Do All Suicide Survivors Think The Same?

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CONTENT WARNING: The following contains discussion of suicide and suicidal ideation.
If you are in crisis or thinking about suicide, please call one of the following organizations:
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
The Trevor Project
Veterans Crisis Line
1-800-273-8255 press 1
Crisis Text Line
Text TWLOHA to 741741
Options for Deaf & Hard of Hearing
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16 Okt 2019



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Thank you to our cast for having the courage to share their stories with us. Thank you to all of you for listening and sharing with us as well. If you are in crisis or thinking about suicide, please call one of the following organizations (+feel free to add any we may have missed): National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255 The Trevor Project 1-866-488-7386 Veterans Crisis Line 1-800-273-8255 press 1 Crisis Text Line Text TWLOHA to 741741 Options for Deaf & Hard of Hearing 1-800-799-4889
yuankoh _
yuankoh _ Vor 3 Tage
kinda deep- but this is a topic I relate to, but people who have been adopted. if i lived in usa i would volunteer but, i live in uk..
Malena Sol Winderbaum
Is there some kind of online option? I'm from Argentina. There aren't any hotlines here, not that I know of. I know one, but it's... I'm not going to attempt like right this second, and that hotline is the type to send an ambulance over or something, I think.
Rhea Swope
Rhea Swope Vor 13 Tage
Please make a video of the families who are still there after someone commits suicide. My father passed by suicide, and I have some very different answers to these questions.
Kim Marie
Kim Marie Vor 24 Tage
Jubilee paano
Marisa Karah
Marisa Karah Vor 28 Tage
Jubilee do all politicians think the same? Just a idea
David Lawson
David Lawson Vor Stunde
Why is wanting out, and on to the next phase considered a mental illness?
Erin H
Erin H Vor 3 Stunden
Is it weird to be suicidal yet not.. I had made attempts as a kid but not knowing how to really do it clearly it failed, and coulda swore that's how I was gonna go. Just really rough growing up being I between adults fighting. People messing with your head to "choose a side" . I bring up suicidal yet not cuz i still don't wanna live. This life isn't for me yet, after loosing my sister to suicide, the pain I went thru, I could never do that to anyone. As much as I get it and I really do, I live this life for other people, to keep them happy and wanting a life. And I'm still living life, just can't help those sad thoughts that make me want to leave it. But again after having lost someone so close and knowing the hurt and mental trauma it causes I could never do it now. Not with people in my life if that makes sense. Im not good with words but..Am I the only one?
1blueyedgirl1 Vor 6 Stunden
Do all people with OCD think the same? This would be huge! There is such a stereotype that OCD is just hand washing or cleaning but it’s so much more. I’d trust Jubilee with this story
Aimee tee
Aimee tee Vor 9 Stunden
As somebody who has attempted multiple times, suicide is selfish. When I was younger and suicidal I didn’t think so, I thought it was the best thing for me to die. But this year my best friend killed herself, and the way it has affected everyone who loved her, the way it has affected me, I think it’s selfish. Since the day she died it has changed all of our lives, pushed us back, put us at a standstill. The grief is hard and different than when somebody dies naturally or through an accident, dealing with it is so difficult and hard, I’ve watched myself and her close friends and family fall back into mental illnesses, addictions, etc. My life will never be the same. I can’t blame her, because she was struggling and she didn’t think it would hurt us the way it has. But she is gone and we have to keep living, moving forward in life knowing she will never be here again. In that way I think it is selfish, but I don’t blame her because I understand where she was and how she was feeling. And I could never blame her for the hurt I feel because I know she wouldn’t have done it if she knew it would cause as much pain as it has.
devin alphin
devin alphin Vor 11 Stunden
They need more men in the line up
AOSS Vor 11 Stunden
I really needed this honest and uncensored talk about the topic
Andres Orozco
Andres Orozco Vor 12 Stunden
Also FUCK this hits hard after watching dear evan hansen and thinking of my old friend was was suicidal. My crush. Damn this shits tough to watch
Polly Olson
Polly Olson Vor 12 Stunden
When the lady gave her a hug at 3:18 I started crying
Andres Orozco
Andres Orozco Vor 12 Stunden
Wow 5/6 are women and its so interesting to see the different responses between all 6 (not just by gender, but for any question)
Sketcherr r
Sketcherr r Vor 22 Stunden
Brandon is always in all videos why
Kit Bina
Kit Bina Vor Tag
I wanted to reach out and show major love towards the Asian guy, he seems to struggle deeply with emotional stress still. Coming from an Asian family whom some don't claim the stigma of having a mental disorder can be hard. Even with my family, some act like to have a mental disorder is a negative thing, that people in our family whom are clearly suffering from a mental disorder and need help are just acting out and that it has nothing to do with a mental disorder.
Aatala Vor Tag
Look at all these beautiful people
Tavi Your Neighborhood Artist
I alway say that life is bittersweet. But just keep remembering the sweet parts yall!
Kelsey Stanley
The effect of suicide is selfish. But the intent is almost never from a selfish place. 🖤
Squrtle the turtle
This is one of the best and most informative videos on this topic I have ever seen INCREDIBLE
Brooklyn Brown
elijah and alia are soo cute
Olivia Everette
I don't like how Elijah interrupted Brandon toward the end...
Aya Aya
Aya Aya Vor Tag
I feel,,their voices have a similar tone "like week or sad tone"!
Ria Lavian
Ria Lavian Vor 12 Stunden
They’re emotional.
ChiBears1523 Vor Tag
As a broken man whose in the deepest depths of depression and addiction with fentanyl, I noticed one thing.. Idk if it's because I relate to them but I see a beautiful human being both inside & out, in each one of these individuals. If only we could see ourselves like that😥
Baby Blunt
Baby Blunt Vor Tag
Do one with kids
Jasmyn Byrd
Jasmyn Byrd Vor Tag
I think I needed to see this
The Struggle Project
This touched my soul.
Phoenix Lord
Phoenix Lord Vor Tag
Let's all agree We wanna hug all of these people
loverrlee Vor Tag
I can relate to these people because I’ve been suicidal. Mental illness is a daily struggle and people’s understanding is all that keeps me sane somedays.
Maddy YT
Maddy YT Vor 2 Tage
I honestly think suicide isn't selfish. There comes a point where you can't keep going and I wouldn't live a life as painful for anyone else. What pain I am feeling is what only I feel, if I feel I cannot do this anymore, I cannot. I'm not living a painful life for someone else. I end my pain.
val Vor 2 Tage
Virtual hug to Brandon 🖤
Beecher Vor 2 Tage
Is it just me or does Brandon look like Chris Pratt before he lost a ton of weight
Genuinely Vor 2 Tage
The sound at the beginning legitimately sounded like a dog drinking water for a second lol
Lol Z
Lol Z Vor 2 Tage
It's weird because I feel so comfortable and understood in the comment section because I just realized again that they are people out there that understand and went through the same thing
Saransh Mehrotra
Saransh Mehrotra Vor 2 Tage
Brandon looks a bit like Chris Pratt!
Erik Hamilton
Erik Hamilton Vor 2 Tage
Jeez, I just wanna give Aster the biggest hug
dior Vor 2 Tage
They complain about suicide being romanticised yet they defend the decision of killing yourself by saying it's not a selfish act.
Maria Tomine Longum Hansen
Paige really looks like a Paige
F.B.I Vor 2 Tage
They don’t want to die,they want to end their suffering of suicidal thoughts.
BWB Productions
BWB Productions Vor 3 Tage
- M
- M Vor 3 Tage
lisab theboss
lisab theboss Vor 3 Tage
Imo I think its selfish, it may feel easier for others when its the complete opposite it puts negative energy onto other people who are close to you to the point where they might commit suicide because of you. To me i would hate myself if I caused someone I know to die cause of me. At times you might think your parents or friends wouldn't want you alive but that's a very quick judgment you dont know the long run. I always tell people life will kick you down and want you to beg but you keep going and keep doing what you do best and you will succeed. Im glad I told my friend that before he died in a car accident. He ended up being a doctor when he thought he was useless and ended up paying for his parents house and brothers schooling. I really miss him till this day but because of him I continue working hard, you dont know when your time is and because of it hes my motivator. Just please power through and it will get better in the long run not right away, its like a wound it doesn't heal right away it takes time and when its healed theirs still a scar but you powered through the pain. Sorry if my grammar is all over the place just a little emotional about my friend passing
ItsLexi !
ItsLexi ! Vor 3 Tage
I tried to commit in 4th grade, 1 year ago, my dad has been in jail for about 5 years.. my mom and her husband were arguing almost every day. My nana was the only person I could talk to. I stayed up the night I tried, listening to my mom and her husband arguing. I was texting my cousin and my bestfriend, I don’t remember exactly what I said. But it kinda slipped out that I didn’t want to eat anymore. My bestfriend was diagnosed with axnoria( not sure how to spell it) a while ago she had said, she said she was miserable. She said there’s better ways. I thought there was no way out. All my birthday wishes, for 4 years, I just wished to see my brother more, and for my dad to get out of jail. He recently got out of jail 3 weeks ago. My cousin made me send her a video of me eating.. I didn’t want to eat. *I am somewhat overweight for my age* I talked about it to a therapist. My dad or brother still don’t know I tried to starve myself. I do still think about it. I came out as bisexual a few weeks ago, my mom wasn’t VERY supportive.. my nana wasn’t please either.. My cousin and bestfriends were the only people,really, who accepted me.. my cousin is bisexual, but she’s scared and hasn’t came out yet. That made it worse.. I suffer from anxiety and depression. I do think about starving myself, a lot really, but my sister couldn’t handle it.. her bestfriend, Parker, recently shot himself and shes been a wreck, cut herself 2 times.. So I can only imagine how upset she would be if I committed. I got texts, snaps, and I was confronted, they all wanted to know if I was okay.. or if it was true.. that I starved myself(tried to).. I’ve been thinking about not eating..
Eli Duran
Eli Duran Vor 3 Tage
Yes. To all of it, yes.
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