Don't Even Try To Out Stupid Donald Trump

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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Trump and the EU's tariff reciprocation is as much a trade war as a competition of 'anything you can do, I can do dumber.'
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26 Jul 2018



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Julian Kaye
Julian Kaye Vor 2 Tage
Boris Johnson says “hold my beer”.
gridsleep Vor 4 Tage
That last line is really funny, until you think about it.
Vor 4 Tage
LOL @ Americans .... they should rename this show to "The Hate Show"
Mr Tiesman
Mr Tiesman Vor 4 Tage
Wow. Is that guy supposed to b funny or what? This is what is humorous to democrats? Your tardness continues to blow my mind. Cant wait for the civil war😃. 🖕🏻
Kaizaro123 Vor 19 Stunden
When does it start? I'm growing impatient, I've been waiting for so long!
Honey Flower
Honey Flower Vor 5 Tage
I see a stupid person wearing thick framed glasses.
Honey Flower
Honey Flower Vor 5 Tage
Why is this creepy worm on TV?
Kaizaro123 Vor 19 Stunden
LOL!! Why so triggered?
Spencer Calvert
Spencer Calvert Vor 5 Tage
Ya ! That was being nice? Did trump really have a mother or has he made that up also
Pete Goddard
Pete Goddard Vor 6 Tage
omg democrat’s are so desperate😂
Kaizaro123 Vor 19 Stunden
For repeating FACTS? This really happened, no one's making anything up. I know, crazy, right?
Michelle Nelson
Michelle Nelson Vor 8 Tage
I actually thought that the tweet ending "be cool" was one of Trump's better tweets. I am liking the Trump economy but I really wish they would take away his twitter account. But then again, it does make him seem like a regular person. The thing about always despising a person is that you lose credibility when criticizing him about something actually worth the criticism. It makes people defend things that don't warrant the defense due to them criticizing any and everything!
Terry Bonnell
Terry Bonnell Vor 9 Tage
Stephen Colbert's mouth is the cock holster for the Democratic propaganda machine. The Democrats had a terrible week,impeachment backfired, they tried tampering with the Iowa caucus results, that backfired, they showed up again at the State of the Union looking like they had just got back from a KKK rally. Nancy had to sit thru the State of the Union drunk ,and making stupid faces as Trump read of the accomplishments that have been made, until she flipped out and made an ass of herself. If only they had accomplished something, anything, they might have a platform to run on. Instead they have to resort to what they do best race baiting and playing the victim.
Terry Bonnell
Terry Bonnell Vor 11 Stunden
@Kaizaro123 disgrace to late night entertainment.
Kaizaro123 Vor 19 Stunden
Yet you visit his video and take the time and effort to write a mini-novel on him? You really don't have to watch the video, you know.
Dave Lee
Dave Lee Vor 9 Tage
Trump was like look at my brain, it jumped out of my head, bing bing bong bong.
KARASIRA Jean Claude
I really can't believe my name sake met the guy just to discuss how he don't impress him
Zoobi Doobi
Zoobi Doobi Vor 13 Tage
Well, isn't that what you're being paid for? You guys have turned your country into a joke, not Trump.
antonio volpe
antonio volpe Vor 13 Tage
the dumbest guy in Europe is laughing. certain crops ??? wink
karenza t. Wall
karenza t. Wall Vor 18 Tage
Why does nobody mention that the back of donald's head is flat. Absolutely flat. Not normal.
Every Random Day
Every Random Day Vor 18 Tage
----COLBERT doesn't want you to try to "Outstupid Donald Trump" because he doesn't want you to beat HIS RECORD. Xo
J R Vor 19 Tage
What are your accomplishments? Definitely,not a genius.
Lee Ly
Lee Ly Vor 20 Tage
stupid show
Mind Web
Mind Web Vor 22 Tage
This host - I hate his voice
SirRawLee TheWalrus
The most ironic of all is the people who voted for him are the ones he screwed the most so far. And they still like the idiot. 😂😂 😂 Makes me laugh till I stopped.
SirRawLee TheWalrus
Thank God foreign powers are calling trump out for what he is. An unstable non-genius and idiot.
Radha Sen
Radha Sen Vor 23 Tage
My song to honour the greatest clown ever... THE KING OF COMEDY!👨 "Daddy Cool" " Hes crazy like a fool... What about Daddy cool?"🎹🎻🎶🎺🎸
Geno Mitchalinni
Geno Mitchalinni Vor 23 Tage
I got my makeup. For a Trump Rally! How could i resist. I don't need nothing but Orange Makeup, at a Trump Rally! And it don't get better than this.".
Mario Perez
Mario Perez Vor 24 Tage
Trump is a stable idiot 😂
Joe Weis
Joe Weis Vor 24 Tage
Howard Stern
Howard Stern Vor 24 Tage
Calling Donny boy Stupid is an understatement
BOOBS Vor 25 Tage
Now the difference between USA and Europe? Europeans can DO stupid. We have a choice :-)
BackInTheGarden Vor 27 Tage
@ The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, I remember when Colbert was actually funny... Now "The Late Show" will soon be a "Late" show... as in "Deceased".
Pak De
Pak De Vor 27 Tage
I understand why everyone is on Trump's case about being stupid but look, Trump Obama GW Clinton George Bush Reagan Not counting Ford Carter Nixon LBJ JFK Ike Truman Roosevelt Hoover Of this list of presidents, how many Republicans were considered intelligent? Hoover was the third Republican president in a row. Their economic policies resulted in the great depression. Ike was a brilliant leader in war but wasn't interested in running for a second term. Automatically smart. Then Nixon, who was a cunning fellow but his paranoia ended his career. Next Reagan...really sweet guy, nuff said. George Bush, intelligent, a statesman and decorated veteran. His son GW...OK sometimes the apple falls really far from the tree...like plucked by a tornado and taken to South America far away. And finally Trump. Do we see a pattern here?
Pia Rossi
Pia Rossi Vor 28 Tage
Bloomberg is Mitch match (should be a slogan)
Pia Rossi
Pia Rossi Vor 28 Tage
That is y I think Bloomberg will stop Mitch
Pia Rossi
Pia Rossi Vor 28 Tage
We are all on stupid Acts from Trump so we rid of him but the person riding Trump is Mitch mac. No mater the person that Winn's Mitch has the rains and stops who ever and whatever Mitch is running this country
Randall Dixon
Randall Dixon Vor 28 Tage
What in the hell is wrong with your ear?
Mcsweetlez Vor Monat
You already did, honey I see now why everyone considers y'all the hateful side of America...
Dol l
Dol l Vor Monat
The bobby Fisher of moron
Schar Huss
Schar Huss Vor Monat
We need a real president Not a comedian.
DeAnn steensland
Keep giving the president free advertising. When you insult the president, you are insulting over 63 million americans who voted for him. With this amazing economy that he has created he has a growing fan base.
Kennedy Logan Morgan
why would u even try to out stupid trump as if u can win HA
Ranjan Biswas
Ranjan Biswas Vor Monat
Trump looks like that old uncle who is a pedophile and your parents want to keep out from him.
win Vor Monat
0:10 that European commission leader looks like an Old Stephen Colbert
Adnan M Abba
Adnan M Abba Vor Monat
Still cannot believe he is US president 🤐 01/11/2020
Greg Grimer
Greg Grimer Vor Monat
So how did he win the Presidency against ALL the odds? He said he would win and he won. First the Rep Nomination and then the Presidential Race. All the "clever" people said it was impossible. First he would never win the GOP nomination and then he would never beat Hillary. So Trump clearly has something the "clever" people don't have. There is no argument against a fact. And it is a FACT that he is the POTUS. How did he do that? How did he beat the odds and pull off the greatest upset in US presidential history? How does a "stupid" person beat all those smart people?
OffsetJX Vor Monat
Hillary won the popular vote still
Glenn Sankey
Glenn Sankey Vor Monat
Narciso Montañez
Trump is stupider than a special child
Donald Trump
Donald Trump Vor Monat
For your information, I was born a special child.
ako tairi
ako tairi Vor Monat
Earl Hopkins
Earl Hopkins Vor Monat
It's impossible!!!
themetal Vor Monat
I had a customer who actually believes that Donny Dumb Nuts is an actual successful businessman. This was a grown man with a job and family. Completely bamboozeled by this New York City con artist. Just do one internet search on Don the Con and it would be obvious to even the mentally challenged how much of a liar, a loser, a fake and a fraud this orange faced idiot clown is. He is the worst POTUS EVER and history will document it. He's Putin's puppet and beholding to the Saudis. Remember them? They gave us 9-11. Don't Boo, Vote Blue.
roman arip
roman arip Vor Monat
your about 2 years too early
True Blink JJLR
True Blink JJLR Vor Monat
i feel bad for america for having such a stupid living thing as a president..smh
Donald Trump
Donald Trump Vor Monat
It's not very nice to disrespect someone as great as me.
potatosy Vor Monat
@mrMLG654 literally anyone is better than trump, i don’t like her, but she’s MUCH better than trump
mrMLG654 Vor Monat
At least its not hillary clinton
potatosy Vor Monat
help, we didn’t want him!! the dumbasses who voted for him screwed all of us..
Shaun Vor Monat
He's easily "out stupid'd" ..... By the idiots who voted for him. You can't blame a dumb person for being dumb, but when you put him in power simply because you're still angry that the black guy won the last time, that's dumb. How the hell these idiots could think that this trust fund baby would ever help the common man is beyond me.
Tatiana Gust
Tatiana Gust Vor Monat
Almost half of all Trump supporters voted support in air-striking Agrabah (which is the nonexistent city from Aladdin). America is filled with dumb idiots, and our voting system allowed them to elect trump. We didn’t even vote for him. Now Trump has gone and started WWIII probably. I hate this country. Please save me.
Purple Rain
Purple Rain Vor Monat
You wont win.
Bo Reed
Bo Reed Vor Monat
What's more appalling than trump?..Answer: The idiots that continually support, embrace and protect this P.O.S. I didn't realize that so many ( 63 million) people in the USA that voted for the moron is so clueless and apathetic about morals, ethics and decency. I thought that was the building blocks of the USA, it has been disregarded and disrespected to the point of total embarrassment. I guess we as Americans are not as far along with smarts as I thought, the bottom line is that you are what you are willing to accept.
Noah Vale
Noah Vale Vor Monat
Trump is trying to have a bigger, better, more awesome depression than the last Great Depression ..
Noah Vale
Noah Vale Vor Monat
Don't put a tariff on booze, we need it in large quantities to take the sting out of having a moron in the White House !
Noah Vale
Noah Vale Vor Monat
Why would I want to ? His crash test dummies are enough !
Felipe Salazar
Felipe Salazar Vor Monat
Sorry to be THAT guy, but your chess reference is off. Bobby Fisher was a grand master. He was always 12-14 moves ahead. 🤷🏽‍♂️
Arkus does stuff
FEAR NOT Vor Monat
2019 trump gives farmers 9 billion more to farmers.
Deonna Darling
Deonna Darling Vor Monat
🤣🤣🤣🤣I'm just laughing at the title of this
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