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22 Jul 2022



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Ye11owCake Vor 16 Tage
"Don't shoot, I'm polish!" "Spell your last name!" "I can't!" "He's polish"
AHK Productions
AHK Productions Vor 3 Stunden
Dragonov Blazïcoŵski
Empir ion
Empir ion Vor 2 Tage
Joe King
Joe King Vor 2 Tage
@Aniket Datta all that spelling for it to come out sounding like "Jarnold" in English lol
Daniel Vor 3 Tage
Trosurus Rex
Trosurus Rex Vor 3 Tage
@Aniket Datta Szczęsny is the correct pronunciation
Christofor Vor 29 Tage
The pianist is such a good movie it’s so touching and it’s just so special
Don Lapierre
Don Lapierre Vor 13 Stunden
I had to watch this movie in high-school
Pranav Roy
Pranav Roy Vor Tag
@tenkei fujiwara it was supposed to be a copy of him Sherlock
Repent Sinner
Repent Sinner Vor 3 Tage
Minus the fact it's made by a pedophile
Emin Mahmudov
Emin Mahmudov Vor 5 Tage
Directed by a child rapist who fled the US - escaping a prison sentence and remaining a fugitive.
J R.
J R. Vor 7 Tage
Hans Combrinck
Hans Combrinck Vor 23 Tage
His performance in this role was astounding, such a great film.
Hans Combrinck
Hans Combrinck Vor 16 Tage
@Jellyman2k21 you are most welcome sir.
Jellyman2k21 Vor 16 Tage
@Hans Combrinck thank you
Hans Combrinck
Hans Combrinck Vor 20 Tage
@☯Baka☯ The Pianist (2002). It's about a Polish pianist during WW2, I highly recommend it.
☯Baka☯ Vor 21 Tag
Whats it called
Leo Tarian.
Leo Tarian. Vor 2 Tage
remember watching this when I was younger. such a riveting film. when I first saw this scene I couldn't help putting my own hands in the air in fear of Adrian Brody getting shot.
Nestor Aguilar
Nestor Aguilar Vor Monat
"Why the f**king coat?" "It goes hard bruh"
Geno559 Vor Tag
Hard in the paint
Ikem Vor 3 Tage
😂😂😂it’s dead cold
M Vor 4 Tage
I took it off roco demayo the man had the reputation for being the toughest guy in Essex county.
Tsepang Malephane
You see the drip
Miłosz Skowroński
"It's classy"
Filiz Johnson
Filiz Johnson Vor 5 Tage
What this man goes through is beyond. A film that stays with you for a life time.
SirDurtle Vor 17 Tage
I love it when channels take clips from random movies and are so low effort that they can't credit them or even write a description. This movie is "The Pianist" for anyone wondering.
sk8erade69 Vor 19 Stunden
You are a god send sir!
NORO Vor 21 Stunde
Tanks bro
Idrc. Vor Tag
You make it sound like a bigger problem than it is, you could literally js look up the lines and find the movie. But then again I hate when people dont put the movie names either.
Random User
Random User Vor Tag
It's Adrian Brody acting. Need we know more?
TaKob Vor 2 Tage
Thank you! you’re a legend
Tevin Vor 10 Tage
"Ahhh I'm Polish!!" "Polish who?!" "Polish Brescezwskesk!"
Jake in the Lake
"Polish DEEZ NUTS"
Mane Ensom
Mane Ensom Vor 15 Tage
I accidentally watched this as a kid with my dad, had me thinking about till i was older. Rewatched it and it still feels the same. Awesome movie.
pimas11 Vor Monat
“I’m polish!” “What’s your name?” “Krzycz Skcwzynski” “He’s Polish”
XGas.Hurried Vor 6 Tage
remo imondi
remo imondi Vor 10 Tage
aaahhaah it's a fiscal code
Ben the Peaceful Forage-Garden Inhabitant
@Warningshot my last name is a derivative of Grzegosz xD
Truck Taxi
Truck Taxi Vor 12 Tage
Janmar YT
Janmar YT Vor 13 Tage
@The Preposterous Nobody that's not name but ok
FunkyGhost 47
FunkyGhost 47 Vor 22 Tage
one of the hardest hitting lines in cinema just the whole movie the build up the sadness the meaning of the coat its all perfect
Michael Walker
Michael Walker Vor 17 Tage
Nocturne in c sharp minor is still my favorite piano song to this day
midevilgirl Vor 15 Tage
This movie scarred me as a little kid. My dad watched war movies. So I was use to battle deaths, i loved watching horror films, suspense thrillers, but this was my first introduction to geniside. I literally could not look at other people without having an underlying sense of dread for years. My friends have told me, if the Pianist scared you, don't watch Schindler's List. And I never will.
JD Vor 4 Tage
“Don’t shoot, I’m Polish” *shoots “Please don’t shoot, I’m Polish!!” *SHOOTS AGAIN
Onion Chan
Onion Chan Vor Monat
Man, if you really listen you can hear the pain in the “I’m cold” such a phenomenal actor
Onion Chan
Onion Chan Vor 19 Tage
@Paul Hepburn the Pianist
Paul Hepburn
Paul Hepburn Vor 19 Tage
What's the name of the movie
Player Two
Player Two Vor Monat
The trick is to make them go true real hazard events
Onion Chan
Onion Chan Vor Monat
@FH Thats the beauty of acting, looking the part and playing it so well that it can be easily perceived as the real thing.
FH Vor Monat
'You can hear the pain' lol, its a movie so he was not in pain. Smh
L T Vor 8 Tage
That scene really got me. I was a kid watching it with my mother, and she gasped so hard and yelled at the TV thinking he was about to get shot all because of the coat.
The "im cold" line just breaks me every time😢
SteveoMagician Vor 2 Tage
Sad fact, the actor who played this roll still isn't right in the mind. It effected him that much that he went into a state of depression that lasted years. He really put himself in those shoes and nothing good comes out of this movie. Its just all about depression. Great if you're strong enough to forget about it once you've seen it but otherwise it's a brutal movie. Brutal!
magic oil
magic oil Vor 24 Tage
The amount of emotion he put into that acting is crazy good
Shakeit Vor Monat
“why the coat?” “ I’m coldish “
Itz Deer
Itz Deer Vor 19 Stunden
@Jacob we blew it up
Shakeit Vor Tag
@jonathan harriss lol
jonathan harriss
this comment made me laugh more than any other comment on any other video ever , wtf. well done .
jonas antonsen
Yoo, im f*kin dead😂😂😂
Stutz Vor 29 Tage
Powerful movie. The wheelchair scene messed me up first time I saw it. Such a good movie!! (The Pianist)
서현빈 Vor 22 Tage
"Why the f*** coat? " " I'm Cosplay"
Artimus41 Vor 21 Tag
EvNVader Vor 23 Tage
Incredibly visceral and intimate film. Really great if you haven’t seen it. Depicts the tale of a polish Pianist who gets caught up in the holocaust and is forced to survive the hell scape he now finds himself in. Will he ever play the piano again?
Bryan moore
Bryan moore Vor 28 Tage
The pianist is one of my all time fav movies for sure. Such a good film
Dimitar Matanski
"Why the fucking coat?" "I'm cold..." "I thought you were Polish! Liar!" *Shoots*
Hugo Silva
Hugo Silva Vor 9 Tage
Lmao 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Miłosz Skowroński
Hey, we do get cold. Sometimes.
Lapis Lazuali
Lapis Lazuali Vor 21 Tag
The man
The man Vor 25 Tage
You reminded me of my 9 year old self’s humour
True Vor 25 Tage
JUSTIN CROWE Vor 2 Stunden
I remember watching this for the first time in middle school during history class great times
blue gravity
blue gravity Vor 15 Tage
It amazes me his range of characters from villains to this.
SCCheaters Vor 10 Stunden
One of the greatest films in history.
Lee Coffill
Lee Coffill Vor 2 Tage
A genuinely amazing movie
Black Vor Monat
"I'm Polish." "Why the jacket?" "I'm cold." "You said you're Polish."
remo imondi
remo imondi Vor 10 Tage
TravaZZZik Vor 16 Tage
Hi polish I'm dad
Xayæz Prod
Xayæz Prod Vor 16 Tage
@check out the playlists and who the fuck asked pidaras?
Soham sonar
Soham sonar Vor 16 Tage
RealKeepa Entertainment
you talked in eng to
A Vor 3 Tage
As someone who lives in Canada I can say I truely understand when He says am cold. Its either the coat or death
Kiah Bench
Kiah Bench Vor 17 Tage
One of the best movies of all time imo, the pianist is crazy good
phantom 13
phantom 13 Vor 14 Tage
one of the best movies in cinema history, hands down
1SecondHero Vor 2 Tage
This film is called a pianist, it follows a pianist who happens to be a jew living in Poland during the height of ww2 where the Germans blitz through poland. It shows his struggles, his loss, trust in total strangers and trust in the enemy. I first watched this film long ago with my mother who’s also a pianist (so am I) on Christmas and it has been our little tradition since. It is also a very good film. Do give it a watch.
GhostsMP4 Vor Monat
Such an amazing actor. I can feel the pain when he says "I'm cold"
Just some Random Guy
Film name ?
Suppahottfire Vor 4 Tage
@Rocky bro he was acting trying tooo hard don’t get me wrong I love peaky blinders and I love that whole changretta storyline but he was ridiculous
Rocky Vor 4 Tage
@Suppahottfire no way yo! He was awesome as mafioso Luca Changretta
Sapling Vor 11 Tage
Bro it’s a comedy movie why the fuck you on about it like it’s some grammar award winning movie
Matthew Russo
Matthew Russo Vor 11 Tage
One of the best of the last 30 years
Savant Vor 17 Tage
He deserves atleast 10 Oscars for this one
mug Vor 27 Tage
"Dont shoot!" "Why?" "I'm Polish" "Oh, understandable"
Ronin H
Ronin H Vor 24 Tage
The end is literally saddest part in this movie man it hurts bad... Huge cliffhanger...
rk manoj
rk manoj Vor 17 Tage
@Meban Jyrwa The Pianist. One of the goated movies..
Meban Jyrwa
Meban Jyrwa Vor 17 Tage
Movie name?
Gamdursol Vor 2 Tage
The Pianist is on my list of best movies ever. Pretty brutal to watch though💔
Teny Kid
Teny Kid Vor Monat
"He's polish" "Yes He's polish" got me lol
Maus_943 Vor Monat
*"I fucking just said that, dumbass."*
othman aachraouat
FrenchMusketeer Vor Monat
@Dope that’s what I was thinking
Dope Vor Monat
"He's polish" *shoots*
ePixBear Vor Tag
performance earned the man an oscar
Marcus Constantine
"I'm Polish!" "I'm cold" "Nonsense! Polish cannot feel cold!"
jonas pereira
jonas pereira Vor 22 Tage
Essa cena man E de mt foda,me arrepio so de lembrar
Terminal 23
Terminal 23 Vor 9 Tage
This guy man.. finally making a big name for himself.. whoelse only remembers him from percy jacksons king kong which he was great in.. he disappeared for a few years then he makes this and stars in peaky blinders and smashes both roles! Extremely underrated actor
Ali Abdallah
Ali Abdallah Vor Monat
“I’m Polish” *starts shooting faster*
Kołczan Vor Tag
@Amaan but how is it relevant
Kołczan Vor Tag
@Amaan between 6 to 7,5 million
Amaan Vor Tag
@Kołczan how many poles died by the Germans care to tell me 😂😂
FuchU Vor 15 Tage
@Slav Semi-star У меня есть родственники с польской кровью, у меня есть родственники которые непосредственно живут в Польше. Я не могу сказать, что Польша - это их единственный дом, так как и мой дом - их дом. А их дом - мой дом. Мы родственники, как не крути. И Я не могу отделять Поляков от других славян, даже не смотря на то, какая сейчас у нас между вами политическая ситуация.
Slav Semi-star
Slav Semi-star Vor 21 Tag
@FuchU under occupation. never a part. obvious diferrences in every aspect.
Alex Zondervan
Alex Zondervan Vor 19 Tage
I’m not worried, the V12 HT sold extremely well and this is very similar but with suspension
Michał Kosakowski
Michał Kosakowski Vor 25 Tage
I watched this movie one time ..m never again . I cryied like a baby ...:( Rest in peace people who had to go through this nightmare .
Pixel Vor 21 Tag
Love the accuracy, the Russian soldiers actually are equips with the PPSH 41, aka the standard Russian smg in WWII
SKV Vor 17 Tage
"Don't shoot, Im cold, Im cold" "Why the coat?" "Im Polish" *Shoots*
Cesar Hernandez
Cesar Hernandez Vor Monat
"Why the fucking coat?" "I'm cold" "Damn i didn't know you were chill like that"
unlimited Vor Monat
Shusui Vor Monat
pop 123
pop 123 Vor Monat
@NotReallyFaceless damn bro i didn’t know you were chill like that
noah3 Vor Monat
The Notorious D’Angelo
Eliswer Ekio
Eliswer Ekio Vor 29 Tage
I remember when I watched this as a child at my school, one of the best and also mosr depressing movies about World war....
Spishy Official
Spishy Official Vor 16 Tage
Adrian Brody is an INCREDIBLE actor
Filipp mit F
Filipp mit F Vor 24 Tage
I was confused at first, I thought on the outside where nazis and started laughing when they immediately started shooting after he said that he's Polish 💀😂
Xavery B.
Xavery B. Vor 5 Tage
My friend has a lil story about that. At the ending scene, W. Szpilman plays a piano at the radio station. A friend of mine told me, that this was historical fact. What is more, this exact piano belonged to his grand grand father, who's been there an important military persona. This piano got stolen from his house, shortly after war by communists, and moved into this radio station, and THEN Szpilman was playing on it. Since no papers, and other documents didn't got archived, there is little to no evidence that this is the belonging of his (my friend's) family. This exact piano is now at the museum of national history. Fuck communism. Fuck Germany and Russia.
Josef Zalusky
Josef Zalusky Vor Monat
"Why the coat?" "Respect the drip, bro." "Damn, my bad"
Ander Leven
Ander Leven Vor Monat
de-vid.com/u-shortsC8RE5SkN0No?feature=share 🔞
Elvis Rodriguez
Elvis Rodriguez Vor Monat
Damian Bigelow
Damian Bigelow Vor Monat
Theres no "respect" for nazi sympathizers!! Ever! For any reason! Did I say Ever! WWII Factoid of the day: I believe most of the officers uniforms and the SS uniforms were designed by company's like "Hugo Boss" and "Louis Vuitton" Idk how to spell their names corect but tjats why they were so stylish and they are still in business to this day selling high end fashion products without so much as an small fine for their contribution to the nazis.. They all should of had their company's taken, dismantled and then donate the money towards rebuilding Germany.
01_ Adiguna Mukti
AS 15
AS 15 Vor Monat
The EarthRex Den
Absolutely Amazing Movie (The Pianist) of you haven’t seen it, see it!
crqf2010ruler Vor 3 Tage
"Why the coat?" "I'm cold" That's what she said.
Buckminster II
Buckminster II Vor 16 Tage
the pianist will always be one of my favorite movies
MODULAN Vor 18 Tage
One of my top 10 favorite movies fucking love the pianist
Peter Kajan
Peter Kajan Vor Monat
"Why the fucking coat?" "I'm cold" "Hi cold, I'm dad" *Shoots*
__Luck__ Vor 13 Tage
Hi God I am Iron Man
Cold🥶 Vor 14 Tage
@Vergil no not you 😩
EvaLasta Vor 17 Tage
@DarioCLB cringe christian promotion spam lmao. Reported.
kingchad333 Vor 17 Tage
KingSkyland Antonio
@animationblox I'm the creator of creators I'm Oden! Hi Oden I'm Ra
ZachJustVibin Vor 21 Tag
This makes me think about how officers or people in general can't understand how much fear can take over your body when a gun is aimed at you. Your thinking about death immediately and they're screaming and pointing and shit 💀 Imagine it from a perspective where you don't even speak they're language as well 😭
Ryu The Panda
Ryu The Panda Vor 28 Tage
“DONT SHOOT IM POLISH” *Still shoots* *Comes out* “He’s polish who would have knew”
Rorisang Poo
Rorisang Poo Vor 18 Tage
"I'm Polish" "Why tf coat?" "I'm coldish" 😂
Laksamana Suhendra
"I'm Polish!" *shoots* "I'M POLISH!" *shoots*
rom elul
rom elul Vor 26 Tage
They love shoot it this what it this
Ander Leven
Ander Leven Vor Monat
de-vid.com/u-shortsC8RE5SkN0No?feature=share 🔞🤭
LA AND Vor Monat
Mark Zol
Mark Zol Vor Monat
@F¡re Fox wouldn't surprise me if american troops straight up droped a nuke. To a random civil place that doesn't even concern the military events
Mark Zol
Mark Zol Vor Monat
@W_Gospodin_Nikto_W poland laughed in 1920
vixey_aka_blicku Vor 11 Tage
seen it a while go,really good movie definitely recommend watching
DrXppy Matt
DrXppy Matt Vor 22 Tage
"DONT SHOOT" "shoots" "ah shit we missed" "COME OUT WITH YOUR HANDS UP"
Henry KissJinjer
Henry KissJinjer Vor 23 Tage
imagine he would have said "I'm a pianist!" and has to prove it by playing something extremely complicated without fucking up
Love Heals
Love Heals Vor 12 Tage
When he played the piano for the German officer....I had to stop for a minute and gather myself.
Luca Vor Monat
Exactly because of such a situation, my great-grandfather was in Russian captivity. He was a train driver and dressed up in a dead German soldier's uniform to make it easier for him to get through (at least that's kind of how it was). However, he did not know that the Russians had advanced so far. The end of the story was that the Russians declared him a German soldier and he ended up in captivity.
Трубник Vor Monat
@Naz Tsar well "end your life" is a bit of an exaggeration. Yeah, they'll beat you down if you'll act stupid(or if they are stupid, police brutality is a thing), but believe it or not, protestors are being treated relatively nicely in our "glorious motherland". max you'll get, unless you actually commited more serious crimes, is 15 days. After that - well you might have issues with getting a job in state institutions (although, I struggle to find any country where you would not).
Mark Zol
Mark Zol Vor Monat
@Nick Bell You literally learned the word "victim" from me and then used it against me. I didn't put any numbers of the losses Russia suffered so you victimise Poland more than I do about Russia. You've got the victim mindset. Very much appreciated that you have an objective stance on 20 century Poland. Yet if by during world war you mean events from 1939 to 1945 then its peak was Katyn forest bloodshed that concerned military and officers. From 1941 to 1944 Soviet Union literally was not able to change course of events because they thought germans in soviet territory. And after 1944 there were already plans of making a communist Polish people's Republic so what was the point of committing atrocities with fresh communist allies. Genocide is a systematic eradication of ethnicities especially civilians. Germany had concentration camps and Himmler antislavic doctrine to do that. Soviet Union had to resort to bloodshed against polish military staff, their subordinates and all the way to infantry because A. It violated the Molotov Ribbentrop Pact B. Covering polish military would supposedly give Germany reasons to violate the spheres of influence stated in M-R Pact. Soviet troops might have made horrible things to german troops as a response to german atrocities and occupation, but they never viewed poles as a bloody enemy more like a partner in grief and suffering. The most horrible thing Soviet Union did to Poland after the events of Katyn was set it back economically because of that failure planning communist economic system. Even like that USSR suffered of such planned economy as well.
Time Death
Time Death Vor Monat
bruh he took 2 Ls
Савелий Федосов
@Nick Bell с чего бы русским убивать человека за то, что тот поляк? Красная армия - это армия благородная. В её составе были евреи, мусульмане, те же поляки, украинцы и много кто ещё. Все тогда с одной тарелки кушали и все были друг другу братом. Потому что это было идеологическим направлением СССР. Дружба народов. Это сейчас уже все давно изменилось. Сожрать друг друга готовы.
kino61 Vor Monat
@DarioCLB no the narcissistic god's drama again? How many children will his angels slaughter this time?
Gv Gv
Gv Gv Vor 20 Tage
Listen closely when he says Dont shoot I beg of you, I'm bi- Polish? Excellent movie and great acting by Adrian Brody! You really feel like this is a live documentary, not a movie!
Jose Vor 15 Stunden
I blurted out laughin in class the first time i saw the old man get thrown off the balcony 😭😂
Nikhil Gupta
Nikhil Gupta Vor 19 Tage
I remember watching this scene. When he accepted this jacket from Nazi officer I was like don't wear this you moron, you would be shot on sight. And then he rushed towards a woman to hug her and she screamed thinking he was a Nazi. Soon these soldiers started shooting at him.
Pedro Falcão
Pedro Falcão Vor 17 Tage
A great movie, makes me want to watch again.
Donactdum Vor Monat
“I’m cold” it’s something abt the way he delivered that line that always gives me chills
Killertoxin Gamer
Damn, he got you cold too
`` Vor Monat
Cause he said it with a little bit of guilt, harmfulness and a tone asking for understanding. You just want to give this man some hot food and a warm place to rest.
Canuck Cars
Canuck Cars Vor Monat
Sir, the door is that way, you can see yourself out
Ris And Danny
Ris And Danny Vor Monat
Borrow his coat.
Jovan Vor Monat
ba dum tss
korosh eht
korosh eht Vor 3 Tage
This move was such a master piece
The Stressed Teacher
"Why the f*** coat? " " It's Hugo Boss baby"
Desmond Davis
Desmond Davis Vor 19 Tage
This was the first time I saw Adrien Brody and after this I watch anything he's in he's an amazing actor.
J. R
J. R Vor 18 Tage
@PopKernel 28 The Pianist, long movie but amazing
PopKernel 28
PopKernel 28 Vor 18 Tage
What's the movies name?
Rubab Mubarrat
Rubab Mubarrat Vor Monat
My Friend recommended me this movie. I always appreciate that.
sai charan
sai charan Vor 19 Tage
Polanski's best film. The guy was so talented and gifted.
Sujit Kumar Dash
Sujit Kumar Dash Vor 19 Tage
"Don't shoot" Thanos :-" Just......."
Gabriel Suarez
Gabriel Suarez Vor 15 Tage
One of my favorite films.
Jonathan Crocker
Jonathan Crocker Vor 14 Tage
This movie, "The Pianist" (2002), is one of the greatest war dramas EVER.
Drew Bolton
Drew Bolton Vor Monat
"Dont shoot, I'm polish" *shoots profusely*
Drew Bolton
Drew Bolton Vor Monat
@mlodyiceblue e I didn't dispute that? What makes you say that
mlodyiceblue e
mlodyiceblue e Vor Monat
No, those are russian soldiers
Yeetboi Vor Monat
@Union lmao ik, just for the memes let’s say there speaking dif languages 😂
Vanya Superov
Vanya Superov Vor Monat
*shooting intensifies
Drew Bolton
Drew Bolton Vor Monat
@Union Yeah, man.......just let him have his jokes, let him live in bliss 🤣
Alasdair Vor 18 Tage
This film always brings a tear to my eye
Alasdair Vor 18 Tage
@PopKernel 28 The Pianist
PopKernel 28
PopKernel 28 Vor 18 Tage
What's the name of it?
Batmanthegoat619 Vor 13 Tage
Saw this movie in my global history class last year what a great movie it was
Sarthak Pathroliya
Sarthak Pathroliya Vor 13 Tage
Best War movie I have ever seen in my life. If anyone wants to know the real incidents of WW2 I would recommend them to watch the Pianist.
Tom Mjørud
Tom Mjørud Vor 27 Tage
Name of the movie: The Pianist Such a master piece ❤️
ɹǝʞᴉɹʇs ɹǝʞʎɹ
“Why the fucking coat?” “It’s *Hugo Boss* baby” Proceeds to run way strut.
K4MISH1N Vor Monat
*gets shot
Bob Phigglebottom
@Sebi One 😎😎😎😎
Sebi One
Sebi One Vor Monat
I'm too sexy starts to play. Russian soldiers begin to cossack dance around him.
Leo F
Leo F Vor 18 Tage
Man been awhile since I’ve watched this great movie
Mega is Greasy Sweet!
Context: A German officer gave him his coat. He was helping him survive until the Soviets advanced on the city and he was eventually captured. The officer eventually died in captivity, unfortunately.
Not Under
Not Under Vor Tag
If you haven’t watched the movie, a good German gave him that coat
Last Primaris
Last Primaris Vor 13 Stunden
The Pianist is an amazing movie
joshua powell
joshua powell Vor Monat
"Why the fucking coat." "Its hugo boss."
John Kotis
John Kotis Vor Monat
If you were German from 1936-1945 you were a Nazi, everyone was.
Otto Günsche
Otto Günsche Vor Monat
@Yeetyfreety I understand, nice chatting with you.
Yeetyfreety Vor Monat
@Otto Günsche All I'm trying to say is that the terms are not interchangeable.
Yeetyfreety Vor Monat
@Otto Günsche I am, yes. I apologize for that most people are more thick headed.
Otto Günsche
Otto Günsche Vor Monat
@Yeetyfreety You're just repeating the same stuff, I literally agreed with you.
Abhilash Banerjee
Abhilash Banerjee Vor 16 Tage
One of the most powerful films
Troll486 Vor 28 Tage
"don't shoot im polish" this is literally the best reason to shoot
Razer007 Vor Tag
I literally just watched this movie for the first time last night wtf
ShermyCZ Vor 29 Tage
Amazing film .. love it
F2P Vor Monat
"Don't shoot, I'm a programmer" "Prove it!" "Array start at 1" **Shoots*
le MBBS Nibbi
le MBBS Nibbi Vor 5 Tage
Andrew Vazzana
Andrew Vazzana Vor 8 Tage
must be a matlab programmer
Bhavya Vor 9 Tage
@PapitasLoup lessgo
LameGourd Vor 9 Tage
Lua users be like:
Kinos141 Vor 11 Tage
Someone E
Someone E Vor 10 Tage
To summarize the movie: The guy was a polish piano player who played for the public radio; when nazi Germany invaded in 1939, his family was unfortunately killed. A German officer helped him hide from the authorities until the soviets could push back. When the war ended, the German officer who helped him hide was put in a labor camp. When the dude found out about this, he made multiple attempts to have him freed. Unfortunately the officer died in 1952.
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