Disney's ENCANTO Characters: Good to Most Heroic

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Disney's ENCANTO Characters: Good to Most Heroic

What do you get when you come across a magical house in the middle of Colombia? A whole bunch of wonderful characters! The Madrigal Family may be filled with a bunch of different abilities and talents, but it’s also filled with different types of people - and thus, different levels of morality. But which of these characters shine the most as bright pillars of good?

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Script Written by Andrea Grubaugh
Video Editing by Kristijan Vukovic




27 Nov 2021



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WickedBinge Vor Monat
Coco Characters: Good to Evil - bit.ly/3I41W4H Disney Villains: Evil to Most Evil - bit.ly/3jx8xrs
Janine Leffler
Janine Leffler Vor 6 Tage
Mirabel’s dad is not accident prone,….. he has an allergy to bee stings. When I first got stung by a bee I had the same kind of reaction.
Sweet Zodiac
Sweet Zodiac Vor 12 Tage
You pronounce Madrigal as Mad-dre-gal
B12- Miguel Mariñas
If you have heard the song we don't talk about Bruno they said "Your Fate is sealed when your prophecy is read" that is why they ignore him.
Coco is diseny
Janine Leffler
Janine Leffler Vor 14 Tage
Kyle I absolutely agree with you about Surface Pressure. It is such a great song. I kind of got Lost In The Woods vibes from it.
Stoned Huntress
Stoned Huntress Vor Monat
I just noticed that Bruno is the one who looks the most like the late grandfather, with Mirabel being close behind. The fact that he so willingly sacrificed himself for his family's wellbeing perfectly mirrors his father too. Man just when I thought this couldn't get any sadder.
Mason Trimby
Mason Trimby Vor 2 Tage
Mariano looks like him most if you’re counting anyone
Battywings Vor 9 Tage
@hi_hotdog He told me all my hair would disappear, now look at my head~ (oh no)
annie jing
annie jing Vor 10 Tage
late father*
Camilo_Fan Vor 10 Tage
@thevine2010 yeah ikr Bruno is sooooo cutee
hi_hotdog Vor 11 Tage
@Battywings We don’t talk about Brunoooo-….. he told me my fish would die the next day dead..oh no -he told me I grow a gut.. and just like he said- oh no -…..
Josh Moore personal
I always felt sad for Bruno he literally made a table so he could eat with his family still and has drawn a plate on it
Copiz 64
Copiz 64 Vor 3 Tage
same brush that'd dang musical number gets on my nerve!
Jessica Armstrong
I think it was unfar
Crystal starlite
Crystal starlite Vor 8 Tage
@Juan Nuann wow
Juan Nuann
Juan Nuann Vor 8 Tage
@Crystal starlite he 'left' when Mirabel was still a child and she was about the same age as when her little cousin got his ceremony. I'm not sure but i think she could be 17 or so? Atleast 15+ I expect so?
Crystal starlite
Crystal starlite Vor 9 Tage
@Juan Nuann what howwwwwwww
Casita is one of the best characters in my opinion. It cares for the family to the point she cares more about they safety than she dying and fall to the ground. That’s love
BimDaTitanicNerd Vor 12 Tage
Casita tried to save Mirabel and get the family to safety even while it was breaking down... #JusticeForCasita
lilénwasnothere Vor 23 Tage
@Takisan111 i think maybe it was the family's love for each other that was holding him together, so because they were falling apart, so did casita.
Takisan111 Vor 24 Tage
@lilénwasnothere That's what I thought it was going to be to. He died protecting his family but his spirit lives on in the home where they all reside. I thought maybe the reason the house was falling apart was because he was getting old and the magic holding him together was running out.
Xiao_main Vor 24 Tage
I think Bruno and Pedro are the best (my opinion) they are both just so sweet
Solar System 2
Solar System 2 Vor 25 Tage
@MangoTango how is this relavent?
Robinfeather Vor Monat
The world doesn't deserve Bruno, but Bruno deserves the world
DANE_W_M Vor 2 Stunden
@Arturo Castroverde ok so we gonna talk about Bruno
Nicole Vor 4 Stunden
@Neko Yes we do
Neko Vor 4 Stunden
We dont talk about bruno no no no no no no no doesnt no-
Robinfeather Vor Tag
@Liyah You can always come up with your own interpretation, but what I meant was that we as the humans inhabetating the world, as well as the fictional world Bruno lives in, do not deserve Bruno. What he went through in the movie proves that. And it simultaneously proves that Bruno deserves everything good. The way I interpret the saying "[name] deserves the world" is that the person in question is entitled to something much better than what was gotten, and how the person speaking is giving recognition and wishing everything well to the other.
Nicole Vor 8 Tage
@Gab C Let's give it to him then!
L2 Sentinel
L2 Sentinel Vor Monat
I just goes to show you that you can have an interesting central conflict in a kids movie without making anyone evil. Abuela's "big evil plan" was to be of service to the community, share their gifts, and to never take those gifts for granted. She believed they had to earn those gifts every day. That's actually incredibly noble. She thought she was doing what was best for the family and the town. She didn't know she was asking too much of the family, especially since everyone was suffering silently to try and live up to her high expectations. She made mistakes. She hurt the ones she loved. Good people do that every day. I forgive her.
Yandere Deku
Yandere Deku Vor 11 Tage
@Brian Lucero I agree you however I don't agree with Alma's actions but trying to be fair I understand well enough why she's the way she is.
Brian Lucero
Brian Lucero Vor 19 Tage
@Nicole We're talking about a movie that had a rushed ending, obviously we didnt see much after the apology, so you cant make her a villan just bc of that. Making her a type of monster defeats the purpose of the movie. Broken people can heal and can make things better by understanding eachother and working together through traumas and problems, finding solutions.
Nicole Vor 19 Tage
@Brian Lucero He/she's right,you can't reedeem yourself with just an apology. You need to show you have changed. A simple "sorry" won't make things better for you. You have to show your redemption with actions. Otherwise,you're as bad as you previously were. You don't need to always see the good in people. Being a good person dosen't mean you have to forgive bad people.
Nicole Vor 19 Tage
@YumyumYuri I forgave her,but it feels like this forgiveness won't last.
Scott Johnson
Scott Johnson Vor 21 Tag
@YumyumYuri okay then by that metric the town was bad for not doing anything
JCGamer5 Vor Monat
Just a note: Pedro and Alma weren't fleeing from conquistadores but from civil war violence.
Ran Harpaz
Ran Harpaz Vor 16 Tage
@Let’sdothis especially considering that it had to have been made before the Encantó was raised. Gotta remember that the Encantó was completely isolated until the mountain broke in half
belinda Coba
belinda Coba Vor 17 Tage
I think those were machetes, not swords...
nightshade Vor 23 Tage
The Colombian Conflict (one of the Colombia civil wars) took place in 1964, and the movie takes place 50 years after that, so its safe to assume the movie takes place in 2014, so it technically takes place in modern day, unless you mean La Violencia, that took place in 1948, the movie would take place in 1998. But if you mean something _earlier_ than that, we can take a look at The Thousand Day War, that took place from 1899 to 1902, which would mean the movie took place from 1949 to 1952.
Let’sdothis Vor 24 Tage
I say look at the camera to decide the time period
Pleiya Vor 24 Tage
@Dylan Garcia Actually the members of the guerrillas were from small towns, so they had machetes (not swords, i'ts an implement for field-working) and many members of the paramilitars too (but they also had guns offcors), also by that time Colombia had many roads and paths so rural that they were untransitable in a car, so they used horses most of the time. About the buildings, they were pretty common since the colonies, we still have many of them in places like La Candelaria and Villa de Leyva, they are inspired by spanish buildings but also more iconic and easy to distinguish than our actual buildings it's not the war of the Thousand Day War, is the Great Violence
Iván Calvo
Iván Calvo Vor Monat
i really enjoyed every character in this movie, specially isabela. her personal growth is very notable and well done, and i wish we could have seen more of her with this newly found independence of the "always perfect" mindset, like maybe her redecorating her room and making herself over.
CreeperXRP2 Vor 10 Tage
fuck isabela worst character in the movie
Gillian Illing
Gillian Illing Vor 29 Tage
My sister thinks she is isabela LOL
Nash Vor 29 Tage
We kind of get that with her new dress, but I see your point
shelly Vor Monat
@Booty Crusader actually isabela does call the cactus imperfect because it's asymetrical. i agree with you that it shouldn't be "imperfect," rather it should be "different," but they are imperfect in that they do not fit alma's standard of perfect that everyone had been molded to follow.
Dil Pickle
Dil Pickle Vor Monat
I didn’t like her in the beginning. She was the stereotypical girl I tended to dislike. But then her song came along and mirabel helped her realize she didn’t have to be perfect, I started liking her a whole lot more.
Musically Disney AMV's
Anyone else felt Camino was just darling whilst soothing his mother’s nerves? All the characters are awesome.
b1scuit❤ Vor 12 Tage
@Colton Taylor truth
Nicole Vor 19 Tage
@Sugas_Canoe_Flippers Gosh,you have gotten too far with the crushes.
Nadine Hoogenboezem
@Sugas_Canoe_Flippers Mirabel is a bit typical female hero for me. Bruno is the fun uncle. So is Felix.
@Nadine Hoogenboezem my crushes are Dolores, Luisa, Mirabel, Bruno, and Camilo
Colton Taylor
Colton Taylor Vor 22 Tage
Camilo is the definition of "chaotic good"
Os Vor Monat
Great analysis. I agree with everything. Except 1 thing: the grandparents were not running away from “conquistadors”; the movie is set between 1900-1950’s and Colombia’s independence from Spain was on 1810. They were running from the “violence “ a violent time when civil wars were rampant in Colombia 🇨🇴; and it’s a reflection of still current “desplazados”: Colombia 🇨🇴 sadly is the country with most inner displacement of communities in the world; mostly because of the war between leftist and right wing fascist governments until today 2021.
Elizrebezilma Dommdo
I was about to say, I don't know much about Colombian history, but them running away from conquistadors didn't make sense to me either. Lol I know the movie most likely didn't take place during modern day, but it didn't seem to take place THAT far back that they were running away from conquistadors.
Vanessa Jeanine Vesga Merchán
@Nathaniel Rodriguez sure, because the socialism and left wing are soooo respectful of the individual rights... come on... 🤌🤦‍♀️
Vanessa Jeanine Vesga Merchán
Fascist goverments 🙄🤌🤦‍♀️ you can count with people telling stupidities about Colombia all the time
Lau Vasquez
Lau Vasquez Vor 15 Tage
@Komnenit But the clothes don't look like they're from the 1950's... I think they were running away during the War of a Thousand Days in the late 1800s and the movie is set in the early 1900s based on the clothing. Also, the Bogotazo happened in Bogotá, the capital of the city, hence the name Bogotazo. This movie is clearly set in a more tropical region of Colombia like the Valle de Cocoro in the Eje Cafetero
Nathaniel Rodriguez
@Komnenit what makes fascism a form of right wing authoritarianism is more to do with its use of conservative values to fuel its oppression. Hence why during Latin American conflicts, traditionalist Catholics typically allied themselves with fascists. This is versus leftist authoritarianism which desires social progress at the expense of individual choice
Aoife. E. D.
Aoife. E. D. Vor Monat
I agree completely with this, except for one point: I would swap Pepa and Camilo. I know Camilo doesn’t play a huge role in the film, and it’s kinda only there as comedic relief, but the role Pepa plays feels more negative, as she’s the one re-enforcing the “We don’t talk about Bruno” conflict through out the film, not Alma. That mindset she has for him makes Dolores, and more so Camilo, afraid of their uncle (at least in my opinion) and it seems that Antonio has little to no knowledge of his uncle, outside of the fact that he has an uncle, given that he’s never seen addressing anything about Bruno until he meets him, with the rats as alibi. So, I would swap Pepa and Camilo Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk
Aoife. E. D.
Aoife. E. D. Vor 17 Tage
Aoife. E. D.
Aoife. E. D. Vor 17 Tage
I searched it there, one of the writers thinks a Disney plus tv show would be the best direction to go next
Aoife. E. D.
Aoife. E. D. Vor 17 Tage
@Shadowbee 566 I think I heard somewhere (can’t remember where unfortunately) that they’d be down to make a tv show if Disney green lit it
Shadowbee 566
Shadowbee 566 Vor 17 Tage
@Aoife. E. D. I knowww, I hope if they make an encanto sequel that she gets her own song because her part in ‘we don’t talk about Bruno’ was so underrated
Aoife. E. D.
Aoife. E. D. Vor 17 Tage
@Shadowbee 566 OMG I love dolores so much she’s so sweet 🥰
Julia Moore
Julia Moore Vor Monat
Bruno gives me neglected middle child energy and I feel for him for that very reason.
Elizrebezilma Dommdo
@Willow The Fox I think we both know that that's not what he meant. 🤦‍♀️
Elizrebezilma Dommdo
@peacendpola23 Exactly. And even so, Pepa was the second triplet that Alma gave birth to, so technically, you could say that Pepa was the "middle child". Either way, I don't think a kid being born a few minutes before or after each kid would make that much of a significant difference they way it would for siblings who aren't twins or triplets. Maybe I'm wrong though.
ZeldaWolf2000 Vor 5 Tage
@Christine 🔮💍 nope. Julieta is the responsible oldest child, Pepa is the emotional middle child, and Bruno is the baby.
Christine 🔮💍
I always thought It was Pepa,then Julieta and then Bruno
@McKenzie Eby i think the order is Juleta Bruno Pepa
EmeraldWolf114 Vor Monat
I had a feeling that Bruno would be a misunderstood character from the trailers, but I was utterly unprepared for how self-sacrificing and GOOD of a character he turned out to be. Every detail I found out about him made me empathize and like him more with the song "We Don't Talk About Bruno" feeling more and more horrifying despite how catchy it was because he was STILL their family member at the end of the day and no one even bothered to look for him nonetheless everything with his power. Like you said, the fact that he didn't grow bitter and kept such a pure heart through all those circumstances is incredible and he deserves all the love 💚
MangoTango Vor Monat
God bless you all
viola supremacy
viola supremacy Vor Monat
“She knows everything about everyone” “That’s why her hair is so big. It’s full of seeecrets”
Copiz 64
Copiz 64 Vor 3 Tage
whos? and how?
Faith Balce
Faith Balce Vor 9 Tage
Diana Rodriguez
Diana Rodriguez Vor 12 Tage
time through history
I see what you did here
Sillyka Vor 24 Tage
i love this comment
That Gay Potato
That Gay Potato Vor Monat
I feel like Pepa's power makes A LOT of sense in Colombia's weather since the sun can be radiating furiously in the mornings and it can be storming by noon. It's very unpredictable and I feel like it was on purpose
Em 889
Em 889 Vor 21 Tag
Omg yeah I remember! I was out in the sun, went inside a retail, came out and it was the hardest amount of rain I remember, like movie kind of rain
Gabriel Yago
Gabriel Yago Vor Monat
Pepa and felix are the perfect example of how to write about a straight couple. They love each other, and do everything to each other, they are not clichê and fit perfect in the story of the movie.
peacendpola23 Vor 7 Tage
@AdUmbY how? obviously not
AdUmbY Vor 8 Tage
@peacendpola23 u a homophobe???
christmastiger Vor 12 Tage
I thought at first when you said straight you were talking about the "are the straights okay?" memeology of boomers making jokes about how much straight couples hate each other, the man wants to get away from the woman and sleep with someone young and hot and the woman wants to secretly murder the man. I don't think that is what you were talking about but god am I glad that fad is as old as boomers themselves.
Eli Ben
Eli Ben Vor 15 Tage
@SushiH Would have been fine if you did so, but I think it’s more satisfying to come to a conclusion in the end, where nobody lost the argument
SushiH Vor 16 Tage
@Eli Ben yeah lol Near the end of the discussion I was already ready to stop and just leave in a rage, but that’s pretty unreasonable of me, isn’t it :”)
Luísa Fadigas
Luísa Fadigas Vor Monat
Another good point for Luisa: In the made-up scenarios in her song, she's always protecting Mirabel, sometimes even putting herself in harm's way. That shows how much she loves her little sister.
Kristopher Surma
But what about Casita? the house was as much a character as anyone else! I’d even argue it was the true gold medal of good as even as it was dying it moved to protect everybody when it could
ToucanDrawz 🏳️‍🌈
@Kristopher Surma ahhh ok yah Casita should've been on the list
Kristopher Surma
Kristopher Surma Vor 19 Tage
@ToucanDrawz 🏳️‍🌈 yes snubbed it should be in the list but it’s not
ToucanDrawz 🏳️‍🌈
@Kristopher Surma Snubbed??
Kristopher Surma
Kristopher Surma Vor 19 Tage
@ToucanDrawz 🏳️‍🌈 that’s fair, still definitely should not have been snubbed entirely
ToucanDrawz 🏳️‍🌈
The Casita can be second Bruno will always be gold medal
Pastel Mermaid
Pastel Mermaid Vor Monat
I noticed that the cracks appear when the family ignores or fights with Mirabel. This is shown when the family takes the picture without her and the cracks appear outside the room.
tulips Vor 24 Tage
Agree. The reason she doesn't have a gift is because she is the gift. She is the source of everyone's gifts. The glue that holds everyone together. The front door.
Cloe Vor 25 Tage
@Gabrielle Chase I like that view of casita! I would like to introduce you to the headcanon that the house is like an extension of Pedro or just Pedro, seeing as casita hurts when the family fights and made sure everyone got out of the house safe, and even though mirabel didn’t make it out, with its last dying breath made sure she was still safe
J. Marcel Anderson
J. Marcel Anderson Vor 25 Tage
which explains Bruno’s vision. Mirabel standing in front of the house with cracks. Directly relating her to it.
Gabrielle Chase
Gabrielle Chase Vor 27 Tage
It's like she is the house. And the house is her. Since they ignore her it pains her and the house
Raymond Goldfield
I definitely would have put Isabela a little higher on the list, at least above Pepa. Good list overall, and it's always amazing how fast these come out after new movies!
Rhythmic MusicSwap
Rhythmic MusicSwap Vor 18 Tage
@themicoism though Pepa was hardly kind to Mirabel through the movie...
Chloe Johnson
Chloe Johnson Vor 27 Tage
@toilet ball As I said earlier, PLEASE look at my comments AGAIN to see I never called Mirabel BAD!!! They're both well-written and nice characters. I'm presenting Isabella's perspective who didn't see what Mirabel was doing like we did. To Isabella, nobody has mentioned Bruno for years, INTENTIONALLY! But today of all days she's going all over the house bringing up drama he was involved in? After 10+ years? Abuela told her to cut it out until after the proposal. Pepa told her to cut it out and focus on the proposal. Isabella told her she didn't want to hear it. Even Mirabel admitted that she ruined Isabella's engagement. They're sisters, so they love each other and made up. Though, Mirabel did things to aggravate Isabella just as much as Isabella did her. That's how sisters are often. We just don't see Isabella's perspective because she's not the protagonist.
toilet ball
toilet ball Vor 27 Tage
@Chloe Johnson she didnt MEAN to talk about the family drama during the dinner with mariano and isabela, don't blame that on her. Sure she was unnecessarily rude towards isabela but shes not as bad as you're making her out to be
Chloe Johnson
Chloe Johnson Vor Monat
@Agree, to disagree First up, slow down. Please go look again so you can clearly see I never called Mirabel BAD! They are both well written characters. I'm just saying that Mirabel isn't a victim, they're sisters and they bicker. Also, practically EVERYTHING you JUST said can be spun back around to be sympathetic to Isabella: "What do you expect from Isabella? She always being tokenized, watched, and she's felt conditioned to believe her own family would not like nor accept her true self. That's why she acts the way she does, to help cultivate the future of the family and the encanto. How would she know about Mirabel's feelings when she's got her own personal problems? And since Mirabel is all about getting personal gratification from Abuela, she doesn't open her feelings to Isabella due to pride and jealousy. And getting mad when you feel like your sister is being annoying. That's normal for siblings to do, especially the older one." See? Applies to Isabella too. This is where things diverge, however. Unlike Isabella who opened up to Mirabel, Mirabel never opened up to what she was doing until the house concaved. She just said her problems were more important and called her a selfish princess: totally different from how she treated Luisa. And at least Mirabel had her parents and Antonio being sympathetic to her feelings. Literally NOBODY knew Isabella's problems, and Mirabel and her parents were more focused on Mirabel being giftless, so who asked? Even Augustin paid more attention to Mirabel on Isabella's ENGAGEMENT dinner. My response was simply, both girls were mean to each other. Yes, sisters fight, but they were both aggressors, not just Isabella, and we can't ignore that because Mirabel is the protagonist.
Agree, to disagree
@Chloe Johnson yea but what do u expect from Mirabel, she was always left out and felt that she's always a burden to everyone that's why she wanted her own power too, help and how would she know about Isabella's feeling on the inside when she also has her own personal problems in her life and since Isabella was all about making her family proud, she doesn't open her feelings to Mirabel due to her pride that was until she snapped. And those thing about what Mirabel saying she's 'little miss perfect' That's normal for siblings to do that especially the youngest one. But I don't say Isabella is bad, her character development was VERY GOOD
Ed Ra
Ed Ra Vor Monat
I really want Mirabel and Miguel to become friends They both feel misunderstood by their families
Fnaf all foxes /türkçe #SAVE RALPH
@PurpleWolfFnaflover g 3 of em talking would be amazing
PurpleWolfFnaflover g
More like Hector and Bruno I mean they were somehow the outcasts of the family until the end Despite one being alive and one being dead
Fnaf all foxes /türkçe #SAVE RALPH
@PurpleWolfFnaflover g that would be cool, but I cant stop imagining hector and pedro chatting about their lives
Copiz 64
Copiz 64 Vor 3 Tage
aunt they already
Venturyna Angeles
I also think that Alma and Imelda should meet each other.
Aoife. E. D.
Aoife. E. D. Vor Monat
I like to think that even if someone has a different favourite character, every Tv show and Movie has a definitive ‘best’ character, and Bruno is definitely that. You can love Luisa and Isabella and Camilo, but I feel like Bruno will ultimately be the ‘best’ character regardless
Lena Menezes
Lena Menezes Vor 14 Tage
@Ubey Elliott Oh ok
Ubey Elliott
Ubey Elliott Vor 14 Tage
@Lena Menezes I know I'm just clarifying cuz I don't like just saying the best
Lena Menezes
Lena Menezes Vor 15 Tage
@Ubey Elliott Being the best character doent mean that is the only one we should be our favorite
Ubey Elliott
Ubey Elliott Vor 15 Tage
Well not "best" as in the only character that should be our favorite but he is one of the most selfless if not the most selfless yes
Can’t Make a Creative Name
I think it mostly depends on one’s definition of best character, and for me Bruno isn’t it. He’s still a phenomenal character and is probably one of the best in the film, but idk. All of them are so good that it’s hard to pick one out of all of them. I think my reasoning for why he’s not immediately the best for me is just his ability. Being able to see through the future is an insane power but can also break the story a bit. Like what’s the limit here? Is he only able to see a certain limit through time, like 20 years or something? Why is he unable to see what happens to the Casita and is only able to see glimpses of it? Why does he need to do some random ritual thing to activate it whereas his entire family is seemingly always able to use their gifts whenever? Did he just know how to do it upon opening his door? That’s really my only biggest problem with Bruno, as for his character, I guess I just found it confusing on how brutally honest he seems to be. Like, given how nice and caring he is in the movie it’s surprising to see him tell what is probably a young Dolores that the person she’ll love will be out of reach, and or how he tells some random dude he’s gonna lose his hair or how this woman’s goldfish will die. Like I get that they asked him but it’s really jarring and clashes hard with his actual character to be this straightforward. That’s really all honestly. He’s still an amazing character and one of my favorites, I just don’t think he’s the best character. As for who I think it is? I dunno. They’re all really equally good, and I’m fine with people considering Bruno the best character, he’s just not it for me lol.
Baykush Vor Monat
When Abuela reunites with "Brunito" and she hugs him tight... that's me in my brain everytime I see him in the movie.
ToucanDrawz 🏳️‍🌈
Isaac Howard
Isaac Howard Vor 28 Tage
I hated abuela
Archenwolf -Lily K-
Hey, may I say an objection? I would like to say that Isabella is better than second to last, because she has a great personality change. She stopped being so aarogant after Mirabel approached her, and though she is at first rude, she changes greatly. Personally, just from the story, I think her experiences make her more valuable than just least good. Things come to terms with Mirabel and her, so I'd put her at.. 3rd place good? Above Camilo, or Pepa. Not saying your list is bad, I just wanted to say my opinion But I agree with your list otherwise :) great job!
PortedCannon565 Vor 3 Tage
YESS I was looking for this comment
Rong Sun
Rong Sun Vor 10 Tage
@Ilovestrawberryicecream When I say "please Abuela" I meant letting Abuela think that Isabella also believes that the ones with bad gifts or no gifts aren't really useful to the family.
@TurtleOnTheInternet well there are a lot of other amazing characters tho (not gonna die) but I still love camilo
Camilo is so higher up, he’s just a jokester but he is by far the best character ever (you have to agree or die)
@Rong Sun I don’t think so tho abuela wants her to be perfect so she won’t insult a person to please abuela (she is not THAT bad) and idk if luisa is more stronger. She is a girl too. But have to salute to Isabella for willing to marry a man she didn’t like
Thither Shook
Thither Shook Vor Monat
I’m realizing how much of a disadvantage Dolores gift actually is. Everyone else gets the cool gifts and what not, but she can hear rats talking through the walls 💀
Venturyna Angeles
When I was a kid, I had Dolores’ gift. I’m glad I don’t have that anymore.
i am watching you
@ollie she meant "all night" as in throughout the celebration, I think it was confirmed but I can't remember where.
ollie Vor 11 Tage
@LazyBunnyLyn she heard Luisa’s eye twitching all night, so no soundproof room
Bazooka Gaming Girl
@LazyBunnyLyn alright, sorry. I didn’t understand your comment. I thought you were saying in general, my bad.
LazyBunnyLyn Vor 11 Tage
@Bazooka Gaming Girl the ELDEST CHILD. The big sister of CAMILO AND ANTONIO
Tate Novikova
Tate Novikova Vor Monat
My favorite and one of the top-3 most heroic characters is actually… Casita. I don’t know how much of a character it actually is, but it’s sad that Casita got overlooked. 1) It’s basically an invisible member of the family (as much as it’s possible when you’re a colorful magical villa). It has it’s own mind, it communicates and it participates in the family life. 2) Unlike with other Madrigals - Casita’s source of powers is not only due to magic or miracle, but also the family union. That’s why it starts cracking when family’s not ok. And gets back to life when family is happy and healthy together. 3) Equally to other family members Casita is just a helpless witness and a victim of events that took place in the film. Casita doesn’t know what’s happening, why or how to help it. Has no control over what’s happening to it itself. But still is willing to help when it can. 4) Finally, the fact that I noted but still overlooked while watching film, but realized a couple hours later and started bowling. When the Casita finally crushes down - it’s helpless. It can’t fix cracks at the walls or prevent ceiling from crushing anymore due to source of magic slowly dying. But with those last now-unfulfillable magical powers Casita still can move smaller objects like flooring and chairs. And it uses it at the moment of crisis. It helps Mirabel to get up initially, but as soon as it gets clear that you can’t save both - family and magical source - along with the other family members Casita sets the priorities correctly. Family is more important than magical candle. Casita easily could just do something like catapulting candle out of the house to keep it safe, we’ve seen it throwing stuff around before, but instead it uses its lessening powers to create floor waves to get the family out of the house; and at the final moments of its destruction Casita uses its very last bits of magic to create a shield to save Mirabel when the whole house comes crushing down on her. It does not protect the magical candle - the source of Casita’s own existence - it saves Mirabel’s LIFE with the last bits of magic it has before Casita essentially dies. Casita might not be a human, but it is a heroic member of Madrigal family.
Tate Novikova
Tate Novikova Vor 19 Tage
@Can’t Make a Creative Name that’s a good point, it’s surely possible
Can’t Make a Creative Name
I think for the second point it’s more likely that Casita’s source of power is Mirabels connection with her family. Given that even before that her family was disconnected from eachother. With Isabella not really wanting to be ‘perfect’ or Luisa having problems with having so many responsibilities. Etc. the reason it starts cracking is because once Antonio gets his gift, she feels like she can’t relate to him anymore and thus puts the last pin in and disconnects her fully from her family. Either that or it’s the fact that everyone seemed so happy with him getting a gift and celebrating this much while Mirabel likely just got awkward stares and everyone going home after her attempt to get a gift failed, and she feels distanced that way.
Hata Giplus
Hata Giplus Vor 27 Tage
I honestly always saw Casita as being the living embodiment of the love of the family, or possibly the spirit of Abuela's husband imbuing the candle's magic, and also the house with life. But the house did make the greatest sacrifice, saving everyone by forcing them out of the house (except Bruno, who saved himself by crashing through the wall, saving the rats first). Then, even as it was dying, the house's FINAL act of heroism was to save Mirabel from being crushed. It was so sad but heroic.
Наталья Захарова
Camilo loves his family with all his heart, helps others, is friendly, but yes, he likes to joke, such is his character. I like. No one is perfect, everyone has their own zest)
X_StarLightz125 Vor 24 Tage
@Ɠʅσσɱყ ya and also Camilo and also is it just me or is it that Camilo kinda looks like Bruno..?
Ɠʅσσɱყ Vor Monat
Incorrect-- Bruno is perfect 💯
MangoTango Vor Monat
God bless you all
BoyFangirl Vor Monat
Encanto is definitely my new favorite Disney animated movie next to Raya and The Last Dragon. The characters, the animation, the colors, the soundtrack- Oh God, THE SOUNDTRACK!
Hata Giplus
Hata Giplus Vor 27 Tage
My favorite movie is Moana, but Encanto replaced Mulan as my second favorite movie (and not that far after Moana), almost ENTIRELY because of the soundtrack, although the story and characters were wonderful as well. Then I found out that the songs were both written by the same person - Lin-Manuel Miranda - and I was like.... okay I guess this has a lot to do with why I love both movies. The songs REALLY tie into the storyline. Encanto even moreso than Moana because the songs are VITAL to understanding the story, while in Moana, the songs just enhance the storyline but you'd still understand most of the story without the songs (although without Aue Aue, it would be a little difficult).
Drippy Eren Jäegar
@SketchTM true. Raya and the Last Dragon was so average it physically hurt me. The characters were very bland and one sighted and the storyline was very cliche.
SketchTM Vor 29 Tage
Raya was mega average
brandi mahoney
brandi mahoney Vor Monat
I felt so bad for Bruno and mirabel. Bruno can’t help what he saw…. Mirabel was shunned for not having a gift… alma knew what was going on with the house and chose to hide it….
Temu Temacular
Temu Temacular Vor 16 Tage
@Glam glam while I understand your point, I feel like Alma is more of a "antagonist" than a "villain", because in the end, after all she had done wrong, after doing so much damage to the family for especially Mirabel and Bruno, she never had ulterior or evil motives. She just thought she was doing the right thing, and you have to understand, the people and the past lacked reference of what right is compared to us right now. So in my opinion, Alma may have done so many wrong things, but she does not have evil intentions, a very gray character.
heres.ronnie Vor 17 Tage
@Glam glam i totally agree! I think the magic was dying cause she lost love for her family, especially mirabel and lost sight of what was actually important, and the house was dying because her love was too.
Glam glam
Glam glam Vor 17 Tage
@heres.ronnie exactly so when people say that "there's not a villain in the story" I feel like that's false bc Alma was the villain for sure. she wasn't like " the mustache twirling taking over the world" villain but her gaslighting, belittling, and her perfectionist attitude was affecting the family so much that it CRUMBLED HOUSE AND MAGIC STOPPED WORKING. Everything pointed back to her and throughout the movie she was so unlikeable and patronizing that the ending felt a bit forced
heres.ronnie Vor 24 Tage
Alma was gaslighting mirabel and the whole family 🙃🙃🙃🙃
Beysment™️ Vor Monat
It's so hard to make a movie with so many characters and everyone has a separate and distinct personalities. It also must be hard to make a movie where you like everyone but I think they did that so well. P.s I'm hurt Camilo is so low down he is the first Disney character I ever had a crush on 😢
LazyBunnyLyn Vor 14 Tage
Being someone who enjoys character creations, its also wonderful how everyon is very distinctively different. We got pepa the lightest skin to felix having the darkest skin, we got luisa who was built tought and strong and isabel being slender. We have curly, wavy and straight hair, noses being different (eg: mirabel and pepa), eyes of different shapes and just....its just wonderful visually
Wind_Cursed Vor 15 Tage
Bruno is the first ever character in any movie that I have had a crush on... And it's just because of his personality, not his age or anything else. My friend thinks I'm weird and calls me obssesed over him, but I just really love his character and hope I can find someone like him in the real world, so I completely understand you
Twisted Wonderland
Twisted Wonderland Vor 29 Tage
I fell In love the second I heard him sing
Trout Warrior
Trout Warrior Vor 29 Tage
First time?
Beysment™️ Vor Monat
@salted butter I know they did him justice in personality and animation but not in screen time :(((
GoldenO Vor Monat
I'm so happy that Colombia got a movie! I honestly thought that Brazil would get one first, our maybe Ecuador, but they did a perfect job with the songs and character design, I'm so happy my country has been recognized :)
GoldenO Vor 26 Tage
@Malik The mad man it's Washington DC, *DC* standing for district of *Columbia*
Malik The mad man
Malik The mad man Vor 26 Tage
@GoldenO I thought Washington was the us Capitol
GoldenO Vor 26 Tage
@Malik The mad man Colombia is in south America next to Brazil, while Columbia is the capital of the us
Malik The mad man
Malik The mad man Vor 26 Tage
Columbia is in South America right?
Júlia P C Fincatti
@Maria Ximena Otalora Cordoba True! Now they own it (and if they want to make a sequel I would be more than delighted hahaha)!
Magical Mad Scientist
I always kind of theorized that Casita was the spirit of Pedro watching over his family
lilénwasnothere Vor 28 Tage
same. i thought so since the scene where mirabel is going down the stairs and greets his picture.
Angelo Steinbach
I can most defenitly say that Abuela is the antagonist, she's pretty selfish and rude to her grandaughter. She was content with forgetting about her freaking son, simply because he would ruin the family status in the community. She cares about the magic her family has more instead've the family itself.
LazyBunnyLyn Vor 14 Tage
I dont think she forgets bruno. Bruno left on his own when he thought she would shun mirabel from her vision. This is after all based off past experiences if people blaming him for his visions and alma's perfection. No one would assume hes in the walls. They (except dolores) probably thought he left town. I think the no talking about bruno is more of "she will be sad when she remembers" not "yeah hes useless lets forget him". It seems the family are strong, the adults probably does not want alma to be sad, especially since she lost her husband as well, and both bruno and her husband are pretty similar looking
Lena Menezes
Lena Menezes Vor 19 Tage
@DewsJaz Yes
DewsJaz Vor 19 Tage
@Lena Menezes Vouch. Antagonists just have to be the driving force of conflict in the story. If Abuela wasn’t in the film then the story wouldn’t have any conflict.
Lena Menezes
Lena Menezes Vor 27 Tage
@Tamuna Tsertsvadze I am arguing but i want to say to someone and since we are talking about antagonists i dont think there will be any other better time Timon and Pumbaa are antagonists in Lion King, Simba's problem is that he didnt wanted any responsability, and they made it even worse. Antagonists arent evil, they can be really nice to the protagonist actually. I learned this when i was studying about writting
Tamuna Tsertsvadze
Tamuna Tsertsvadze Vor 27 Tage
@Lena Menezes She's still not a clear antagonist, imo. I'd say she's more of a foil antagonist than an outright villainous one, due to her kind intentions and overall love for the family, which, of course, includes Mirabel. So, Abuela's being an antagonist is still somewhat arguable. But I do agree with your definition too. It's just that the original comment portrayed her in way darker colours and I wanted to point out that it wasn't exactly the case xD
Lunar☆☆Moon - Michael Afton’s lost organs
I cried when I saw Bruno’s loneliness and the fact that he had a table with a plate that had his name so he could still eat with his family just broke my heart When I saw how happy they were to see Bruno again at the end I cried for so long it was so wholesome
Ruby XH
Ruby XH Vor Monat
Anyone noticing how some of their powers somehow have a 'negative' side? Like with Pepa if she feels negative emotions the weather will mess up. Isabela can grow flowers that aren't colourful and pretty and maybe Antonio not only can talk to animals but also control them? Not everyone can do anything just because you talk to them right?
The Pink Enby
The Pink Enby Vor 19 Tage
@Pudding With Julieta I think it can be very tiring is that she needs to cook/bake to just use her gift
Pudding Vor 27 Tage
you forgot bruno's terrible prophecies, luisa's need to prove her worth to her family at all costs, Dolores's inability to protect herself from secrets, camilo's realization that he feels like he has no self, and julieta's... idk.
Bright Sullano
Bright Sullano Vor Monat
I totally agree that bruno must be at the top, he only wants to help by telling things he saw from the future, it's not his fault if a someone's future is going to be tragic. People only wants to hear what they want, but not the truth
Cursed Magic
Cursed Magic Vor Monat
Best character is missing : the house. I know Casita is probably the warm part of Alma's personality she's repressing. But the way the house always help, feel worried and protect people make it unique and a whole real character on its own.
Yana 7012
Yana 7012 Vor Monat
I have to admit that this movie made me cry too much. I have never related to a Disney protagonist. It legit triggered a memory that I have of my grandma and hence my strong dislike towards the grandma in the movie 😅 My grandma legit asked me and my sister to tell her more about ourselves and plans to brag to our extended family back in Mexico, as if just going to college wasn't good enough compared to our cousins that start music in highschool or go to the military or work straight away. But I get it. Like my dad who puts *slight* pressure on us to get *a bit* further in life than him in this second opportunity in the US.
MangoTango Vor Monat
God bless you hope your well and happy
Lolasmaster 1221
Every time I see something even remotely sentimental, lets just say that im swimming in tears, every time I see the Dogs Journey Trailer, I will cry 100% of the time.
Clark Trinidad
Clark Trinidad Vor Monat
Bruno is a representation of "Being evil is a choice". Bruno has suffered so much, is disgraced, Discriminated, falsely accused, gossipped, and almost disowned by everyone specifically his family. Still, he chose to be Good.
Jasmine Estrella
I think Isabela is actually jealous of Mirabel because of the latter's absence of the 'gift' which is the only latter's burden and doesn't required to be 'perfect' just like Isabel.
Sus Vor Monat
Disneyphille Vor Monat
Bruno was my favorite! Also i’m surprised you made one for this movie this early I think Julieta and Agustin should’ve been a bit higher on the list since they’re pretty pure.
The Cat Role-Player
I would rank Camilo above pepa not because he's my favorite, but because his mom is a little self-centered
Vilmu Blues
Vilmu Blues Vor Monat
Yeah, I agree. Camilo is mischievous, but he was also being silly to soothe his very young little brother's nerves before his big ceremony and he was talking very gently to his stressed out mom and giving her tea to calm her down. His head also changed into a baby head when he was trying to find missing Mirabel, which suggests he was quite worried about her.
TakaGBF Vor Monat
My favorite character is Dolores, just I love the vibe she got on where she could always hear Bruno but never said anything
Nick Lyston
Nick Lyston Vor 28 Tage
Felix gets points for the hilarious song line “No clouds allowed in the sky.” His playful sarcasm is a hint to Mirabel that he thinks everyone is overreacting about Bruno.
3pi1pi Vor Monat
I really wish Camilo had gotten more screen time. Being the comic relief of the family has it's own burdens. Not to mention he probably has a lot of identity issues. Not only is he a teenager who'd likely be questioning who he is, but everyone he knows always asks him to be someone else.
Misheru Vor Monat
I enjoyed this movie so much. All the characters were so good but I thought Camilo deserved more screentime. he is such an interesting character! i would love to know more about him.
Liz Vor Monat
I disagree with the 1th place. *Casita is the best character. Period.* She is not just a literal feeling creature but also a creature made out of love and created to be a safe place for everyone. Spoilers: When everyone was in danger even if was because of her, she (I am using her pronouns cause Casita is a female "name") still manage to take everyone to safety and help Mirabel to try get the candle.
ALunarLight Vor 24 Tage
Casiita is one of the most morally good characters but I wouldn't give her a top spot or a spot in general because I think she's more of amalgum of the family's love. Casita stands for the family when they're good and working together and supporting each other it makes life easier funner and magical. when they're not supporting each other she falls apart. The miracle the house was given by abualo Pedro and abuela and the miracle itself is family imo
Hata Giplus
Hata Giplus Vor 27 Tage
I adore Casita but this could be correct, unless you think that Casita is actually the spirit and love of Abuela's husband, symbolized by the butterflies. Still, I'm fine with Bruno taking the top spot because it's sometimes easier to sacrifice yourself for your loved ones than it is to LIVE with isolation and potentially eternal loneliness for the happiness of your loved ones, which can be seen by some as a fate WORSE than death. I don't think your assessment is not a good argument though.... even if you wrote 1th. :)
the_Lena _girl
the_Lena _girl Vor Monat
Okay this is absolutely true!
simply vibing
simply vibing Vor Monat
i absolutely adore camilo’s role in encanto. he’s wonderful and i love the interpretation that can be taken into their character
Gabezilla 2002
Gabezilla 2002 Vor Monat
This is the only Disney Movie that doesn’t have any villains nor antagonist
Eriophorum Callitrix
@Melissa Murray The „villain“ in Inside Out is Joy herself before she changes and the antagonist in Encanto is the grandma
Melissa Murray
Melissa Murray Vor Monat
Inside Out didn’t have a villain as well. But outside those two movies, I think you are right.
Aidan Devine
Aidan Devine Vor Monat
@Krazy Rae I agree. I’m glad Bruno wasn’t the villain.
Krazy Rae
Krazy Rae Vor Monat
It could be begged to differ but it's like they set up bruno to be the "bad guy" but was actually just trying his best.
Aidan Devine
Aidan Devine Vor Monat
I agree. Unless you count the Conquistadors/Soldiers/Raiders.
Heather Toomey
Heather Toomey Vor Monat
Bruno was definitely most heroic because he was willing to give up his gift, family, and sanity for Maribel.
the_Lena _girl
the_Lena _girl Vor Monat
Personally I would put Pepa as second least, then Isabella as third leaset and then Camilo as fourth least Pepa was the one person to repeat the "we do not talk about Bruno" thing in the movie. The thing that made her kids probably think so too. Though seeing as to how fast she accepted Bruno back in I think that she probably felt guilt about never clearing that between them and that she was worried about him, so to not think about that she probably used the more negative side to not think about that. Isabella definitely isn't worse than Pepa. Both her and Maribel were rude towards each other. I think she was possibly most effected by her grandmother's want of perfection, especially of her, especially because she's the oldest. And Camilo, well Camilo is just a good (and hot) boy. He didn't have any actual negativity. Even him singing about Bruno felt like someone trying to scare someone else like telling a story and he definitely just took the little bit he remembered (which wouldn't be much seeing as him also only being 5 when Bruno left) and the stuff he was told and made it a bit scarier. Plus did you see how carefully he handled Maribel? I think other than her parents (and Bruno?) that was the most gentle anyone was to Maribel. Plus he's a sweetheart that's close to the village people.
Bigfootsb28 Vor Monat
What about the Mirabel’s home: the casita? Where would it be on the list. I think it is really supportive of Mirabel and stops the cousin of the family from getting extra food. It did cause the family harm by collapsing but it protected Mirabel as its sacrifice. Also, I am not counting the collapse against the house because it was the rift in the family that caused the collapse. The house’s sacrifice made the family bond and help one another. I would say that the house would be in the top 4 of the character list. The house has been helpful to the family no matter their differences.
Xion Sunrise
Xion Sunrise Vor 21 Tag
I'm a tad concerned that Mariano was the only one who seemed to be genuinely worried about Mirabel in the proposal scene. Everyone else just seemed like, "Yeah. She's the family weirdo." But I do agree with the rankings.
All that Shines
All that Shines Vor Monat
Agustín only wanted to hide the prophecy until Mariano and his family was gone, which is a sound decision so I wouldn't hold that against him. It's not his fault that Dolores couldn't hold it in any longer and told everyone in the middle of dinner
Ina Saba
Ina Saba Vor Monat
❤️ *Es una película dedicada al creador de por su hermosa Creación.* Vida,valores,virtudes,principios y la gracia de Dios en cada elemento natural. *El poder de Mirabel es su calidad humana,rica en espiritualidad*
Jaxson Huff
Jaxson Huff Vor 6 Tage
Nunca lo había pensado así. muy interesante.
Potato Potato
Potato Potato Vor 24 Tage
My favorite part of the movie was the attention to detail with family genetics. Which traits showed up in each of the children, and having unique characteristics while still being similar to the parents
Your mom
Your mom Vor Monat
The thing is the rain scene in the wedding was actually a good one, it means good luck and is also shed to be the last tears that the bride will shed for the rest of her life.
Andrés Vargas Ossa
Out of all violent people un Colombia, I don't think conquistadors are the ones portrayed in the movie. I think they are meant to be the violent people in general in modern colombia (second half of past century), without pointing to any specific side of the conflict.
Núria Malet
Núria Malet Vor 21 Tag
I love how Bruno is pictured the exact opposite of what he really is. My favourite moment is the part of the song where Camilo talks about his "7 foot frame" and we end up seeing Bruno as the shortest sibling out of the 3
Belle Katlee June
Belle Katlee June Vor 27 Tage
Camilo definitely deserves to be a lot higher on the list, hes one of the most kind funny and friendly to the townspeople in the whole movie, and his amount of screen time shouldn't affect how we perceive his characters goodness. and Isabella was showed more stuck up throughout the beginning, but i like to think this is because were supposed to be seeing in the perspective of Mirabell. so when she hated Isabella, we were supposed to hate her, and when she realizes Isabella isn't as '' perfect '' as everyone perceives her as. i think she and camilo definitely deserve to be a lot higher on this list. at least higher than the bottom 3, like come on..
Jonathan Bell
Jonathan Bell Vor 14 Tage
She may have been pressured by Alma and had become a better person by the end, but you can't just overlook that she was easily the second nastiest of the family to Mirabel after Alma in the beginning. Her justifications were weak at best and really stemmed from her arrogance of her gift and looking down on Mirabel for not having one. Frankly by the end of the movie Mirabel had asked for forgiveness, but I don't remember Isabella reciprocating, when if anything she has more reason to apologize than Mirabel did. She's not a bad person at the end of the day, but I think her ranking is still deserved.
Raistlin 34
Raistlin 34 Vor Monat
This is the beauty of the film: there is no villain. Just a family of mostly good people having trouble understanding each other.
I’m not depressed I’m a genius ✨
I feel so bad for Bruno..everyone hated him because of his power to see the future they see him as a dangerous person because they thought that when Bruno said something like tells the town that a snowstorm is happening in a few minutes, everyone thinks that he’s causing them exept for mirabel and her mom who think positive about him even pepa Bruno’s brother,hated him for “ruining” her wedding it’s so unfair for him 😢
I’m not depressed I’m a genius ✨
@Gabrielle Chase that’s true well he just told her it would rain on her wedding just so that she won’t be surprised but pepa thought that he was ruining her wedding so she got emotional and started hating him
Gabrielle Chase
Gabrielle Chase Vor 27 Tage
Notice... he told her it would rain on her wedding... and it did.... him telling her is what caused it to rain... while it was kind of him to tell her... she didn't need to get emotional. A little rain never hurt anyone. She just got upset over the warning. I don't believe in bad. Characters. Just ones that have been hurt and misunderstood.
Joanna Crickenberger
I'd love a good to evil for "The Great Mouse Detective" and "Robin Hood".
alshipman522 Vor Monat
Suni Glow
Suni Glow Vor 23 Tage
This movie overflows with such goodness that everyone actually WANTS a sequel just so that there can be an actual villain
Claymoura Vor Monat
So, does anyone else wonder how Pepa had her kids? Like did she just have her kids in a torndado or did they have to sedate her when the time came?
Claymoura Vor Monat
@AllthatisGood&Happy normally I’d agree with this…but I don’t think they’d force a 9 month pregnant woman up a mountain just to have her kids, of which she’s had 3, especially since a 9 month pregnant woman cannot walk very well, let alone climb a mountain unless she is the strongest woman on the earth So maybe with Luisa? Yes, Pepa? She’d cause a storm before even getting 30 feet up the mountain
Claymoura Vor Monat
@Wruszka that or someone died, they’ll never know
I believe that when her labor days are approaching, they probably hike out in the mountains or somewhere remote away from the town. Pretty scary thinking about her in Labor....
Wruszka Vor Monat
People in the village waking up in the middle of the night because of a loud storm and strong wind be like "a new Madrigal is coming" lol
Stefanía León
Stefanía León Vor Monat
It was a great video!! Just one thing, I'm from Colombia and I have to clarify that people who killed Pedro weren't conquerors (I wish it's written well). Here there are millions of people that were forced to leave there home because of violence. It's called forced displacement (desplazamiento forzado, in Spanish). It's with a lot of respect, I loved the video and the ranking!! ☺️
Tori Tation
Tori Tation Vor Monat
Alma is so underrated! She went through so much grief, pain, and fear for atleast 30 years! She has to raise her three kids alone, Casita was the only one with her. She never forgot about Bruno, she loves her family but feels that things need to be perfect or else they'll fall apart.
Héctor G. Vega
Héctor G. Vega Vor Monat
Bruno and Iroh; The best uncles ever known in the whole Cartoon universe
Kristoffer Vor 24 Tage
One of the few disney films that I genuinely think needs a sequel. The cast has a lot of potential
David Ray
David Ray Vor Monat
I'm gonna buy this film as soon as it comes out on DVD/Blu-Ray and Digital. Looks fantastic.
Powerof Picklez
Powerof Picklez Vor 6 Tage
Camilo should be higher on the list, in the “Family Madrigal” song, he is seen helping a mother babysit their child while she rests. Not only that, but it is mentioned that he would do anything to make you smile. The biggest think though, is that he helps out amd calms down Pepa, his mother, in the part of the movie where she was super stressed.
Felix The Lemon
Felix The Lemon Vor 26 Tage
You know this movie hit different when the bottom of the list is still good
Shaylah Smith
Shaylah Smith Vor Monat
12:56 Bruno got the gold medal! He totally deserves it, his story is super depressing. :(
Mateus Dutra
Mateus Dutra Vor Monat
5:58 I don't think she kept that secret, i guess nobody believed her and she just gave up in trying to convince everyone, people tend to forget that she's probably a teenager, then her parents probably said "Ok dear" and went on with their lifes. On the ending of the movie she told Camilo that she was right about Bruno being in the house, probably hinting that she already said that but nobody believed her
Juice Box
Juice Box Vor Monat
I love Pepe and Felix, really I love they and their children! They are all different but balance each other out
Dvq Jacks
Dvq Jacks Vor Monat
I would put Antonio above Luisa, but otherwise, this is accurate
Elsa Savira
Elsa Savira Vor Monat
@Annika Kohls what
Dvq Jacks
Dvq Jacks Vor Monat
@Annika Kohls how?
Annika Kohls
Annika Kohls Vor Monat
I agree, Antonio is the true number one. I would also put mirabel a little lower only because she equally (if not more) at fault for the friction between her and her sister.
Mohammed Ismail
Mohammed Ismail Vor Monat
Antonio = Eternal Cuteness
Chilleythegamer Vor 10 Stunden
I love how it goes Camilo, Pepe, Dolrase. Being one part of the family!
Super Yoshi Bros JG Plush
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min huang
min huang Vor Monat
I know that this isn’t technically considered a character, but I consider the casita a character (house)
Alma Elbuheisi
Alma Elbuheisi Vor Monat
I watched the movie on monday. i loved and i loved every character i cant decide on a favorite. but if i had to it would either be peppa,dolores or luisa. i loved how luisa really opened up to mirable and i loved how dolores heard bruno and only told mirable as she didn't want anything bad to happen to bruno and i loved peppa because of her emotional personality just like me. me and peppa have a lot in common.
Lily Chang
Lily Chang Vor Monat
Honestly I loved everything about this movie the characters were all great the songs were great the story I just loved it so much, my favorite Disney movie ever.
Maureen Cali
Maureen Cali Vor Monat
**EASTER EGG** In the song We Don't Talk About Bruno, at 2:20 onwards Dolores says (her singing is getting lower or more faint because Isabel is singing her line above hers), "It's like I hear him now (Bruno)....it's like I can hear him now. I can hear him NOW!".
namibia athens
namibia athens Vor 29 Tage
Bruno was my favorite character immediately when I first saw him in the movie without knowing he wasn't evil. I only loved him exponentially more in every scene
☆Lets draw pokemon!☆
I do understand why Alma is at the bottom is Isabella should be higher than where she is placed in this video because she had all that pressure on her shoulders from Alma she always felt like she needed to be perfect because she is 1 is the oldest out of the 3 sisters & has to be responsible & I get why Luisa is higher than her but because Isabella is getting older she needs to make a plan for herself what she is going to do in the future & all of that. She is scared of disappointment from her family & most of all her grandmother because in the song at the end when Alma says "what's going on?" I'm sure she was scared to tell (idk because I didn't see the movie yet) I can relate due to me being older than my brother I am the older one & sometimes I feel like I have pressure to be perfect due to me being older sometimes you feel like you have to please everyone & that is how Isabella feels I do understand she has her flaws but that's what she is trying to hide and not show because the less she shows her flaws the more pressure she will put on herself (I know this is really long so sorry about that & I understand that you have your won reason to put her right before Alma but I'm just putting my reason there so no hate please & thank you)
Brooke Vor Monat
@CODE: GL I’m glad you think the same too :D there all good people but they also have made mistakes and it Dosnt matter if they make up for it in the end. This is because alma still stays in her place even though she comes to light about what she was unknowingly doing. So why should isabellas rank be changed if she is also redeemed you know?
CODE: GL Vor Monat
I mean the ranking isn't really appropriate to begin with. But if I have to list them down, I would agree that Isabela being the second to the last. Look, I know the pressure of being the eldest and all of the responsibilities as the breadwinner or golden child but it's never an excuse to be rude or emotionally hurt someone just to cope with stress. Hence, why Luisa is much more mature than her. Well you could put Isabela above than Camilo because he did sing about destroying Bruno's image in more dark way. Anyway their rankings are justified, besides ALL of them are GOOD. It just my persuasion, but its for you to see that clear point or not. And I respect your opinion, if you chose otherwise.
Vanessa Arzate
Vanessa Arzate Vor Monat
I love Encanto so much!😍😍 And Maribel is so stunning!!!😍😍
Zibby Badfo
Zibby Badfo Vor Monat
Disney ripped my heart out with bruno having to sit and eat dinner across a wall from his family who were happy he was gone. Like come on he didn't deserve nothing that happened to him
Trux Utor
Trux Utor Vor Monat
I can see that Abuela is very misunderstood throughout the film without getting to know her first. And I understood what she was trying to do for family presentations and she yet doesnt understand due to lack of communication issues. That I can relate. I literally cried when her backstory/introduction to the miracle was first created. Shes a hard worker and has to be strong for raising a family on her own, like I get where shes coming from. Even tho I dont like her repeated behavior for putting it out on her family can come out as toxic. Communication is key, throughout the film. Now to concluded I'd say shes my favorite character who I can relate to. (While Bruno is my main favorite who is very neutral for when it comes to his gift of fortune telling and conflicting feelings about family yet still neutural good)
David Ray
David Ray Vor Monat
Can't wait to see CinemaWins do this movie. Should be a blast.
MonicaYarnLover Vor Monat
In my opinion the uncle should be higher on the list than the parents and Mirabel should be below Antonio.
lil gaming
lil gaming Vor 14 Tage
bruno is honestly THE best character and he deserves it. The part where he drew a plate so he could still eat with his family was heartbreaking
Maria Paula Montenegro Carrillo
Those weren't conquistadors those were other Colombian people as its set during the Colombian civil war, which worse part was during the the last of the 19th century till early 20th, after a wile it toneded down in some parts, to be fair it hastnt ended completely, the difference is where and who is fainting, always having inocente people as victims of their war.
moonlight shadow wolf
I would swap Mirabel and Luisa cause they are both really good but I feel that Mirabel really cares about everyone and always trys to help
sadlobster1 Vor Monat
The moral of Encanto reminds me of a similar one I've found in Big City Greens, another Disney property. You should try and be successful...but you don't HAVE to or NEED to be a success for your family and friends to love you
Tbone680 Vor Monat
Mirabel is now one of my most favorite Disney characters of all time
Fay Stringer
Fay Stringer Vor Monat
So much I love about this movie. However one thing I did really like was that the fiancée (Mariano?} never became a twist villain like I was expecting. He fit the character well and I was surprised that he had no ill will
Ginny Weasley
Ginny Weasley Vor Monat
Bruno is sort of like Sirius black from Harry Potter. Their character design is similar, they were both like the black sheep of the family, and people thought both of them were evil and scary, but they were really nice and caring.
Janine Leffler
Janine Leffler Vor 6 Tage
I thought so too !
StarTyger Nebulla
Big Hero 6: The Series Characters from good to evil Angelic: Baymax Good: Hiro Hamada Light Neutral: Alistair Krei Dark Neutral: Celine "Sirque" Simard Bad: Richardson Mole Demonic: Dianne Amara
Shayka shae
Shayka shae Vor 3 Tage
I have a theory that all of these characters live inside us. This movie is a therapy master class. Camilo teaches us how to shake off other people imprints/energy with a head shake. (Tried and works) Bruno is our gut feeling, 6th sense. Mirabel’s mother is how we feed our body to keep it functioning well. Luisa is our feminine/masculine energy (end of the movie used her feminine side like emotions, rest etc) (shows us that we need a balance between both energies. Deloris is our hearing/gossipy side obviously. Too tired to talk about other characters lol Moral of the story: We appreciate our gifts like gossipy, chameleon, perfection, strength etc but suppress our gut feeling just like bruno had to leave because of his prophecies. Okay bye ✌️
Millie Dundon
Millie Dundon Vor Monat
I honestly think that they should have ranked Pepa bellow Camelio, It felt as though throughout the movie Pepa was on le of the ones most openly hostile towards Mirabelle, purposely or not.
Colby Stearns
Colby Stearns Vor Monat
I feel like I relate with Bruno the most out of all the characters, I definitely see a lot of myself in him.
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