Daniel DESTROYS Amateur's Dream 😈

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12 Jan 2022



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PokerStars Vor 9 Tage
What's your take on Negreanu's goatee?
Sand Hanitizer
Sand Hanitizer Vor 3 Tage
Daniel needs to just pull the trigger and shave his head. He's been trying to pretend he's not balding for years now and would just look so much better if he shaved it lol. Although I think he may have been getting some kind of treatment done to it cause he looks like he's got more hair now than in this clip. He's had times when he's looked extremely goofy lol
Square Grouper
Square Grouper Vor 6 Tage
Thought it was left over ice cream!
Zachary Davis
Zachary Davis Vor 7 Tage
didnt even notice ut
Dustin Is Driving
Should have ran twice lol 😂
Jacob Niedermayer
@Angel less. Bl4ckfacey
zacharias Vor 4 Tage
Daniel’s smirk after he pushes all in, and then his little eyebrow raise when he says “I think you’ve got me”… Amazing.
Tony’s YouTube
Tony’s YouTube Vor 9 Tage
Fyi for the people in the comments, Jensen is the “loose cannon” This player is just a fan or whatever and got 100k in playing chips. The player got to keep whatever they had left over that 100k. I’m sure this had a lot to do with his decision going for it with ace high and only running it once.
Red Color
Red Color Vor 8 Tage
They should rename "Loose Cannon" to "Cannon Fodder" for Daniel at this point.
falseking989 Vor 2 Tage
He crushed his own dream by playing like a fool.
King Kun
King Kun Vor 8 Tage
Lmao seiver instantly folded but would have won with a flush
Alex Ace
Alex Ace Vor 9 Tage
When you play enough to know every hand based on how other people play, thats a goal
Laiyla 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]
How did Daniel make that call, did he read him somehow ir what, this is unbelievable there was 1 over card and he calmly called.
seson Vor 7 Tage
The guy moved all in on flop. Came out as a tournament style play where people usually do with over pairs
Scott James
Scott James Vor 7 Tage
@Doll Face wait their sponsors bankroll the tournament instead of paying a flat rate? That’s interesting but makes sense. If you win/final table they get the most recognition. But still cash games are different than tournaments
Doll Face
Doll Face Vor 7 Tage
@Scott James Phil and Daniel get bankrolled. If they wear sponsored gear, they are bankrolled.
Scott James
Scott James Vor 7 Tage
@Doll Face not sure if that’s true in cash games. Also not sure if NONE of the pros bankroll their own tourneys. Guys like hellmuth and dnegs could afford it. I know Johnathan little when he plays high stakes tourneys he bankrolls some himself some from investors, and he’s not nearly as rich as these guys
Doll Face
Doll Face Vor 7 Tage
Daniel doesn't play with his own money. None of the pros do.
Brandon Grant
Brandon Grant Vor 8 Tage
Driver had to be heartbroken. He would've had the flush
Tyler Slenk
Tyler Slenk Vor 6 Tage
Heartbroken about what? There’s a 0% chance he ever calls on that flop drawing to a runner runner flush that isn’t even the nut flush
askela popovich
askela popovich Vor 8 Tage
How did Daniel make that call, did he read him somehow ir what, this is unbelievable there was 1 over card and he calmly called.
Aaron Jensen
Aaron Jensen Vor 6 Tage
@askela popovich well, I only had a few hands left. I ran dry the whole game and I had to make a move at some point to stay in the money.
askela popovich
askela popovich Vor 6 Tage
@Aaron Jensen Anyways it was interesting to watch maybe he just knows that you only want to bluff on flop and never on turn and river but it all depends on previous hands played. And btw why would you ever make risky moves against one of the best player ever? You could have tried to trick other players they are good but not as good as Daniel.
Aaron Jensen
Aaron Jensen Vor 6 Tage
He told me it was too big a bet and seemed fishy. A smaller bet may have folded him he said but who knows. Betting smaller would have put me in a really strange place chipwise with that few hands left and I risked an over all from sevier.
shargan maniam
shargan maniam Vor 9 Tage
Siver would have got a flush 🤣
Jacob Niedermayer
Has ace high, refuses running it twice, I too like to live my life dangerously.
Aaron Jensen
Aaron Jensen Vor 6 Tage
@cory creshaw you’re wrong on 2 levels. Statistically running it twice reduces variance in normal games. It does not change EV. In this case because I only make money if I end the game with over 100k, running it twice actually lowers my EV. There are more chances of me ending under 100 (0 value) because I actually have to win both runs to end up with positive value.
cory creshaw
cory creshaw Vor 6 Tage
@Aaron Jensen If you’re talking about winning the entire pot and trying to gamble then yes run it once and pray for the best. If you’re talking about getting some of the pot and your money back when you get it in bad and you’re an underdog (which is what you’re supposed to do) then it statistically makes more sense to run it multiple times.
Aaron Jensen
Aaron Jensen Vor 6 Tage
@cory creshaw no it is not. Please redo the simple math with consideration for the format of the game and when I actually win money.
Aaron Jensen
Aaron Jensen Vor 6 Tage
Comments negating this are correct. Running it twice gives me a greater chance of winning nothing. I had to double up to get in the money and I didn’t have many hands left. It’s an odd format.
cory creshaw
cory creshaw Vor 7 Tage
@Jason Flores if you’re behind it’s more advantageous for you to run it more than once. That’s simple math.
Aaron Smith
Aaron Smith Vor Tag
Just like Daniel to help call with just middle pair.
PokerJunkie83 Vor 7 Tage
Run it once when you’re behind? Big mistake 😂
Quinn Cooper
Quinn Cooper Vor 5 Tage
hes in a cash game and got staked 100k and only had a few turns left. Anything he made over the 100k he got to keep so trying to double up and get in the money was the smart decision. If he ended with 60k hed walk away with the same amount of money as if he had ended with 0 dollars.
Felipe Flores
Felipe Flores Vor 8 Tage
That smile
Jonathan Coates
Jonathan Coates Vor 7 Tage
Idk he seemed pretty alright about it to me. So dream not crushed.
Ledarius Summers
Ledarius Summers Vor 9 Tage
That was brutal
Jhon Morale
Jhon Morale Vor 8 Tage
DDDAAAMMM Daniel‼️‼️‼️‼️ Back at it again destroying lives🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💗🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Polo147 Vor 9 Tage
I’m honestly not even sure how “Jensen” even got to this point.. he plays like sh%# fr fr
Quinn Cooper
Quinn Cooper Vor 5 Tage
he tryed to gamble an over card to get in the profit zone. Nothing special about it but the fact is when your playing with the best pros and your down 40k of house money with only a few hands left, you kinda have to try and double up whenever you get an opurtunity.
Huyle18 Vor 8 Tage
@CCR USA dude no way?! I thought lose cannon meant something else.
CCR USA Vor 8 Tage
Its a staged TV show with some random person who's instructed to play super crazy. Literally ANYONE can do that (good or bad) which is why they have the worst players of all time on this show. Can you imagine how boring the show would be for everyone if they had Andrew Neeme or anyone of decent skill level who DIDN'T lose their money and constantly make crazy stupid bets every hand? Their ratings would drop by 99.5% because only the 0.5% of us who actually appreciate good play and skill would still be watching. It's the Kardashian effect: Just find something to entertain the majority of the population and exploit it. DE-vid, TikTok, Facebook, and every other genre of video entertainment does the same thing with Jake Paul, Paris Hilton, 16 And Pregnant, Jerry Springer, etc.
Red Color
Red Color Vor 8 Tage
They should rename "Loose Cannon" to "Cannon Fodder" for Daniel at this point.
Aha Aha
Aha Aha Vor 9 Tage
It’s possible that it’s close to the last land and he needs to profit above 100k to take home some money. He has nothing to lose
Leopold Penschke
Leopold Penschke Vor 8 Tage
Negreanu is the guy to crash a wedding not only by playing poker
Junior Gong
Junior Gong Vor 8 Tage
He post to try an run it 4 times lol
Alex Leiner
Alex Leiner Vor 9 Tage
Scott “mouth breather” Seiver
kevin downer
kevin downer Vor 8 Tage
He looks terrible
sinatra222 Vor 9 Tage
He really is disgusting
A R Vor 7 Tage
Folding the Q◇ 🤣 when you had a chance of a high straight or a flush
Daniel Yuan
Daniel Yuan Vor Tag
I know, right? That makes your pot equity 50% at the _very least_
Chng Swee Khoon
Chng Swee Khoon Vor 7 Tage
Has ace high, refuses running it twice, I too like to live my life dangerously.
How do you not run it twice. Dumbest play ever
GERD GANG 117 Vor 8 Tage
I've never played poker and this makes no sense to me
No_Mod_Only Vor 9 Tage
Lol seiver would have won.😂😂😂😂
hardwire Vor 7 Tage
no rng crushed another dream if you let it get that far. its still gambling after all.
R00T 99
R00T 99 Vor 9 Tage
I love poker, dude who folded would have got the flush. You just dont know.
Daniel Yuan
Daniel Yuan Vor Tag
@D F No, you're not thinking high enough, if one of the diamonds is an Ace, then it would be the nut flush!
D F Vor 9 Tage
That’s why I always chase my runner runner second highest flush draws
A Person
A Person Vor 8 Tage
Damn, Daniel
Ethan Griffith
Ethan Griffith Vor 9 Tage
Why the hell would you push there especially knowing that they all think you’re a donkey given the game format!?
Last Raven
Last Raven Vor 9 Tage
it was a strong hand
Ethan Griffith
Ethan Griffith Vor 9 Tage
Ahh you guys are right. Good points.
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person Vor 9 Tage
He's most likely running out of chips. Look at how much be had. 60k isnt a lot if Negreanu is on the same table. He has to go for it eventually. He cant waste time and dilly dally. He has to do it now or soon. He probably wasnt gonna get it that good again
Owen Jarom
Owen Jarom Vor 9 Tage
Pretty sure he was running outta hands, besides a bluff with an over and a card that's possibly live as well isn't exactly terrible, Daniel just makes a nice call
Drew V
Drew V Vor 9 Tage
Why can’t I see the whole image in so many of these clips?
chewie Vor 8 Tage
I would run it twice
Quinn Cooper
Quinn Cooper Vor 5 Tage
you don't understand the rules then. He only got to keep profits if he ended with chips worth over 100k.
Jojo490 Vor 9 Tage
Someone tell this man to close his mouth
The Wolf
The Wolf Vor 7 Tage
Why on earth didn't the guy go I'll run it twice! Far out. I'll be like "Hey Daniel, 4 times?"
The Wolf
The Wolf Vor 5 Tage
@Aaron Jensen Fair play. Sorry it didn't work out for you!
Aaron Jensen
Aaron Jensen Vor 6 Tage
Because I only make money when I have over 100k and I was almost out of hands. It was my shot, long or not.
Jacob Johns
Jacob Johns Vor 8 Tage
Dude Seiver is so fucked up he can barely stay awake
Charlemagne Javinal
If you're gambling loads of cash, you're not ready for marriage.
Lone Kanne-Hansen
Scott “mouth breather” Seiver
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa Vor 4 Tage
How much is skill and how much is luck? 50/50?
ko sco
ko sco Vor 9 Tage
Daniel always lucks out.
christopher garrison
He made a great call
Polo147 Vor 9 Tage
Scooter's_Z28 Vor 8 Tage
Look at that mouth breather.
CCR USA Vor 8 Tage
The "loose cannon" is clearly someone who doesn't know how to play poker, and was just coached by the pros for about 5mins before taping and between cuts so they won't do anything super noob-like, but anyone who plays poker regularly can clearly see the "loose cannon" has no clue what they are doing and they are just instructed to play super crazy for higher TV ratings. This show is the Jerry Springer of poker, sadly.
Mr. Night
Mr. Night Vor 8 Tage
They're fans taken in, and not necessarily playing wild, just amateurish.
Cristiano Rango
Cristiano Rango Vor 7 Tage
Big donk!
gioyu comi
gioyu comi Vor 2 Tage
Bribe Vor 8 Tage
I’m honestly not even sure how “Jensen” even got to this point.. he plays like sh%# fr fr
slowmoe1964 Vor 8 Tage
How much is skill and how much is luck? 50/50?
slowmoe1964 Vor 8 Stunden
@Daniel Yuan got it. Play well by employing skill that is based on how well you can bluff. Got it. Thx.
Daniel Yuan
Daniel Yuan Vor Tag
@slowmoe1964 How else? By playing well.
slowmoe1964 Vor Tag
@Max White how do you tip the odds in your favor?
Max White
Max White Vor 8 Tage
It's almost 100% skill in the long run. The skill is consistently tipping the odds in your favor. You can get lucky/unlucky in the short term but the numbers always balance out long term.
Rodrigo Lopes
Rodrigo Lopes Vor 5 Tage
Pittsburgh Girl
Pittsburgh Girl Vor 8 Tage
Tex Willer
Tex Willer Vor 7 Tage
Why does Seiver look like he has one too many chromosomes?
IKnowBest45 Vor 9 Tage
One question…. WHY!?! Dumb dumb no reason to push
Quinn Cooper
Quinn Cooper Vor 5 Tage
he only makes money if he has over 100k in chips and hes running out of hands.
IKnowBest45 Vor 6 Tage
@zach cannuli he could have been the loose cannon just raising there in first position… going all in was a little too loose
zach cannuli
zach cannuli Vor 9 Tage
If you understood the format of the game, you’d understand. Look up the big game.
10th letter
10th letter Vor 9 Tage
Well he IS a loose cannon
Owen Jarom
Owen Jarom Vor 9 Tage
You clearly don't watch the big game
doire aintu
doire aintu Vor 2 Tage
How do you not run it twice. Dumbest play ever
Daniel Yuan
Daniel Yuan Vor Tag
It's not dumb if you knew the rules of the tournament.
Mc Fly
Mc Fly Vor 8 Tage
tarumlüg rutangisnetauq Programmierer der Master K. I. !..!
Larry Jackson
Larry Jackson Vor 9 Tage
Terrible call
Chloe Manchestor
Chloe Manchestor Vor 8 Tage
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Mark Fields
Mark Fields Vor 8 Tage
Theres a dude named N-wordanu ? How is this allowed?
Mark Fields
Mark Fields Vor 6 Tage
@StuUngar doesnt matter when i was born. This is unacceptable
StuUngar Vor 8 Tage
Were you born yesterday?
Scythe Vor 8 Tage
Has ace high, refuses running it twice, I too like to live my life dangerously.
ZENO 𒐪 𒐪 𒐪 𒐪 𒐪 𒐪 𒐪 𒐪 𒐪
What is the point of copying comments bro
Abell Seyfu
Abell Seyfu Vor 8 Tage
One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates ~ 🎈
Monte abi der NFT Boss