DECKED OUT 2 Begins NOW! - Hermitcraft 9: #22

Tango Tek
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It Begins Today! My largest project ever in Minecraft. Decked Out 2!
Join me as I go over many of the new game design changes.

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5 Aug 2022



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I'm beyond hyped for this!
I'm getting that giddy "FRIENDS YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND, THE MAN MADE THIS ON A VANILLA SMP" feeling all over again and I'm super excited for the new folks who get to watch the making of it. The redstone spaghetti, the pretty builds that other hermits will contribute to its design, the features rolling out as the season goes on, oh gosh~!
Charlie Wilkinson
Decked Out was the most impressive thing I've seen built in minecraft, this sounds like its gonna be even more amazing, can't wait for it to be built
I think Decked Out first would make the most sense. Then when people start playing you'll always be nearby working on your base to both help/debug, and to enjoy the screaming over proximity mod.
gaia aoi
You can't imagine how big my eyes went when you said it's four floors larger. How?! Crazy ?! I love it!!! So excited for this to open ! 😳👍
Cozy Planets
You should have some Retextured Netherite ingot hidden in fire so the players have to sacrifice health to gather them, they could be very valuable items
So excited about this Tango! Going to be amazing!
Brad Spins
Decked out is starting to sound like it’s getting to the point where it could be a game in itself… would play
Decked out is probably one of my favorite hermitcraft mini games, I’m so excited to see it return for season nine! This is going to be amazing!
Bořivoj Houdek
I havent watched Hermitcraft for like 2 years, coming back is just amazing
What an ending, literally laughed out loud! I’m honestly looking forward to both the citadel and decked out content. Maybe ride the hype though and knock out some decked out?
Since you’re planning on changing the Decked Out Coin design, I think that you should keep it the same green that the emeralds had. I think it works much better than the generic gold coins used in many other games.
Upnorth 3390
I'm newer and haven't seen "Decked Out" but man it sounds amazing and I'm so psyched for it. I'm gonna view season 7 "Decked Out" right now. Genius! 💕
the making and running of decked out was easily one of my favorite stretches of hermitcraft, I'm very hyped for this
Chills. Literal chills!! Decked Out was my favorite part of season 7 and I can’t wait for you to pull it off while stepping everything up. Mad respect for you, Tango!
i have a question, will you be hiding “care packages” with coins and keys in the shopping district again or will the keys be slightly harder to come at?
It’s be cool to have a part of level 1 where you can just see through to level 2 through like the frozen floor
Tango is an underrated NEXT LEVEL creator. The thoughtfulness, detail, planning and time that goes into making something so immersive like this is something the hermits and audience should not take for granted. Hermitcraft would not be what it is if it wasn’t for Tango!
Honeydust TheGreat
Absoluetly banger ! So hyped for this, the first decked out was a masterpiece of an attraction !! Keep up the good work
Man in Cave
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How to Play Decked Out!