Dodgers rally in 12th to defeat the Red Sox | Dodgers-Red Sox Game Highlights 7/14/19

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Condensed Game: The Dodgers rallied in the 12th inning while A.J. Pollock drove in four runs in a 7-4 victory over the Red Sox
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15 Jul 2019




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Alan Ladd seine Katze
Most beautiful game this season until now! I know this is awkward to most viewers, but these are my two favourite teams for a reason! And the Fenway Park crowd providing this kind of magic is to be read as a signal of highest respect for the, in my opinion, greatest roster in the history of Baseball. This World Series just has to be Dodgers on top, and it has to be against the damn Yankees! For Brooklyn, and for Boston, this is the year!!!
Broad ツ
Broad ツ Vor Monat
Red Sox: Tie with dodgers post-game Dodgers: Hold my dodger dog. (Only true fans know what a dodger dog is.)
Rock girl
Rock girl Vor Monat
#35 on trending
Deep hug
Deep hug Vor Monat
RobotoMon Vor Monat
So which red Sox fan said that they would win this serious? 😂
BlitzkriegCHILE Vor Monat
LA will be there!! Hope Boston gets there too
Koon Jay
Koon Jay Vor Monat
God damn let Ryu win come on
Rock girl
Rock girl Vor Monat
Every time i see biaz i think.... well there goes our lead
백지우 Vor Monat
Good job to Ryu..🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷 Baez fucked it up blowing Ryu's win though. back to back homerun was really bad but Dadgers did it finally.. still not sure they can win World series with poor bullpen.
백지우 Vor Monat
@Deep hug that's good point but what about bullpen?? Jensen is the only one i can trust so far even though he messeed it up today's game.
Deep hug
Deep hug Vor Monat
#35 on trending
지나가다 Vor Monat
류뚱 울것다
CUEBALL424 Vor Monat
Looks like the real Pedro Baez is standing up now.
Leon S. Kennedy
Leon S. Kennedy Vor Monat
I just came back to this vid and what the 45# on trending let's go blue!
celiciagoes Vor Monat
Hearing the crowd chanting for the opposing team at Fenway is everything...
Amanda Rose
Amanda Rose Vor Monat
Who knew a recap video featuring the Dodgers would actually be trending omg lol hey
herb petrillo
herb petrillo Vor Monat
So glad that these filthy cocksuckers finally lost a sunday nite game.these dirty boston cocksuckers usually are slated to win every sunday nite game that these filthy dirty boston cocksuckers play on....
Elijah Blackwell
I just went to this game and it was as amazing!
Maria Masallo
Maria Masallo Vor Monat
LAD 2019 champion
steelerdave2000 Vor Monat
And, they spanked Philadelphia today
marcelino duelas
Go Dodger blue!!!
Gean Carlo Loiola Cavalheiro
Super Los Angeles Dodgers
Paul Kloos
Paul Kloos Vor Monat
Is that legitimate to have people not playing help you like when the dude caught that foul ball?
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman Vor Monat
#44 on trending
Coza Pro
Coza Pro Vor Monat
Every time i see biaz i think.... well there goes our lead
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman Vor Monat
#35 on trending
Never Quit Nate
Never Quit Nate Vor Monat
Tramaine Terrance
Hello, Humans. “Men marry women with the hope they will never change. Women marry men with the hope they will change. Invariably they are both disappointed.”- Albert Einstein TERRANCE OUT
rick mann
rick mann Vor Monat
Ryu should get an AIDS test after that one with Bradley Jr
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman Vor Monat
#33 on trending
wally Adams
wally Adams Vor Monat
Dodgers beat the dead Sox
John-boy Vor Monat
Good job by Ryu just giving up a couple of runs. Great defense by both teams with two great outfield throws. These good teams don't make unforced errors, watch the Marlins recent game and you see why they have a crappy record. Pollock with a nice day
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman Vor Monat
#31 on trending
Bleda Diaz
Bleda Diaz Vor Monat
DODGERS all day Everyday baby! There s only one speed, Dodgers Speed. If Teams can t keep up don't step up! EAT HOME RUNS Boston! hahahhahahaha
Justin Kemp
Justin Kemp Vor Monat
Verdugo was definitely safe in the 11th.
The Xekutioner
The Xekutioner Vor Monat
Heavyweight bout
Max A/C
Max A/C Vor Monat
How many games Ryu got robbed of a win this season? 3? 5? It's just too sad.
elm st
elm st Vor Monat
I noticed this too smh
Alucard400 Vor Monat
Apparently, Dave Roberts thinks Pedro Baez is tipping his pitches. This game was very apparent to him as it was back to back homers that tied the game. He thinks it has been going on since just before the All Star break.
FRANK De Rudder
FRANK De Rudder Vor Monat
Ryu pitched well and again the bullpen blows it! Im pretty sure he should b 14 and 2 or 15 and 2 now! Again if the Dodgers want 2 win it all they have 2 do something with the bullpen! SOMETIMES im shaking my head how the Dodgers have a 14 game lead with the bullpen they have!! GO DODGERS!!
Kelly Morales
Kelly Morales Vor Monat
I kept checking my phone for the scores! This has to be our year Dodgers!I made sure I bought LA vs yankee tickets! can’t wait!
tileavenue Vor Monat
Fenway Park looks like it's for LITTLE LEAGUERS compared to Dodgers Stadium
Ryan Randone
Ryan Randone Vor Monat
tileavenue still the best stadium
tileavenue Vor Monat
@Ryan Randone yep it is the OG stadium. and yep it is little league in comparison
Ryan Randone
Ryan Randone Vor Monat
tileavenue it’s the og stadium stop hating
PeekaPeep Vor Monat
Dodgers needed to win this series SO BADLY, glad they did or else they were gonna have to make some real in-house roster changes soon after for this important 2nd-half push. Play of the game was when somebody in that Dodger dugout sent word to manager Dave Roberts that Pedro Baez might've been tipping his pitches after serving up those game-tying back-to-back HRs in the 8th and went out to have a little chat with him and catcher Russell Martin to let them know about it. After that, Baez shut 'em down in that inning and it was only a matter of the Dodgers pushing a run across to take this one. Big offensive game from Pollock, who looks 100% healthy for the first time in a long time. Jansen trusting his slider in those two clutch innings of work. Kelly serving as back-up closer and getting it done in extras, nice. Oh, and ESPN can get on their knees and pucker up for being such blatant east coast brown-nosers!!!
anandguruji83 Vor Monat
anandguruji83 Vor Monat
Louie G.
Louie G. Vor Monat
Certainly not the World Series rematch Ortiz wanted, but it is what it is
iMennu ___
iMennu ___ Vor Monat
Dodger bandwagons until they lose another World Series
dKNight Vor Monat
we'll still be here in Dodger blue like we've always been.
blade5019 Vor Monat
Go Dodgers! But obviously, without reinforcing bullpen dodgers won't win the WS.
Sonny Styles
Sonny Styles Vor Monat
They will choke on their Dodger dog again.
Bitcoin Motorist
I am glad Pollock had such a great series. I was at Saturday's game and an obnoxious Red Sox fan was heckling him to the point where security gave the fan a warning. Of course the fan left after Pollock hit a homer on Saturday.
Clickbait Jr
Clickbait Jr Vor Monat
Yesss but we must get bullpen help
Jaime A.
Jaime A. Vor Monat
Thanks for the great base running Bradley! Lmao 🤣
Redmaniac 135
Redmaniac 135 Vor Monat
If Only Boston was this bad In the World Series last season.
Jaime A.
Jaime A. Vor Monat
Love it! Screw the Red “Sacks”
Edward Rio
Edward Rio Vor Monat
Back to back ws these nuts Go Yankees
Nehemiah Howard
Nehemiah Howard Vor Monat
If bullpen can pitch like how they did majority of the game, that would be great
Nehemiah Howard
Nehemiah Howard Vor Monat
@Alexander Sandoval Why does your life depend on it?
Alexander Sandoval
Why do you like a Boston team, California team, and a Denver team?
Jules Vor Monat
Baez looking in full post season mode...#baezblowsagain
dkchen Vor Monat
Man Baez seems like he has a good arm, but man he sure screws it up royally at times. He must have some sort of "tell" that everybody knows but the Dodgers.
rene leggs
rene leggs Vor Monat
Anyone else notice where ESPN booth was? They probably had to tune in on radio to know what was going on with game!
William Durazo
William Durazo Vor Monat
Jansen starting to show some heart!
rene leggs
rene leggs Vor Monat
Well, if we had players run the bases backwards...we could have the full Fenway effect! Yeah, maybe historic..but.....
TOXICTWIST 999 Vor Monat
Gio  Pruneda
Gio Pruneda Vor Monat
TOXICTWIST 999 in your dreams sure - they would be lucky to get past the Astros or Yankees
Anthony Cooks
Anthony Cooks Vor Monat
Dodgers need pitching or they will have 0 chance against Yankees or Houston.
Alexander Sandoval
Urias and Stripling are not enough. Joe Kelly has been great as of late but his control needs work. Baez is good but chokes, Floro, Alexander, and Chargois are not good enough. We need to trade for Will Smith and call up our Will Smith
conni70 Vor Monat
Dodgers have the best starting pitching in the NL and a dominant closer...it's the set up man that's the question
Bigaidan 2000
Bigaidan 2000 Vor Monat
And the Loston fans say yankee stadium is a little league park, might wanna rethink that.
kev127 Vor Monat
@Ryan Randone If you get into the playoffs* And that's a big if. You chumps have serious competition for the wild card.
Ryan Randone
Ryan Randone Vor Monat
Weedy Gonzalez I really good care less, we still have a good chance at the wild card, and once we get into the playoffs we become dangerous
Inquisitive Tony
@Bigaidan 2000 not really lol. Also, we can easily get into the wild card.
Bigaidan 2000
Bigaidan 2000 Vor Monat
Ryan Randone but you sure did blow your chances of winning the AL east this season.
Ryan Randone
Ryan Randone Vor Monat
Weedy Gonzalez Red Sox didn’t blow a 3-0 series lead
Jared Williams
Jared Williams Vor Monat
This was beautiful...
Ramon Martinez
Ramon Martinez Vor Monat
Man it felt like October!
kil koh
kil koh Vor Monat
That 2nd Sox run was out by a MILE!
Gibbs 456
Gibbs 456 Vor Monat
We have such a good team but our bullpen is SO BAD. I don’t know if we can win the World Series against a team like the Yankees. They have starting pitching, hitting, and a good bullpen. We need to get brad hand. Hopefully Fraudman can open his eyes and see how bad our bullpen is.
Michael Deitch
Michael Deitch Vor Monat
4:04 I’m surprised Sean McDonough didn’t voice crack.
Chris Villa
Chris Villa Vor Monat
Jansen surprised me
Brian Melendez
Brian Melendez Vor Monat
Same he was awesome
Brian Camacho
Brian Camacho Vor Monat
JBJ.... It's base running 101!!!
Max Mendez
Max Mendez Vor Monat
The Sox’s aren’t as good this year
Whyutripping Homie
It’s so awesome to see dodgers fans out in droves at every damn road game❤️.
Victor Славик
Dodgers aren't winning the world series
Brian Melendez
Brian Melendez Vor Monat
Third times the charm
Gio  Pruneda
Gio Pruneda Vor Monat
Brian Melendez we have --twice now
Brian Melendez
Brian Melendez Vor Monat
We'll see bout that
Mark Hyatt
Mark Hyatt Vor Monat
Let’s go dodgers ⚾️⚾️🥇
Mark Hyatt
Mark Hyatt Vor Monat
Like if dodgers fan dis like if reds Sox’s fan
d_e_v_i_ n
d_e_v_i_ n Vor Monat
5:06 I think he was safe
Jose Ortega
Jose Ortega Vor Monat
Don't run on The Kid
Chanse Bunker
Chanse Bunker Vor Monat
One of the best games I’ve seen in a while!
think panzer
think panzer Vor Monat
Joe Kelly never forget
Bams 413
Bams 413 Vor Monat
Dodgers all the way
Frank 90
Frank 90 Vor Monat
nathan j
nathan j Vor Monat
So David Price gives up a 3 run homer, and somehow his stats read that he only gave up 1 run all game?? Last time I checked, you give up a homer in which 3 men touch home plate, those are 3 runs, unless it's in Fenway for some reason
nathan j
nathan j Vor Monat
@Jae Koh ok, I thought I was the only one who noticed these things
Jae Koh
Jae Koh Vor Monat
Fenway scorekeeper is smoking crack! 2 runs they charged ryu shoul have been unearned, freeze should have made that play!
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