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America’s system for conducting death investigations is a mess. John Oliver explains why we should all be a little more concerned about fixing it.
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20 Mai 2019



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whiteninja 1024
whiteninja 1024 Vor 17 Stunden
Pretty messed up and insensitive to say, "all it takes is 3.75. Who doesnt have 3.75?" Not everyone has money for things like this, even as little as 3.75. As an example, for years every day my neighbor was always asking me 3.50. Every. Single. Day. And one day I had some extra cash and I thought to myself, "you know what I can finally help my neighbor out." Then I realized he was a giant prehistoric water lizard in a red wig. That god damn lochness monster has been hounding me for tree fiddy for years! He doesnt have 3.75 for this.
Zappa Wench
Zappa Wench Vor 18 Stunden
The coroner in my local district was well-known to be an alcoholic in legal circles.
noah Vor 2 Tage
6 months is normal. 1 year is possible. It's the one field that's always hiring.
Exantius E
Exantius E Vor 4 Tage
I thought he was going to talk about the company that offered to perform autopsy on the body of an old woman, but instead she was sold to the military to be used for explosives testing. Investigators found other horrors when searching the place, including a corpse of a woman hanging on the wall for "decoration" and a body of a large man that had its head cut off and replaced with the head of a small woman. I'm not joking, this actualy happened. The company charged money for its "services" as well
Emily Jones
Emily Jones Vor 5 Tage
This is absolutely my ideal career. I'm in second year med school, but the student debt problem in this country might keep many of us from our dreams. Many others, like me, are over 1,000,000 in debt and when it comes to residency searching we may have to choose rural med for some sort of repayment plan. It sucks. It really does. @LastWeekTonight solve our education system too? K thanks :)
Anil Palan
Anil Palan Vor 6 Tage
1. It is important to remember, especially as an audience member of a show that brings to light the dysfunction in our society, that our society on the whole is one of the most functional societies on the planet. Don't feel too cynical. 2. Having said that, there is always a need to bring to light dysfunction, and that's where this show exists. Just remember that it isn't all dysfunction, in fact it mostly functions.
Malcolm Antonio
Malcolm Antonio Vor 7 Tage
that flash drive shit is true...lol
Inalienable Rights
Dead people can't pay taxes. Therefore no one cares in the government about the dead.
Michael-Paul Thompson
"To you this is much more than a piece of paper?" SMACKS THE PAPER WITH A PEN LIKE SHE WANTS TO STAB IT THROUGH
Alex Gallegos
Alex Gallegos Vor 8 Tage
While I ordinarily agree with what John says on the show, I think the coroner who was interviewed about the burned out car had a somewhat valid point. I'm going to do some more research to see where the coroner's responsibility is supposed to start and stop in the process but I think it's a problem that we ridicule that statement - "there's no way to say". To me, it sounds like what he's saying is, yes, if you consider all the evidence - where the car was in relation to the police station, possibly whether the car was tampered with or accelerants were used (don't know the case, just an example) then you can form a picture overall as to whether something is a crime or not. But that shouldn't be his job as a criminal investigator - it should be to examine the body and determine a cause of death - in this case, was it the fire, or was the body already dead when the car burned? Why did the car burn? Was it an accident? A faulty car? A homicide? An investigation will have to be done and I am not saying that it shouldn't - and it's wrong that the whole decision as to whether that happens or not is based on the cause of death the coroner identifies. But that doesn't change the fact that I think the coroner is correct to say that he cannot and should not be making any of those decisions based on the evidence he can see an examine: the corpse. Anything else would be nothing more than speculation.
WeedWhacker2010 Vor 10 Tage
Glenn Close and Tracy Morgan...Add Meryl Streep and you'd have a Trifecta!
magnus nielsen
magnus nielsen Vor 10 Tage
That forever joke is too soon 😭
Caitlyn Ford
Caitlyn Ford Vor 12 Tage
As a fan of Daniel O’Brien I can totally hear his writing in this and I love it.
Theodore Manthovani
What's with USC?
Nobby Barnes
Nobby Barnes Vor 12 Tage
You just know all those embarrassing dodgy fucks are Republicans.
Nobby Barnes
Nobby Barnes Vor 12 Tage
America is appalling.
RaringYapper14 Vor 12 Tage
10:00 “What would you do if the person your interviewing for negligence of a corpse just stops talking and stares at you with out so much as a peep?”
She Fain
She Fain Vor 13 Tage
Ed Sheeran has a better story than Bran the useless.
FranzmusAusus Puffgrinker
Who else sees John Merrick in David Lynch's "The Elephant Man" as an analogy for mental illness? Perhaps, the illness is of the undiagnosed nature, not necessarily schizophrenia but a misrepresented psychopathy, or even one of a contagious sort. Who else thinks there is a Vasilius running body parts for Renaissance pharmacy on the black market?
End-Gamer Vor 14 Tage
You know Shawn was fucking those dead women.
Isabel Kalestiantz
Isabel Kalestiantz Vor 15 Tage
this is one of my favorite episodes. i showed it to my friend while we were high and we binged half of your show while stoned as fuck.
Corey Welton
Corey Welton Vor 16 Tage
As horrifying as it is, that clip of Charles Harlan being questioned about a dog eating a spleen just kills me. I'm 98 percent sure the interviewer was in danger of being eaten alive
Daniel Svendsen
Daniel Svendsen Vor 17 Tage
I'm not American, but I really do appreciate the topics John Oliver and his show sheds some light on and my conclusion is that the USA has some serious issues about a lot of important matters.
Rutwik sakhare
Rutwik sakhare Vor 17 Tage
It's my dick in a box!🎶 - Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake.
Christopher Morley
Christopher Morley Vor 17 Tage
just goes to show, people show no respect to you, even in death.
jimmy wrangles
jimmy wrangles Vor 23 Tage
America is more and more 3rd world every day.
Happy Abby Arts
Happy Abby Arts Vor 24 Tage
Looks to left and right. I guess Psyduck and a Shark are coroners
Dalton Gragg
Dalton Gragg Vor 25 Tage
“Put some respect on her spleen!” Nice Birdman allusion Mr. Oliver.
Lenny the burger
Lenny the burger Vor 25 Tage
being angry at Donald trump saying things in a truck is like being angry that the popcorn doesn't taste good from the dumpster fire behind the grocery store
FO Biggles
FO Biggles Vor 25 Tage
Good Ol' Boys. Eeewwwwww! At least they don't talk much, or at all.
Prasanna Surange
Prasanna Surange Vor 25 Tage
Glenn Close killed it.... Spleeen
Idontknow WhoIam
Idontknow WhoIam Vor 25 Tage
The fuck is wrong with the USA. In Greece to become a coroner you have to finish med school and then have 3 years of "residency" on being a coroner. And then you become one, and you get paid more than doctors, who have been residents for more years (4-6 unlike coroners)
gemcitygirl05 Vor 26 Tage
Forever was an amazing show!
Chien Yang
Chien Yang Vor 27 Tage
_A death certificate isn't like a degree from USC. It actually means something._ OUCH.
MartinkaMich Vor 27 Tage
The more I watch these, the more I realize that EVERYTHING is f@#$%
WeirdWild Weed
WeirdWild Weed Vor 28 Tage
NRA should pay for all autopsy' in the hole country. If We believe in the blasferml of saying " trusting in God", when it is guns and killings and preachers, who makes God's seeds for sale in a greedy capitalism, that is destroying, my sweet America. .Thank you for Your enlightening & amusing show. May our Lord bless you & yours ;)
Martha H
Martha H Vor 29 Tage
Terrifying episode. Almost unbelievable. I was born in a third world country, and the way this is handled there is different. In natural deaths medical doctors sign the death certificate after external examination of the body and medical records, if there is indication of violence involved (homicide, suicide, car accident, poisoning, unknown origin) there is a report filed by authorities and autopsy is mandated before the family can get the body for burial or cremation. In big cities the autopsy is performed in by pathologists, and in rural areas it is performed in a section of the public cementery, by one of the medical doctors in town who works for the public hospital. Usually that responsibility is rotated or assigned to the newest one in the mandatory Social Service Year. And because it is expected from them all the MD's, they had spent at least six months from the whole career devoted to what is called Medicina Legal, learning the procedures and skills to determine how a person died.
Bella’s Mom
Bella’s Mom Vor 29 Tage
First rule of working in a lab, no food or drink.
Ok men, forward to 14:28 and tell me that isn’t the best ass you’ve seen in your life holy shit does ANYONE know this woman’s name,?
JeevesReturns Vor Monat
I imagine that a good many felons might be more than qualified for the job. They’d know the ins and outs... and Ins again of... oh, now I’m getting nauseous, but you get the point.
koila maoh
koila maoh Vor Monat
Oh come on, its the bible belt... Low standards of education... Thats too easy of a job for you to poke fun at... do something harder.. Moral of the story. Avoid those states like the plague. If you enjoy low cost of living, its a easy place to retire in; and if you wonder why it has low cost of living...
Tucker Bowen
Tucker Bowen Vor Monat
i swear to god real life is just a motherfucking cartoon with shit writing
nogosnoqt Vor Monat
I live in Georgia and can confirm the coroner is elected. I was shocked when I first learned this. I was far more shocked when I learned that a close family member had actually been a coroner in the past, despite a complete lack of medical training. They're family, but... they really shouldn't have been doing something like that. They've portrayed it as not much more than being someone who had to declare a person dead and what was to be done. Granted, they also had to follow rules about what happened to the body, especially concerning when an autopsy must be performed. They say that they'd been hounded by families wanting the remains of a loved one returned immediately that were enraged when told that the situation required, by nature of the scenario, an autopsy. I'd like to think they did well in the position, but you can't substitute proper training...
Zach Goff
Zach Goff Vor Monat
18:31 Still better than GOT’s actual ending.
Živa Smodiš
Živa Smodiš Vor Monat
I am sorry, but how is USA such a cesspool and yet it's people continually claim that it's the best country in the world?
dusttracks Vor Monat
Yes, the subject matter is serious and often appalling, but this is one of LWT's funniest segments, along with Alex Jones and Brexit II. "It. Will be. A Shitshow."
Geleeuw Vor Monat
America, the richest country in africa.
Spencer Dickson
Spencer Dickson Vor Monat
The main take away I took from This is small town southerners are crooked and borderline retarded
Ricky Boii
Ricky Boii Vor Monat
The US is transforming into a third world country
Willy Beamish
Willy Beamish Vor Monat
#godisgood LOL
Andrew Gelman
Andrew Gelman Vor Monat
anyone else notice the guy at 4:00 and 11:18 are the same, despite listing two different positions in two different states?
The Crafty Cyborg
When my little brother died, we knew why- he died in the throes of a status grande mal seizure. But as he was on several experimental meds and his brain damage was the result of a malpractice, he had to have a full autopsy. We got his remains less than 2 weeks later, in time for the funeral, but it was *18 MONTHS* before the autopsy results were released. After hearing the woman’s story of struggling due to not getting life insurance funds in a timely fashion, I wonder if my parents also had to wait and thus pay for those massive hospital bills on their own- I’m betting they did.
Nathan Matusek
Nathan Matusek Vor Monat
"#godisgood" BURN!
sistakia33 Vor Monat
You should probably feed your dog better dog food or at least "some" dog food so he doesn't eat the organs of people like Hannibal Lecter! Next your dog will demand fava beans!
Allan Stokes
Allan Stokes Vor Monat
Disappointing economics. Life expectancy is 70+ years. We're looking at $200-$300 per capita over a normal lifetime, to investigate a small fractions of deaths. Not huge, but not insignificant, either.
Gnome de Plume
Gnome de Plume Vor Monat
Govt spends trillions on making people dead, least they could do is set a bit more aside for peeps after they dead
Allan Stokes
Allan Stokes Vor Monat
I thought he was going to say "moist" not "molest" and it would have been so much better. "Yay! Daddy brought home a new moist!"
MegumiMary Vor Monat
As a fan of the show Forever that joke is one I've made myself :p
LB2007 Vor Monat
Hugh Mungo Grant! lol The other person who should definitely publicize his middle name is former special counsel Robert Mueller
Jeff Bristow
Jeff Bristow Vor Monat
In our county the coroner is one of the local undertakers. He actually does a surprisingly good job at it.
SystemsOverSymptoms VisionWithVenture
That ending, though. Brilliant.
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