Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Cinnamon Girl (Live at Farm Aid 2000)

Farm Aid
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Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young perform "Cinnamon Girl" at the Farm Aid concert in Bristow, Virginia on September 17, 2000.
Farm Aid was started by Willie Nelson, Neil Young and John Mellencamp in 1985 to keep family farmers on the land and has worked since then to make sure everyone has access to good food from family farmers. Dave Matthews joined Farm Aid's board of directors in 2001.
For more information about Farm Aid, visit: farmaid.org/youtube
Farm Aid's performances are donated by the artists in order to raise funds and raise awareness for family farmers. They've raised their voices to help - what can you do?




1 Dez 2014



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Michael Bounds
Michael Bounds Vor 5 Tage
My God, someone's guitar is out of tune!!!
Peter Crocker
Peter Crocker Vor Monat
all relax and smile
Bill Brooks
Bill Brooks Vor Monat
Keltner sucks way too slow he’s overrated always has been terrible with Clapton sloppy don’t know how he keeps getting gigs
FMichael1970 Vor 2 Monate
Sounds much better when you speed it up to 1.25.
Brendan Tannam
Brendan Tannam Vor 2 Monate
Neil is a great musical talent. I think he's as mad as a hatter in his old age.
Simon Scarth
Simon Scarth Vor 3 Monate
Hmm...Portly, Stills, Nash and Young.
Donald Hughes
Donald Hughes Vor 3 Monate
vexnsiolence Vor 4 Monate
Oh my ears.....
Get The Beat
Get The Beat Vor 5 Monate
Bravo!!!!!! An iconic song by an iconic group! ❤️😎
Charles Foley
Charles Foley Vor 5 Monate
Man this is wall of out of tune horrible noise. How did 6 of the finest musicians ever to walk the earth make such an awful sound. I think most of it is whatever the heck Steven is doing on guitar. OUCH.
pmccachren Vor 6 Monate
No auto tune? YES!
soulballet Vor 6 Monate
Vocals great cuz Graham. way 2slo
GoodbyePanama Vor 7 Monate
R&R Hall of Famer Duck Dunn is out of tune.
VivaZeBone Vor 7 Monate
Gee, I wish they could have slowed this down a touch....
hedaben Vor 8 Monate
Complaining about the tempo. Neil plays with timing and tempo all the time. Just one of the things that makes him a genius.
Carlos Navarro
Carlos Navarro Vor 9 Monate
Eternos. Gracias por existir muchachos
Eric Riffel
Eric Riffel Vor year
People are complaining that this is a bad performance. It's a poor quality recording. Other than Neil's vocals being a little flat it was a great performance. For the commenters who say it's too slow, listen to the studio version. They are exactly on tempo. I think I have heard Neil do a live version at a faster pace, but this is exactly how the song is intended to be played.
Erin Averyt
Erin Averyt Vor year
Love this song
Debra Hall
Debra Hall Vor year
Love it
Stevi Michael
Stevi Michael Vor year
Nevertheless, greatest folk rock band in history..no contest..
steven imeson
steven imeson Vor year
Jim Curotto
Jim Curotto Vor year
What's with the look of pain on Stills' face a couple of times? Does he realize how bad they sound and how good this could have been?
kassie raine
kassie raine Vor year
Brenda Proffitt
Totally awesome...incredible video..Thank you so so much
johncautobody Vor year
tooo slooow mr. raaaabbbiiiiit!!!!
Bernard Litwin
Love this, better than Neil with Crazy Horse.
Nancy Markiewick
don't know, NM Detroit ES
Joey Benoit
Joey Benoit Vor year
Let's talk Rock! nRoll never died!
Boris B
Boris B Vor year
they should've tuned the guitars first.
reliablebow Vor year
And out of tune sometimes sounds just right;)
reliablebow Vor year
If you know Neil's history....sometimes He likes to play it real slow....he's leading it...soul
Lynn Templeton
Lynn Templeton Vor 7 Monate
It is a little slow.
sidebar recon
sidebar recon Vor year
Play back seed is too slow, the voices drag guitars are playing in a lower chord. Neil wouldn't stand for that., go to settings and select 1.25 speed. CSN&Y are cooking on this.
truth and common sense warrior
15 Justin Beiber fans visited this channel.
John Coppola
John Coppola Vor year
Why is the bass out of tune? What the hell.
totalcontrast Vor 7 Monate
He ain't, everyone else is, hahaha!
Still Bill
Still Bill Vor year
Fuck I'm going to nod out, could you guys slow it down a bit, Ya know what I'm saying, shit hang on. Reds will kill you.
Neil Malyon
Neil Malyon Vor 2 years
To all the naysayers on here, go back to your staple bieber diet otherwise keep your "expert" opinions to yourselves. The crowd enjoyed it and it was for a good cause.......'nuff said.
John Nuss
John Nuss Vor 2 years
Way too slow!
Joseph Ryan
Joseph Ryan Vor 2 years
Where do y'all get off tellin Neil how to play his own song? Go write your own then!
G.Gorrell Vor 2 years
Alcohol is a helluva' drug.
Visda58 Vor 2 years
Somebody needs to tune their shit.
Downhill Phil
Downhill Phil Vor 2 years
this sounds horrible and I LOVE these guys....oh well
Roxxane D'troyt
Roxxane D'troyt Vor 2 years
increase the speed to 1.25 otherwise they sound stoned..
Jeff Watson
Jeff Watson Vor 5 Monate
No coke like the old days..duh
marjorie soto
marjorie soto Vor 2 years
I love it!
eight inches
eight inches Vor 2 years
They played it a little too slow.
DejaVu Vor 2 years
No matter what you say it's still CSNY, with Donald Duck Dunn & Jim Keltner. Sounds alright to me. RIP Duck, legendary.
Glencairn 04
Glencairn 04 Vor 2 years
Technicalities aside, you have two guitar greats here hammering the chords like there's no tomorrow.
Joanie  Pavkovich
Joanie Pavkovich Vor 2 years
Warm and fuzzy memories from the past!! Love it!!
Laura Stolarz
Laura Stolarz Vor 2 years
I dig when they are "off" so flipping human.
Laura Stolarz
Laura Stolarz Vor 2 years
Look at the size of that audience. It doesn't get any better than this.
Suzee Q.
Suzee Q. Vor year
It's sad version and way too slow
P. Hamilton
P. Hamilton Vor 2 years
They've sounded better.........
Marcus C
Marcus C Vor 2 years
Neil is in the tuning of the song ....Steven isn't in tune ..if Crosby didn't take his off it might of sounded better...but also Steven has a strat too so that plays a role with sound against Neils Les paul and his effects ..this is slower BPM also makes it sound different.
Marko Peter Sallinen- MAKES69
listen Kirka-"kanelipuun alla" cream alike, my friend plays guitars there in the 1974.
priti kailasvati
priti kailasvati Vor 2 years
"chasing the moonlight"...
priti kailasvati
priti kailasvati Vor 2 years
telling the masters how it is to be done....no way...
Michael Luczak
Michael Luczak Vor 2 years
Like others say here this is dreadfully s-l-o-w and out of tune. This is really sub par for the boys.
Jay Ray Hoo's Songs I Lived By
oooh man what happened ?
frankie28web Vor 2 years
terrible performance!
Frank Mccormick
Frank Mccormick Vor 4 Monate
Ooooh Randy's upset 😂😂😂
Randy Potter
Randy Potter Vor 2 years
So don't listen. That's the problem with the internet, everybody thinks they're an expert.
Noah Siañez
Noah Siañez Vor 2 years
Increasing speed captain, to 1.25
Rick Chapman
Rick Chapman Vor 2 years
Yeah, let it breath. Still ain't no Crazy Horse though.
William Riddle
William Riddle Vor 2 years
Ed Halfen
Ed Halfen Vor 2 years
Hey Carbon. Let's leave Jesus out of this and please don't further disparage him by your f-----n reference. He has no middle name. C'mon man, you can do better than that...I do agree that this was pretty poor though...Ed
Nick Gallagher
Nick Gallagher Vor 2 years
Slow AND out of tune!!!!!
cl0wnbird Vor 2 years
is this the geritol tempo? i need a quaalude to keep up with it.
Debbie Edwards
Still hot!!! One of the all time greats! Lighten up folks!
93Q Ketq
93Q Ketq Vor 2 years
Increase the speed in the settings. It's not so bad.
Randy Potter
Randy Potter Vor 2 years
Everybody's a freakin comedian.
pavanatanaya Vor 2 years
Love this tempo...Let it breathe baby
Linda hatfield-southern
Ricardo Rodriguez
Ricardo Rodriguez Vor 2 years
Great Concert! 🐚
elizabeth alexander allen
I jus love these guys a nd all they do.. just as back n the day their records sell out, but they on`t.xxxxxxx Lapiz Dominoes
Greg Henderson
Greg Henderson Vor 3 years
Sounds like to me Neil is outta tune and the bass a touch flat ...but ....he was the duck the feel is there ..but this is kinda painful to watch ...Neil stomping around for me is hard to watch ....
Brandy Larson
Brandy Larson Vor 10 Monate
Neil was often a bit "flat" that's part of his charm
Rob Hollander
Rob Hollander Vor 3 years
I dearly love all these guys, but this is the kind of performance that when you're in a young, unknown band and see this you know you could blow them off the stage.
Carrie Berry
Carrie Berry Vor 3 years
Its a tad lethargic...sigh, well, ya can't be perfect every night.
wallace mackay
wallace mackay Vor 3 years
All I can say is they're good and ya'll critics suck. Go listen to Tiny Tim, and tip toe through the tulips
Music Maven Publishing
You guys are being way too hard on this performance.
Music Maven Publishing
carbon1740 Vor 3 years
Jesus fucking christ! What the hell happened??!! impossible to watch, had to stop at 2:06, couldn't go on… wheww! woah!
rob hamilton
rob hamilton Vor 2 years
+carbon1740 you realize that... very good. I have peace with you...however I am powerless to forgive anyone taking the Lords name in vain... Knowing I need forgiveness too. You must ask Jesus for that and I pray you will...God will forgive it if you mean it.
carbon1740 Vor 2 years
rob hamilton Thanks Rob, I realise that, I guess I was a bit bewildered by the experience, they're great artists and deserve respect. Peace.
rob hamilton
rob hamilton Vor 2 years
why curse like that...makes it so difficult to want to hear anything else from you
Timothy Thomas
Timothy Thomas Vor 3 years
+carbon1740 You obviously don't have a clue of what your listening to. or you just a dumb ass
t a
t a Vor 3 years
+carbon1740 yeah, it happens to the best, even.
Chiefclinton Vor 3 years
the cross for sure
Chiefclinton Vor 3 years
who is the coolest
John F
John F Vor 3 years
what a sad rendition of a great song. I'm glad Neil Young strayed from the pack of CSN and made his own way. Basically from this video you can see the evidence....Kids, Don't do drugs. haha It's embarrassing to see Neil having to play his song at one third speed so that Stephen Stills can pretend to play along, what a joke, and it simply ruins a wonderful tune. Just do a search for Neil Young and Crazy Horse, you'll see what this song was meant to be. CSN should be in a home somewhere, eating pudding for lunch and having a nurse change their diapers. Washed up druggies.....
Jeff Watson
Jeff Watson Vor 5 Monate
Jeff Watson
Jeff Watson Vor 5 Monate
They played for a good cause.. Did you go? Did u pay to see them? They are retired Elderly statesmen.. Rallied against Deep state gov. So.. RESPECT YOUR ELDERS.. YOUR RUNNING OUTTA TIME @
mike johnson
mike johnson Vor 3 years
Actually ladies and gentlemen that's Donald "Duck" Dunn on bass, famously from Booker T and the MG's. If you don't know them then look it up. As for CSNY being a brand name is sure the heck wasn't in 1969 when they first formed. And of the bunch Neil by far has the most talent, that has been proven well over the years. Contrary to some republicans Neil never uses the name CSNY to further his own purposes. In fact he rarely plays with them and then only because they want him to. He ads dimensions they could never get just the three of them. And this is coming from a CSN fan, and an old fan. So just clam it and enjoy.............
walrus105 Vor 2 Monate
Also later on from the Blues Brothers.
Mark Toombs
Mark Toombs Vor 11 Monate
pistolerosdelafrontereahuero u got it right on the head brother I can definitely releate .drive on rocker drive on on my friend.
Der Kommissar
Der Kommissar Vor 3 years
+pistolerosdelafrontereahuero Actually, they were immediately famous thanks to the CSN album and Woodstock. An instant supergroup if you will. The problem here is CSN. Neil plays this song better (and faster) with CH. Adding CSN harmonies to this song is a mistake.
Mark Wil
Mark Wil Vor 3 years
+pistolerosdelafrontereahuero What he said!
William Wayne
William Wayne Vor 3 years
Duck Dunn on bass.
stevedrums Vor 3 years
Outside of a few tracks that became legendary or iconic, the fact remains that 'CSNY' is little more than a brand name with more hype than accomplishment. CSN has stood the test of time while Neil Young was able to use the three of them to further his own agenda whenever he felt like it. Sadly, the other three fell for it every time and rarely did the result equal the hype. While their tour of 1970 may have been groundbreaking, it was also 45 years ago. For my money, when I've seen them live, I've always felt a little disappointed after getting over seeing the four of them together which is/was always cool from a visual standpoint if not an auditory standpoint.
ozarkcacti Vor 3 years
Reminds me of a bad Dead show. It happens...dope!
XxthebestgamingxX Vor 3 years
Ladies and gentlemen Alex Jones on guitar!!!!
arne natvik
arne natvik Vor 3 years
terrible sounding , too slow, out of tune, tragic
Larry Hinze
Larry Hinze Vor 4 years
Slow and missing notes....GREAT!
Ken Murphy
Ken Murphy Vor year
2 years ago?!??? Oh jeez!! NEVERMIND!!! LOL!!!
Ken Murphy
Ken Murphy Vor year
Oh!...So you like songs when they're played all wrong huh ?!? This concert should be forever BANNED from ALL media including You Tube !!!
Jubach Vor 4 years
That drummer is......not that good.
Bill Brooks
Bill Brooks Vor Monat
Jubach you’re right he blows as usual
miles 178
miles 178 Vor 3 years
+jrjubach haaaaa .... yes, very non-technical drumming, not in the time even in slower tempo
Jubach Vor 4 years
George Lucas on the bass, ladies and gentlemen.
miles 178
miles 178 Vor 3 years
+1971SuperLead haaaah :)
1971SuperLead Vor 3 years
+jrjubach He's out of tune!
Al Luminum
Al Luminum Vor 4 years
Man why is this so slowed down to half speed?
Brandy Larson
Brandy Larson Vor 10 Monate
Artistic licence?
Mr.Mike3865 Vor 3 years
+Carl Clandestine Old people do everything at half speed. First thing I noticed was the slowed down speed.
miles 178
miles 178 Vor 3 years
+Carl Clandestine crickey, always when I check neil young, it´s outta tune, rough, non-musical, problem with tempo (at least all of his drummers are super-non-technical, non-musical drummers)
CaptainKirkDiggler Vor 4 years
What. The. Hell. Was. That?!
Jeff Watson
Jeff Watson Vor 5 Monate
The hippies jammin For a good cause.. Problem?
stevedrums Vor 4 years
I'm with you! LOL!
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