Disease Expert Breaks Down Pandemic Scenes From Film & TV | WIRED

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Brian Amman, ecologist for the Centers for Disease Control, takes a look at disastrous pandemics from a variety of television shows and movies and breaks down how accurate their depictions really are.

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Disease Expert Breaks Down Pandemic Scenes From Film & TV | WIRED




21 Okt 2019



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To find out more about Brian’s work with the CDC, watch him in our video, All the Gear the CDC’s Disease Detectives Use in the Field: de-vid.com/video/video-BPLZOFIwoZs.html
Icie Flake
Icie Flake Vor 4 Tage
Bring in a pyrotechnic pro (bomb expert) to brake down Hollywood bomb diffuses. Please!
skankhunt 42
skankhunt 42 Vor 4 Tage
@Dinoz Rule i believe it was lol
skankhunt 42
skankhunt 42 Vor 4 Tage
@Vincent M. hey bro......zombies exist....just not hoe you imagine......theres the cordyceps fungus that infects insect etc have a look into that.also look into the jewel wasp aka the parasitic wasp.there are other species of creature who can do this but these are the most well known.just remeber it doesnt take much for an animal virus to evolve and infect something else
skankhunt 42
skankhunt 42 Vor 4 Tage
you are listening to a guy speak about certain things that do not exist.for example the zica virus wwz............how can he try to explain something that is made up and doesnt exist.how can you be an expert on nothing real??????????????thumbs down and a big BS call.i for onee have seen a hazmat suit and had to endure the comforts for 18 hours a day over the course of 2 weeks.3 times a year i do this.and its called a preasurised suit here.im sorry but some of his caims are complete bs.
mighty squeege
mighty squeege Vor 13 Tage
Can you do a video about videogame viruses
ihavetubes Vor Stunde
decontamination is for the Alien I think, They don't want him to get infected with some human disease. 10:36
F4T4LFUS1ON Vor Stunde
Kissing is a great way to get a virus who said romance was dead
Bobby Fenris
Bobby Fenris Vor 2 Stunden
Hey, the thing isn't really an infection.. more like a complex colony of single celled organisms capable of making survival decisions. And you could decontaminate if you were going into a sterile isolated environment, as well as reenetering a non quarantined area.
always the bloody Russians no wonder why they hate you
Sufi Ch
Sufi Ch Vor 3 Stunden
Pay your taxes everyone, this where the money goes, keeping us alive and we're not even aware of it
Paul B
Paul B Vor 3 Stunden
Hollywood seems to have one rule where real science is concerned: 'if it slows, it goes'. Complexity and accuracy are sacrificed to maintain pace again and again.
Rift Dancer
Rift Dancer Vor 3 Stunden
I've always wondered if everyone at the CDC plays Plague inc, or at least would get a giggle out of it.
Noddiga norpan
Noddiga norpan Vor 5 Stunden
A guy like him wouldnt be able to tell you anything about the t virus since it is a pretty shadowy orginsaion that enginered it and he would not be in the know.
Noddiga norpan
Noddiga norpan Vor 5 Stunden
In the girl with all the gifts it is not a virus it is a fungus.
Noddiga norpan
Noddiga norpan Vor 5 Stunden
The reason he stands on the edge of the building in dayz is because he might turn into a rabid infected in seconds after being exposed to the pathogen so he does it to protect his family so i see nothing that wouldnt happen irl there.
phoenixsixninesixninezerotwo onlyonpsn
Oh just like the plague was eradicated but is now popping up in cali
Austin Vor 7 Stunden
Hey you guys should either have him or a scientist and a disease expert break down etc vampire diaries and true and other vampire shows and movies to get their opinion on it and if they could ever exist.
Annabelle van der Scheer
We need a part 2! More resident evil, more zombie movies, games, house, etc
crumb9cheese Vor 8 Stunden
The movie world needs to get with a guy like this and make it so accurate it would be terrifying
symonew33 Vor 15 Stunden
“We don’t ever call it the hot zone” But are you going to now that it’s been put in your head?
Bobman9420 Vor 16 Stunden
Every time a new scene was introduced, I was wondering "When is 'The Andromeda Strain' going to be introduced", and when I hit 13:10 I was happy, especially that it was the original one.
Tim Cantlin
Tim Cantlin Vor 17 Stunden
You might even get to name him imagine how cool that would be
Angel Perez Rivas
Angel Perez Rivas Vor 18 Stunden
Did I hear a laugh at 9:18 or 9:19? Lol
*DNA EXPLODES* "This explosion is not accurate"
Grace Harney
Grace Harney Vor 21 Stunde
i enjoyed the facts of this video and how things are done procedurally...there are a lot of things that are not possible, but maybe we're being lulled into a false sense of security. based on what we know so far, and based on what we've encountered so far, we know these are the facts. unfortunately, we haven't encountered every single organism in the whole universe, or even just this planet alone, for that matter, so we can't know for certain. that's what makes scifi so interesting, because it raises what-ifs all the time.
eli Vor 22 Stunden
my anxiety: *all of the clips shown here* the reality: *this man*
tdegler Vor 23 Stunden
Looks like "contagion" is only one pretty accurate?
Shay D. Mann
Shay D. Mann Vor 23 Stunden
"this explosion is not accurate".
oops Vor Tag
I completely disagree sir! That Capuchin could have been there with Ace, but got lost and ended up in this other movie. Which is why he wasnt with Ace when he was trying to save the great white bat.... oh and Shiiiikaka!
I would imagine this guy saying "gaze upon the fist of the CDC".
Lzero7 Vor Tag
I came here FOR Contagion and I am so glad it's 100% approved and accurate 😌😌😌
John Griffith
Maybe there is something wrong with me but i was most disturbed by the fact that he stated they dont have the authority to force a person into isolation i would think if they found a person walking around with ebola or bubonic plague they just wouldnt let them walk around and infect the population
Erin Vor Tag
I always thought the blood shot up in The Thing because it was part of the actual monster itself, not necessarily because it was a pathogen. Though I've always been under the impression that The Thing was an actual monster in itself instead of a virus.
JFomo Vor Tag
This guy has the coolest job
Dominique M
Dominique M Vor Tag
The Girl With All The Gifts was a brilliant book and movie. I highly recommend checking it out.
Alex Merrill
Alex Merrill Vor Tag
Ok so I am in NO WAY saying I'm smarter than this expert, I'm just very curious as to why he said you wouldn't get decontaminated before entering an area with new organic material. Wouldn't you want to make yourself clean so you don't bring anything in that could hurt (in this case) an alien?
"smallpox is farfetched" oh buddy, meet the antivaxxers lmao
Oliver Dahl
Oliver Dahl Vor Tag
The measles are making a comeback...thanks anti vaxxers
Falan Hall
Falan Hall Vor Tag
Lmao at the House accuracy
Gabi Garzon
Gabi Garzon Vor Tag
devin carter
devin carter Vor Tag
5:00 imagine waking up and seeing all those eyes bruh
Kiya Vor 2 Tage
we had to watch contagion in health. a nightmare
MrDavid849 Vor 2 Tage
I love experts
mandy Pe
mandy Pe Vor 2 Tage
It was nice i could see many of the mistakes.
juu nanago
juu nanago Vor 2 Tage
i'm a doctor you idiot
Joey Dyker
Joey Dyker Vor 2 Tage
smallpox was eradicated so the Soviets could weaponize it. They have found a way to have their nukes spread it at detonation.
Ezequiel Luna
Ezequiel Luna Vor 2 Tage
I keep watching these videos of experts reviewing movies and tv shows, and i keep ruining all of my favorites movies. Now every time i watch someting like that, in my head i go like "that's so unrealistic"
Tobias Brunner
Tobias Brunner Vor 2 Tage
turning into a zombie takes more than 10 seconds. how comforting.
Thee Trashman
Thee Trashman Vor 5 Stunden
I'd say 1 to 10 minutes depending on the infected individual
Asad Miah
Asad Miah Vor 2 Tage
This made me laugh throughout! 😂😂
Jenn Nguyen
Jenn Nguyen Vor 2 Tage
I like this guy!
ekal enrique
ekal enrique Vor 2 Tage
The world war z virus is definitely above his paygrade..
GEE perz
GEE perz Vor 2 Tage
There was an outbreak in my country??? : o (Phil) why don't I know these things dammit
Console Vor 2 Tage
ET decontamination going in. Pretty normal dealing with space stuff. Just as you don't want evil bugs killing humans, you don't want human bugs killing aliens, or rather Earth based stuff contaminating space stuff. Though it's a bit after the horse has bolted in ET as he's been wandering around riding bicycles through the sky.
NakedDog1 Vor 2 Tage
It's the 3rd time I fall asleep and wake up to this video
Manoochehr Sohrabi
At some point directors should start to talk to experts before hand.
Wally Wang
Wally Wang Vor 2 Tage
Is that program Pymol?
Reina Arana
Reina Arana Vor 2 Tage
I saw contagion in health class It’s a good movie
Stephen Southard
Stephen Southard Vor 2 Tage
anyone catch that at 16:55 they covered up which actual diseases he said?
Veselin Nedkov
Veselin Nedkov Vor 2 Tage
"To have a reaction like that though, where the blood jumps out of the petri dish and runs away - I mean it's cool, but this is pure sci-fi". Good to know XD
Han Lockhart
Han Lockhart Vor 2 Tage
Informative. Thanks. Although here... 14:10 Surely if the situation is catastrophic and deadly enough, with a very rapid infection rate, there would be no choice but to quickly force infected people (who resist) into quarantine, even violently , for the sake of the rest of society, no matter how brutish it may seem. I think he`s playing down just how ruthless you`d have to be to contain a serious contagion.
pop5678eye Vor 2 Tage
It involves science and popular culture gets it wrong? What a shocker!
This guy’s level of expertise is so reassuring
Marco Antonio Guedes
2:01 Just let him discover about antivaxxers...
Margaret Graham
Margaret Graham Vor 2 Tage
Awesome stuff but no "The Stand"? Need a Chapter 2 please!
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