DECKED OUT 2 Begins NOW! - Hermitcraft 9: #22 

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It Begins Today! My largest project ever in Minecraft. Decked Out 2!
Join me as I go over many of the new game design changes.
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5 Aug 2022



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So excited about this Tango! Going to be amazing!
Jyoti Mishra
Jyoti Mishra Vor year
Hi scar
ahassani Vor year
True! (+8 diamonds from server quest)
Rohan Kudale
Rohan Kudale Vor year
Hey hi scar
Potato Man
Potato Man Vor year
Hi Scar
nounbeast Vor year
I'm getting that giddy "FRIENDS YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND, THE MAN MADE THIS ON A VANILLA SMP" feeling all over again and I'm super excited for the new folks who get to watch the making of it. The redstone spaghetti, the pretty builds that other hermits will contribute to its design, the features rolling out as the season goes on, oh gosh~!
lalobee Vor year
Totally agreed - although he's likely not doing it directly on vanilla but design/try out stuff in a creative test world first, it would be awkward to dive into it without at least an idea of dimensions.
Sarah Earl
Sarah Earl Vor year
This is my first season watching Tango, and I love his content. I did know the concept of Decked Out 1, but seeing him actually build it in an EVEN MORE complex way is just amazing. Tango is a mad genius.
nounbeast Vor year
@lalobee Oh yeah, haha, I'd figure. I just mean he was able to get the end result to work on a vanilla SMP. I should've specified!
lalobee Vor year
@nounbeast No no, it's all fine. It's still absolutely ridiculous awesome, that blueprinting and proof of concept building in creative doesn't take away anything at all from what he creates here :)
Lion Vor year
Can you really still call it vanilla tho?
Charlie Wilkinson
Decked Out was the most impressive thing I've seen built in minecraft, this sounds like its gonna be even more amazing, can't wait for it to be built
Ralsei Gaming
Ralsei Gaming Vor year
personally mine right now is the 1hz computer made in minecraft but decked out is still insane
Charlie Wilkinson
@Ralsei Gaming I've never seen that but it does sound impressive
BrownR87 Vor year
I think Decked Out first would make the most sense. Then when people start playing you'll always be nearby working on your base to both help/debug, and to enjoy the screaming over proximity mod.
Tyler Emery
Tyler Emery Vor year
Honestly not a bad idea lol
Captain Thunder Frog
I was going to say use the base building as a break from Decked Out, but you may be right.
The shawlty One
Good point
Dakota Foster
Dakota Foster Vor year
I think more than that, doing decked out for a couple of days/weeks and then flipping back to the base would allow for differences in episodes and prevent possible burnout of level designing and red stone troubleshooting
Wheeliegan Vor year
Good logic👍🏻
Brad Spins
Brad Spins Vor year
Decked out is starting to sound like it’s getting to the point where it could be a game in itself… would play
Charlea Bray
Charlea Bray Vor year
I thought this too imagine a full fledged decket out game with proper monry invested in it. I'm talking insane dungeons maybe like 5 different ones and then a set amount of artifact sets completed in each one to move onto the next level. Each one giving you new skills to choose from, new stuff and items to use. The artifacts could all be hermitcraft inspired - each set pertaining to each member. Or even say 10 omega rare artifacts being sets of 4 hermits then other sets of various rarity also being needed to collect. As in 1 set of common, rare, epic etc. That could make it easy 200+ rounds in one kevel before you complete them all. It'd be sick!
gaia aoi
gaia aoi Vor year
You can't imagine how big my eyes went when you said it's four floors larger. How?! Crazy ?! I love it!!! So excited for this to open ! 😳👍 you are amazing !!!!! I still remember the horrors of the walls opening up, where the more traps are triggered, the more the ravager sees you. Gosh, that was so thrilling and scary.
xisumavoid Vor year
I'm beyond hyped for this!
Aidan Cross
Aidan Cross Vor year
I cant wait to see yall play this
Nephelangelo Vor year
Steam Engine Studios
4:22 Tango: maybe we'll burry a hermit under the ice,🤔 Viewers: you mean an armor-stand of one, right? 🙂 Tango: ............ 😐 Viewers: you mean an armor-stand of one, right?🙁
The Nope Queen
It's so nice to see Tango out here, living his best life as a cartoon supervillain.
thepro Vor year
aaand +8 diamonds to you
UpNorth 3390
UpNorth 3390 Vor year
I'm newer and haven't seen "Decked Out" but man it sounds amazing and I'm so psyched for it. I'm gonna view season 7 "Decked Out" right now. Genius! 💕
Elise ig
Elise ig Vor 5 Monate
Watch Etho's runs. There's some complilations, they're great.
Leuk Vor year
the making and running of decked out was easily one of my favorite stretches of hermitcraft, I'm very hyped for this
Bombula Houdek
I havent watched Hermitcraft for like 2 years, coming back is just amazing
Johanna L.
Johanna L. Vor year
Moonlit Bookworm
You should definitely watch last season! It’s pretty short and it was my first season watching! All the builds were so cool and it was amazing!
Daffydj Vor year
@Moonlit Bookworm I actually disagree, out of the seasons I've watched, that was one of the worst ones. Way too short, and the whole moon thing kept dragging on. While the hermits had to rush their builds for the end.
Sturmfalke ][
Sturmfalke ][ Vor year
@Moonlit Bookworm If you want to rewatch Season 8, I highly recommend DocM77 and Bdubs, they did really cool stuff. Personally I watch all the videos of about ⅓ of the hermits, so I might be missing some things. Season 7 was extremely cool from Etho's perspective, and espeacially from GoodTimesWithScar's, he played the biggest role in that season. Speaking of season 7, Cubfan135 was also very special there.
Moonlit Bookworm
@Daffydj Perfectly fine to disagree! It was my first ever season watching, so I don’t have much to compare it to, but it was still quite amazing and enjoyable!
Owen_Rocks_3 Vor year
Decked out is probably one of my favorite hermitcraft mini games, I’m so excited to see it return for season nine! This is going to be amazing!
mamabinx Vor year
What an ending, literally laughed out loud! I’m honestly looking forward to both the citadel and decked out content. Maybe ride the hype though and knock out some decked out?
MasterJBT Vor year
I audibly gasped
Davi Clemons
Davi Clemons Vor year
It gave me a jumpscare somehow.. I'm still shook by it tbh. 😂
Mendicant Vor year
Since you’re planning on changing the Decked Out Coin design, I think that you should keep it the same green that the emeralds had. I think it works much better than the generic gold coins used in many other games.
Evan Noyes
Evan Noyes Vor year
I always thought there should be a couple different coin values. Maybe 1 is green, 2 is blue, and the rarest 5 is red. Or something idk
Chad T
Chad T Vor year
@Evan Noyes Or 1 green, 5 blue, 20 red, 50 purple, 100 silver, 300 gold.
Evan Noyes
Evan Noyes Vor year
@Chad T I just think the disparity between 1 and 100 would make the lower values totally useless. Not sure you can go that crazy with the coin amounts
Incognito Man
Incognito Man Vor year
@Evan Noyes derpcoin
I agree I loved the gleaming bright vibrant green.
ab Vor year
Chills. Literal chills!! Decked Out was my favorite part of season 7 and I can’t wait for you to pull it off while stepping everything up. Mad respect for you, Tango!
f1shy_ Vor year
i have a question, will you be hiding “care packages” with coins and keys in the shopping district again or will the keys be slightly harder to come at?
Trondor Does Stuff
18:40 Tango, you might be making a mistake by printing Brilliance... flashbacks to Plot of Greed. It'd better be incredibly rare.. I'd highly recommend giving it a tradeoff, like +2 Clank.
Kiernan Grimes
I'm sure that these are in no way the final balanced versions of the card. They're just ideas slapped into books. However, you're totally right. I thought the same thing. If most cards have positive effects, being able to play 2 at random (at the same time) will almost always be better than playing one
James Henderson
Eyyyy The TCG and board game players are coming out in the comments whenever Tango does Decked out (The board game 'Clank!' that he draws inspiration from is a wonderful game)
RUNE Vor year
Once again Tango is, again, patching a better Minecraft Dungeons Experience into the base Minecraft game than the devs could build as a separate game. 👏👏👏👏👏
Ryan Tully
Ryan Tully Vor year
11:22 here me out, what if hazard was renamed to Rachet, so the two key variables would be Rachet and Clank :)
BigPoppa Vor year
Tango is an underrated NEXT LEVEL creator. The thoughtfulness, detail, planning and time that goes into making something so immersive like this is something the hermits and audience should not take for granted. Hermitcraft would not be what it is if it wasn’t for Tango!
OrionsVantage Vor year
Tango has been pushing the HermitCraft meta since he first joined the group with his massive Iron Farm build. IIRC, season 2 Mumbo Jumbo tried to build Tango's Iron Farm and couldn't get it to work, so they whitelisted him so he could come in and fix it, and they decided he should never leave. I agree with them, Tango is absolutely fantastic!
Dufa Dufdil
Dufa Dufdil Vor year
I think it's not fair to called someone with over a million subscribers underrated... But yeah, well deserved subscribers he has
Incognito Man
Incognito Man Vor year
100% 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
BigPoppa Vor year
@Dufa Dufdil even with a million+ subs, I genuinely don’t think he gets the type of attention he’s worthy of!
Charlie Bramley
The sound design ambition he has planned is astounding
Honeydust TheGreat
Absoluetly banger ! So hyped for this, the first decked out was a masterpiece of an attraction !! Keep up the good work
Luca Leonardi
Luca Leonardi Vor year
Decked out was by far the most amazing thing I've ever seen in Minecraft. I'm sooo excited about it, Tango!
It’s be cool to have a part of level 1 where you can just see through to level 2 through like the frozen floor If it’s possible a data pack to change the color of item names could be amazing to differentiate rarity
Macie Devine
Macie Devine Vor year
U can do that in bedrock Minecraft for PS4 normally so u can prolly already do that on PC java
Golden X Music
I've had a break from most of the hermits, but this made me turn on notifications again! Can't wait to watch Tango! :) Stay safe!
Disco_Bee Vor year
I can't wait to see Decked Out 2 come to life!
Zyph Vor year
You should ask Ren to sponsor you. The hermits can then gift you blocks and items you need !
Peregrine Vor year
Yeah! A special “Decked Out” quest area would be perfect. It could include things like “Help Tango Dig Out a Level” or “Run A Practice Playthrough of Decked Out”
Scarchain6891 Vor year
Yeah I'm sure since everybody enjoyed it so much last time that they'd be more than happy to help out. Kinda like when people have been helping out with the Nether hub. Shoot if I was on Hermitcraft I'd be more than willing to help out however I could
Growth Mindset
To whomever is reading this - wishing you the best morning/night - remember, what we think, we become 🧠💰
Isaiah Kepner
Isaiah Kepner Vor year
KweenIduna Vor 4 Monate
​@Growth Mindset spambot alert
Savvyjones10 Vor year
Can't wait to see Decked Out 2 developed and then the finished product! Makes me wanna revisit Decked Out 1 again, the best mini game EVER!! 😁
Aideen Carey
Aideen Carey Vor year
I love how excited you are for this. Looking forward to seeing it come together 👌
BoldNotBald Vor year
Tango, your “rough draft” is looking amazing! Your building skills have really exploded!
BatB0y04 Vor year
The description he gives starting at 5:01 sounds a lot like Vault Hunters at a baseline comparison. They both even have artifacts you need to collect! 😄
Jack Kelly
Jack Kelly Vor year
15:30 Can't wait for Hermits to walk in there and try to punch out the soul flames.
Jmacman120 Vor year
At this point, the Minecraft team should just reach out and work with Tango to develop a Minecraft rouguelite based on Decked Out
Benjamin Vor year
Shut up and take my money
\ iExogen /
\ iExogen / Vor year
I was about to ask Tango if it would be allowed to make an actual decked out freestanding game. It seems like a nice project and I think it would be rather popular
Nevo Ben-Ami
Nevo Ben-Ami Vor year
I was literally thinking the exact same thing!
BeardBarians Development
@\ iExogen / I'd be interested in that too
Andrei Stan
Andrei Stan Vor year
I'd pay MONEY to get to play that
Azchenon Vor year
I am sooooo hyper for this, decked out was a definite highlight of s7 and this comeback will be epic !!!!
99redragons Vor year
Dungeon is looking amazing tango! Cant wait to see what new tortures you’ll cook up for the hermits.
Congele Vor year
Man, I wasn't expecting so much to be built in the first progress video, this is insane! Also, I am so incredibly excited by what the custom models and custom sounds will allow to do with this game, this is indeed going to be next level! Just being able to have custom keys and artifacts, this already looks soo much cooler than S1 Decked Out, I can't wait to see all that you've got in store for us with this one! :D
Keira Vor 18 Tage
Watching this after the game is done and playable is so amazing and impressive ❤
💀doot🎺&co YT
Decked out 2 with the warden gonna be amazing
Comic-Guin Vor year
The feeling when Tango first described Decked Out 1 was “there’s no way someone could pull this off in Minecraft at all let alone in survival” but then I saw him do it. So I’m just super hyped to see him pull off an even crazier feat
liquidSuspect Vor year
right?? I didn't think it was going to be possible to make it to all that without command blocks but my mans tango was like "barely an inconvenience"
Uniwolf gamer
Uniwolf gamer Vor year
After seeing all the amazing things Hermits have completed, this doesn't faze me :] I'm more than happy to ride this journey with them with no doubts for them whatsoever.
Exayevie Vor year
Decked Out is the reason I watch Hermitcraft. I only discovered it in season seven, but my viewership remained sporadic until Tango caught my attention with that… insanity.
Sergey Zalubovskiy
And then there was the Titancraft version, that was build by his amaizing supporters. Tango is just one insane guy. On Titancraft there is a whole server of insane people.
Emma Ingram
Emma Ingram Vor year
I know right?!? CubFan is doing a different really complex game right now called Total Chaos, I highly recommend checking it out if you like the Decked out building process!
chitrangada namjoshi
tango is only person who works so hard for a mini game. It is truly unbelievable how much he works. hats off to you tango
I'm three minutes into this video, and already more than blown away by your building skills. I can't believe you always tell us you aren't a builder. I'm so excited to see this project grow and grow!
Sayan Biswas
Sayan Biswas Vor 15 Tage
And now, a year later, it's finally done!
PequaCZ Vor year
you can use brown muschrooms, where you need darkness... it emits light level of 1 under it self, so its perfect
waypou2004 Vor year
I’m so hyped for Decked Out 2!! Honestly, I’d love to see you outsource level design to some of the other hermits
xBCrafted Vor year
Drive-by Evoking. lol Love it
marta costa
marta costa Vor year
i’m so so hyped. season 7 was my favourite season and decked out was one of the reasons why :)
Aubrey Vor year
Decked Out sounds absolutely terrifying and amazing at the same time.
Helpful_Corn Vor year
So excited. I watched all the hermits' videos of Decked Out 1, and this one looks like it will be even better.
The Ace Of Spades
The Ace Of Spades Vor 6 Monate
tango really needs to make a server where you can play decked out on, this seems super fun!
Robert_Mekker Vor year
Decked out and then finishing your base I'm so excited for Decked Out 2 :)
Longshot97 Vor year
This man is designing a game _inside_ a game. Mad respect.
IceMetalPunk Vor year
This man is designing a larger sequel game inside a game to the game he designed inside a game before!
In vanilla survival using only redstone and resource packs as well!
Incognito Man
Incognito Man Vor year
Nick Wilson
Nick Wilson Vor year
You've never heard of a mini game before?
John Burrows
John Burrows Vor year
@Nick Wilson yeah but decked out 2 is not a mini game whatsoever, its a totally massive game
Henry Zwetsloot
So ready to watch Ethoslab big brain decked out 2 😃! Great work Tango!
Aiden_er Vor year
Complete The Deep Frost Citadel, because it already looks amazing and if you complete it, it will look more amazing!
T Peters
T Peters Vor year
Tango, you decide what you would like to do! Whatever brings you the most joy is what I’m sure we all would want! Love the content!
SCHESS _ Vor year
Decked Out 2.0!!!! I’m so happy to see this finally happen. Good Luck my Dude!
Jodi Lilly
Jodi Lilly Vor 10 Monate
Catching up on videos while I'm home sick and I know that this video is from a while ago, but I HAVE to say that this is one of the most inspired creative projects I have seen from Hermitcraft or even most content creators. Amazing job Tango! Your brain power is truly a force to be reckoned with!
Okay, so the Warden puts decked out on another level...your effort and the sheer size of decked out 2 adds like... 3000 levels. BUT THE CUSTOM ARTIFACTS AND CARDS?! THATS LIKE OVER FREAKING 9000! Love it already! ❤
Tesh TishToshTesh
It's been fun to see you bounce between the Citadel and Decked Out, but really, if you're having fun, it shows, and that's the draw. Great ending to the video, too!
Caellx Vor year
Honestly, Decked Out deserves to have its own server if it doesn't have one yet.
Lego Vor year
I'm so excited for this! I loved decked out 1, and I'm sure DO 2 will be even better. Also, Tango's scream at 1:12 was either scary or hilarious, maybe both? XD
Exo Espeon
Exo Espeon Vor year
This has to be one of the coolest build ideas!!! Can’t wait to see it!🙂
Devilish Vor year
_”Maybe we’ll bury a Hermit under the ice. That might be fun”_ Damn, I knew Tango was crazy but not this crazy!?
Shieldman Vor year
What, you think you can build something like decked out WITHOUT human sacrifice?
Hendrik Wilfried Laporte
Oh, chill out, you obviously didn't see decked out season 1, his art featuring tortured, imprisoned and dead hermits was as genius as it was hilarious back then 🤣
Mimir3710 Vor year
@Hendrik Wilfried Laporte pun intended?
Devilish Vor year
@Mimir3710 didn’t even notice xD
Titanblade Vor year
Oh just you wait
Taylor Vor year
This season is a BANGER with Decked Out 2, Total Chaos & The Hermit card game.
BleachCraft8 Vor year
Now this is peak hermitcraft, waited so long for this! Can't wait to see how it turns out
Evan Streblow
Evan Streblow Vor year
Super looking forward to development on this!! Loved the first Decked Out, this one seems like it'll be even better!
Steven Kimberlin
Anything someone could think, Tango could do it. Total inspiration man. Goodluck on decked out 2 my friend
I'm so excited to watch hermits playing decked out again. Them screaming for their life as they get chased around by big bads and eventually getting lost. IT GONNA BE SO GREAT!
Bismuth Vor year
I feel like leaving your base for later is a good idea. Not only because I'm excited to see your progress on Decked out 2 asap, but because working on the same project can be exhausting and you can come back to your base whenever you feel tired of Decked out and it'll still be exciting to watch.
Liam Engram
Liam Engram Vor year
This is exactly why my world has districts. Gilded Age District, Modern District, Futuristic District, Medieval District, Fantasy District, etc... This way when I get bored of building in one particular style, I can just move to another district and add some more builds there. Helps me continue adding to my world without getting burnt out or losing inspirado.
Bismuth Vor year
@Liam Engram great idea!
Elementai Vor year
Watashi wa Oliver desu
Sam T
Sam T Vor year
@Liam Engram isn't that like HC6? That's the same idea as that season's world
EastWoodGrap Vor year
I agree
Sepia Smith
Sepia Smith Vor year
FOUR LEVELS my dude I am so daunted and so excited I hope you'll have some Bdubs interior work yet again The Hazard mechanic sounds super cool, and the shuffling cards sounds neat!!! The dungeon already looks gorgeous I think I'd prefer to finish the base first and then jump into Decked Out feet first
Jitta Vor year
I can’t wait for this to be complete I wish I could play it though 😱🙈
M C Vor year
I absolutely LOVED watching Decked Out last season. Can't wait to see how you build this out.
Blueshadow_ Vor year
Now with the warden this will be even better!
Max Lastfogel
Max Lastfogel Vor year
Wow, good things are on the way. I'd say mix of decked out and base building. Both are impressive.
Jaden Gilliam
Jaden Gilliam Vor year
Probably best to alternate between base building and decked out 2 so you don’t burn out on either. I can’t wait to see it bro, you’re really one of a kind!!
A_Mirror Vor year
Agreed 100%
Gabriel Toledo
He could do a video where he explains a lot of the stuff with a timelapse of base building in the background
Mile Vor year
Best to keep us guessing Tango!
Growth Mindset
To whomever is reading this - wishing you the best morning/night - remember, what we think, we become 🧠💰
Erin Jackson
Erin Jackson Vor year
I love all the differences. I remember when Decked Out first came out and I was excited but now there's so much more to come and it's so bizarre to think that all of this was made by Tango's brain and in vanilla Minecraft
Brett Ryder
Brett Ryder Vor year
You should make a Backrooms themed section of Decked-Out! That would truly make it a scary dungeon crawler!
Adam Chalmers
Adam Chalmers Vor year
Do you have a whole team of game devs now, or is this all 100% you? This is so ambitious!! I'm in awe!!!
Joe The Juggalo
Catching up on some Hermitcraft videos. I just wanted to quickly say I'm excited for this Tango. I truly am. You blew my mine to outer space with the first Decked Out in season 7. With you starting to break the ground (literally) on 2.0 now I'm prepared for you to blow my mind to deep space. Keep up the amazing work brother. By the way did you pull a grian there at the end of your video? LOL!
Sylvarile Vor year
The citadel is amazing, if you want to finish it then you absolutely should! Build what you're drawn to first!
Hawk Leigh
Hawk Leigh Vor year
Tango would make the *BEST* DM the creativity, thoughtfulness, and pure talent and effort that's put into this dungeon creation and game design is phenomenal!
Peregrine Vor year
Haha, I was thinking that too… I might ste-I mean, creatively borrow some of his ideas for my dnd campaign.
rootMu Vor year
I think anyone with game design experience would. I would sure love to see a session DM'd by tango though with scar, etho, bdubs and Pearl. The shenanigans a foot 🤣
Hawk Leigh
Hawk Leigh Vor year
@rootMu That would be amaaaaazing
Rusty Shackleford
@rootMu I asked Gem on stream a while back if she'd played D&D (for context, she was talking about enjoying roleplay in Minecraft) and she said she hadn't, but would love to.
Nick Kayde
Nick Kayde Vor year
I absolutely loved Decked Out!!! I can't wait to watch all this, and hopefully play it myself one day.
nguyen Vor year
Loving the crazy increase in events this season compared to the previous one, much more hermitractions
Anže Rupnik
Anže Rupnik Vor year
You could add a credits room. Get other hermits to help you build different features and add their name and what they helped with in a credits room. I think that would be fun for later world download.
Robin Moore
Robin Moore Vor year
as someone who is a HUGE game design nerd, i love this and am super excited to watch the journey!
I am so excited for DO2! It’s gonna be amazing! That said, I think it would be cool to finish the citadel first so that you’ll be able to focus on DO2 after :)
Johnny Vor year
Decked out was for me the absolute best part of the hole hermitcraft of every single hermit, it will be sooooo worth the effort tango's having Thank you for everything tango!!
michelle auch
michelle auch Vor year
Can Decked Out even be called a "mini" game? This is some next level insanity and I'm here for it!
The concept of even planning this build gives me secondary stress. This is such an incredible effort!
SinderRednis Vor year
i really hope even with the new record tech, you keep some of the iconic sounds, or keep them similar. like clank! how many people were going about their days merrily going "bleep beep bloop" etc was amazing!
Shock9616 Vor year
Wow I didn’t fully realize how in depth decked out is! I only saw a couple of runs in Season 7 and basically all I knew was that it was a game where you find a thing in a dungeon. This is beyond insane and I can’t wait to see how it turns out!
Joshua Parker
Joshua Parker Vor year
I love your game design Tango! I'm a board game designer myself and I think Decked Out looks awesome! Have a great day!
This is one of the most ambitious projects in Minecraft I've seen. It includes social aspects , redstone, aesthetic building and doing everything in survival is mildly insane. It's everything cool about Minecraft in one build
brennan billick
And no less by himself
Ablakane Vor year
The game looks amazing! The art for the artifacts reminds me so much of the old MMO Tibia, their old art not the new. This is going to be wild seeing you do this!
DistortedDan Vor year
I’d like to see you finish the base before decked out! I’m excited for decked out, but your base is so cool so far that I’m dying to see the final product
TheZiros Vor year
I haven't really seen decked out yet, but just the explanaition alone makes you sound like a minecraft wizard! Excited to see this happen!
It was so amazing to see the process and how the other hermits reacted to the first one! It's in season seven if you'd ever like to search it up.
I think finishing the base first would be more satisfying! I'm super duper excited for Decked Out, but finishing the Citadel would take that off your plate and leave you with plenty of room to focus on the game afterwards :] Like I said, super hyped for all of this!! You're doing some honestly astounding work here :D
I'd love to see the citadel finished, then decked out. So excited for the coming months!!
Mathew Snowie
Mathew Snowie Vor year
Maybe “Chaos” instead of “Hazard”? Clank and Chaos sounds cool. I’ve been watching some streams when I can and am super excited for months of Decked Out content - I’ll never get tired of it!
PinkPixie Vor year
chaos does fit well for it because it would probably get pretty chaotic with doors suddenly closing on them and traps activating out of nowhere
Nephelangelo Vor year
How about “Fate”, since the game mechanic is intended to totally alter the trajectory of the run.
Vivi Vor year
I agree that chaos fits the tone better.
Jason Reed
Jason Reed Vor year
It definitely sounfs more like confinement that hazard. To me hazard means the traps arm, but for the most poart it sounds like it just blocks hallways confining your available paths through the dungeon down to eventually 1 single route that could be easily blocked by an unfortunate ravager or warden positioning. (One of the most nerve-wracking moved in the original decked out was luring a ravager so you could get by it and escape) I hope he add an item along the lines of "door opener" that can be used at a hazard closed door to open it and let you take the shortcut. (Possibly an ultra rare card called "jailbreak" opens all the passages for 30seconds) I think atleast half the fun of decked out is just coming up with mechanics and then solving the redstone puzzle to make them work.
Peril would be another option
180_Moonboy Vor year
Deck Out has been huge inspiration for me and has inspired me to build my own version, I am hyped for Decked Out 2 and cant wait to see what Tango has instore for us
Official Bailey
I'm excited to watch both projects but I think it'd be exciting for you to break up the episodes and go back and forth focusing a few episodes on each projects before making them all on decked out cause I think that's going to take more time. But what you're doing is so cool and I'm so excited for what's to come!
Darlene Cotton
oh my god Tango you never cease to impress me. Loving the stuff man!
Brandon Maneely
I think it would be best if you completely finished the Deep Frost Citadel so that hermits can fly over and see the magnificent of it. Once you’re done with that put all of your effort into decked out 2 and decked out related things (like cards and artifacts).
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