Death Tower discovered! EMF RADIATION 5G Network

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I discovered this death tower in a local neighbor hood and stopped to examine it. I'm just amazed of how close this radio tower is to houses where people live everyday. Children that are growing are being exposed to this death tower that emits radiation at unsafe levels.



14 Mär 2018



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Real Truth & Uncovering Lies
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starfiremale Vor 11 Monate
That man is a dangerous fuckin' traitor to the whole of humanity, a low life peice of scum, I hope you can stop him somehow over there,,
Cruz Live for Yeshua!
did you knock on the guys door?
Real Truth & Uncovering Lies
No, no one was home.
mulletrhino Vor year
small one right outside my window careful all: postimg.org/gallery/18n80isho/
Eric Admati
Eric Admati Vor 10 Monate
Learned it is low power, and has transmitters that beam away from the building. Seems ok for now, but, still keeping a careful eye.
wicked games
wicked games Vor year
This is the begining, its going to get worse. They are doing this to roll out the beast system and chip every one.
HAZEplus Vor year
wicked games i believe the chip is already in us via chemtrails we ingest daily. Then this 5g will activate it. Just my thoughts.
Family guy
Family guy Vor year
Thanks for the info!
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