Don't Even Try To Out Stupid Donald Trump

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Trump and the EU's tariff reciprocation is as much a trade war as a competition of 'anything you can do, I can do dumber.'
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26 Jul 2018

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Roger Diogo
Roger Diogo Vor 16 Minuten
Don´t try to outsmart Trump, he will fire you...
Lola Gonzalez
Lola Gonzalez Vor 20 Stunden
You are pathetic.......POS don't worry Karma is coming. SAC OF doo doo
Henk Oosterink
God bless United Scchllssts...
Captain Caveman
I appreciate how he always uses 'the voice' when reading his tweets lol
Ariel Monaco
Ariel Monaco Vor 2 Tage
How aren't they using this clips de-vid.com/video/video-Guve7Y856kY.html
geoff dearth
geoff dearth Vor 4 Tage
And how is it determined to whom this $12 billion will be distributed? I tend to doubt 1) If any of this will go out and 2) If there is any formula for figuring out who has been harmed the most.
geoff dearth
geoff dearth Vor 4 Tage
One wonders whether things will be any different pre- and post- hubbub.
Curtis Uhl
Curtis Uhl Vor 4 Tage
sTEPHEN if you are as smart as you think you are you must also be very rich! I I would just go buy Donald Trump out and run him out of the country I would show him !!!
Dave Lupica
Dave Lupica Vor 5 Tage
Too bad you didn't die with the rest of your family Colbert.
Ulises Arroyo
Ulises Arroyo Vor 6 Tage
Haha he nailed it!!😂😂😂
Ewan Cuthbertson
Ewan Cuthbertson Vor 7 Tage
Can someone explain nicely to Mr Orangutan that the EU puts tariffs on all countries not in the single market.
Nhu Tollinsky
Nhu Tollinsky Vor 9 Tage
The corrupt Democrats and the US media, except for Fox News, are cults whose goals is to bring down president Trump who was democratically elected by the majority of the Americans! These two cults have been working together to create a civil war, to instigate social unrest in their own country to satisfy their hatred for Trump while the US's enemies look on with disdain as well as pleasure - They have been waiting for the US to crumble from within so it would be less works for them to destroy the US! For eight years, the fraud Obama and the crooked Hilary had empowered China and Russia, and weakened the US by providing the US national security to the world via Hilary's computer private server! These two cults, the corrupt Democrat cult and the toxic media cult are the enemies of the Americans who elected Trump who has become their beloved president as he has improved the US broken economy that Obama had destroyed for eight years; and who is going to make America great again! These two cults are cancerous growth that has been weakened the US! They are anti-american! They are the most dangerous enemy of the US! The toxic media cult is lucky that they are in the US. Had they been in China, arms and legs of reporters of this cult would be broken (Jim Acosta's for certain); or worse, they would have been killed! For the last 2 years, these two cults have attempted to not only intensify unjust hatred for president Trump and deepen division, but also distract Trump haters from acknowledging and accepting Trump's achievement - reducing the deficit, lowering unemployment rate, bringing back jobs to America, supporting the vets, restoring the military's strength, securing border - by maliciously bringing up insignificantly old news from the past, disseminating fake news, fabricating Ford's sexual harassment, ... THESE OLD, FAKE, AND FABRICATED NEWS HAVE CONTRIBUTED NOTHING TO THE IMPROVEMENT OF THE US ECONOMY, WHICH IS THE WISH OF THE AMERICANS. TRUMP HATERS WILL, OF COURSE, COLLECTIVELY BENEFIT FROM A HEALTHY ECONOMY. While president Trump has tried to reduce deficit, these two cults have reduced the US coffer with nonsense investigations on Russia's meddling in the US election, on Ford's false accusation, and on whatever more to come for the next two years! Everything these two cults have done in order to destroy president Trump is everything they have done to destroy the Americans because everything Trump does is what he does for his people! The Democrat cult is the party that has disgraced and dishonoured the US presidency - Obama asked Russia to help him to be re-elected. Hilary had accepted money from every one, friends and foes! Americans, please wake up! These two cults have been destroying your country! If you want to retain you global status and continue living in one of the best countries in the world; then boycott these two cults and support president Trump!
Jim Doyle
Jim Doyle Vor 10 Tage
The only thing stupid, is wasting valuable sleep time and life watching left bent Late night TV shows like this one. I can control Colbert and his mouth with one button labeled "off".
Eddie Thomas
Eddie Thomas Vor 10 Tage
It's a fair deal - Trump doesn't understand our questions and we don't understand his answers.
Gary Songer
Gary Songer Vor 12 Tage
Trump has the highest IQ of any President in recent history...these attacks are getting to the point of not funny, just plain treasonous! If you must hate someone, do it for a real reason...if you're going to defile yourself at least make it a worthy cause! I don't worry about the left anymore...the hate they have will destroy them all! Conservatives won't have to lift a finger!
Amy Jones
Amy Jones Vor 12 Tage
Soybeans are the best money makers for farmers.
Kevin Dorson
Kevin Dorson Vor 13 Tage
USA is screwed badly and it's a pity
john mark Higgins
john mark Higgins Vor 13 Tage
Trump won the election single handed! He has put the elite, the media the film industry in turmoil. They mock him, hate him, call him stupid. etc etc. BUT he WON. So what does that make you!! Think about it. He is truly a one man army taking on the elite and all their puppets the masses who follow them like sheep. He is now the most famous, bravest, caring person in the world.!!! And he is your leader, be proud!
richard karena
richard karena Vor 14 Tage
boy sounds like this dude is smoking far to much weed share it around with ya bum
Paola Pezzotti
Paola Pezzotti Vor 14 Tage
is john baptiste autistic??
ideaquest Vor 14 Tage
Comedians can make jokes but they are not in the real world of governing so keep that in mind. Creating jobs, securing the country, rebuilding the infrastructure, preparing the next generation for the future economy and advancing developments in science and technology, improving lives, are more important.
ldylkr Vor 14 Tage
theo chaffee
theo chaffee Vor 15 Tage
the greatest deterrent to those coming to America illegally (and legally) is the President, here, is Trump!
Al Loomis
Al Loomis Vor 16 Tage
make nasty jokes if it helps, but trump is just the latest demonstration that the constitution is only really good at putting slave plantation plutocrats in the presidency. it's pretty good at good at putting rich stupid men in the presidency. it's really lousy at delivering good managers and widespread prosperity, although in recent years it has proven to be surprisingly effective at assisting china to take a leading place in world affairs.
Danielle Pasin Azambuja
Brazilian elected president : --- HOLD MY BEER...
Diego Belmontes
Diego Belmontes Vor 16 Tage
Trumps fattest moments
Trevor William
Trevor William Vor 17 Tage
Boycott these want to be funny late night talk show hosts... they are fucking brain-dead and have no material nothing fresh one-trick Pony without Donald Trump they have no material it's not even funny material that they have it's just biased meme and paid spewing narrative talking points from their masters
Riikka Pitkanen
Riikka Pitkanen Vor 17 Tage
Blaa blaa. Trump perfectly knows how to pronounce the name of his newest bud crisp out of prison: "Berlusconi"...
Sayantan Ghosh
Sayantan Ghosh Vor 17 Tage
00:41 to 00:43 i support trump. 01:33 GOLD!
T Slap
T Slap Vor 18 Tage
Who has tariffs? We don't have tariffs . I know tariffs. We don't have tariffs. Who has tariffs? Tariffs smariffs.
L S Vor 19 Tage
Trump knows nothing about nothing. He does nothing about nothing. Trump is about nothing.
Jenn Smith
Jenn Smith Vor 19 Tage
if Trump is so stupid, how come he's president? was Colbert ever funny?
da ne
da ne Vor 19 Tage
if trump becomes president im moving to Canada .lol I love farmers old macdonald lol
minh nguyen
minh nguyen Vor 20 Tage
Michael Laverty
Michael Laverty Vor 21 Tag
Do you think any of this Nebbish this putt's kid's would tell him hey dad please STOP your humiliating the whole family Or what kind of woman would ever marry an in your face egomanical douche bag narcissist who can't open his mouth without telling someone everyone anyone what a swell genius he is or what about his A really Big a Brain or how glad we all are that he went to a smart school .. Can't his brain damaged Base see he's completely lost his fucking mind ? Was it the Clap that rotted his melon out ? What was he doing while we were all in class learning things like English and Geography oh hell even math . it's obvious he's wasn't the best Math student , But honestly Trump Supporters are completely incapable of being honest or seeing how deranged he is . I'm sorry but Trump is occupying the presidency in a diminished or rather a demolished capacity and if you people can't see it well it's only because you don't want too... He is 100% certifiable suffering from Delusion's complicated by some kind of open brain trauma he may have suffered while cracking open them Big book's I'm so sure he read so many of in his life ... Somebody help him ... get him a tab of LSD I bet it make's him completely normal..
John Cameron
John Cameron Vor 21 Tag
Colbert out stupids the entire population every night.
J. C.
J. C. Vor 21 Tag
At least Stephen doesn't have to try hard. How much does he make a year?
Salkafar Vor 22 Tage
I was recently informed MAGA stands for Morons Are Governing America.
G F Vor 22 Tage
The maga mob in line with caravan of lies.
Hes not stupid he follows orders like a good Russian asset. Now we're at the halfway point and his rabid followers are shooting bombing and fighting in the streets. How is any of this mada in anyones eyes. It's not funny anymore it's dangerous !
barry mcdougal
barry mcdougal Vor 23 Tage
barry mcdougal
barry mcdougal Vor 23 Tage
Rob B
Rob B Vor 23 Tage
olivia-J Trans
olivia-J Trans Vor 23 Tage
The so-called US can't even DIE gracefully without crying like a baby, Look to the East and Russia and see how well they 'prosper' with a 'working brain' and sanctions.
olivia-J Trans
olivia-J Trans Vor 23 Tage
The U S regime would have fewer $ money problems IF it stoped making all these "just" wars and foreign bases etc. You don't do : defense, you do 'attack' , morons Pence, PompousEO, Bolton etc. Net than Yahoo, Trumpster, they all have to GO.
1sunstyle Vor 24 Tage
Trump is so smart he has brains big enough to fit inside my brains.
Uriel Orozco
Uriel Orozco Vor 24 Tage
Squid Worth
Squid Worth Vor 25 Tage
i love stephen its so funny but so sad at the same time, i wish people werent so stupid
Steve Behnke
Steve Behnke Vor 25 Tage
Maybe you should be running the country
terry ferguson
terry ferguson Vor 26 Tage
The left wing and the right wing belong to the same demonic bird.All top politicians and all celebs have sold their soul to the devil.The elite,Freemasons and many are demon possessed.These demons have to bow in the name of Jesus.Read the book of Enoch.Audio version on youtube.See Trey Smith`s video on the Nephilim.Read the book of Acts,KJV.Witches are taking out people`s souls and demons control the masses.See the video The Fragmented soul by Win Worley.See the video Routing demons by John EChardt,See the video The Testament of Solomon,See the video The Genesis 6 Conspiracy.See all videos by Win Worley,Derek Prince,and John EChardt.The real word of God(the king james bible) has been replaced with fake NWO bibles in most churches.The real word of God,the name of Jesus and the blood of Jesus has SUPERNATURAL POWER to take down Satan`s KIngdom.ONly for real beleivers in Jesus.Speak it out loud.
nancy bell fosler
nancy bell fosler Vor 26 Tage
You out stupid Trump every time you open your partisan libtart mouth. You could NEVER accomplish what he has, in RECORD TIME! Your hero was the WORST PRESIDENT EVER! BHO SUCKED WORSE THAN PEANUT FARMER!! BUUAHAHAHA!!! ..oh, and WE ARE RESPECTED AGAIN. How can we tell? POTUS TRUMP has gotten NINETEEN (19) PRISONERS RELEASED FROM OUR ADVERSARIES AROUND THE WORLD, and he didn't spend one red cent or give up one terrorist. He gave up NOTHING. He/we are RESPECTED AGAIN!
James Tan
James Tan Vor 26 Tage
Colbert is a waste, a wash pot!
James Tan
James Tan Vor 26 Tage
"Trump will never be the President..." Stephen Colbert. Who is lying now!
Heru Affandy
Heru Affandy Vor 27 Tage
Hmmmm being US president seems kinda easy, U just bully others and blame others for his/her own mistakes
R S Vor 27 Tage
Technically, Piers Morgan is British and the U.K. has made the massively stupid move to get out of Europe, so...you can’t use him as an example!
lunabranwen Vor 27 Tage
Just a figure of speech I personally did not vote for the fascist in chief
Drink a Kaeg
Drink a Kaeg Vor 27 Tage
Trump shoves ENTIRE original copy of US Constitution up his ass to prove a point
babybree175 Vor 27 Tage
My lord..for a world leader to say WE CAN ALSO DO STUPID...what the blob done to educated world leader who can actually hold a conversation?
Love Power
Love Power Vor 27 Tage
I love you Stephen Colbert for keeping America laughing thru the pain what can Trump. From day one you have been there and I thank you for the laughter, it is good for the soul.
Not Sure
Not Sure Vor 27 Tage
I find it impressive I would even consider weighing the risks of killing the president of the united states, and now I am totally open to the nuclear option, so long as they keep up this game of chicken to satisfy their own egos, just add +1 to the number of people who want to end the world. Thanks enemy nations! I shall continue to be crazy.. WHEN WE NUKE YOU, YOU FUCKING IDIOTS. They're trying to prove we don't want war, BECAUSE THEY'RE PARANOID WE WILL NUKE THEM! *IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED?!?!* I don't know why our country has such a focus on war, but it's not possible to get rid of technology that can be so dangerously weaponized, without making it first an international crime. You have to be able to enforce that punishment. There are sociopaths out there who are stupid enough to be self-destructive. The reason we ended up in this mess, is because there wasn't anyone willing to curbstomp their opposition to win. The fact of the matter is that war doesn't change, and that's why we don't intend to nuke anyone. The nukes were used on Japan to make a point. We nuked them once to prove it was possible. The second nuke to command the planet to bend the knee, because war was not the answer.. That's how we know we won war. World War One, or The Great War was the last war. World War Two was clearly a genocide against the Jewish and Taiwanese(or Chinese, we don't really know?) people. If you don't understand why, then go to the holocaust museum in California. It's designed to "educate". We were all criminals, and the tallest among dwarfs is the midget. All throughout history we survived, but at what cost? Don't you see? We're the fucking survivors of one idiot tribe, and it's not because we're even good at surviving! If we had banded together in the first place, then we wouldn't be still in this mess alone! Bernie Sanders was the one America wanted.
Not Sure
Not Sure Vor 27 Tage
I don't know why I put this comment here. I was literally paused reading the headline of a different colbert episode, and I was pretty much reaction typing my hate towards propaganda and trump was in the title of this video. No shame.
T & S Channel
T & S Channel Vor 28 Tage
Nail it!
Lynda Pham
Lynda Pham Vor 28 Tage
Alexander Yalung
Alexander Yalung Vor 28 Tage
Trump ia doing good in the economy and you call him stupid
hidlive Vor 28 Tage
he is
Vue Lee
Vue Lee Vor 28 Tage
The football team called the raiders just did. First mack, now toomer.... Smh
Charle Magne
Charle Magne Vor 28 Tage
joke man: orange man bad
Ashesh Dutta
Ashesh Dutta Vor 28 Tage
He is beyond stupid.....Lol!
Shubham Mahendrakar
1:51 he killed mee 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😆😆😆😆
Adam Man
Adam Man Vor 29 Tage
Trump is "different"... "best president ever"I Never heard of entertainment being the most important part of a very serious position in "America"lol
Pedro J
Pedro J Vor 29 Tage
His Donald Trump impression is great
Nasik Vor Monat
My hero...maybe I need better heros... Stephen will still be one.
Donna Jones
Donna Jones Vor Monat
Trump has all of you paying attention to government .Trump is balancing trade .but all you freaks out there can not see it because you are all worried about your personal interests and feelings.
Pamela I m
Pamela I m Vor 29 Tage
you don't listen to a damn thing. Listen stupid, we're concerned about our country! as usual none of you listen to anything except what comes out of that pukes mouth.
Jacob Black
Jacob Black Vor Monat
God is hope!
Pamela I m
Pamela I m Vor 29 Tage
don't forget the vote. that's right up there with importance.
Wheelchair Coder
Stupid Durr
Stupid Durr Vor Monat
What a charming little soy milk sucking sadistic mommy's boy he funny boy is. "Did I do good twisted mommy" Yes queen Hillary Clinton says you did, here's another bottle of soy milk for the little soy man boy trained monkey.
Fulgrim88 Vor Monat
I'm not even angry anymore, just tired. When will you finally get rid of him
Fulgrim88 Vor 28 Tage
No, you. I'm european, I cannot vote him out (if we could, his polls would be 0,5%, not 50%). He is universally despised outside of the US and it baffles us how he is not in the US. He's an absolute disgrace to the office, no matter your political views. Is tribalism so strong nowadays that the republicans could put up a monkey in a suit and it would get 40+% of the vote because "at least its not a democrat"?
Pamela I m
Pamela I m Vor 29 Tage
I hope you mean when will we get rid of him
Voltaire Gaming
Voltaire Gaming Vor Monat
Good thing about things crashing is the investment opportunity.
Philolaus Sith66
Hey, what would the world be doing if it wasn't bombing druggies? The economy is based on it.
Nancy Demoss
Nancy Demoss Vor Monat
Trump (yuck I can barely type his name let alone speak it) cannot and will not "MAKE AMERICA GREAT". No one can. America's plight today is the culmination of ALL past presidents AND the American people who voted for them (myself included ooh Nixon?!?!). Getting rid of Trump may only slow down the damage rate. Nobody can really reverse what's been done and change the course of our future. And, yes, I'm talking about Rep's and Dem's.
Ima Farmer
Ima Farmer Vor Monat
Trump needs to get out now. Before he ruins USA that cannot be fixed
Chips McGee
Chips McGee Vor Monat
The Maruy Povich show did a DNA test on Stephen Colbert. Maury disclosed the outcome as follows: "When it comes to the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Stephen, YOU ARE A DOUCHEBAG!!!!! The crowd went wild. It confirmed what they already knew..
Pamela I m
Pamela I m Vor 29 Tage
the Maury show?? wow, somebody still watches that crap!
J Vincenzi
J Vincenzi Vor Monat
How do you get rid of this man? 2 more years to go then vote the idiot out! Shame we can't get rid of our idiots before they drag us out of Europe.
CD Smith
CD Smith Vor Monat
Trump: declares tariffs, thinks he's in supreme position and has played the winning hand. Other countries: raise eyebrow, are not impressed, declare tariffs on US imports in response. Trump: "Okay how do I spin this in my favor?".... tosses a $12B taxpayer dollar bone to farmers declaring himself their savior, crying unfairness he offers mutual tariff removal to other countries bringing the situation back to square one. Other countries: "LOL" (collectively)
Pamela I m
Pamela I m Vor 29 Tage
turns around and says he solved the problem of his own creation.
My Phone
My Phone Vor Monat
Guess who else are farmers the millions of weed Farms is going up by corporations
Pamela I m
Pamela I m Vor 29 Tage
don't knock the weed hoppers! it helps when dealing with Trump and his minions.
Tania PinkSky
Tania PinkSky Vor Monat
I created a new word yesterday. ‘Strumpid’ which is the ultimate in stupid!! As in ....’what a bloody strumpid he is’.
John Dwyer
John Dwyer Vor Monat
New spin on an old joke. A man rides the subway to work every day. One morning he gets on and sits down. At the next stop Donald Trump and Melania get on, walk past the man and take their seats a few rows back. The more the guy thinks about it the more he wants to say something to Trump and since Trump is so shallow he decides to insult his appearance. The subway comes to the mans stop and on his way out, as he walks past Don and Melania, he says "Mr. Trump your skin dye is as phony as you are and your hair is just silly looking. Well, Melania being the shallow bimbo that she is starts to cry because she is so embarrassed to be seen with such an ugly man. A conductor happened to be walking bay and noticing Melania's crying decided to try to comfort her, so he says to her; "ma'am, whatever it is can't be that bad, here, let me go to the club car and get you a cup of coffee and while I am at it I will get a banana for your Orangutan! Drum roll please, budda bom.
Ann TwoShoes
Ann TwoShoes Vor Monat
Your forgot to show him messing up inspecting the royal guard at Windsor. Oh and yes, Piers Morgan is definitely stupid.
M Koide
M Koide Vor Monat
Trig ftve
Pussy Eater
Pussy Eater Vor Monat
I'm from UK, and I gotten say, trump is making a laughing stock of America, you got a ditch this guy
Thomas Fletcher
Thomas Fletcher Vor Monat
Peter  Camacho
Peter Camacho Vor Monat
I've worked in the Import/Export shipping industry for 25 plus years. This is pretty much similar to the type of issues the US and Canada are having on a trade agreement. Canada gets most of its goods via the US ports. They're in a geographical region where the weather is hard for goods to be sent directly from trades with other countries. It can take months for a vessel to get to Quebec City or Montreal via the St.Lawrence River and due to weather conditions the entrance into the Canada straights can be frozen. Produce like banana's, coffee, and about 80% of merchandise's will need to be imported into LA, NY, or Houston ports once all tarriffs from the freight forwarder's are cleared by both US and Canadian Custom inspections. A logistical company will export all the goods under a Customs 7512 form bonded point A to the Canadian border. These goods are normally stage to be transported to the most Northern countries. It cost money to keep these merchandises in Storage via a Container Freight Station warehouse. This is why Trump is pushing to make sure we get paid for providing these services that the American and Canadian public don't see. Money is owed to the US from these countries and they are in the trillions! If they, don't want to negotiate a free trade agreement US tax money would need to cover the expense on the logistical area. These American workers that work to ship these merchandises from other countries have a family to feed. Just saying!
claire bigelow
claire bigelow Vor Monat
time to start the 25th for the 45th......
nursemedic17 Vor Monat
Every time someone even mentions Trump, my IQ lowers. I don't have much time left.
cindy o
cindy o Vor Monat
That's right! No one can out stupid Trump.
Estu Tiar
Estu Tiar Vor Monat
american are stupid,they choose a stupid president
Tom Hall
Tom Hall Vor Monat
Pathetic. Why kind of idiot thinks this guy is funny.
ibrahim mohamed
ibrahim mohamed Vor Monat
Those who elected him are more stupid.
Robert Severson
Robert Severson Vor Monat
Why you been doing it since you wereborn
Curt Hartman
Curt Hartman Vor Monat
Were they find all the inbred maga hat wearers?
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