De Minaur vs Fucsovics | AUSTRALIA vs HUNGARY | Group D Match 2 Highlights

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27 Nov 2021



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bonzwah1 Vor Monat
i love watching de minaur get to net. Not necessarily cuz I love net play in general, but its just staggering to see his pure speed and reflexes in action.
Ayush Chandurkar
Vintage De minaur......great match
hegyitaho Vor Monat
he's 22
Asa Yagami
Asa Yagami Vor Monat
Marton, I'm with you bro! You can do it! I wish you a best new season for the next, you had such a great first half of the year, especially at wimbledon, but you can't just be a defender, you got to have some aggression, being a wall cant work always
de minaur can't change direction with his strokes easily at all, especially his backhand. His backhand only goes cross court.. And his forehand is not versatile due to his lack of ability to hit with spin, limiting his angles and safety of his shots. He has very little potential left.
Derek Gleeson
Derek Gleeson Vor Monat
Just like Hewitt, DeMinaur punches above his weight consistently. As they say, he'd win alot of matches in the locker rooms.
Keith Lee
Keith Lee Vor Monat
De Minaur is lost. He sued to be fast, but not that much any more, and his shots still have no power. I had a lot hope on him to be in top 10 one day, but look like he is a top 50 player
Super G!
Super G! Vor Monat
True- he's very fast and that took him a long way- but when that starts to decline he'll be more in the middle of the pack.
Su Sa
Su Sa Vor Monat
Good match
Sketch Vor Monat
Why on earth would you put the score in the thumbnail?
CizzorzSon Andy
CizzorzSon Andy Vor Monat
Best Tattoo Ideas
Lionel Salmon
Lionel Salmon Vor Monat
Mais que lui a dit le Hongrois lors de la poignée de main ????
William Summers
William Summers Vor Monat
Please don’t put scores in thumbnails. It’s like anti clickbait.
Vincent Rentenaar
Please, can you use different thumbnails......
Austin Sun
Austin Sun Vor Monat
De munaur is visibly getting slower and slower. Not sure if it’s weight training or ageing
Gol sevinçleri😂
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