Do Beats Headphones Still SUCK?

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We try on 4 of the most popular noise canceling over-ear headphones in the $350 range and decide which ones we think are the best.
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11 Feb 2019




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BIll Geo
BIll Geo Vor 2 Stunden
ESTABLISHED BRANDS??? Where the f@#$ are the Sennheiser, the AKGs and the AudioTechnica headphones???
Christiano Rocco
Christiano Rocco Vor 2 Stunden
As far as I know, the Bose can connect to multiple devices at once seamlessly, while the Sony is limited in that realm. That is a major drawback for Sony, IMHO.
Stephan Osther
Stephan Osther Vor 2 Stunden
The only option imo: Wait for the new Bose with usb type c.
Alejandro Sarmiento
Alejandro Sarmiento Vor 3 Stunden
6:00 just look at linus's face hes so hurt
Aczxser Vor 3 Stunden
White t-shirt dude looks like Jack from This is Us
StarBorn881 Vor 3 Stunden
Audio-Technica ATH-M50x - Flat frequency response across the board, very comfortable as well. $150 on amazon. I'm an audio engineer and these come to every one of my sessions.
drop2001 Vor 4 Stunden
The microsoft headphones have the most useful controls i have ever seen!
Nikolai Sverdrup
Nikolai Sverdrup Vor 4 Stunden
I actually get a little triggered when I see people walking around with beats
Mohammed Bin Sultan
Mohammed Bin Sultan Vor 4 Stunden
Beats studio 3 is the best headphone for gym and active people in general. it is just convenient
Guillermo Sandoval
Guillermo Sandoval Vor 5 Stunden
The sound quality of Sony wh1000xm3 is the best especially when you watch movies you feel like you are inside the movie also is more better when you activate 3d sound
trololo Vor 5 Stunden
headphones is for show off. audiophile choose iem
Mason S.
Mason S. Vor 5 Stunden
Audio technicia?
Ruben Uithaler
Ruben Uithaler Vor 5 Stunden
Biggest problem to this video is the crappy music they listen to . No one going to spend on these headphones and listen to linus looney toons...
Mason S.
Mason S. Vor 5 Stunden
I don’t know why but this video was go good
Niclas Peyerl
Niclas Peyerl Vor 7 Stunden
NayDeSancho Vor 10 Stunden
I wish you guys would’ve optimized the audio on the Sonys and Bose....then listen to music. I chose the Sonys and once you tweak the audio interface in app ... they are outstanding and put the Bose way behind!
ICANanimations Vor 10 Stunden
Bose is clearly the winner
Bonswally Vor 11 Stunden
anyone who wears large headphones in public is an idiot.
tcgcity Vor 11 Stunden
This video is biased in so many ways. So sad...
tcgcity Vor 4 Stunden
Complaining about bad controls at beats but not mentioning the fiddly controls of the Bose f.e.
cac2244 Vor 12 Stunden
Thanks guys...i have the Bose QC35 ver 2 and was about to get the Sony's...not anymore... Just saved me 450$ cdn
Francisco Zermeno
Francisco Zermeno Vor 13 Stunden
Still suck? They have always sucked.
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget Vor 14 Stunden
You should do beats against bass head headphones
Normal Viewer
Normal Viewer Vor 14 Stunden
I wanna by Apple
Riasat202 Vor 15 Stunden
Yes, yes they do. Sennheisers come with 2 years limited warranty. Apple will shit on your face if anything goes wrong a month outside the warranty period.
Drew Thomas
Drew Thomas Vor 15 Stunden
Or Sony I’m fine with ether
Drew Thomas
Drew Thomas Vor 15 Stunden
Or I can have the Microsoft headphones or that’s a no but thx answering if you even do
Drew Thomas
Drew Thomas Vor 15 Stunden
Linus can u pls send me the Bose headphones or the beats I need headphones and my birthday is on March 28 if you do want to message me thru DE-vid
Drew Thomas
Drew Thomas Vor 5 Stunden
Idk I might get lucky
schlongdas Vor 12 Stunden
Drew Thomas why would he
I'm a Developer
I'm a Developer Vor 16 Stunden
Only broke people hate on Macs and Beats
schlongdas Vor 12 Stunden
stupid argument
Pedro Peixoto
Pedro Peixoto Vor 16 Stunden
Did Beats ever sucked?
The Real Gamer
The Real Gamer Vor 16 Stunden
how ever Sony has been do speakers stuff lot longer then every else so ya and i am a fan of Sony
Michael Negranol
Michael Negranol Vor 17 Stunden
... You could effectively interrogate prisoners with that crackling from flexing those Sony phones...
subscribe to pewdiepie
subscribe to pewdiepie Vor 17 Stunden
Yeah James is cool and all but have you ever tried letting Dennis host?
yahmad Vor 18 Stunden
This title does not match the video at all
mebombu Vor 18 Stunden
Basically the difference between Bose and Sony here is comfort. I don't like the ear cups on the Sony ones, so I prefer Bose becasue they're way softer and more comfortable. If you like the Sony ear cups, do those. Also like he said, the Sony ones put a lot of weight on the top of the head and that feels uncomfortable for me, so I would buy Bose.
Joshua Espinosa
Joshua Espinosa Vor 18 Stunden
They need to do something with the Dolby Dimension headphones now!!
Uwais Hafizal
Uwais Hafizal Vor 18 Stunden
holon... he says that the beats hurt as much to pay for as the others combined, but theyre all the smae price on the amazon links? The microsoft is even cheaper. Was it sarcasm (i can't tell)
Joshua Espinosa
Joshua Espinosa Vor 18 Stunden
Question: Can the USB-C port on the Sony/Surface be used for a wired audio connection??
notanewbie dude
notanewbie dude Vor 18 Stunden
6:00 r/Teenagers take note
wot Vor 18 Stunden
the filmer is so wtf
Matt Knowlton
Matt Knowlton Vor 19 Stunden
Went and bought the sony headphones. I am extremely happy with them. The noise cancellation is some of the best I've heard, and the sound signature is a bit bass heavy but definitely decent.
Yousuf 95
Yousuf 95 Vor 19 Stunden
4:33 lol like if you get it
George Roberts
George Roberts Vor 19 Stunden
Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 are awesome
Noobz Threefortyseven
Noobz Threefortyseven Vor 19 Stunden
Yes. Saved everyone 17 minutes.
Leo Przybylski
Leo Przybylski Vor 19 Stunden
3:35 "Squeeze mine." "Oh yeah. Actually, not impressed". LOL
Shaun Fedrick
Shaun Fedrick Vor 20 Stunden
Lmfaooo linus' face at 6:00 when he says you can get laid with beats
Peteral Vor 20 Stunden
Watching this with the Sony headset. Yay!
Niwrad Vor 20 Stunden
whats wrong with just having camera on a tripod? too much movement
Nimrods Legacy
Nimrods Legacy Vor 20 Stunden
No shit, i own my Bose since two years and always found it shit i cant forward a song. WHY!? Why didnt i found that. HAHA Thanks alot!!!
BoxingMMA Mixes
BoxingMMA Mixes Vor 20 Stunden
Everyone hates on beats but at the end of the day everyone got em. I have the bose QC35 and the Studio 3. Beats are way louder and have way better bass. Now noise canceling is dogshit on the beats and flawless on the bose. Now look-wise, the beats look the slickest on anyone’s head, they ain’t bulky like the bose which look like you’re entering in a fuckin NASA spaceship they don’t look good. But if u don’t give a fuck about how they look, then get the bose. Sony blows btw don’t waste your time and those retarded ass fuckin Microsoft headphones cmon. Stick with Bose or beats.
pinkjarl Vor 21 Stunde
so he didn't include Sennheiser
404Anymouse Vor 21 Stunde
Still not as good as wired Koss Porta Pro
Henry Bishop
Henry Bishop Vor 22 Stunden
i would add a sennheiser, but that is just me. i have one and i love it. Also thanks for for the vid
MysteryMicrowave Vor 23 Stunden
People feel pressure from the Sonys but I don't feel it at all
noob2510 Vor Tag
I like the more professional videos, like this one
No Sennheiser :(
Private Vor Tag
robert linke
robert linke Vor Tag
i have Corsair VOID's, for €70,- and i like them wide soundstage, clear high's, ok lows, 7.1 dolby. included mic, also not bad, but not the best ever. no fold, but cups do swivel. absolutely over ear, so they do rest on *my* head, and can fall off *my* head, but comfy to wear basicly all day, unless you really do like 18 hours non-stop. wireless as well, good battery life, even after a year or in my case almost 2. if you need a good headphones for around 70 to a 100 or so, go for these.
neptronix Vor Tag
They suck because they're overly expensive. You can buy 40-50mm drivered studio monitors starting at $70, crank up the bass a touch ( they can handle it ) and they'll sound pretty much exactly like these overpriced all style, no substance headphones, perhaps better.
S w
S w Vor Tag
I bought the beats studio3 simply because you can get them on sale for $220 cad on cyber Monday / Boxing Day / Black Friday. I would never buy them for their full MSRP.
Synth Vor Tag
chilling with my touch controlled Senheisser PXC 550's with a dynamic range of 5hz to 24khz, talkthrough microphones if I need to communicate, adaptive noise cancelling with adjustable cancellation levels, and cup holder they're also $50 cheaper than anything else shown here
Arunav Sharma
*laughs in M50x*
Leo liftus
Leo liftus Vor Tag
why dont people use IEMs or In-Ear-Monitors as those go deep into your ear canal and cut off the outside world pretty good, why carry these fat things around?
Toxicity At its FINEST
4:30 OneOdio : *Chuckles* Padding
Markos Vor Tag
I like beats, so what? Are you gonna judge me as something bad only because i use and enjoy a product that's not hurting anyone?
kukukachu Vor Tag
I got my Siberia 800s for at home and my Sony stereo headphones with cord attached for $25 for out in the world.
Chestor Endou conan
Well i gotta mention this cuz they forgot if you hold the noice canceling button on the sony xm3 the noise canceling gets better and it adapts to envirment and if ur wearing glasses it notices that and adapts also on airplane ride it notices the atmospehric pressure and helps with that
Evgeniy Pizza
Chestor Endou conan thanks. Dad
Tamás Fodor
Tamás Fodor Vor Tag
Bose is actualyl Bőze! :D
boddeda venkatesh
exclent review i ever seen before in youtube
Jerry Kress
Jerry Kress Vor Tag
you missed the pressure optimiser on Sony which makes an immense difference
Allen Zhong
Allen Zhong Vor Tag
I can't move my eyes from that shirt!
Jannis Vor Tag
You should really try out the Bang & Olufsen H9i, Bowers Wilkins PX and Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless. All of them are fairly close to the Sony 1000XM3 and Bose QC35ii. Espacially the B&W PX is very good. There are a lot of reasons to buy them instead of the Bose or the Sony headphones.
John Macaulay
Really dislike the more 'reality' type format. Comes across like you're too lazy to script and research an actual video (which given the amount you pump out is probably the case.)
wakman756 Vor Tag
Not failing to include sony but failing to include skull candy
Asid's Tech Tips
And if you are in an environment with unusual noise that is not auto cancled to an acceptable capicity. Push and hold the adaptive button and your headphones will calibrate to cancle the environment better
Asid's Tech Tips
Oh and if you wear hearing aids these are the best. Comming from a guy who used to use bose qc 35 headphones. My reason for changing was the expense of paying for aaa batteries which the bose i used needed
Asid's Tech Tips
And you need to check out the app. Custom sound profiling or presets available
100 subs Pls
100 subs Pls Vor Tag
No turtle beach? :(
Asid's Tech Tips
A tap of the power button tells you your battery percentage
Asid's Tech Tips
You did not cover battery life. I use my headset 4 hours sometimes more from mon to fri and get around two weeks before needing to charge them for 30 mins to go full again
Asid's Tech Tips
When you put your hand over the right ear peice.the noise cancling mics turn into normal mics amplyfying external sound so you can hear on the fly with out removing the headset
Asid's Tech Tips
Also with the sony you can controll how much noise cancelling you want to have
Asid's Tech Tips
You missed alot of functionality with the sony such as active adaptive noise cancling. They auto tune to your environment.
Abror Kosimov
yes before watching video
Uteopia Vor Tag
it's big FAT YES!!!!!!!
Baka Merlin
Baka Merlin Vor Tag
imagine watching this in your living room on a smart tv with high volume, neighbors are gonna be freaked out man
lucas lim
lucas lim Vor Tag
I miss the old kitchen videos
This feels so much like a dog show, haha!
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf Vor Tag
any one of those would be good enough for most people, but $350 should get much more in headphones than simply good enough.
Samuel Uzoma
Samuel Uzoma Vor Tag
I’ve got the SONYS
zimmier Vor Tag
and where is senn.... the king of headphones.
zimmier Vor Tag
i love how they bought beats just to remind us how bad they still are. excellent.
Lil dog
Lil dog Vor Tag
Come let’s be honest AirPods are best
Super Murloc
Super Murloc Vor Tag
I owned the first gen studio beats and it had great bass I recently bought the beats studio 3 and the bass is ass.. Sound quality also dropped.. Returned the next day
Phantom Aspect
If you want awesome headphones get a set of Audio Technica ATH-M50x's, had mine for a few years and haven't used a better set yet!
Jeff Bollinger Jr
All this time and it's beats headphones that ladies desire
Ryan Keller
Ryan Keller Vor Tag
1900 Clueless beats fanboy dislike this video.
Jackson0405 Vor Tag
I dont know if i just have bad luck but ive gotten 2 pairs of sony headphones and both of them the right side has stoped working
College Richards
Sony and Bose are kings.. M-soft is new to the arena and Beats are garbage.. but they should have included Plantronics BackBeat PRO 2 I think they are very comparable to a sorta Sony and Bose cross if just a little lower but at nearly 50% the price.
Douglas Smith
Good banter...good video...
Erwick D'Souza
Did you notice his shirt?!
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