prophecies that Jerusalem would be a very important place in end times history. Zechariah 12:2. Jerusalem will be a burdensome stone for all nations. How true? Jerusalem has only ever been the capital of one country and lay in ruins under the Muslim conquests
John M Guzman
John M Guzman Vor 2 years
Will you create a crash course on the reasons behind the Lebanon cival war?
TimeWalker Vor 2 years
10k brits disliked.
Rolo Slaughter
Rolo Slaughter Vor 2 years
@lizliz kawaii good point you really invalidated his totally serious, definitely not a joke comment right there. you are a gift to us all.
lizliz kawaii
lizliz kawaii Vor 2 years
I come from Britain and I haven't disliked.
The Tomb Raider
The Tomb Raider Vor 2 years
@MehAPlebyPotato CalledTaqwa U guys...
MehAPlebyPotato CalledTaqwa
@nova _ I don’t think they meant u guys they meant mean brita
Miriam Zajfman
Miriam Zajfman Vor 3 years
I did learn about you program during my stay in Europe , you were highly recommended to me - as reliable source of information ,for which I' m glad ( especially in today's world Lol. ) so as you can see - you had reach international heights in popularity , Bravo !!! .P.S.I do have one request : Please ! tray to slow dawn ! Speak more slowly ,any sign you postage live them longer on the screen ,so you give us time to read them . We do hate to MISS ANYTHING !!! 😊
first name last name
Under settings you can change playback speed to .75, that's what I do.
Eric is probably full of shit
This was an interesting summary. Most videos of this type can't seem to resist taking a political position on the subject, and two people each insisting the other is wrong never really goes anywhere. This is a productive place to start an actual discussion, by recognizing the validity of everyone's experience and historical claims. I'm kind of interested to see if people in the comments run with it or revert to finger pointing.
James Frazee
James Frazee Vor 3 years
This is a freshman level history lesson.
Aslıhan Akın
Aslıhan Akın Vor 2 years
Great video. I love that it's not partial.
Maria Shellae Magahud
much better explaination than other channels...! I love you for this...❤😊
mohamed bilaal
mohamed bilaal Vor 3 years
The Lesson is very good thanks a lot sir!
Gerard Mccluskey
Gerard Mccluskey Vor 2 years
Sounds quite similar to the divide and conquer policy implemented upon Ireland.
TlgK Vor 2 years
The Brits are the reason we all cant just get along.
Mannys Movies
Mannys Movies Vor 2 years
Yep, I'm in israel, and the government is definitely impeded because of the British system them adopted
Jimmy B
Jimmy B Vor 2 years
Forever England
Forever England Vor 2 years
Victim membership
CommunistDoge Vor 2 years
George P. Fletcher
George P. Fletcher Vor 3 years
excellent treatment of a complex subject, less biased than many college professors I know, including myself.
Younes Zeddam
Younes Zeddam Vor 3 years
George P. Fletcher where do you lecture?
sahar turovsky
sahar turovsky Vor 2 years
The first section on colonialism is well made. Everything else suffers from disinformation and inaccurate facts, spacialy about The Israeli War of Independence, the Six Day War, the Intifada and more..
Eric Spencer
Eric Spencer Vor 3 years
Remember the tactic: divide and control. Why those divided never look up and see the puppet master is beyond my understanding.
Dee Dee
Dee Dee Vor 2 years
Jpthxq Americans do not know what socialism means. You give the democrats far too much credit lmao
downstg Vor 2 years
Sooo ??? Who is the infamous "Puppet Master?" do tell ..
Apo Oto
Apo Oto Vor 2 years
Well, because they are too self observe about their own wars and their own land
dabangg93 Vor 2 years
Do you know how long I've been waiting for someone to give me a crash course on this topic
Shiro Vor 2 years
Britain would have really became the bad guys of history if it wasn’t for that German guy with the funny mustache and that short Russian guy with the big mustache.
Wyatt Miller
Wyatt Miller Vor 2 years
I was wondering if you guys would consider posting video transcripts below the video. You do a fantastic job of clarifying the topic, but I can read much faster than I can watch and I feel that the way you talk is equally readable as it is watchable.
DL Wilson
DL Wilson Vor 2 years
To all those getting the simplistic take-home from this: 'The Brits ruined it all'... - As a Brit born in 1965, in the here and now there is little I can do about the actions of my grandfather's political leaders. - Britain just happened to be a big player on the world stage at the time in history when there was going to be an inevitable migration of Jews, a reverse of the Diaspora. We did not invent the idea of a rebirth of Israel, we tried to respond to what was already happening, with consideration given to all sides. - Would any other nation have done any better a job, taking into account the complexities and global changes post WW1. Look at your own country's history, has it always handled external conflict perfectly? Has it got a good record of internal ethnic peace and cohesion? Probably not. - Hindsight is wonderful. Nobody has it in advance when plans are drawn up. - Missed opportunities by myopic Palestinians and Israelis are the real issue.
Aerospace Engineer
Aerospace Engineer Vor 2 years
Reminds me of this sad truth I heard the first time from captain Jack Sparrow: "The only rule that really matters is what a man can do and what a man can't do."
Abu Rayyan
Abu Rayyan Vor 3 years
It's rare to get actual historic facts regarding this matter. Thank you
camban Vor 3 years
Great concept, excellent content, but a breakneck pace that leaves me frequently gasping for air to allow the salient facts and dates to sink in. Need to be on Speed to keep up with this guy.
Nicholas Vor 3 years
2x speed helps
Charlie Sthill
Charlie Sthill Vor 2 years
You should know. Your channel is the first one to explain this secularly and clearly. Thank you!!!
Shula B.
Shula B. Vor 3 years
Hi Crash Course! I don't even want to look at the comments, but I wanted to let you know that I think this video did a really good job! While understandably general and many details were left out due to time constraints, I was really impressed with the portrayal of both sides of this incredibly important issue. Well done!
cute tlv
cute tlv Vor 3 years
2:37 back then geographical palestine also included modern day jordan, and part of modern day syria - not as depicted in map
Issa Vor 2 years
I'm confused, on the 1st half of the video, John referred to them as Jews and Palestinians (because it's the name of their country) then proceeded to refer to them as Arab and Israelites. Did the jews rename the country when they won the war? And why did the jews need to leave Europe? Why were they in Europe in the first place? I'm a noob so, can someone enlighten me on this matter?
TrichVlogger Vor 2 years
Basically, Jews have called the land Israel (Yisrael) since biblical times. In 69 CE, they were exiled from Israel by the Roman, and some of them ended up in what we called Europe. The Jewish people who ended up in Europe are called Ashkenazi Jews. They needed to leave Europe because of increasing anti Semitism and what lead to the holocaust. So when the modern state of Israel was established in 1948, they didn’t technically rename it bc it had been called Israel before. However, it wasn’t called Israel when it was under British rule. It was called the British mandate of Palestine. Hope this helps.
yrm159 Vor 2 years
There are a few details you may have missed or gotten a bit wrong but it's mostly correct
Michael Smyth
Michael Smyth Vor 2 years
Deep sigh , well done. The theological side of this is what sells ad $ on the tube. Overreported for as long as I can remember. Thank you for mentioning land.
Harry O'Sullivan
Harry O'Sullivan Vor 7 years
Good episode, hope we get some more Middle Eastern history. The Iranian Revolution/lead up to it, Iraq under Saddam and the Iran-Iraq war would be very good topics in my opinion
Nugget of Truth - Eric King
Thank you for this. I still believe that we are all experiencing the "Babylon Whirlwind Prophecy".
Matt Karten
Matt Karten Vor 2 years
To relate it to math: π is like modern conflict and circles are like Britain, if you see π somewhere, a circle is most likely hidden somewhere and is at fault...
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